The Weird World of Coincidence


What is a coincidence?

"The probability of a certain set of circumstances coming together in a meaningful (or tragic) way is so low that it simply cannot be considered mere coincidence.” V. C. King

When was the last time you experienced a coincidence? Unless it was recent or very odd circumstances, then chances are you won't remember all that much about it.

However, for hundreds of people every year, coincidences take on a whole new and weird perspective.

One definition of coincidence is taken from Dictionary.Com:

"a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time, apparently by mere chance."

Most dictionaries tend to have a similar definition and it is the ending - 'by mere chance' - that intrigues the most.

The following accounts are true stories of incidents that, by the dictionary definition, happened by 'mere chance'. After reading the following events they may leave you wondering if ‘chance’ had anything to do with it.

Time and space

Time and space - are they both involved with the experience we call coincidence?
Time and space - are they both involved with the experience we call coincidence? | Source
Paris, where an American author had a remarkable coincidence.
Paris, where an American author had a remarkable coincidence. | Source
Was a balloon driven by the wind or more mysterious forces?
Was a balloon driven by the wind or more mysterious forces? | Source

Time And Space?

The following accounts show that in the weird world of coincidence, time and space either react in mysterious ways or are irrelevant.

Anne Parrish, American Novelist

In the 1920s the novelist was on a tour of Paris with her husband. They were enjoying a browse through one of the many antique book stores to be found in the city. Anne was delighted when she unexpectedly came across a book she had loved in childhood. She showed the book - "Jack Frost And Other Stories" - to her husband. They were both astonished when her husband opened the book and read on the inside cover: "Anne Parrish. 209 N. Weber Street, Colorado Springs." It was the very same book that Anne had cherished in her childhood days.

The Balloon Story

In Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England, 10 year old Laura Buxton was visiting her grandparents who were celebrating their golden wedding anniversary.

On one of the balloons used in the celebrations Laura wrote a message giving her name, address and a request to send the balloon back if discovered. She then let the balloon go.

About ten days later, in Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire a farmer noticed a balloon that had become tangled in one of his hedges. On removing it he read the message and the name - Laura Buxton. He proceeded to take the balloon to his nearest neighbour - whose daughter was called Laura Buxton. The farmer presuming it would belong to her. However, this was a different Laura Buxton and she lived more than 140 miles away from where the original Laura had released the balloon.

But the weird coincidences didn't stop there. The Wiltshire Laura promptly wrote to Laura in Staffordshire. Because of the extraordinary coincidences both girls' parents allowed them to meet.

The similarities between the girls are astonishing and are listed below:

  • both girls were tall for their age and were of similar height
  • both girls wore pink sweaters for the meeting with each other
  • both girls had brown hair and wore it in similar styles
  • both girls owned a black Labrador retriever and rabbits as pets.

The strange events leading to their meeting have led to both girls remaining friends to this day.

Was this friendship the result of just a balloon or were there other, more mysterious forces at work?

Erdington Village where two murders are linked in mysterious ways

Erdington Village where two murders - over one hundred and fifty years apart - have many astonishing similarities.
Erdington Village where two murders - over one hundred and fifty years apart - have many astonishing similarities. | Source
Abraham Thornton who was tried and acquitted for the murder of Mary Ashford.
Abraham Thornton who was tried and acquitted for the murder of Mary Ashford. | Source
Diagrams of the scene where Mary Ashford was murdered.
Diagrams of the scene where Mary Ashford was murdered. | Source

Macabre Murder Coincidence

There is no doubt that most coincidences are intriguing perhaps even fun. However, there are others that are just down right creepy!

The Erdington Murders: (Erdington Village, Nr Birmingham, England)

Is there anything more disturbing or shocking than murder? Not usually. However, when you get two murders, over one hundred and fifty years apart, having similar details, then murder also becomes macabre!

The first murder victim was Mary Ashford. The body of the 20 year old was found in a sand pit, near the village of Erdington on 27th May, 1817. On the same date in 1975, Barbara Forrest's body was found.

