The True Face of Facebook

Shock To The System

Hi everyone, as you can tell by the title of this Hub I am not very pleased with Facebook, and for a very good reason, they deleted my Profile without giving me a chance to explain. They never asked any of my friends about me, or what type of person that I was. They just deleted me with out asking me anything.

I was on Facebook for over 6 years, with 1,200 friends, people who were from all over the world. All of my friends on Facebook have always enjoyed my comments, status updates, quotes, helpful hints, prayers, and concern for their well being.

Anytime one of my friends needed help with something going on in their life, I was always there for them, trying to be uplifting, concerned, and caring. I was never too busy to chat with any of my friends, and loved getting to know them better personally, their lives, and getting to know the place's where they live.

I valued my friends on Facebook and did not care what their color was, creed, religion, race, or nationality that they were, just being friends, and being there for them, made me feel like i was accomplishing something in my life. Needless to say I was truly shocked when Facebook told me that my Profile was Deleted, and there was no appeal.

Her Idea Of Freedom

The Reason

The reason my Profile was deleted was do to my response to a Status of a newly added friend, the person seemed nice enough, and was friends with several of my other friends on Facebook. The person (a woman from California) had placed a Status about listening to a young soldier who had recently came back from Afghanistan, and how he was bragging about the amount of people that he had killed during his tour there.

The woman was blowing the young man away, saying that he should have been the one killed, and that all military personal should be shot, because she felt the world would be better place without them. The woman continued to deface the military, and all veterans, saying that they were programed robots, and that they would kill anyone for the fun of it.

I tried to explain to the woman that the military was a necessary evil, and that if it were not for our Armed Forces we would not have the freedoms that we enjoy today. I told here that she needed to put herself in the young mans shoes, he may have had a close friend blown away right next to him, or sprayed with his blood, his brain matter, or body parts, and that was his way of getting back at the enemy.

The woman was outraged with my reply, she responded back with a not so nice reply to me calling me names, and cussing me like a dog.

My second reply asked her not to cuss me, and I tried to explain that I was in the military before, and was proud to have served in the United States Army, and that the countless lives given for her freedom should make her reconsider her statement of killing all military personal, including me.

I did not wait for a reply, i deleted her as a friend.  She copied my last remark to a message, and cussed me again like i have never been cussed. I replied asking her to never contact me again, to never cuss me again, or i would report her to Facebook and have her removed, and sue her for slander. I guess a person can cuss someone like a dog on Facebook without any worries, and get away with it.

Her True Face

Her Response After I Deleted Her As A Friend

     "Roger, I do not feel sorry for you or any other voluntary soldiers. You made
your CHOICE. You made your decision. You knew what the military was all
about when you joined.

     You say, "It's a calling." A calling to do WHAT? You yourself just said,
"No one likes war, only the ones who make money from it." So it's your
"calling" to protect the fortunes of the rulers by serving in their death
machine? That's your %ucking calling?

     Here's the bottom line. You knew what the military was all about when you
joined. You're a smart person, and you know what it's all about! You know
that the military routinely kills massive numbers of innocent people all
around the world only to further the imperialistic interests of the ruling
class. You knew that, but you didn't care.

     All you cared about was getting money for college or benefits or a career
or whatever you were after. You WILLINGLY signed up to join an institution
that was created for the purpose of killing innocent people.

     You WILLINGLY put yourself in a position in which you would have been ready
and willing to kill for them if they would have asked you to, without any
question about why. You CHOSE to join the evil empire in your own shallow
pursuit of materialistic gain and social standing. You sold your soul to
the devil in exchange for a pittance.

     I'm sure that you're a very nice person to your friends and family. But ultimately, you are a completely immoral person who is incapable of doing anything other than act out of his own self-interest, and you are a poor excuse for a human being.

    If you would have seen a friend get his brains blown or if you would have gotten your own brains blown then it would have been your own damn fault because you put YOURSELF in that position and IT'S WHAT YOU DESERVE FOR JOINING THE %UCKING MILITARY DUMB-@SS!!!!  I don't feel sorrow for you. I don't feel sorry for any of you. %uck you.

Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Replies After I Deleted Her As A Friend

After the woman's response above i asked her not to cuss me again, and never contact me again.

She contacted me again:

After this, I will contact you no more.
My last word. %uck you.

She contacted me again with a more cussing and a video (that i was unable to retrieve:

Don't worry.That wasn't a You Tube video. The video was
deleted by the Nazis (that's you). It was an article. That means READING.

Here's the quote again:

"Many scoffed at our original story, which was based on the testimony of a whistle-blower who was asked to participate in the program. Claims that the story was a conspiracy theory soon evaporated when a mainstream KSLA news report confirmed the existence of the program."

Yes, that's right. YOU are being trained to kill ME! And you would too! Therefore, you are NOT MY %UCKING FRIEND! And don't worry because I WON'T contact you anymore and I'm sure that Facebook does not give a $hit about your complaints. Do you know how much drama happens on Facebook? Get over yourself G.I. Joe. Go %uck yourself.

