Free Tips and Tricks on how to crack BITSAT examination 2015

** BITSAT(Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test) is an online examination for admission in its three colleges at Pilani,Goa and Hyderabad. BITSAT checks your concept of subjects,time management skills, speed, accuracy, concentration power & decision making ability. So the very first thing is that you need to know is that it is different from IIT-JEE and other engineering and why you will get to know within next 20 minutes.

** For the question paper you have 180 minutes in hand and around 150 questions to attempt (leaving aside the extra 12 questions about which I will discuss later on). A simple mathematical division gives that you have a mere "72 seconds" of time to read the question , analyse it , solve it and mark the answer. The time constraint may cause your nerves to strain but believe me ,you need not panic because a simple strategy ,which I will discuss with you , will help you achieve your goal.

**There are in total 4 sections in the paper with the weightage given as follows:

Maths : 45 questions : 135 marks

Phyics : 40 questions : 120 marks

Chemistry : 40 questions : 120 marks

Logical Reasoning : 15 questions : 45 marks

English : 10 questions : 30 marks

Inclusion of English and Logical Reasoning as examination criteria shows that this test tests your overall personality and not just the knowledge of subjects.

** Your aim is to attempt maximum number of questions in the given time frame with atmost accuracy . Here is the strategy which if followed would give you an edge above others:

First you need to categorise yourself in one of the following four categories:

a)You do perform well under pressure and have a good command over english.

b)You don't perform well under pressure in fact you need a tension free atmosphere to give your optimum output and you have a good command over English Language.

c)You do perform well under pressure but don't have a good command over English.

d)You don't perform well under pressure and don't have a good command over English.

I have categorised with English separately because English is something which is not asked in any other enterance test for technical institute anywhere in India.You also need to realise that 1)English 2) Logical reasoning and 3) Your strongest of (Physics, Chemistry and Maths) sections will help you save time (you can attempt questions in these sections relatively quickly) which you can distribute for other sections.

Here performing well under pressure means your concentration, speed, accuracy and decision making abilites become better when the situation demands you to show them or as an example you belong to the kind of student community who study for the exam on the last day.Well judging the fact whether you can perform under pressure or not could be done with the knowledge of your perfomance in mock test series for various exams and your performance in IIT-JEE which you would have already given by the time you would be writing BITSAT.

And the judgement whether you have proficiency in English or could be drawn from your school background and the time you spent learning that language. Be it reading novels, magzines or newspapers or performing in english section of mock BITSAT tests ,they all encompass your knowledge of english language.

Once you are over with the crucial step of categorising yourself , comes the selection of strategy part, which goes as follows.....

If you fall under category d) then your aim should be to start with a section in which you feel confident (Any of Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Logical Reasoning). The reason behind this gameplan is that you would perform the best(would be able to solve questions quickly and accurately) in section of your choice and your good start would relieve some pressure off you. This in turn would give you a feel of self confidence which is very crucial for the best output. Then you should attempt the section you are less comfortable with and so on in a decreasing order priority.

If you fall under category c) then your aim should be to start with English first because, this is the section where in you don't have much of expertise or your knowledge is poor.Chances are that you won't perform good in this section. Your non performance would give you a kick to concentrate more in other sections as that is where you have to score. A sense of pressure or exam atmosphere builds in which is exactly what you want because your tools (concentration, speed,accuracy and decision making abilities) are sharpened.Once the english section is over....then you can go ahead with sections in decreasing order of comfort.

If you fall under category b) then again you should go ahead with English first, as this section will have questions which if you know the answer won't take any time to solve and chances are that you would know that answer as you feel confident in this section.You don't have to spend time to solve the question and come to any solution.(Ex- which of the following is a synonym of the word "stoicism" ? a) fortitude b)ability c) suitability d) kinship)

This just means that your status is the same as that of a student in the category d) just the fact that your best section here is English.

And if you are someone who feels that category a) would suit best for him or her then you can go ahead with any section first. You might even start with a section which you feel you have the least confidence or conceptual knowledge.

This was all regarding how to proceed sectionwise in the test.

Now if you are someone who finishes all 150 questions before time then you have the full authority over those extra 12 questions.But most of us aren't in that category. So it is better for us to focus only on those 150 questions and forget the extra 12 questions completely. For few of us who are able to cross the mark of 140 questions, arises a dilemma wherein we have to choose whether to attempt those extra twelve questions or not.

This is where BITSAT checks your decision making abilities. There is this risk of getting negative marks in questions above 140(which we compusorily have to solve to get those extra 12 questions) and there is this benefit of getting 12 extra questions or a potential to score 36 more marks.

Let us do a small calculation. Suppose you are able to solve 140 questions and have few minutes left in hand. And you choose to go ahead with attempting the extra 12 questions then....first you have to attempt the rest 10 questions left. The best strategy in this case where you have no clue about the answers,would be to mark the answers in same sequence. This would mean either all a or all b or all c or all d.(And for your kind reference I would like to add that a research by a renowned firm says that in multiple choice questions there is 29% probability that the answer is option C) .

