The Numbers Game Redux

More fun with numbers


On this wonderful date, Eleven Ten Ten

My lucky number has struck again

Bringing benefit and joy to my day

So I must go out of my way

To be sure to do those things I must

Because today is the day , I trust

Will guarantee great success

So, off I go, with no worry, no stress

There is fortune in one and one and one

And, as before, this day has begun

With positive thoughts for each endeavor

I need not be sly nor clever

To see the ‘win win’ in this day

So, off, again, in work and play

I know there will be no dismay

Or disappointment along the way

Tomorrow is eleven eleven ten

Another day , another win

As one more one is added to one

Thus ensuring joy, happiness and fun!

I cannot wait ’till 11/11/11

I’ll surely feel as if in heaven

All good deeds shall definitely be

Triumphant and pleasing enough to see

That once again, and again and again

The number one is my true friend

In which I’ll trust and never doubt

How all my efforts will turn out

When any combination of one is here

Which is indisputably, unquestionably clear

That grouping of ones is very dear

So, off I go to face the day

Knowing everything is going my way

To those who think  this might be real

Note which numbers are, when you feel

Joy, Love, Victory and Zeal

Write them down, give them a name’

And join me in this numbers game!






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Lucky Cats profile image

Lucky Cats 5 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California Author

Here is one that everyone missed as it was written so long ago when i didn't know what or how to navigate HP....anyway...another one honoring the number ONE...and, today being 11/11/11 I thought it appropriate, as well. Good fortune to everyone on this very special date. Veterans' Day, too...thank you to all our Veterans who have given the ultimate sacrifice and have given of their time and health to protect We, The People. Much Love...Kathy

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