Like Mary Ashford, Barbara had been sexually assaulted before being strangled. However, the similarities between the two girls did not end there:

  • Both deaths occurred either on or within the hours of Whit Monday.
  • Both women were aged 20 and unmarried.
  • Comparisons between the facial features of both girls look similar.
  • Both women had been left for dead by their attacker.
  • Both of them had been to a local dance before their murders.
  • The site where the bodies were discovered was within about 300 yards from each other, in Pype Hayes Park.
  • Both women had last been seen on the date of 27th May.
  • The suspected murderers both had the surname Thornton - Michael Thornton was accused of Barbara's murder and Abraham Thornton was suspected of Mary's murder.
  • Both men stood trial but both were acquitted due to lack of evidence.
  • Despite repeated attempts by criminologists, both crimes remain unsolved.
  • It’s also alleged that both young women had premonitions about their death. Mary Ashford is claimed to have remarked to her friend's mother "I have bad feelings about the week to come ". Barbara Forrest is claimed to have said that "this is going to be my unlucky month. I don't why, I just know it.”

So what can we make of this bizarre situation? Is this simply a case of chance and nothing more? Or is there something much deeper and mysterious going on?

Pype Hayes Park

Pype Hayes Park - the scene of two brutal murders with mysterious links, even althoug they were committed 150 years apart.
Pype Hayes Park - the scene of two brutal murders with mysterious links, even althoug they were committed 150 years apart. | Source

What's your thoughts on coincidence?

Do you believe that coincidences are just random events?

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This has been just a glimpse into the weird world of coincidence. Nevertheless, there is enough here to give food for thought.

Is it the case that coincidence is just random events even although they are at times very odd? Do people have some part to play or are they mere pawns in an unfathomable, mysterious game?

One day we may find out the answers to these enigmas - if chance or fate allows us to do so!

© 2011 Helen Murphy Howell

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sgbrown profile image

sgbrown 5 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

I have never really decided if I believe in coincidence or not. This is a very interesting hub,thank you! Voted up and following. :)

rebeccamealey profile image

rebeccamealey 5 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

Very interesting reading, and comforting somehow, knowing that we are more than dust in the wind. Voted up and interesting.

profile image

R. J. Lefebvre 5 years ago


Interesting hub, you did a good job putting it together. There is more about our existance than we can ever learn or rationalize. The mental matrix of mankind is extraordinary in more ways than we can ever realize.


profile image

femmeflashpoint 5 years ago


I always love reading your hubs, but, you've now moved yourself into Alastar Packer's category since you've officially creeped me out in regards to "coincidence", lol!

Since as far back as my memory allows me to go, my dad called me Rigsby. He nicknamed me that because I loved the Beatles song, and would sing it to him when it played on the radio, but my pronunciation of Rigby had an added "s" in it.

May 27 is my birthday. I'm wondering if I should avoid my annual bash in the Cowtown Stockyards this year.

I haven't believed in coincidence in many a year, lol!

Creepiness aside, excellent hub!

DzyMsLizzy profile image

DzyMsLizzy 5 years ago from Oakley, CA

Interesting--I've always been interested in such things.

You've written from across the Pond, but you may be aware of a smiliar set of coincidences between the assassinations of our two Presidents, Lincoln and Kennedy, 100 years apart. They were both elected in a year ending in "60;" Lincoln's personal secretary was named Kennedy, Kennedy's was named Lincoln; both were shot in the head; both were away from home; both had been warned by psychics not to go, etc.... there are many more, but I won't go into it here.

Voted up, interesting and awesome.

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi sgbrown, many thanks for stopping by and glad that you enjoyed the hub.

I think coincidence is a weird one. It's the kind of thing that you don't really feel can be real, but when you read the stories? Well, you do begin to wonder what is really going on!

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi rebecca, many thanks for visiting the hub and taking the time to leave a comment - much appreciated.

I agree with you that what coincidence does seem to point to is that we and life are definitely just more than, as you so rightly say, 'dust in the wind'.

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi Ronnie, lovely to hear from you and many thanks for leaving such an interesting comment.

I totally agree with your thoughts about our 'existence' and the 'humankind mental matrix'. I've asked myself many, many times - 'will we ever get to grips with what mind, existance etc. really are?' Perhaps not, but it's great fun trying to work it all out!

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi femmeflashpoint, it always a great pleasure to have you visit and I enjoy reading your comments.

I will say one thing, to be in the same category as Alastar is an honour for me indeed! Basically because not only do I think he is one of the best writers on HP, but as a person he's an absolute gem! So thank you for the tribute!

LOL!! I'll also say that if I've managed to 'creep you out' then I've done my work properly here!

That's interesting about your nickname after The Beatle's song! I have to a say that 'Eleanor Rigsby' was always one of my favourites along with 'Hard Day's Night' and 'Let It Be'. Having said that I don't think there is a Beatle's song that I dislike!

