The Pro-Collective Bargaining and Unionization of Teachers Argument

There are many arguments on both sides of the teacher union and collective bargaining issue. Though the anti-collective bargaining side has good arguments, this text will present some of the positive sides of unionization and collective bargaining that may have been overshadowed by all the negative aspects. Every argument has two sides, and without research and an informed opinion, nobody can make a decision about the issue and still have credibility within the framework of the debate.

The first positive aspect is that a teacher’s union and teachers involved in the collective bargaining process has political clout. According to a 2009 associated press article the New Jersey Education Association endorsed Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine during his re-election. The Republican Party nominee turned down a meeting with the teachers and did not want the endorsement. The group supported Corzine because he increased funding for public schools by $1.8 billion dollars. The power of over 200,000 teachers in the state is enough to turn most any election and the political power associated with the union is a positive thing if more funding and better programs are the result.

Unions and collective bargaining for teachers can also influence complex social issues. The National Education Association is considered so powerful, a pro-life advocacy group organized a protest toward the association to adopt and advocate for pro-life issues. Pawson (2009) said that they are against the nation’s most powerful union because it mis-represents some teacher’s pro-life views. When a union or collective bargaining process starts to get involved in complex, social issues, then that power can be persuasive in both politics and public opinion.

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dusy7969 profile image

dusy7969 5 years ago from San Diego, California

What gets lost in funding for publics schools is that 80% of that is teachers salaries. So, to say you increased funding for public schools generally means you increased teachers salaries and there is no relationship between teachers salaries/funding and school performance. In fact, as a generalization the opposite appears to be the case. Which implies that unionization adversely effects education. There are other pitfalls to unionization. In California, the teachers union heavily supports the inclusion of illegal alien children in schools to boost the number of children and therefore their number of jobs. This high number of non-english speakers negatively impacts the education of native english speakers and highly degrades the quality of education in the state.

sir slave profile image

sir slave 5 years ago from Trinity county CA.

You give savants a bad name

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