The evolution of life's lie

Here is a perspective of how life is stuck in the physical plane

No evil Yea,it's only you...
No evil Yea,it's only you...
Cop out,
Cop out,
Do you think???
Do you think???
Did you notice how its always the other guy...
Did you notice how its always the other guy...
Sneaky little basters,
Sneaky little basters,
What the ****, it happened again,
What the ****, it happened again,
Yea you lie
Yea you lie
Yea, it's going down the tube if the drain is not plugged.
Yea, it's going down the tube if the drain is not plugged.

Life's lie is the deception of doubt's fear for what one feels is unknown; but senses it is known and fails to acknowledge it as being known. The lie is evolved as life continues to persist in avoiding the truth. One's mind and soul tells the body brain of the truth; but one's personality continues to follow the embedded DNA of its ancestries' emotional signals in the physical body. The body continues its quest for gratification in the pleasures of one's selfish-happiness and satisfaction it is programmed to execute.  The responsible growth of the mind and soul is needed to bring these same desires to fruition for all at no cost to the self, because energy is abundant and not in short supply; but the body flounders in its lie that it is unique by itself and that energy for constructing the pleasures is in short supply. It's a catch-22 in that life is a product of body, mind and soul; but the desires of each are not measured the same so they are in conflict on the understanding of life's purpose, motive and intent, because there is no balance in the personality relationship that houses the three elements of being.

Life is an existence test, it is a contest, a game competition in the absolute sense; as an experiment, it is an observation test of truth and lie.

Life is not about the gains of hording material wealth, it's not about creating empires and one-upmanship. Life is about exploring the dimension of consciousness for its perfect singularity.

The truth is in the personal identity of ones mind and soul, one's personality is the play of body, mind and soul coaxing the spirit to let it be as it chooses its Being essence, its self (entity) and its spirit (identity)... Why is this the way? Well because all has to be possible for the infinite iterations of being; but it does not mean that all avenues of choice need to be explored, nor do they need to be a trap, if the sense of humanity can be made to understand what truth actually is. Its doing what is needed to obtain singularity. Think a second, if you were energy would you not want your forces to be balanced and in equilibrium so you might be able to explore that perfect state?

Life's perfection is what evolution is meant to create with the truth derived from existence consciousness discovery found in inclusive selfless civility; which will combine, unite and integrate the body, mind and soul of humanity into a single energy for the evolution of the species...

The short and the long of it is, "humanity is one aspect of existence, the truth-observation experience, expressing the existence experiment." One must appreciate and understand that, "humans will evolve if existence tolerates their survival," humanity's success probability is limited as their deception diminishes their capacity, ability and potential for this outcome...

You might see, doubt is a choice uncertainty in the confidence of some truth certainty brought about by the lies of deceit, as falsification and deception. The lies of deceit provide the misperception, the illusion and deception used in fraud cheating and trickery which is all based in one's fear, in the apprehension and dread of life... You see otherwise all the intercourse and rhetoric would be viewed as some trueness, truth and trust in each other as sources of certainty or at least as honesty, truthfulness and trustworthiness in conveying the objective of life.

It is existence, that sets the stage, for humanity; it is not the other way around. Existence is a form of thought as a product of the consciousness-experimentation observation test. It entails the objective subject observation of , i.e., persons, individuals and humans who wish to be or not to be with purpose, motive and intent or to just exist as a random probability, a shooting star, a flash in the pan of no particular consequence; but yet to learn or not from the experience... This discovery-process is the exploration of the infinite experience provided by the finite triad formula fractal set of the desire, emotion and will, which provides the perception, observation and perspective of the consciousness-dimensional reality, as an object measure.

Humanity is an expression of the existence experiment, as a person is an individual personality of a spirit confined in a body, mind and soul. Humanity has fallen short of its evolution expectation simply because it has chosen not to set the ladder of expectation very high in all its attempts to disguise its multitude of deficiencies in its deceptive practice of lies...

The point is humans like the other animals have evolved specialization as a survival response or they become extinct by default. All you have to do is see how many species humans have drive into extinction by their experimentation trying to facilitate their own misguided survival, to know that humanity is not the leading expert in the process and fails to default to its soul-conscience for guidance and direction for the truth of it all.

As for what comes next: if humanity does not rapidly evolve an agreement within its ranks, to produce a harmonic balance in its evolution process, system and procedure it will become extinct by virtue of its own obsolescence in the scheme of existence, by not conforming to the order, system and rule of natural occurrence.

