The Mechanism of Breathing

The Mechanism  of Breathing

Where breathing begins

1.       Nose- breathing begins with the nose. The hair and cilia act as a screening device> They prevent particles of dust from entering the air passage. The air we breathe is truly regulated before it reaches our lungs. If the air is cold and dry, our nasal passages will moisten and warms it. If it is excessively hot, our nose will cool it. Mucous also traps the foreign material that enters the nose.

Pathway of Oxygen in the Body

Oxygen enters through the nose or the mouth into the pharynx through the glottis, an opening into the larynx. From the larynx, it passes down the trachea into the right and left bronchi and through the terminal branches to the depth of the lungs.

Oxygen from the lungs combines with the hemoglobin of the red blood cells. From here, it is transported by the blood to the cells of the body. On the return journey, the red cells bring  the carbon dioxide to the lungs, where it is exhaled. The diaphragm helps in breathing. When inhaling the diaphragm contracts, the chest cavity expands and the lungs enlarge as they get filled with air. When exhaling the diaphragm relaxes the chest cavity retracts, and the lungs shrink as they empty their air.

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