Anyway, many thanks for the vote up - much appreciated considering you were feeling creeped out at the time! LOL!!

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi Lizzy - as usual it's a real pleasure to hear from you and many thanks for the lovely comment and vote up!

Yes indeed I have heard about the horrible assassinations of Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln and the weird similarities between their deaths. For me, the Kennedy/Lincoln coincidence is one of the best documented and certainly one of the most bizarre. It's interesting that you should mention this particular coincidence, since it was this one that got me interested in this phenomena many years ago. I had forgotten quite a few of the details and how weird they were, so many thanks for refreshing my memory!

Many thanks again for stopping by.

profile image

R. J. Lefebvre 5 years ago


I'm happy to hear we have connected in thought process. I'll be looking for more of your hubs.


Beata Stasak profile image

Beata Stasak 5 years ago from Western Australia

Very interesting hub, thanks for sharing, I have read in Cosmos recently that there is no coinsidence in an endless natural is just a chance to be met or failed to be met...but people need to see order and reason in everything:)

kj force profile image

kj force 5 years ago from Florida

Ahh of my favorite words, I believe coincidence is fate thrown our way and how we perceive and embrace it determines the out come of acceptance to each of us, it can signify the direction we chose to take.weedbychoice..kjforce

georgethegent profile image

georgethegent 5 years ago from Hillswick, Shetland, UK

Hi Seeker, really good one there. So much happens that makes us stop and think, "Wait a minute, that happened to me yesterday." It just happens all the time and makes us question why, who caused that etc. Definitely a vote up.

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi Ronnie - hey thanks for the nice comment back - I'll be visiting your hubs later on today, see you then!

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi Beata Stasak, many thanks for visiting and for leaving your very interesting comment. I will need to check out 'Cosmos' as it sounds like something that would interest me a lot.

I agree that as humans we do have a strong need to see reason and logic in everything - that's the way our left brain function works. I think also the idea of 'endless natural possibilities' is a very interesting one.

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi kjforce - many thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave such an interesting comment!

I do feel that fate - whatever that really means - does play a part somewhere in time and space and I agree with you, it depends very much on our understanding and our attitude to life events that can determine how our life journey turns out.

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi George, lovely to hear from you. Many thanks for taking the time to comment.

I agree that the things that happen in this world can shake us awake with a bang! Many times things that happen in life cannot simply be dismissed as chance or by the lame excuse of 'that's just life'. There is a distinct feeling of something much more going on that we are only partly aware of! What that 'something' is, is the million dollar question!

Alastar Packer profile image

Alastar Packer 5 years ago from North Carolina

Ah what an intriguing and exciting article to see Seeker. This subject is quite special to me. Do I believe in random coincidences, well, yes and no. Surely there are times when actions or situations happen that are chance but there are many that just can't be by any reasonable stretch of the imagination. Lets take some of the ones you've written on first. Paul either walked by the grave and doesn't remember it or this ones not just a coincidence in my humble opinion. I'm going to assume that name is rather uncommon though. What are the odds on the Anne Parrish book, a million to one? The Buxton balloon speaks for itself, wow. Okay, this is what finally tipped my beliefs in a matrix/ether connecting everything way: Several years ago I found my birth mother and these are just some of the synchronicites: for the past 20 years shes lived one street over from a relative who I visited all the time and was 150 miles from my current house: the last four digits of her phone number there are the same ones I had as child for 14 years: the family farm is only 15 miles away from another relatives farm who has no connection to that side of the family: the street the old farmstead is on has the same name as the city I live near now: two sisters have names that in the one case are the same as the mother I grew up with, and in the other case is my all-time fave girl's name. There about 6 or 7 more major ones so you can see the amazement we all felt on realizing all this. So, to answer your conclusion I have to say there are definitely other forces at work! Thanks for another great one Seeker.:)

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi Alastar and glad that you enjoyed the hub!!

Wow! I wished I had known about your own 'coincidences' I would have included them in the hub! How weird is that and so many similarities between you and your family! That is the point about so many of these 'coincidences', it's not so much the details themselves, but how many there are within one scenario.

I would tend to agree with your thoughts on The Beatles coincidence, although apparently McCartney denies also having seen the grave. But memory is not infallible and it's possible that if he didn't see the grave, could someone else have seen it and perhaps mention something about it?