The moral of this is that existence as all systems require symmetry to persist; i.e. , if a motor becomes out of tune, out of sync, it soon wears the elements of the system to a point that failure results; this is the state of the human-condition in its personal and business-matters and its individual-affairs... The personal-aspect of trueness, truth and trust is the variable condition in the management, stewardship and responsibility for evolving the human condition. It is here that the chance, choice and change may be derived to evolve the human species into the body, mind, and soul singularity it has been constructed to be.

The paramount of importance lies in the participation, of the human population, in the decision making process, of domestic and world affairs. It is essential that the human population learn how to execute consensus decision-making so that the species as a whole learns how to cope with its existence in agreement, harmony and symmetry so it may become most efficient in choosing the correct behavior, attitude and temperament for maximum survival opportunity.

Now as for the lie syndrome, it is always an interesting subject, the lies of humankind form the quintessential nature of human foible, as it is found in its doubts and deceptions, that are driving it into extinction by self destruction of its biological system...

Life does not want to be here in this purgatory of space and time, so it fabricates its deceptive excuses to disguise and distinguish the condition which propagates the fear that its own fate be divulged by it speaking of the truth; the truth that will actually set it free from its fear, it's quite ironic... Humanity is its own worst enemy...

"Life lies best to itself, that it might endure the drudgery of its own weighted conscience..."

Deceptions tossed up are the most volatile concepts of thought and its rhetoric; when this subject matter permeates the air of discourse humans find it hard to focus on their trivial pursuit, so they let the objective of being drop to the ground without attention or concern for the rhyme or reason of their being, which is even less understood, because the notion is so avoided by the mainstream life process adapted to by the human animal out of its self imposed desperation...

Humanity has left its mind and soul to the chance of fate as the probability, iteration and permutation of genealogic traits, so, life just persist to produce adaptation response, so no organic mind and soul features are ever produced, this is the mark of a failing system governed by the propagation of lies... The mind and the soul are the seat of existence, life is the expression of its form and function, albeit the life expression is an important aspect; but life must have a balanced form (body, mind and soul) for its spirit to persist to be into infinity...

If you have interest in this thought please visit my other pages that elaborate on the many misconceptions of the world at large.


SOLIQUITY profile image

SOLIQUITY 6 years ago from USA

thanks for taking the time to research and express this. the world of sharing knowledge is becoming easily accessible due to this internet thing. I have tried to touch the subject in my hub: , but my information isn't researched--purely based on personal feelings and beliefs. I will keep you on my "To Do List", when I need more evaluation of the subject matter...

thanks again..24

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Pink, we learn how to play our parts as humans as we imitate the behavior that we buy into when we accept the reality we create. Smiling while killing implies one is accomplishing something, a revenge and end of some desire. Killing does not provide this because it is a lie.

Killing is a lie that is sold to the soul that is taught to believe that life and death are intervals of existence.

Let me propose a view of this notion that will show that killing is a significant lie. People kill to rid themselves of a threat, dread, or a fear due to hate, envy, or jealousy. Now, lets look at the fact that all mass and energy is infinite and that biology is only a form of energy, so it is infinite as any energy is, so it cannot be destroyed or killed.

Now believe that killing does not rid anyone of anything, so it is a useless act that humans have been taught to engage in to discharge their fear, that's it. It is a lie, killing does not stop anything as you must be aware of, think for a moment, all the people that are dead and dying and all that have been murdered, when will the scale be balanced? I'll tell you when it is realized that life is being and death is not being. Live dead people are dead live people because life and death are on and off switches of existence which is infinite.

If killing accomplished something in existence why has it not fulfilled its purpose, motive and intent by now? That's if killing is not a lie; but killing is a lie so it will never do anything in righting any wrong.... Righting wrongs is found in harmony, balance and equilibrium of the senses.

the pink umbrella profile image

the pink umbrella 6 years ago from the darkened forest deep within me.

yes, but you cant say that sniling while killing is a lie! Some enjoy that like i enjoy my morning tea...satisfying, and i guess to them, addictive. But your completely right, the lies that we conciously choose to make, and force ourselves to believe even for the moment, are nothing but destructive to ourselves, and to those around us, making society decay with every lie accomplished. haha, i cant lie and say that ill be back often, although you are clearly intelligent, your reads are not the easiest to say the least! But when im wide awake, and looking to be intellectually stimulated, ill be sure and hop on over! :)

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Pink, thanks for taking the time to visit and read... I am glad you enjoyed it and got something out of it.

