Thoughts about Time

time is a variable.

I don't wear a watch often. When driving I watch bank signs and take in the time and temperature. This computer has a little digital number thing in the lower right hand corner and it seems fairly accurate. In the Bible, time is expressed in terms of chronological time or seasonal time, like a significant event in your life. I watch sunsets and observe moon phases. If the red winged blackbirds return, that is a kairos, or seasonal event. If I need to watch someone run at a track meet at four, that is a chronos type of thing.

I enjoy watching the last few minutes of a close college basketball game, when time is measured in hundredths of a second and time outs stop all time remaining. Pro football has their two minute warning, and my mind is trained to understand how long commercial breaks are. Some images are burned into our minds, like planes hitting the World Trade Centers. What is weird for me is being on a canoe trip over the time period that happened and not knowing anything had changed for three days, when our group returned to civilization and found our own eyes watching a television screen.

I think it is a fact that time is not a constant but a variable. I am a lay person in the physics area, but read stuff about black holes and string theory when I can handle it. Small spoonfuls as the brain gets overloaded. Getting addicted to "LOST" was interesting. It has been enlightening when our local antenna doesn't pick up episodes, like the hundredth, due to the transforming of digital signals, so I am behind as far as understanding what has been explained in the latest installment of time travel and its variabilities.

Alan Parsons Project Time Machine (1999)

Fun with Time

That old time space continuum from Star Trek lingo has inspired lots of science fiction. Trying to write about time is like grabbing jello; slides through your fingers if you're not careful. I do like jello though. Preferably with a spoon cradled in a bowl. And now a Hadron collider wants to mimic stuff and create their own black holes, mini ones that don't last long. People talk about the end times like our current economic crisis or flu pandemic as if we were in a canoe or kayak going down a rapids, and we're not sure if there is a chasm and waterfall ahead, or a quiet pool to rest in before we continue the journey.

Living in Nepal thirty some years ago, it would take three weeks to get a letter. Phone service didn't exist in the village I lived in; no electricity or tapped water either. Three days walk from a road. The Himalayas seemed to be in their own time period, perhaps the copper age, plowing behind water buffalo, grinding grain by stone wheel. Today, messages can come by email or phone service... Times change.

Watching a bobber float when fishing is another form of time. The endless ripple of water in the tiny creek as it tumbles over the rocks. Buds forming again, as they did last year. And then to read the obituary and see someone you know; time ending as we know it for that one. I think of how long it seems we have to wait till the latest installment of "LORD OF THE RINGS" comes out, the HOBBIT. There is a sweet scent of a lilac I look forward to in several weeks.

A hundred year old woman once said, in Swedish, 'time passes by at the speed of a dream.' She said that over fifteen years ago. She has been gone for a long time.

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Benjimester profile image

Benjimester 7 years ago from San Diego, California

Right on! "Time is but the stream I go a fishing in." I liked this one a lot. It's difficult for me to just let things take their proper time and not get impatient.

lefseriver profile image

lefseriver 7 years ago from Northern Minnesota Author

I need to fish more often. Thanks.

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