The reason behind this methodology to follow is that there are fairly high chances that out of 10 questions few questions have a as the answer few have b as the answer and so on. If you mark random answers, chances are that you might even get all wrong or a net of (-10 marks) which you cant afford to have when your career is at stake.The strategy which I have discussed with you would yield that even if you get 3 out of 10 answers correct which you have a VERY high probability of getting as you mark all the anwers with the same option......

In such case you have a positive total of 3*3 = +9

and a negative total of 7*(-1) = -7

the net of which is +2

And say if you have a hard day and manage to get just 2 out of 10 correct then you have (2*3=6 and 8*(-1)= -8 which gives a net total of -2). In any case you don't have much to loose but you get to gain 12 extra questions where you can score a maximum of 36 marks and thus get your net score booming. The point to be noticed here is that I have taken only the worst case scenario. If the day is yours then you might even get 4 or 5 out of 10 correct in which case your score goes rocketing.

Few other general tips would be like going to the examinatinon centre well in time to get yourself comfortable with the centre. Most of the BITSAT examination centres are air conditioned. So in any case if you feel yourself uncomfortable with the cold temperature , you can ask the people over there to adjust the temperature. Yeah there is hardly any scope for cheating as there is a webcamera placed right in front of each cabinet/ you should not try to get involved in such activities. The questions on the computer of the person sitting besides you also will not be in the same order as questions on your computer.

If in the first 60 seconds you are not able to solve a question leave it at that particular moment and come back when you are done with other questions.You must read all 150 questions...who knows the 150th question may be the easiest for you. Prepare the topics which are extra from IITJEE syllabus once the JEE advanced gets over. BITSAT would start sometime around 10th or 11th of may and JEE Advanced would be over much before that. So in the gap days, cover all such topics. And mostly these extra topics are from chemistry where the answer is memory based....that means solving them would not only get extra marks but would also save time for other questions. Set your target high, because if you think of getting 325 then chances are that you would end up below that so aim for the highest and you will reach where you are destined to.....

Choose a time slot for the test when your brain is the most active. Some people who have a habit of sleeping late at night tend to be sleepy and lazy in the morning time ,for them the afternoon or the evening slot would be better.Some have a habit of sleeping during daytime , for them it is advisable to choose a morning slot. And moreover it is a myth that the difficulty level of questions increases as the days progress. The questions are totally random and the difficulty level can't be judged or decided at all beforehand.

What I believe is that a 3 hrs test is not at all a true test of the level of your knowledge but sadly this is the only optimum method available with our education system till now to test an individual when the number of students applying is in lakhs. So various factors such as our level of confidence, concentration, clarity of mind affect our performance.

I hope my suggestions and experience of BITSAT would help you achieve the best on the D-day. If you have any queries you can post here, I would be glad to help you out if I can. :-)...... and the most important thing to note is that there is no alternate to hard work . These strategies work better when you have done the ground work of studying well.

All the best for your exams and BITSAT of course.....

If you guys want to know why at BITS do you get the best education just check out the following blog.



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© 2011 Kunal Rahar

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Lujtjgjt 6 years ago


roshan 6 years ago

i liked it....thnx a lot

Saketh 6 years ago

ThanQ very much for all u have written.

Do 1 can crack bits if he start studying now for it?

Please answer my query.

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 6 years ago from India Author

Hey Saketh

If you follow the guidelines and sincerely devote time for BITSAT, you can crack.

Solve the mock test papers, NCERT books and be clear on the basic fundamentals.

Remember its again not the tough questions(subjective) that you got to practise but, questions which can be solved in 2 minutes of time frame.

All the best!

JAy 5 years ago

Great!!...thnx a lot!

Pratyusha 5 years ago


that was nice i luved it.... but can i crack bitsat if i start from now because datz my goal and i'm striving hard to achieve it.. the only problem is i am not strong in my 11th fundamentals... please answer my question??

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Pratyusha: First of all, Thank you for the fact that you liked it.....:)

Hope it helps you in the preparation.

Moreoever...concepts of 11th are imp. and you cant afford to ingnore them alltogether.Whatever time you are left with.....just try to focus on few topics....of 11th. Dont go for all. Topic like mechanics say for example if done properly will fetch u good quantity of marks and thus help you sail through. Also if your 11th concepts are not strong then...keep in mind that you are very good with 12th atleast.

All the best for BITSAT

anubhav  5 years ago

what type of questions come in bits...are they as hard as iit jee questions

Gaurav Arora 5 years ago

Thank You sir for your advice !!

Sir , my paper is just one month ahead and i have not fully devoted my time for bitsat becoz i had already taken admission in a college .

so now if i just solve previous years bits papers n take some mock papers , will it help me in taking my score above 320 ???

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

Gaurav...thank you for the fact that you appreciate the blog and hope it is helpful to you :-)

Now that you have already taken admission in some other would be hard for you to take out time and study specifically for this.

So keeping in mind the fact that BITSAT is more about time management and speed an acuracy, it is a good option for you to solve previous year papers.

And focus on English and logical reasoning too.

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

Anubhav....the questions are not as tough as IIT-JEE.

If you talk in terms of the difficulty of could say it is more or less on the standards of AIEEE.

