The Universe Shouldn't Exist

When I say that, I don’t mean that I am angry at the universe and want it to stop existing. I’m all for the universe. I mean that, logically, it shouldn’t exist. As humans, logic is probably the best thing we have going for us, but this universe thing we live in isn’t as big of a fan.

Let’s start out with a little history. A long time ago, there was this guy named Thomas Aquinas who wanted to prove that God exists. His first proof goes kind of like this. Everything has a cause; things just don’t pop into existence, or pop out. So, if everything has a cause, at some point there must have been a first cause that started the universe. However, if everything has a cause, then that first event must also have a cause. But that’s impossible; if a first event had a cause, it would no longer be the first event. Therefore, Aquinas believed, something outside of our universe must have been the cause of our universe’s first cause. Aquinas believed that this outside cause was God.

However, his conclusion just shifts the problem. If we accept that God created the universe, we have to ask, What caused God? If we believe that the first thing to come into existence was God, then how can we explain his existence? He would have had to have caused himself, which is impossible; if God has to cause himself, then he doesn’t exist yet, and if he doesn’t exist, he doesn’t have the power to cause anything.

Though his argument fails to prove that God created the universe, it does bring up a really weird problem. How the hell did our universe get here? At some point in time, the first cause of our universe had to have spontaneously come into being without explanation. It might take a while for the strangeness of this concept to really sink in. Imagine an empty void. There is no air, no energy, not even the smallest atom of matter. Then something appears, from absolutely nothing. Not only did this matter/energy/whatever appear, but there was enough of it to create our entire universe. That is some weird ass shit. Intuitively, it seems impossible, but it happened.

Or maybe it didn’t. If the universe never started existing, then it must have existed for an infinite amount of time. This possibility seems even stranger. Infinity means the universe has no explanation. It also means a really, really, really long time. Have you ever heard about monkeys with type writers eventually recreating the entire works of Shakespeare? In an infinite amount of time, monkeys would have necessarily recreated the entire work of Shakespeare. No matter how small a chance there is of something happening, if there is any chance at all, given an infinite amount of time, that thing will happen. Infinity times anything is still infinity. That means that every time you make a choice, at some point in the past, there was a situation in which, on an alternative earth, you made a different choice. It means that the earth has been created an infinite amount of times, and in some versions of Earth, humans never existed. Any possibility you can imagine has happened, if we accept that the universe has existed for an infinite amount of time.

Either way our universe is very, very strange.

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bob free 7 years ago

its is so unbelivable all this stuff-that the most reasonable conclusion is that the god of the bible is who he says he is.the bible also explains mankind to a tee,gives reasonable answers to all that happens an explains why we do the things we tries to explains things but cannot say for certain how the ist particles came to one canmbut the bible comes very close an in fact proves to me beyond any reasonable doubt that it is true.the fool in his hear says there is no GOD!!!

Eoin 7 years ago

Obviously bob free didn't read what's above. I hate the damn universe for being so confusing. Existance is bullshit.

Anonymous 7 years ago

Sorry Bob, but this isn't about God, the Bible, etc. Anyway, this was exactly what I was thinking. I came looking for an article like this; Perhaps to find some answers that I knew I would never find, but am searching in vane any way.

Fuck though, its almost as if whatever is responsible, deliberately did it to mock us. Its a damned joke.

Chris S 6 years ago

Exactly. That's what I had been pondering for a while...then I think I started to go crazy, so I just accepted it. It makes no sense, and it makes me wonder why the heck we're here. Weird stuff, this universe we live in.

Chris H 6 years ago

I just gave up and went with the theory that since there was nothing to have caused the something then obviously we don't exist and can do whatever the hell we want!... Or not I don't know because nothing makes sense when you go all the way back to the very first nothing and/or something that may or may not have existed/not existed...

Bob600 6 years ago

You hit the nail on the head with the reference to nothing, and spontaneously coming into being without explanation. If we accept that nothing exists and that there are more things that we don't understand than those that we do then its all perfectly understandable without that big scary God thing. I did do a similar hub on bob600 check it out for more detail.

Guy Stevenson 6 years ago

Maybe we can't understand the universe. As in we as a species do not have the mental capacity or structure to understand. I think it's a weakness of being a mortal species. From the day we came about, we have faced a beginning and end: birth and death. We have no evolutionary need to understand infinity. The universe is huge and it's possible another species knows or we may someday become that species. I don't think this should stop us from thinking about it. It's probably the question that has plagued us since the beginning and needs answering.

I am not 6 years ago

We use logic where logic dose not exist. We are and only God can explain it to us. We just can't and never will without guidance from an truly intelligent being...GOD

fsdj 6 years ago

You have to remember that in scripture it says God created the universe (including time itself). He is not bound by his own creation (including time) which explains why there does not have to be a first account of the "who created God then" argument. Without time, there is no first or last account. If you do not want to believe, you will find any reason not to, no matter how bad of an argument it is. However, we are bound to the laws of the universe we live in and our logic can only go so far within this box. Scripture does give account to the whole creation story, all it takes is a little faith to believe. The answers are all there.

Trell 6 years ago

another thing to think of, is that what ever created this universe maybe created it with the purpose of energy or material because of it's complex chemical makeup, perhaps sentiance was never anticiated. maybe to god we are a side effect of his true purpose

Justin 5 years ago

Wake up kiddies, there is no Easter Bunny, unicorns or a big man with a beard in the clouds watching you.

I'll prove it... Hello Mr God? If youre real strike me dead!!! Well Im still here.

We only have one life make the most of it.

Vincent 5 years ago

The only problem here is time : if there is no time, there is no before and no after, no beginning and no end. With wormholes we can imagine that our universe has been created from another one where time doesnt exist.

Anonymous 5 years ago

You're crazy, but you're also smart enough to make your craziness make sense. You've made more sense in one web page, than any religion. I tip my hat to you sir.

Ahmad 5 years ago

God is one, who created every thing, but no one created the God.

Look at and read verses of Surah :Ikhlas" in Quran, definitely you will get the perfect answer there.

redbrain 5 years ago awake!.welcome to 21th century!..god?!

Humble Speaker 4 years ago

Listen young men, the universe and as well as we have a purpose.Scientists propose theories. Not certain statements. The Answer is there is an infinite...that infinite is the energy which cannot be created nor destroyer (1st law of thermodynamics states that) it is God. He never was created. He is timeless, and unchanging. In the beginning as in the Bible states beginning of time. Jesus was also a remarkable person. The truth is Love overcomes all. We dont see love. we feel it.

Wow 4 years ago

I literally just wrote a personal paper with almost the exact things you just said only shorter and less descriptive with the god thing and everything. Im obviously not a genious or close to it i just wrote it to get my ideas out because this has been bugging the shit out of me. So much to the point where ive drawn a new conclusion. We dont exist, because its impossible for us to... Yeah it's to that point of wacked outness

Evan Penn 3 years ago

There exists one major, basic flaw, which renders all your arguments moot. (I'm not saying your arguments are not intelligent and logical...they are).

That flaw is that the human mind is nowhere near capable of understanding the nature or reality and existence. Just think of us as worms in a space shuttle, trying to figure out how that space shuttle was built and how it works (using worm logic and intelligence). If there is a God, he is laughing heartily at our attempts to interpret existence.

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