The teacher's role in the modern process of teaching

The teacher's role in the modern process of teaching

The teacher's role in the process of teaching, learning facing the continuous and rapid changes arising in the course of the century XXI.

The information today is reaching us quickly, and what before took a decade to change, these days happens overnight.

Therefore, and due to the amount of information and ease of access to these, the teacher should lead the student so that learning can be mutual and full of passion: Passion is part of life, life is an eternal passion. Learning is a constant, and teach a donation.

The teacher must "translate" the lessons so that students feel in an unforgettable "trip" and thus can ensure the productivity of teaching.

The dryness and distance between teacher and student should give rise to a relationship of affection and closeness. Proximity such that the student is led to want to learn, and always want more and the educator feel as an element of fundamental importance in the life of a student who will remember forever his lessons.

Teachers should be prepared for the art of teaching. It is not enough to be a good researcher, they have to be also good transmitters of knowledge.

It turns out that for teaching middle school is required specific training classes, while for higher education there is no such requirement, a fact that must be changed, as to impart knowledge is not enough to have them, more than that the teacher must have the necessary training to do so.

There are highly trained professionals for teaching in their respective areas and also provided with deep knowledge, however limited when it comes to share his knowledge.

Finally, the teacher should be an ally in the construction of the individual - student-and not simply a transmitter of knowledge. The teacher should still be able to follow  the changes of our day to day.

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