Nithya 5 years ago

Sir,The tips were really awesome.I am student of state board.I am getting prepared for BITSAT-2011 with the Arihant books.My exam is on may 28.It's more or less just 1 month.That's my dream to study in BITS.let me get clarified whether its possible for me to get seat.......and plz give me some suggestions.........

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

Nithya: See....I am not an oracle that I can tell whether u will get a seat or not.

But the fact that you are preparing with Arihant books...shows that you are hard working and dedicated. Just keep that thing going on with utmost sinceretiy and you will get success.

Also focus on NCERT books and sample papers of BITSAT which you can procure from either internet or coaching institutes or with Arihant and similar books.

Next one month is very crucial for you. Just give your hundred percent and you will surely succeed.

Gaurav Arora 5 years ago

Thank you sir for your advice !!

Sir ,any other particular tip which you can tell from your experience ????

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

Gaurav nothing so particular as of now...will surely tell if I get some new info.

All the best!

Nithya 5 years ago

Thank you so much for your advice sir...

Sir,I am not too good at physics.As it is a peak time can i just concentrate on the remaining subjects.Or else plz give me some tips regarding that.....

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author


There is no concept of individual cutoff in BITSAT so for the time being if you feel that you are really good at other subjects...then you can afford to not perform good in Physics.

But still you can concentrate on few topics like electrostatic or magnetism where more formula based questions are asked.

Pradosh 5 years ago

Sprb thanks sir

shantanu 5 years ago

i am getting 210-215 in IIT JEE 2011

(phy-85-90 chem-56 maths-65-75)

220-230 in AIEEE 2011 chem-90-95 phy-55-60 maths-75)

wat shud be my strtegy according to you...

cuz m confused the one in which i scored best in jee is the subject in which m getting least in aieee....

can u please solve my dillema.....

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Shantanu: In this I have already mentioned...a day's performance can't judge your true potential and shortcomings as well. So I would advise you to refer to your past two years of performance and then decide which subject you are most comfortable with.

If you want me to help you out with this dilemma.....what all I can say at max is....BITSAT would be more like AIEEE than IITJEE.

I hope you got what I mean to say.

Cheers and All the best for your BITSAT.

BTW you have performed reasonably well in the above tests so I feel you will perform well in BITSAT too.

nikhil 5 years ago

i read the blog ,above and it is simply superb. sir i have bitsat examination on 23 of this month i'm poor at physics mainly thermodynamics and waves.differential calculus is little bit tough to me. ihave to fetch 320+ marks in the exam in order to get my favourite course . so please suggest me books and time management

nikhil 5 years ago

i read the blog ,above and it is simply superb. sir i have bitsat examination on 23 of this month i'm poor at physics mainly thermodynamics and waves.differential calculus is little bit tough to me. ihave to fetch 320+ marks in the exam in order to get my favourite course . so please suggest me books and time management

Shantanu 5 years ago

1 more thing which i wanna ask is how many marks are needed approximately to get CS in bits pilani???

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Shantanu: a score of 350+ would ensure CS at pilani campus.

Cutoffs for Goa and Hyderabad campuses would be relatively lower respectively.

nikhil 5 years ago

i've scored 180 in iitjee and 195 in aieee now can i get 320+ in bitsat????

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Nikhil: Seeing the performance in other exams...getting 320 is achievable but it will take slightly more efforts compared to IITJEE and AIEEE.

If your some portions of physics are poor....its ok for the time being as you can score good in logical reasoning and English..... you have exactly 3 more weeks. Each day counts......infact each hour make the most of it. You will njoy the next four years of your life then :)

profile image

Ravula Nikhil 5 years ago from hyderabad

thank u very much sir

mounika 5 years ago

sir, ur blog z superb . my exam z on 25 can u give me a list of some books to b refered which would help me specialy in physics and chemistry

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Mounika and all: The preparation doesn't require any specific books.....but for your satisfaction and believe me seriously your satisfaction only you can refer to...MTG Bitsat Explorer or Arihant, BITSAT by pathak, BITSAT by GKP , BITSAT 2011 by editoraial compilation etc.

The books u used for prepartion of IIT or AIEEE are sufficient to build concepts.

Yeah do try out the mock online tests which come with the CD or available on internet, they will give u quite a good experience.

shashank 5 years ago

sir blog is can i improve my concentration as i score much negative marks;my aieee was not good;i attemted 49 34 right 15 wrong

profile image

Ravula Nikhil 5 years ago from hyderabad

sir which rank can i expect if i score 195in aieee

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Shashank: Well....I can suggest what I did for concentration......don't know if that would work for you.

I did pranayam and some yoga aasans and that really did work for me. Plus if getting negative marks is an issue then just concentration might not be the sole reason for that....probably u might get confused between 2 answers and not able to decide which to mark.....and most of the you land up with the wrong answer...

shashank  5 years ago

sir,thanks for giving your precious time.i am obc candidate'i am getting 121 in aiee.estimated rank is 30000 to 35000'i m worried about my future.can i get any nit.or iiit.

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Shashank: the fact that you belong to obc category...will land you to NITs but...don't expect the top ones.

May be patna, hamirpur and all.....but again u wont get the top branches like CS and ECE.

ChristinCordle12 profile image

ChristinCordle12 5 years ago

Thanks for the tips. That are useful. Nice hub.

mounika 5 years ago

thank u sir. i wil surely let u know about my after i attempt it . thank u so much sir..........

