The Power of Intuition

Have you ever thought about a certain person and given them a phone call to check on them only to find out that there was some significance in the timing of the thought? Or you might get a feeling about an answer to a question even when it doesn’t seem to make much sense. Ever wonder why some people can give you a warm and fuzzy feeling while some just give you the creeps?

What is intuition?

Most of us have come to believe that the universe is within a hands reach. It is within our field of vision, our range of hearing, susceptible to our five senses. Unfortunately our current culture has schooled and conditioned us to only trust concrete data and does not teach us anything about using our instincts. This is probably due to the fact that it is a phenomenon that is not directly observable-although sometimes its effects are. Like the wind in the trees, it may not be visible, but we can see and hear its effects. Often referred to as the “sixth sense”, it is a sensitivity that goes beyond the physical world. It operates out of linear space and time and therefore will sometimes give us information that won’t make immediate sense, but will eventually.

The source of intuition

So what is the purpose of intuition and from where does this information originate? There are different schools of thoughts that offer different explanations. The scientific and logical reasoning describe it as a natural form of intelligence that originates from one of the most primitive parts of our brain. It’s the same part that provided valuable knowledge which helped our caveman ancestors anticipate dangerous adversaries and animals in their territory. It is essentially a storehouse of our collective memories and experiences with an almost “magical” mechanism of sorting and pulling out information and presenting it in the form of “intuitive hunches”. From a spiritual or esoteric perspective, intuitive feelings are seen as a steady stream of guidance from a divine source or a Higher Intelligence. This information is always available to us, whether we pick up on it or not, directing us towards our most authentic path ensuring that we live out our highest purpose in life. People who believe in this reasoning usually focus a lot on staying connected to this source through various practices such as meditation, yoga and even spending regular periods of time in silence and contemplation. They believe that these practices will keep their spiritual channels open to receiving regular guidance.

Intuition and success

Whatever you choose to believe about its validity, intuition is a tool that is always available to all of us. Are you willing to trust “this sense of knowing” that Mother Nature has gifted us with? One way of looking at intuition is to consider it neither right nor wrong- its more like a nudge that we receive. It is most useful when one skillfully combines the two dimensions- conventional observable knowing and intuition- together they can provide depth and perspective to any issue. If used properly, it can help increase innovation and creativity in both our professional and personal lives. It’s a success skill used reliably by successful leaders like Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney, Donald Trump and others. Einstein was a great advocate of intuitive thinking. In fact, the most successful people on earth are highly intuitive because they tap into this inner wisdom when making decisions.

Understanding your intuitive style

It is important to understand your intuitive style and develop awareness of its presence in your life. We all have different ways of receiving intuitive guidance that are unique to each of us- compared to the tricep muscle, which is pretty much in the same place for all of us, our intuition is found in different places for each of us. Many people feel it in their body- in their chest and more commonly in the stomach- hence the term “gut instinct”. For others, intuition is not felt in the body at all. You may “see” your intuition in a visual way or “feel” it through a sense of heaviness, an ache, a mood. Intuitive hints could arise from conversations, the environment around you or even in your dreams. The key is to have a soft focus, be open and trust it. It is there, giving you message or clues, just below the surface. It’s like a small flash of light that already begins to fade as soon as it appears. Holding back out of fear and timidity, hesitating will allow it to slip away and your moment is lost.

How to develop your intuition

In order to develop your sixth sense it’s important that you firstly believe in the fact that you are indeed naturally intuitive, even if you’re sixth sense isn’t up and running to its full potential just yet. You need to open-minded and flexible in your approach. Think of it as a form of intelligence, like musical or visual intelligence. It is an intelligence everyone has been given in some measure, and we can develop it just as artists and musicians develop their talents. Below are some ways by which you can use to strengthen your sixth sense and improve your ability in interpreting the intuitive nudges that you receive:

1- Take better care of yourself: your body is the temple of your spirit. In order to receive clear intuitive messages you need to take care of your basic needs which includes maintaining a healthy diet, getting sufficient sleep, engaging in regular physical activities and eliminating stress in your life as much as possible.

2- Listen to your body: Heed any signals your body sends you throughout the day. Be alert of any tension, tightness, uneasiness, pain, loss or surge or energy, or fits of restlessness and see if they can correlate to a certain situation that you’re in and interpret what it might be telling you about it.

3- Quiet down: In order to trust your intuition, you have to first be able to sense them and to do this you must quiet down your mind, slow down and reduce your internal chatter. You can meditate, pray, practice yoga and tai chi or simply spend some time in nature. It doesn’t what approach you use as long as you get quiet. It’s best to choose what suits your temperament.

4- Protect yourself from negativity and replace it with positive vibrations: You have to be watchful of any situation, environment or person that drains your energy. Protect yourself when you detect this by listening to your body. Replace it with things and people that empower you. Reach out for activities that make you laugh and play on a regular basis.

5- Keep a journal: It’s often helpful to record any significant thought, idea or dream that crosses your mind. Since the subconscious mind does not operate out of a linear and time bound dimension you cannot always make sense of the messages immediately but there’s a good chance that you will find them helpful or even life changing in the future.

6- Sleep on it: You can gain valuable insight when you ask for intuitive guidance or some assistance from your subconscious mind. Whenever you feel stuck in a certain situation simply ask the question out loud or right it down asking for guidance as you do this. Your intuitive sense will give you response eventually.

7- Stay in the present: You will be more in tune with your sixth sense when you focus your thoughts on the present. A lot of us tend to either spend too much time stuck in the past or living in the future. When you live in the present you will be able to appreciate the texture and depth of any experience you are currently in. You need to trust that the Universe will deliver all you need when the timing is right. Simply open your heart and wait.

Pocahontas demonstrates a perfect example of receiving and interpreting an intuitive message

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