The Point of Life 5: Pars Vitae in Sagittarius and Capricorn

56-63: Age of Saggitarrius
56-63: Age of Saggitarrius

56-63: Age of Sagittarius

Social check-up

Between 56 and 63 years Pars Vitae stays in the sign of Sagittarius. During this time, a human gets interested in philosophy and religion. We try to achieve authority, to become a teacher for other people. Many people at this age have a fussy attachment to different kinds of knowledge. One wants to learn about several sciences and several philosophical movements. But this rarely works as the Mercury is imprisoned. When one gets engaged in many things at the same time, there is hardly anything that he/she really succeeds. That's why it is better to choose one thing and to study it thoroughly. At 56 we get through another social check-up. Now all the mistakes made at the age of 37-38 are revealed again. The ones who acted correctly at this period get higher social positions while those who failed this social exam do not achieve their goals and retire.

63-70: Age of Capricorn
63-70: Age of Capricorn

63-70: Age of Capricorn

The last chance

From 63 to 70 The Point of Life goes through the sign of Capricorn. It is at the age of 63 that the last man's choice takes place and one can change the destiny for the last time. The one who makes the wrong choice breaks his or her life down. This is especially true for the people who try to create their new family because with 90 percent it doesn't work. One can break the past but can hardly create the future.

At the age of Capricorn it is important to give up some stereotypes, to finally form the life and philosophical stem, and to learn to give a sharp evaluation to every event, to every thing but to avoid imposing one's viewpoint on the others and to listen to your opponents attentively.

It is also important to learn how to build relationships with one's near and dear because many people at this age show themselves despotic. Try to be diplomatic and learn to find the compromises.

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