AS to the others - especially the balloon and the two murder victims. For me this really points to, one of your own theories, the 'matrix/connection of all things'. If we look at so many happenings in the world such as these coincidences, time-slips, pre-cognition, telepathy and so on, what this shows us clearly is that life is not black, white or even shades of grey. Life is multi-coloured and multi-layered encompassing the physical, spiritual, inter-dimensional and who knows what else. Moving on though, perhaps this matrix is pointing to something else as well - reincarnation? I say this to also include another theory of spiritualism and that is that we are allegedly bound to the wheel of life until we learn all the lessons we need to learn. So is history repeating itself a demonstration of this?

Of course there could and probably is a hundred and one other reasons for these coincidences. Perhaps if enough are gathered and researched, would we see any definable patterns? It would be interesting to find out!

Silvers-Jain8 profile image

Silvers-Jain8 5 years ago from MA

This was great! Though in my opinion there are really no such things as coincidences. Things are rather believed to be, because it a more rational and comfortable thought. Thinking about it any other way leaves you looking over your shoulder...

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Your hub gave me the shivers Seeker 7. It was fascinating but it also made me think of weird coincidences in my life. My dad went through escaping from his homeland - Latvia during WW II. Spent time in Germany, married my mom there and they both arrived in N.Y.C. in 1951. All during that time he had a favorite pocket knife which had traveled with him all this time. He had bought it in Riga. When mom and I arrived in Riga in 1994 I had the knife with me. When I met my second husband here we discovered that his father had the same pocket knife. Both at some time bought the same knife. We keep them together now. Our mom's were both born in May except different dates - his on the 24th mine on the 26th also different years but close enough. They both died in March - my mom in 1996 March 24 - his mom in 2003 on March 20th. Now answer me this question - how are all these coincidences possible and were we meant to be together? If my mom hadn't wanted to return to Riga we would have never met. Anyway it does turn out that we're soulmates and have been together now for 17 years.

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi Silvers-Jain8,

Hey many thanks for stopping by and for leaving such an interesting comment. I don't think you are alone in believing that coincidences don't exist. For me at times I think they do but at other times I tend to think that there is something else at play here.

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi Gypsy, as always it's such a great pleasure to hear from you and to read your wonderful comments.

That is a fantastic story about the knives from Riga, meeting your husband and soul mate! Yes, I think you were meant to be together. How this is all possible I'm not sure. But I tend to agree with Alastar and other schools of thought who describe the universe-physical life + the spiritual realms as actually interlaced and connected.

Many believe that we return to the earth plane in many reincarnations and that these life journeys are mapped out for us before we are born. Many belive that we are born into our 'soul group' and that where necessary we will meet up with various members of our soul group. Within the soul group of course there are soul mates.

I wonder then if many of these strange coincidences have something to do with the interconnection of things and possibly a karma involvement as well as life lessons. It is one of those areas that the deeper you go the more questions are raised and the less we seem to understand. But whatever it is, I agree with you Gypsy - it does make you shiver and is very, very creepy!!

Rosemay50 profile image

Rosemay50 5 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

Another great and interesting hub. There is so much of this life that we don't understand. I believe in fate, reincarnation and possibly parallel lives too.

The story of the Buxton book and the balloon and the coincidences with the murders are amazing.

I so enjoy reading your hubs there is always great information and they always grab my interest. Thank you for this one

When my partner is sending emails to friends he usually sends me a copy too to keep me in the loop. 4 times recently he has said something and I have said I know I read it in your email, funny thing is he would say 'but I haven't sent it yet' and yet I knew what he had written and could tell him almost word for word. but on checking my inbox found no copy email there. So maybe many of us use telepathy without even knowing that we do. Strange!!!

Wishing you a wonderful peaceful Christmas and a Happy Healthy 2012

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi Rosemay!! It's great to know that you are still around and glad that you enjoyed the hub!

That is really fascinating about the 'communication' between you and your partner. I tend to think that you and your partner must be very close. When couples are very close then examples of telepathy between them is much more frequent. I guess many people do find it strange in a kind of nice way. For me it's just another natural occurrence in a huge universe - seen and unseen - that we know nothing about and there probably is so much more strangeness that we haven't even thougth about!

Not long now till Christmas - I don't know who is more excited the kids or the dogs!!! LOL! Anyway Rosemay have a lovely Christmas and I look forward to reading much more of your work in the very near future.

