There Is No Job Security In This Era

There Is No Job Security In This Era

There Is No Job Security In This Era

In our society today, there is absolutely no job security. If you looked back through the industrial age, your father, or your father's relatives live to retire in a corporation.

There are not any guarantees in life. So, do not think for one minute that you cannot be replaced, no matter how indispensable you may think you are in the workplace.

Remember these tips:

*Always have a plan - know where you are, know where you are going

*Never ever listen to the rhetoric, from other co workers, or the voice in your head, that you cannot be replaced, it can happen, so be prepared

*Do Not allow your career to control you, you should be controlling your career

*Plan for retirement If you think it is an attainable goal

*Evaluate what it would be like to work that Dream Job, or maybe own your own Company

*I cannot stress enough about saving money, save, save, save, and more save.

*Last thing to remember is that you ALWAYS have options, and you can do anything in your life you choose to do! Never allow anybody to place boundaries on your life!

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