The Inlet Ocean City NJ

The Inlet, OCNJ
The Inlet, OCNJ

Ocean City, NJ - The "Other" Inlet

Ocean City, NJ has a very popular and well known Inlet - Corson's Inlet State Park. It draws a large audience and is well maintained. It's beautiful there, and visitors abound.

On the northern end of the island is this beautiful inlet (pictured) which can be accessed just before going over the Longport Bridge. It's not as popular of a destination (in fact, very few venture there), very quiet and more serene than Corson's Inlet.

Upon entering the beach, it is vast. There are usually a lot of gullies formed by the high and low tides. This is a dangerous beach to swim, where the ocean meets the bay. The undertow and currents can be very deadly. For that reason, during the "season" there are no lifeguards posted here, it's just not a safe location to swim.

The vast beach gives way to the incredible waves upon journeying to the edge of the ocean. It's not uncommon to find unusual shells.

Don't confuse the natural beauty where the powerful ocean and the calmer bay meet with the fact that there are dangerous currents to respect. Enjoy the vast wonder - ponder, fish, walk - but respect the magnitude of beauty coupled with the magnificent power of the ocean.

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Rebecca P. 16 months ago

Very pretty inlet.

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