Bright Blessings, Seeker7.

Rosemay50 profile image

Rosemay50 5 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

Haha talking about the dogs being excited. I used to hang chocolate novelties on the tree. I was forever telling the kids off for stealing them before Christmas, they swore blind they didn't. Then when I was cleaning out the dogs bed *Jack Russle) I found all the wrappers under his cushion. Lol.


Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

LOL!!! Dogs are just so amazing!!!! And talking about coincidences! I've been reading your story hear about your wee Jack Russle, and I've just finished reading an e-mail from a friend of mine, Gemma. She has the other Border Collie that was rescued with Roy, my own one. Anyway, she also has a couple of other dogs and one is a lovely wee Jack Russle Cross. She's just written to tell me that she has had to dash to the shops to get more Christmas paper as 'Sam' the JRCross has just opened half of her carefully wrapped Christmas presents with his teeth!! She thinks he has picked up the scent of a couple of doggy stockings with treats in them and decided to try and find them! LOL!!

Rachel Richmond profile image

Rachel Richmond 5 years ago from California

I love and practically live by synchronicity ~ It's like I'll ask for something and within a few days, viola!, it's there. I had never heard the story about Anthony Hopkins and the novel - it's nice to know that Universe was watching out for him and the author. :)

thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 5 years ago from West Virginia

Awesome article Seeker. This one really makes you think and is sorta spooky in a way. I have always believed in it personally. When you think about the perfect situation, you have to think about it being preplanned. Just like believing that God is the creator. Our body is so complex, so well designed. Not going into the conversation, but just an example. Hope you have a great Christmas Seeker. Voted up, awesome, and interesting. Best wishes and great article.

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi Rachel, lovely to hear from you and glad that you enjoyed the hub!

It is an extraordinary feeling to be in sync with the universe. To experience that feeling of connection with everything cannot be beaten - it is awesome! That is wonderful that your synchronicity is so closely tied with the universe - a true example of your path being in tune with the universal and spiritual.

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi LWriter! Hope you had a lovely Christmas? I'm now glad after all the hype that I can have a kind of quiet and normal day today!

You make a very interesting comment and I do agree with you. I think because everything in nature is so precisely measured, designed and made, it leads me to believe that there is a cosmic/inter-universal intelligence behind all life and forces. This being the case then I don't think it's too hard to swallow that there are maps and plans of life journeys that do cross over once in a while. The reason? That is another question and even perhaps another hub? LOL!

Glad that you enjoyed the hub and thank you so much for the vote up - it really does mean a lot to me.!

Minnetonka Twin profile image

Minnetonka Twin 5 years ago from Minnesota

This hub just drew me in. It's such a fun and intriguing subject to talk about. I love the stories you write about here. So many things we can't explain. Happy New Year!

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi MT! And a very Happy New Year to you as well - hope 2012 is a good one for you!

Glad that you liked the hub and yes, it was great fun writing this one! I love mysteries and I had a great time just thinking about what had actually happened to these folks. Having said that, I guess it was not much fun for the missing folks poor families and the people gone missing! Here we go - my first guilt trip for 2012!!!!

Great to hear from you, as always!

grandmapearl profile image

grandmapearl 5 years ago from Southern Tier New York State

Hi Seeker! I absolutely loved reading this Hub. I have always said that everything happens for a reason. We don't always know what that reason may be. Have you heard about the 'Membrane or Brane' theory in physics? It seems that these membranes float in time and space within mere nanometers of each other. (Matrix?) Could these happenings be part of that theory? You always make me scratch my head and wonder! Thanks for another wonderful Hub. Awesome!

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi grandmapearl,

Lovely to hear from you and glad that you enjoyed this hub - it is really a puzzle isn't it and some of this stuff just has to go beyond mere coincidence. As you rightly say, I also think these things happen for a reason. The problem being what the reason is? Karma? Who knows!

That is fascinating about the 'membrane' theory in physics. I haven't actually heard of this but it sounds fascinating. I will need to look this up - I really appreciate you letting me know about this! Thank you and thanks again for your visit. Always lovely to hear from you!

cclitgirl profile image

cclitgirl 5 years ago from Western NC

What a thoughtful hub! This makes me think about how, at least once a day, the word "twins" comes up. It's been happening for nearly a year now. I wonder if it's a sign of things to come...Voted up!

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi CC - lovely to hear from you again!