I did not read these until the next morning after i found out my profile had been deleted for Harassment by Facebook.

Like A Tomb

Facebooks Response

This was Facebooks last response after i tried to show them how the woman was to blame, and if anyone had Harassed anyone it was the woman, and not I.  But it was quite obvious to me that Facebook did not care:

Hi Roger,

Unfortunately, your account has been permanently disabled for violating Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. We will not be able to reactivate it for any reason, nor will we provide further explanation of your violation or the systems we have in place. This decision is absolutely final.

User Operations

Facebooks True Face

My Final Response to Facebook

Hi Madeline,

I am sorry as well, but i do hope you will level the same justice on this lady as you did me, if she is not in violation of your rules, i don't not know what would be. The good people of Facebook do not deserve to have someone who blatantly slander someones name like she did me. I hope that you have a nice day Madeline.


Of course, there was no reply, besides the same response that i listed above, and i would like to know how you can harass someone by just responding twice to a Status, then deleting her as a friend after placing the second response on her status. Also the woman is still on Facebook, nothing at all was done to her for harassing me, and cussing me. None of my other friends were asked anything, it was all one sided. It is a shame that Facebook allows people like this woman to get away with cussing someone like she did me, cussing the brave men & women that serve our Great Nation, and have given their lives so that someone like her can live in Freedom. This is especially sad knowing that their are so many children reading the Statuses like hers on Facebook.

Something needs to be done about the treatment of people on Facebook, people should not be allowed to cuss someone like that and get away with it. They should not be allowed to be on Facebook talking like that with so many children on Facebook. Would you like your child to read language like that, or have your child repeating words like that, or worse, because i have seen even worse language used on Facebook that should not be there.  All the photo's shown on my Hub are from the Internet, and are being used for illustration only.

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mistyhorizon2003 profile image

mistyhorizon2003 6 years ago from Guernsey (Channel Islands)

Wow Roger, that is disgusting, I am appalled at the injustice of the system on Facebook, especially when it appears there is no form of "trial" where both sides can present evidence before a judgement is made. Is there no way to contact some of your original friends and ask them to read this hub and then contact Facebook themselves to protest. You could even get a petition going and ask friends to forward it on to other friends etc so you can present it with the evidence to Facebook.

Personally I rarely use Facebook as I get frustrated with all the friends requests from people I have no idea of who they are, not to mention all the requests to join applications such as "Farmville", "Hatching Eggs" etc. No matter how many applications I block there are always more invitations to join new ones. Now I have Event invitations as well. I have often contemplated deleting my own profile, but as it is an easy way for people I have lost touch with to find me if ever they go looking, I tend to hang on in there although I rarely visit the site any more unless I get a message from someone I know through it.

As you clearly enjoyed using Facebook and got a lot out of it, I am sorry some "nut job" has somehow managed to get you ousted. I truly hope you will send this link to Facebook Staff also, in the hope they will read this hub and reconsider their decision.

Good Luck on this.

Roger Renwick profile image

Roger Renwick 6 years ago from Florence, Alabama Author

Hi Misty, thank you so much for the wonderful reply, i told a few of my friends on there that i was close to, and they were told what i have been told, that my account & profile were deleted, and there was nothing they could do. I know how you feel about all of the apps, and requests, i would just ignore them, or delete them, but a lot of my friends were found through the request item. I am currently back on facebook under my middle name Alan, and have this hub listed on my profile, and several other sites on facebook. Thanks again for the wonderful response Misty, and have a wonderful day. PS; please join me as a friend on there too.

Dorothy Williams 6 years ago

Roger it is truly a loss not having you on Facebook! The injustice you rec'd is reason enough for the rest of your friends not to have a facebook page unfortunately it is the only way to keep up with everyone else. I appreciate all of the prayers you have prayed for me and miss you everyday on facebook. If FB only knew they lost one of the kindest, sweetest and loving friend a person could have they would have to put you back on. In the meantime we all miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for being my friend!!!

amy 6 years ago

good grief roger this sounds horrible! i was wondering what had happened to you.i have alot of people on my friends list...but few i would consider a friend.and you are one of them .i have really enjoyed talking with you.i hope this woman will one day regret her words to you.

Roger Renwick profile image

Roger Renwick 6 years ago from Florence, Alabama Author

Hi Dorothy, thank you so much, i have missed all of my friends there as well, thank you for your kindness, and thank you for being my friend.

Roger Renwick profile image

Roger Renwick 6 years ago from Florence, Alabama Author

Hi Amy, thank you so much, i am proud to call you my friend too, and one day the woman will regret her words.

Kirsty Watson 4 years ago

dude, this is clearly made up.

Roger Renwick profile image

Roger Renwick 4 years ago from Florence, Alabama Author

Hi Kirsty, i promise you this is not made up. It did happen the way i posted it, and i was truly kicked off of facebook because of this, without any prior warning, or anything.

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