JPR 5 years ago

SIR, my favourite subjects are physics, maths, chemistry. Kindly advise can i follow the same sequence while solve bitsat 2011? Of course, english wlll be the first.

Dhruv 5 years ago

Sir ur articl hav realy helpd me plan my strategy.

Jst few queries.


1. Am getin 155 in aieee (general category). Cn i enter sum gud nits??


2. Am nt clear abt english nd logics? Cn u tel me wat typ of ques r askd in these 2 sections?? Frm where cn i prep these topics??

Nd is there any min. cutoff maks in these topics??

harish reddy 5 years ago

i wish u all the best pratyusha

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@JPR : Of course you can follow this will surely help you achieve the maximum possible marks at your level of preparation and concentration. And yeah All the best!

@Dhruv: Now for a score of 155 you would get a rank for which you will have to compromise either good college or good branch. It is very had for you to get branch like Computer science or ECE in top NITs.But for the time being....wait till your actual rank is out.Don't worry about what is already over. I expect that your rank would be around 15000. And yeah focus on whatever engineering exams are still there. Best of luck !

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Dhruv:for example in logical reasoning

Look at this series: 7, 10, 8, 11, 9, 12, ... What number should come next?

A. 7 B. 10

C. 12 D. 13

and for English a question like the following can be asked: what is the antonym of stern among the following?





There is no individual cutoff in BITSAT. Its the aggregate marks that matters.

dipu 5 years ago

i want to know what is the level of questions asked in maths and phy chem.

Soumya 5 years ago

Rahar i'd like to know that from where i may get the best sample papers for bitsat practise and what is the actual (negative )marking scheme for bits....

From where shall i study or practise to improve my English and logical reasoning part!?

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

See in BITSAT there is a pool of around 2 Lakh questions.

You get randomly generated 150 questions out of that pool.

So the level of difficulty can vary from batch to batch.

But in general the toughness will not be much. They wont ask you questions where in you have to think too much coz you have to answer question within less than 90 seconds each.

@Soumya: negative marking in BITSAT is -1 for every wrong answer.Regarding English I would suggest practise for antonyms, synonyms, basic grammer questions.

Basically such questions you can get in BITSAT books which I have already mentioned names of....

Pranav  5 years ago

Sir I am getting 130 in jee 2011 and 150 in aieee 2011.

how much should i expect in bitsat.

my test is on 24th this month.

also is the bitsat sample paper at bits pilani 's website has the same level as actual bitsat.

actually i found it easier in every section.

Pranav 5 years ago

Also can i get bit mesra with 150 in aieee

dipu 5 years ago

can i just rely on ncert books for phy chem

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Pranav: with 150 marks in AIEEE your expected rank would be around 16000 AIR , so with that rank it would be a bit difficult to get BIT Mesra.

When it comes to expectation in BITSAT, see there have been people whose rank was around 20k but still they could score around 300 marks. So you cant make a generalisation from your AIEEE and IITJEE performance about BITSAT score. Moreover the paper has many different components than AIEEE or IITJEE where you can score maximum marks. Plus the added advantage that BITSAT happens after JEE and AIEEE so you also get added time to prepare which does boost up your score.

All the best!

Pranav Mishra 5 years ago


Sir, if u could tell me some most important topics for bitsat which should be paid more attention from now on.

i have arihant bitsat and trying to comlplete it before my bitsat exams. does paper be tougher than this years aieee one, in your opinion ?

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Pranav Mishra: the paper will not be tougher than this year's AIEEE for sure. The fact that you are trying to complete the book, its good.....also try the CD which comes with it. It will help you do the time management. Sit with it and give the test for full 3 hours and note down your mistakes and improve upon them.

Regarding most important topics, there arent any topics to be focussed. But again there are topics like chemistry in everyday life etc. which you would nt have studied while preparing for JEE. The questions on such topics would be straightforward. If you know the answers, it will help you save a lot of time and gain easy marks.

All the best for the test.

kk 5 years ago


i am very weak in some chapters of maths like permutation and combination,binomial theorem,probability,integral calculus,and also trigonometry.

i have just studied them from NCERT,and don't have much knowledge of higher level.will this be enough for BITSAT.

i am really confused whether to study these chapters from some other books or to revise the course i have already studied.

i have 15 days.

sveeha 5 years ago

sir ur article is realy vry nice n helpful

bt d problem is tht i don't knw frm where i should prepare for eng n logical reso.

wil u plz help in guiding me abt d preparation..... like u cn tell me d sites frm where i vil get d sample papers related eng n other subjects which has bitsat level nt of iit jee or any other....

i m waiting 4 ur rely......thnks

sveeha 5 years ago

n sir vil u plz tell me abt d marks... i mean how much positive n negative for each que.


sana 5 years ago

I am in 12standard. Iwant to get seat BITS I am normal in 11 standard. I am pure in english. I want to know the websites to practice english

aakanksha mishra 5 years ago

i think this blog is fabulous......

sir i jus wanted to know what is theminimum marks required to get selected in bitsat....

priyank 5 years ago


how are BITS Goa and Hyderbad campuses..