Wow! That's really interesting about the word 'twins'. If there's one thing about these coincidences is that they do seem to happen with some kind of reasoning behind it. Maybe we don't quite know what that reasoning is, but it seems to suggest a method or plan. I'm sure that the significance of the word 'twin' will make itself clear at one point. I think we'd all be interested know if anything occurs in connection with it. Many thanks for sharing this information - very interesting indeed!

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

Coincidences are just God's way of remaining anonymous!

-AA quote

Is it a coincidence that ATM I am reading the book The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock, in which the basic premise is that there is scientific proof that we create our own reality, simple by thinking about it!

Is it coincidence that you would comment on one of my hubs leading me back to this article, I sincerely doubt it.

Spooky huh, this leads me to believe that we are all connected and that we are even now Ascending to the next level of existence, perhaps in the near future we will no longer need cell phones and can just think about talking to some one and do it!

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi somethingblue - I think that people who are meant to meet each other/communicate with each other are brought together. It's not coincidence at all, I agree. Like minds will always attract each other.

It would give me no greater pleasure than to see the end of the dreaded cell phones!! I'm not a fan - especially when having to listen to shouted conversations over them in public!!!!

Many thanks for the visit - great to hear from you!

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

Yeah I get only about 5 to 7 calls a month and it is too much.

'Pretending' to be a Nutard certainly keeps the riff raff away and has its advantages.

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

LOL! I agree - if you act like your kind of 'out there' then folks tend to leave you alone and you only attract those that are interesting.

I don't get any calls because I keep mine off. I only use it if my elderly Dad might need to get in touch or if I'm going out on my own - but I'd rather rely on my dogs for protection than a phone!

Virtual Treasures profile image

Virtual Treasures 5 years ago from Michigan

Great hub! I had no idea about pretty much that any of these coincidences existed. Extremely entertaining reading! Thank you!

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 5 years ago from Chicago

Thank you for a great read. This is something to think about.

My own thoughts are that there is pure coincidence that happens and that there are things that appear to be coincidence that are not. And I think often one is mistaken for the other, and vice versa.

I look at it in a similar way to the question of Free Will. I think God exerts control in the world when and where He wants to; but also lets it go as it may sometimes.

Your article is terrific. I enjoyed it.

pedrn44 profile image

pedrn44 5 years ago from New Berlin Wisconsin

What a great hub! I too believe things happen for a reason. That coincidence is not random but one of those things that are meant to be. Thanks for SHARING:)

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi to you Virtual Treasures. Many thanks for the visit and glad that you enjoyed the hub. I had a lot of fun - as well thoughts - when writing this one, it's even better when other folks enjoye it as well! Many thanks again.

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hello James, many thanks for the visit and glad that you enjoyed the hub.

You've made a very interesting comment and I do agree with your thoughts on 'pure' coincidence and 'mistaken' coincidence. I'm sure this must happen a lot, the same as the human capacity to see mystery in many things that are not. But with very strange coincidences, would there be a definate way to say whether it is pure or mistaken?

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi pedrn44, many thanks for visiting the hub and glad that you enjoyed it.

I have to say that with many of the coincidences I just got the feeling that there was something working behind them. What that something is I have no idea - Karma perhaps? But I can't honestly believe that all these coincidences are just pure chance. I agree with you, there is a feeling of 'a reason' being behind it. I realise that some will just be coincidence and nothing more - but the others????

Lilleyth profile image

Lilleyth 4 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

Seeker, I've come to believe that some people seem to be on some kind of "net" where they and things they own crisscross. After I became interested in coincidences I noticed that more of them occurred, especially the one about which I write in my hub about Jung, Huxley and the number 23. It was years before I discovered they were born on the same date, but different years of course. Then there's the whole "Library Angel" thing about which I have yet to write, but is on my list. Do you ever just allow yourself to wander through a bookstore and see which books "call" to you?

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 4 years ago from Fife, Scotland Author

Hi Lilleyth,

What a really interesting comment and I'll need to have a read of your hubs. The 'Library Angel' sounds fascinating and I look forward to reading that as well.

I agree that when we learn more about coincidence then they do tend to happen to us and more frequently. Perhaps it has something to do with knowledge making us more open and so accepting more. Coincidence then tends to transform into to something more profound like synchronicity which fascinates me as well.

I haven't tried allowing books to call to me - this is interesting and I will definitely have a go! Lovely to hear from you.

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