The big one is coming

The earthquake which will change the landscape of North America

Earthquakes and the Big One

This year (2010) the earth has seen many earthquakes. The occurrences have increased as have the strength. This is a warning for us to observe the west coast of north America. The San Andreas Fault in the west which runs from Mexico to Vancouver Island, this is actually longer than originally thought. When, and not if, an earthquake of a large magnitude hits this area it will cause massive devastation destroying most of the cities large and small along the area in and surrounding this fault, the shaking could be felt from South America all the way to Alaska and the Yukon. People living in these areas need to prepare, however many will not survive. The coast of California will be wiped out completely and so will the Southern tip of Vancouver Island and parts of southern British Columbia and Vancouver will be devastated.
The San Andreas Fault is the boundary between the North American and Pacific lithospheric plates. Most focus is on the California area as this is where the quake will be the worst, however that being said we must not forget Mexico and Canada. L.A and San Fransisco will be totally devastated but areas in Mexico and especially British Columbia will also be devastated.
here is a video which will explain a little bit more about the Fault and quakes. It is somewhat outdated as we have learned a great deal more about the San Andreas Fault since this video was made.
The so called Big One is coming, and it will cause mass destruction and lives of hundreds of thousands will be lost. Our governments are turning a blind eye to this as they do not know what to do. They do not want to cause mass hysteria and they do not know where to send the people or how to begin a safe evacuation. However, that is no reason not to plan.
Begin now, plan now and be prepared.

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