Are they good enough as compared to the pilani campus...

sveeha 5 years ago

sir i still waiting for ur reply........PLZZZZZ

Jr 5 years ago

Sir, is arihant bitsat guide sufficient for preparation of bitsat?

Spatty 5 years ago

Hi sir...

Seems like u have a fresh experience of dese xams...

Nd ur help is just d right thing 4 us...

Im getting 170 in jee nd 150 in aieee...

D fact is dat i stoppd studyin aftr jee nd dat led to a bad score in aieee...

I hv jus 5 days left 4 d xam...

I hv just got d arihant book...

Plz tell wot shud i study nw...

Shud i revise all d topics 4m my jee modules, or study 4m arihant books or shud i jus practice questions??

Speed is nt d issue 4 me...

Nd im gud at eng nd logical...

My maths which ws d strongst hs bcum d weakest in d past fw mnths due to lack of practice..

Im full of energy...nd jus need d rit dir'n... Im dying to go to bits...

Plz advice... Asap!!

Thnk u!!

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Spatty: The fact that you stopped studying is not a good sign first of all. But the fact that you accept your mistake and are ready to work hard is a really positive sign. First of congratulations for that.

Secondly its good that you have got Arihant book. Practise questions from that, certainly that is not sufficient. Instead of revising all the modules, just see that you know atleast all the formulae, the exceptions and basic know how.

Right now you don't need to go in deep of all the modules and you don't even have time for that.

Give more time to maths to get back your confidence and accuracy level.

All the best!

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Sveeha:its +3 for each right answer and -1 for each wrong one. Moreover for logical reasoning, if you have any questions which pertain to NTSE or of that level then that is more than sufficient.

For english try reading the basic grammatical mistakes that people do, antonyms,synonyms, Your english NCERT would be the first handbook I should say.

Mug up all the diffuclt words given for each chapter.There is this site called out that.

It is by BITS passout seniors who have compiled their experience.

And seriously logical reasoning can be worked upon but English is something you cant improve in a week or two.

So focus on your strong areas and then go ahead in the battle.


RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Aakanksha Mishra: see the minimum marks vary from Campus to campus like for few programs in Hyd and Goa the cutoff is lower than that of Pilani.

But if you want a good branch then aim for 300 at least.

If you want minimum then take it as 265. Plus there is also a minor variation each year in cutoffs.

@KK: See integral calculus and trigonometry are imp. topics so you cant afford to be weak in them if you aim to clear BITSAT. It is advised that you prepare them from other books or give a thorough preparation effort.

Give your 100% in these 15 days.

Jr 5 years ago

Sir, plz reply fast. I m waiting !

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Jr: Unfortunately it is not.

Arihant or MTG or any other book can only give you few sample questions. You need to build concepts of how to solve questions and for that purpose NCERT and other books are necessary. You yourself see, had one book with few questions would have been enough then almost everyone would have bought that book and cleared BITSAT.

The book just gives question practise which you can do from anywhere if your concepts are clear. But the book does give a variety of questions.

I am again repeating the same thing for Jr and others that you don't need special preparation for BITSAT. Whatever you have prepared for AIEEE and IITJEE is sufficient just that English and logical reasoning have to be prepared apart from the normal course.

So Jr don't limit yourself to just Arihant but yeah do finish it first.

Jr 5 years ago

Sir, i have 15 days remaining for bitsat paper . I have not prepared for any of the competition exams . What can i do now? Plz guide me.

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Jr: then read the NCERT books thoroughly and do the questions of Arihant. Cant do more than that in just 2 weeks of time. And hope for the best.

carolinemoon profile image

carolinemoon 5 years ago

Thanks for this blog, This is informative hub.

dipu 5 years ago

can i just rely on ncert for prep of physical chem

Jr 5 years ago

Sir, maths is my weak point .so can u plz tell on wat topics should i focus more for the bitsat paper

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Dipu: if your NCERT concepts are clear then yes you can.

@Jr: Difficult to point out topics as such but If I have to name a few then, Coordinate geometry, Integration and differntiation, trigonometry.

A student asked me that he was weak in Physics What strategy he should answer to that query was

" that case attempt your stronger sections first.The fact that BITSAT doesn't have individual cutoffs comes as a great relief to you in that case. 150 questions are there in total.

Physics has 40 questions. Lets say that because you are poor in physics you attempt only 20 questions. Now the total number of questions you have would be 150-20=130 questions. Out of that if you manage to get 110 questions correct and say 20 wrong.....then your score would be 310. Which is on the safer side to get you a seat here.

So if you are weak in physics you have to put in extra efforts in other subjects to compensate."

Hope this will help those guys who are in such dilemma

jaideep 5 years ago

nice talks

jaideep 5 years ago

sir, i am getting around 240-250 in iitjee and almost the same in aieee. i don't think i will get a gud seat in iit. i am from chandigarh. now i hav decided to take a seat in pec(if i get it) and give jee another shot next year. i worked very hard and even i used to get top ranks in fiitjee,etc. my parents and even my teachers and even me myself expected around 300+ marks in jee. i didn't lack in my preperations but somehow i felt to much pressurised on the final day. do u think my decision is alright?i would love to hear from u.

