Free Brain Training Activities and Exercises to Think Better Improve Concentration Attention Focus

Easy Free Ways to Improve Concentration Focus and Attention

How to Increase Focus and Concentration

Physical fitness is exceedingly important, but wellness is just one aspect of a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. There and many other aspects, but unfortunately these are often overlooked. One of the most neglected areas is exercising the mind. If you do the following exercises, you can improve concentration & focus. These exercises can also sharpen recall and enhance the brain’s memory capabilities.

Here are five exercises that can improve and train the mind. They are easy to do and they do not require any specialized equipments or set-ups.

Visual Exercise: Alternately Focus on a Pencil

A timer with an alarm and two colored pencils are required in this activity. This visual exercise requires you setting the timer at different intervals. The first alarm should go off after 12 seconds. The next alarm should go after eight seconds and so on. As the alarm goes off, the user has to switch arms to focus from one pencil to another. The hand must be extended at eye level while the eyes are focused on the pencil. Make sure that when the alarm sets off, the switch must be made immediately. This is an exercise for the visual cortex. The brain is trained to focus while potential distractions are ignored.

Meditation: Recall Object Details

Before the meditation session, you have to pick out an object and study it for an extended period. Ten minutes is a good enough time. This form of meditation is not traditional. The object has to be examined at every angle. Every detail must be carefully noted. Some of these details are color, shape, and contour. Once the time is up, you should close your eyes, visualize the recently examined object, and recall all of the details. Recalling mental notes taken during observation improves concentration and memory.

Scent Observation: Isolate and Identify Smells

This activity requires an area where there are plenty of plants around. While walking around a yard, garden or orchard, you have to attend to the smells and try to identify each one. During the exercise you have to isolate one smell from the rest and try to identify this scent. It is important to attempt to concentrate on only one scent because this helps you focus on a single thing. This is an exercise on ignoring potential distractions from the main object of thought. In fact, it can be applied not just on scents, but other senses too.

Mirror Focus

Remember the character played by the actor, Robert DeNiro in the film, “Taxi Driver?” This exercise recalls that character, but in a more healthy frame of mind. Look into the mirror and draw circles around the reflection of your eyes. Make the attempt to keep still and focus only on deep breathing while the attention is focused on the eyes. This is not just for concentration, but it helps a lot in developing self-confidence.

Physical Exercise to Boost the Brain’s Ability to Concentrate

Physical activity has been proven to contribute to improved brain function when done consistently. Focus and concentration are improved when you engage in a regular physical fitness regimen. Some of the activities you can engage in are cycling, running, aerobic exercises, etc. Physical activities help in stimulating the brain and you will realize that as your body gets more active you have more breakthrough concepts and ideas. Ten to 40 minutes of exercise a day will be enough to boost focus and concentration.

Engage in the abovementioned activities and see the difference in your ability to focus. Try to do these exercises at home and see a big difference in your ability to concentrate in just a few days’ time.


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