The Importance of Lesson Plan

Vital for elementary, high school and even college teachers and instructors...

If the trademark of a doctor is the sthethoscope, the engineer is the calculator, the teacher cannot be able to teach without his or her lesson plan. Can be tedious on the part of the teachers especially when it is done for the first time, lesson plans are actually very essential in inculcating students and pupils necessary skills, knowledge and wisdom they need.

Here are the essence of having a lesson plan:

  • It is a one step backward two steps forward approach. Although can be difficult to do and requires tonnes of effort to accomplish at first, it enables you to save much time in the coming years, since the lesson plans that you just made can be employed over and over again, but If updates are necessary do so though.
  • It allows you to manage your time, effort and resources efficiently.
  • It gives you a bird’s eye of view of things to be taught and learned everyday.
  • It provides the teacher many ways to keep the teaching process not monotonous and redundant. Keep in mind that the time your students spent in paying attention to the class is just equivalent to half of their age, and a lesson plan is the best way to keep the interests of students and pupils interests all throughout.
  • Since it is like a script in movies, lesson plans makes teaching mundane and easy.
  • It makes you organized whilst teaching.
  • You can able to determine when to insert icebreakers and interesting facts and lessons to keep your student and pupils glued to their lessons.
  • Variations in the activities are easily whipped up which will benefit your students. Bear in mind that you are dealing with a class that has multiple intelligence, and different activities will cater to all types of students and pupils.
  • Lesson plans will easily help you to achieve your goals and objectives, and same can be said on the part of your students or pupils.
  • Lesson plans helps you get rid of problems or avoid them.
  • It gives you a reality check of your everyday performance.
  • It improves the habit and attitude of your students or pupils.
  • It definitely improve your teaching skills.

A lesson plan is vital in teaching, it gives you the guide you need to pull through. Remember, that teaching is a difficult since you are dealing with children or teenagers with raw skills, knowledge, and wisdom.

Finally, with lesson plans you will be able to impart the things they need to learn, to the best of your abilities.

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Docmo profile image

Docmo 6 years ago from UK

Good advice and a neat listing of important points!

emilgen2011 profile image

emilgen2011 5 years ago from The Land Where Salt is Abundant Author

I am glad you like it my friend...

moneycop profile image

moneycop 5 years ago from JABALPUR

I never made lesson plan and suffered, so now i will make and then work.

MARIYAM 5 years ago


LeeGenchrist profile image

LeeGenchrist 5 years ago from Northeast

Lesson plans are a great reflective tool! I keep all of mine, so that I have a record of what I have taught and the order in which I have taught things.

emilgen2011 profile image

emilgen2011 5 years ago from The Land Where Salt is Abundant Author

Thanks a lot moneycop, MARIYAM and LGC for the visit and kind words...

DonnaCosmato profile image

DonnaCosmato 5 years ago from USA

This is a great teacher resource especially for newer teachers who are still trying to set up a routine that works for them. I voted it up and useful.

Patricia 5 years ago

Asking for email adress or references on the importance of the lesson plan

vway01 profile image

vway01 5 years ago

As a teacher, my use of the lesson plan has been a life saver. It keeps me on track and prevents me from wondering. I am fortunate to have been able to re-use my plans from year to year and adding or deleting items that were no longer germane to the topic.

Mavish Corp profile image

Mavish Corp 5 years ago from Hyderabad

Good one!!

sania 5 years ago

your lesson plan is very good.

Myrna 4 years ago

I agree, lesson plans are really important to teachers. But, If a teacher had been teaching the same subject for a couple of years, he doesn't need to write it over again, instead, may "log" or refer to the "lesson guides". You can save time and have much time in making devices

Hudu samail 4 years ago

A lesson plan allow a teachers to manage their time,effort and resources eficiently.

sonal 4 years ago

well defined points 4 years ago

wow.. thank you for i know how to make an effective lesson plan..

gud 1 4 years ago

it helps in checking everyday performance

elb 4 years ago

tnx. . . . .

it is very effective especially for the new teachers.......

NGAILLA 3 years ago

congratulation you have tried to open the mind of the people especially teachers on how to make a good lesson plan that covers all important aspects in a lesson plan. 14 months ago

lesson planning is very important help to teach very well.......

appreciable :) 2 months ago

good explanation....your content will be worth to write for "pedagogical aspect of teaching maths" for my exam

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