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RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Jaideep: Agreed to the fact that you have less chances of getting a good seat at the old IITs. But a score of 250 in AIEEE would mean an expected rank of 1500 to 2000.

For that rank I would advise you to take top branches in either NIT Trichy , Warangal,or Surathkal. IIIT hyderabad is also a good option.

But I have one question.....are you giving BITSAT?

Don't take any decision in haste before getting the marks of BITSAT.Choose your options wisely cause the next 4 years will decide and define your life. And I mean each and every word I have said. Do read the following blog....

If you are not giving BITSAT then I have already told the best options I feel you have.

jaideep 5 years ago

yes, sir. i am going to appear for bitsat on 14th. thank u for ur previous reply. do u believe it is a gud option to completely drop one year?

jaideep 5 years ago

i appreciate the blog sir. though i am appearing for bits but i don't think i can go there due to some financial problems.

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RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Jaideep: Believe constraints are not at all an issue.

you get a CGPA above 7 out of get guaranteed 50% Tution fee waiver.....and getting 7 is no big thing, around 55% students in BITS are above 7 moreoever there are many scholarships by BITS Alumni for students who cant afford the education.

Apart from that there is also Students' Aid Fund which is there for people who cant afford the fees.

Moreover banks are ready to give you loans without any Guarantee.

In all you just will have to pay just a meager amount which you will any ways have to do at PEC or any other college.

Decide your career very carefully.

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RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Jaideep:I would not advise you to take a drop for one year because the reason for you not performing well was pressure and not the lack of preparation.

And my dear friend the pressure next year is going to be even more because it will be your do or die attempt.

With the kind of potential you can get your branch changed in the IITs/BITS/NITs even after joining.

Also keeping in mind your financial constraints, and the fact that freshers always have an added advantage. Taking a drop for one year would be a complete no from my side.

jaideep 5 years ago

thank u sir! i will consider your valuable points and hopefully take the right decision. i am feeling short of words to thank u enough.

Nishil 5 years ago

Sir, this is a really informative hub and its a great boon for us students.

Sir my query regarding bitsat is about the level of que that wud b asked, the basic syllabus mentioned is ncert but wil the que b like the ncert exercises given at the back of each chapters? Murevr there many formulae which are not in ncert but v had to study them for aieee,

like in integral calculas there are many more formulas than given in ncert,

and i have arihant publications' book for preparation of eee if i study it wil it help revise and cover all the topics cmin in bitsat?

Plz tel! :)

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RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Nishil: Thanks for your compliments.

The level of questions would be what is there in the sample books like Arihant and all. It wont differ much.

No the questions will not be like the ncert exercises given at the back. NCERT books are just to build the concepts.

If you remember the formulae given apart from NCERT, it will be an added advantage but it is not necessarily required.

If you study the book mentioned it will certainly help revise and cover all the topics apart from ensligh and logical reasoning section.

Rohit 5 years ago

Sir, can we do that guessing part with 25 questions left ?

suppose we attempt 125...and have about 20 min time left in our would take about a min to mark all the rest 25 with the same option ! [suppose 'c' in all cases]

at worst case scenario lets consider i'll get only 5 of them corrrect !

so +15-20= -5 [this i can afford....m just taking the worst case scenario...if i get about 7 correct thn it's absolutely fine..cuz i'll end up getting a positive score of +3]

and now i get to choose the bonus 12 questions...m pretty much confident about PCM...! i might get 8-9 out of them right !

please suggest !

thanks in advance !

Rohit 5 years ago

actually i have made this list

[remember m just taking the worst case scenario]

25 questions guessed [5 right 20 wrong] = -5

20 questions guessed [4 right 16 wrong] = -4

18 questions guessed [3 right 15 wrong] = -3

15 questions guessed [3 right 12 wrong] = +0

12 questions guessed [2 right 10 wrong] = -4

which of these cases do u think we shul actually prefer provided that we have confidently attempted 125 questions [suppse we get 108 right and 17 wrong...a score of 307..which we are totally don't knw...before the test gets should we approach the guessing part ?]

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RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Rohit: Dear I guess you have done some miscalculation.

For 18 would be...-6 and for 15 questions it would be -3(correct*3-incorrect*1)

Anyways that wont matter much.And I t don't think that you are taking the worst case scenario when you chooose 5/25.As given equal probability it would have been 6.25 for all options.

And lets take that you get just 4 right and 21 that case you are at a score of -9..which is no one would want to have for sure.

But if you say that you are very confident for PCM of the rest 12 get atleast 8-9 correct out of them then you can surely afford to take chances.

But this shouldn't act like a general strategy.