With such an innocent perception, objective and perspective of non consequence, yes, it is a thrill to sense the body's feelings of terror, panic and fright; but the mechanism of body sensation is actually meant to provide an alarm for recognizing that the mind and soul has ventured into a realm that has negative consequences...

Lies are more when the order of one's sense-passion, feeling and awareness is used to trick someone into a sensation for usury by deceit that does not represent the purpose, motive and intent behind the expressed-expression, i.e to smile while killing, to say it is love when it is possessiveness i.e. to say you are here to help when you are here to take; to seek trust while being untrustworthy, these are the lies that leave indelible negative marks on the emotion, attitude and temperament of one's body, mind and soul...

Visit often, and again thank you...

the pink umbrella profile image

the pink umbrella 6 years ago from the darkened forest deep within me.

Wow, took me two times to read over thoroughly, but i got through! Its the lies that our body tells us that sometimes make life exciting. ie: watching a scary movie, or riding a rollar coaster, and haveing your heart race, and your palms sweat, because your body is telling you you are in danger, but because your modern brain knows your not, its thrilling! Awesome hub!

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

John B Badd, good to have you come by and ponder the thoughts that make us who we are and what we are as beings composed from the energy of the perfect All... Yes we are one in the All of creation and we still seek the unity we have lost over time and events...

Thanks for the visit...

John B Badd profile image

John B Badd 6 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

Great hub Ioua, though you almost lost me on the first sentence; I had to read it a few times before I understood the logic behind it. I think we think along similar lines. I have thought for some time that the purpose of life is unification, you can see it everywhere in the universe form the micro to the macro.

Their was one and it exploded creating the universe - ever since then the universe has tried to get back to the one. Atoms combine to create elements to create life which reaches for the stars. It is truly awe inspiring.

Thank you for the morning brain boost :) loved the video also.

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

ltfawkes, I am truly appreciative of your kind words...

I hope, though, that the general public is more receptive than you perceive. I feel that once the language of thought is grasped then understanding will come from the sense of this awareness... To date no knowledge of the actual meaning of words has been expressed, formed or provided as a functional means for understanding ones body, mind and soul. Words have been used to deceive and placate humanity since the beginning, so it might be manipulated by the powers that be, now is the time to repeal all the bad information and start afresh with the new knowledge of truth...

Again, thanks for your interest and review of my work...

Please continue to visit...

ltfawkes profile image

ltfawkes 6 years ago from NE Ohio

OMG, loua, your writing deserves a lot more time, attention, and consideration than most readers will be willing to give it, and for that I feel bad for you.

I've learned over the course of my writing "career" (I use the term loosely) that I can't watch TV before a writing session because TV dumbs me down pretty thoroughly. As I read your hub, I found myself thinking, This guy has never been anywhere NEAR a TV.

Besides your text, your graphics are amazing. On any other hub, the graphics could stand alone and win rave reviews, but here they're in grave danger of being overlooked entirely.

To sum up - wow. Thanks.


loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

slock62, Perhaps if you not try to over indulge in the meanings and just becoming familiar with the concepts explained at first then explore from that point, it is impossible to correlate and comprehend the meaning without the concept and awareness-understanding. I have written a lot of lessons on metaphysical issues, they supply the needed information to assist in the comprehension of the paradigm presented here.

Let see if we can improve your perception by providing you a mechanism for focusing on the three dimensional view of the idea concept of life as a dimension, observation and measure of knowledge, wisdom-meaning and understanding-judgement provided in the lessons I present.

Here is a model of, a way to think, for applying these concepts: View each lesson idea as a three dimensional game of chess; what you have is three game boards one directly above the other. The bottom game board is the (body) board of life; where physical pleasure and survival is the awareness-plan the next is the (mind) board of cognition; where thought is the awareness-plan, and the top one is the (soul) board of life; where the conscience is the awareness-plan for one's goals and objectives.

