The Secret of Prime Numbers

Diagram 1
Diagram 1
Diagram 2
Diagram 2

What is Prime Numbers ? Take a look to the diagram 1 beside this article, can you tell which number is Prime Number ? Is number 1 a Prime Number ? How to identify all the Prime Number from Number 1 to 100 ?

To make it simple, Prime Numbers is numbers that only can divide by number 1 and itself. Under this circumstances, few assumptions are made as below :

  1. The number - one (1) is no a Prime Number.
  2. Prime Numbers begin with the number - two (2).
  3. All even numbers are not Prime Numbers except number - two (2)
  4. The number that ended with number - five (5) is not Prime Numbers except number - five (5) . For example : 15, 25, ....
  5. The multiples of number - three (3) is not Prime Numbers except number - three (3). For example : 9, 21, ...
From five assumptions above, a conclusion can be made that there are only 25 Prime Numbers from the range 1 - 100. The first Prime Number is number two and the last number is ninety-seven. 

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