Rohit 5 years ago

thanks ..a lot !

sorry for the miscalculation...

so will it be safe to go for 20 or 18 or 15 or 12?

my dream is to go for CS ! have to reach 350's around anyhow ! as u mentioned in yur article to go thru all the 150 questions..cuz who knws the 150th question wud be the easiest one !

similarly..who knws those 12 bonus questions wud hv been the easiest ones [ only in case of those who are sure about their PCM ]

so scorin a bit negative n thn attempting those 12 may be beneficial...even if adds +10 to the grand matters a lot !

please suggest !

thanks in advance ! :)

lavanya 5 years ago

hi sir, i loved you're blog.. :-)

i have 15 days with me.. i need to get above 320..!!

i was wondering, looking at the levels of all the mock tests the english section seems to be really tough... like very tough.. i don't know if only i find it so tough... and also my pcm is quite strong i always manage a score of 250.. all becoause of english my test score jumps down.. all i want to know is that what exactly is the level in bitsat..? and also guessing seems to do more damage for me... any help would be just wonderfull!!

sushant shekhar 5 years ago

i am getting around 200 in aieee and iit jee 2011 . but iam not good in physics. please tell me if ican get through or not.

MR. X 5 years ago

the approx time we shud give for each section ?

mounika 5 years ago

sir,ur blog is just amazing.i have 10 days 4 my bitsat exam.please suggest me some tips to score about 350 in the exam.iam refering the book bitsatexplorer MTG.i am getting perfect in NCERT textbooks also.will this preparation be sufficient to score above 350 in the exam.

awaiting ur reply...................

sravya prasad 5 years ago

sir,i loved urblog.iheard that the bitsat exam papers are easy in the beginning and become tougher at the end of the it true?i have 8 days for my exam.i am feeling's mydream to crack bitsat.please tell me what should i do in these 8 days.i think i am ok with my NCERT textbooks

jims chacko 5 years ago

sir,im having my exam of bits on 20...... i have solved many papers but not having the full confidence to crack it... plz suggest me some tips to be calm in exam time....

Swati 5 years ago

Sir, I want to take CS in Pilani, My BITS is on 30th Of May, Is it a disadvantage of having this exam late, does it alter the toughness level, and sir Im a little weak in mechanics, Can you suggest some help? I can handle the other subjects

Pranjal 5 years ago

Sir can u please help me..i have scored 239 marks as aggregate in PCM in my 12th class exams from ISC the aggregate comes out to be 79.7%..suppose if i do get an entry to the BITS ..will they accept me???

yash 5 years ago

sir,ur blog is fanastic,i lke it very much.

sir,i m done with all my ncrt books n previous yr xm is aftr 6days..what should i do now.and rohit asked..if i hv attempted 125-130 questions and still hv 20 min left and i m very good in pcm,should i guess rest of the answers???

yaksh 5 years ago

sir,ur blog is fanastic,i lke it very much.

sir,i m done with all my ncrt books n previous yr xm is aftr 6days..what should i do now.and rohit asked..if i hv attempted 125-130 questions and still hv 20 min left and i m very good in pcm,should i guess rest of the answers???

sasuke 5 years ago

Brilliant blog i shud say,,. i hav a few things to ask you sir. Chem was alwas my good subject but in bitsat i seem to get low scores in chemistry becuz of the theory questions. what should i do about it??? which books r gu d so that i can finish the theory? my xam is in 3 days!!!! Math is ok too. But the problem is Physics. i don't get dat good marks in physics. Any suggestions so that i can increase my score in 2 days(it is possible i gues). English seems a little difficult( not too diff) and reasoning is ok i gues.. how best can i maximise my score???? Please reply at the earliest as my xam is very close..

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RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Rohit; Agreed with whatever you your case you can afford to take the risk.Would like to personally wish you all the best!

@Lavanya: It is no shame to accept the fact that you are not as strong as in English as you are in the other subjects.So focus on PCM and logical reasoning more moreover even in English, leave aside the antonym,synonym,which word best suits the paragraph type of can easiy attempt the other questions like the ones which pertain to comprehension and finding errors.

@Sushant Shekhar: You can get through....Your marks in IITJEE and AIEEE clearly show that you have the potential.You got to give in your full for next 2 weeks...even if you perform a little better than the above two exams you are through BITSAT easily. :)

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RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

MR X: There is no individual cutoff so you needn't decide on the approx time to be spent on each section.

@Mounika; This preparation should take you above 300 for sure....more than that depends of various factors like your alertness, your tendency to avoid silly command over English which even you know cant be improved in a day.Plus the most important were IITJEE and AIEEE?

@Sravya: is a myth that BITSAT papers get tougher in the end....I have mentioned that in the blog too.First of all...relax...tension is not a positive sign. Have confidence in yourself. You are one among the few who have added advantage of reading the blog so you for sure have an edge above others. Plus go through the course of BITSAT which comes in the brochure once more so that you are familiar with every topic there.All the best!

@JIMS: You have prepared hard for 2 BITSAT for sure is not a hurdle big enough to stop you from your will succeed.

@Swati: If just mechanics is your weak point, you neednt be afraid. Just prepare yourself for atleast AIEEE level mechanics. Given the fact that you are good at other topics....It gives me a feeling that you are well prepared and confident too and can get to 350. But take care don't be overconfident either.

@Pranjal: It would be disheartening to know that they don't round off the percentage. So they wont accept your score.

@Thanx for your appreciation.Yaksh I don't know why but...guessing 20 answers sounds too much. If it were 10 or even 12 I would have readily agreed with you. Try that you reach till 135 questions at least and make calculated guess in the next 3-4 questions and then take random guesses. Do post me you experience after you write the exam. All the best.