Now, you the player the (essence) of the game are the personality of self; that is, all three board-gamer (entities), you as three parts rolled into one spirit identity. In each plane the player is a spectrum of personality playing against itself. On one side or the game board there is you as inclusive, selfless civil self and on the other side is you as exclusive, selfish evil self. The object of the game is singularity, balance and equilibrium on all three boards. Everyone is playing the same game for the same ends of singularity, even if they do not realize it, such as yourself and most others lack purpose, motive and intent of the three dimensional goal, objective and plan for inclusive, selfless civility of the big picture of existence...

The point is you are responsible for three levels of play going on at the same time, as each plane move impacts the other planes as you play. This is the three dimensional thought that I present. This is why it is so hard to grasp, no one wants the responsibility for keeping tack of it. The reason being, people are basically exclusive, selfish and evil, this is the three dimensional view of a greedy person; if a person says they are not greedy they have to conform to being inclusive, selfless and civil... You see how this three dimensional logic shepherds the sheep into a fold of compliant love, and away from the disorder, chaos and disarray of hate.

Well, this is the basic premise of the game of life seen from the mind and soul. The lessons presented are full of applications of this knowledge to demonstrate that it is in fact a higher level of thought mechanics than what humans use to justify their meager existence experience. You see if you do not exist on a higher plane of life, existence and universe, you are the object of someone else's thought at the level you do not participate at; and so the game is played by all the energy of existence.

I hope you, now, have a better perception for observation and perspective of this three dimensional concept, this is how existence works. Use this model and you should be able understand the concepts that appear in all the lessons presented ...

If by chance you are still having difficulty let me know, you represent the world to me; I am very interested in your perception, observation and perspective of how you view the concepts presented. It is simply a case of not being trained to believe in your inner capacity, ability and potential or how to view what you indeed sense, feel and are aware of.

Thanks for coming by an questioning the lesson...


Humma Ofi, Thanks for the patronage, its appreciated...


Sa`ge, Aloha, always a pleasure to have you visit. Yes, indeed I stay where the weather is fine and refined, above the clouds of deceit, I have no desire for the human foible, in fact I detest it...

Sa`ge profile image

Sa`ge 6 years ago from Barefoot Island

slock62, he is having to much fun, he enjoys it up there! LOL

loua; loved the read, great hub, removing the lies would be but half the getting there! Then again, what do I know! ~aloha~

Humma Ofi 6 years ago

Excellent hub. Keep me reading.

slock62 6 years ago

I sensed that there was a lot of depht to this hub and that some of the message was immportant. However I felt a bit like a mental contortionist trying to understand what it was you were trying to say. Perhaps come down to earth a little for those of us who are a bit more simple minded.

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

msorensson, I appreciate the visit, and the feed-back... Yes, when life experiences the full spectrum of thought life will take on the quality of existence that is meant to be.


advisor4qb, I am pleased to have you visit... Yes, karma is the metaphysical transparency of life.


Electro-Denizen,   You are very observant; yes, that is the way I write... Thank you, for your patronage, it is much appreciated...


Mentalist acer,

 Thank you for the visit... Yes, inclusive selfless civility is the recipe for social success...


Paradise7, Good to have you visit and agree, lol ... Yes, nothing is more debilitating than lies; they adversely impact every endeavor...

Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

Very interesting hub, as always, and, as always, thought-provoking. Life as an existence experiment for our human energies. And I agree, there is nothing more debilitating to spiritual peace than lies.

Mentalist acer profile image

Mentalist acer 6 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

Critical reflection is needed for an annalysis of an inefficient society,an inclusive projection of creating opportunities is needed for a positive outcome...

Electro-Denizen profile image

Electro-Denizen 6 years ago from Wales, UK

Hi loua

Read this hub with interest. Your hubs are not the easiest read in the world (at least, for me they're not!), but they're well worth the effort. Makes me think of Rudolph Steiner books, who purposely wrote in such a way that it engaged the whole being of a person...


advisor4qb profile image

advisor4qb 6 years ago from On New Footing

I agree with msorensson, this hub (and much of your writing, in fact) is a lot deeper than most people care to swim. I am not one of those people, as you know.

I believe that the ability to transcend the illusions (lies) lies within. The bottom line (in my book, anyway) is that thoughts are things and we bring about what we think about. Divine Activity is always at work in our lives, whether or not we believe it or perceive it.


msorensson profile image

msorensson 6 years ago

What you wrote is difficult to comprehend without a spiritual sense of awakening. Some day people would wake up to their true nature and realize the most important message of this hub and that is : it is possible to transcend those lies..illusions..of this life.

I enjoyed the hub.

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