The True story about the origin of valentine's day

Valentine's day which is the February 14th has always been a world wide social celebration for lovers to exchange gifts and cards as a mark of love for each other, but what exactly is the complete story of Saint Valentine.

The true story about the origin of Valentine's day is that it was introduced by a young Priest Valentine, who left England for Italy on an evangelical mission. While in Italy, he was imprisoned by Cladus 11 for not paying tribute to the pagan gods. While awaiting the day of execution, he fell in love with the prison superintendent's daughter whom he cured of her signet problem on February 14th, 270AD. When he was to be executed, he sent a bouquet of violet flowers and a note which he managed to sneak through his cell window to his lover.

From then on, Valentine's day has been a day set aside for the exchange of gifts by lovers the world over.

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Portamenteff 7 years ago from Western Colorado, USA

interesting. I didn't know that.

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