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

Sasuke:focus on ncert for theroy type questions/. You don't need to go out of that. Search for ncert which is 3-4 years old coz questions can come from that also.

mounika 5 years ago

in the physics paper,what type of questions are asked in majority?i mean theoritical or problems?

Rohit 5 years ago

thanks a lot sir !

ya...guessing 25 answers sound a bit horrible..i'll try my best to reach 135 of them....

can u provide an aunthentic syllabus of BISAT ?

n how to tackle the totally anonymous questions asked in chem section mailny frm everyday chem.....i guess such questions are never prepared by anyone ! :o

Rohit 5 years ago

thanks a lot sir !

ya...guessing 25 answers sound a bit horrible..i'll try my best to reach 135 of them....

can u provide an aunthentic syllabus of BISAT ?

n how to tackle the totally anonymous questions asked in chem section mailny frm everyday chem.....i guess such questions are never prepared by anyone ! :o

arjun 5 years ago

My sincere and dedicated thanks for ur suggestions....i never knew BITSAT was so much appreciated standard examination.hardly 10 days for my date of examination.I hav not prepared so well,but i hav the confidence in me that i will clear it....will i be a BITS pilani graduate in the future

yaksh 5 years ago

thanks a lot sir..i agree that crossing the 135 marks is necessray.

thanks for the wishes...

i'l try my level best n m sure that i'l manage to get around 350..

ya,definitely i'l tell u the experience

varsha 5 years ago

hello sir,

very appreciable blog..thnx alot..

i just wanted to ask "does BITSAT exam questions change everyday???"

please reply soon..

Pranjal 5 years ago

So now sir as they wont accept i have not faired too well in my AIEEE nad IITJEE what will be your advice??..should i drop a year and prepare again for these exams or should i take admission in DU or any other private university??...and thanks once again..i m waiting for your answer..:-)

rahul 5 years ago

sir my aieee score will b around 235 and jee score will b around 250.and my bitsat score has come out to b 298. can u plz tell me the best options i hav?

nilesh 5 years ago

sir ur blog is very informative and so r ur replies.

i wanted to know if the extra 12 qs which we get to attempt only after attempting all qs, are actually tough or are they the same level as the others.also i would like to know abt u r opinion on how to choose btwn iit/nit/bits/vit/manipal. plz reply asap as my bits exam is on the 28th

lavanya 5 years ago

thank you so much sir, and ya one more thing, the questions in phy seem tricky, like the alt.current or the modern phy ones.. going through theory isn't being of much help.. so how do i go about them, these topics are very important right?

shantanu 5 years ago

i have got 296 in bits 2011..can i expect a seat in pilani...what wud b d cut off this year???

shantanu 5 years ago

i have got 296 in bits 2011..can i expect a seat in pilani...what wud b d cut off this year???

smita 5 years ago

sir,i got 178 marks in JEE and as expected, i didn't qualify. my bitsat is on 31st. I m better prepared than what i was for JEE and m giving my 100% these days. i m doing ncert and practicing questions from arihant..can u pls tell me any last minute tips or pointers? m i on the right track? i want to take up CS at need atleast 350 for that..

ruchi 5 years ago

sir, would it be advisable to go to iit with whatever i get at a rank 6500? (considering i am a girl candidate)..or should i take a drop?

Rohit 5 years ago

sir,how to crack the anonymous questions asked in chemistry ....3-4 concept r asked which are actually no where in our course..!

like the homoplomer of gutta-percha


formula of ferrocene


the most abundant element in fibre glass !

how to answer these ? when actually we have never hrd of them !! similar questions are asked in physics also these days !!

please suggest !

akanksha 5 years ago


sir, your blog is very informative and the tension and nervousness i had been feeling for the past couple of days has eased out a bit,thanks to your blog :)

i just had one query, i have been doing Arihant sample papers and i find them to be moderately easy..i manage a score of 320 average in the sample papers in approx. 2 hours 45 minutes..

will the real BITSAT be tougher than these sample papers?

According to my score in these sample papers,can i expect CS in pilani?

saurabh 5 years ago

ihave not done well in iit and aieee ,so what are my chances in bitsat

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Saurabh: See you get time of around one month after your AIEEE during which you can seriously study and prepare for BITSAT....don't worry give your maximum input and yeah miracles don't happen in a day....there is no subsitute for hard work....All the best!

@Akanksha: If you manage a score of around 320 in Arihant sample papers then I have confidence that you will score a score near about the same in BITSAT too. Cs wont be possible at pilani at this score....for that you need to score atleast 350. Do tell me the scores after the exam.

@Rohit: the proportion of such questions would be very minimal....I would suggest you to not attempt the questions if you don't know the answers. But I have a feeling deep inside that if such questions are asked ...they would be asked in a manner that you can deduce from the options given. As in a bit of logical elimination and thinking would give the answer.

@Ruchi: You shouldn't bias yourself saying that you are a girl...I feel these days girls are performing very well. Moreover I myself am about to complete my engineering and have started to feel that at the end of 4 years, branch hardly matters....If you do your MBA....or go for civil services or opt for services in consultancy then branch doesn't matter much. It is how you learn to live life and face challenges that matters the most in college. I would not advise you to take a drop. But if you are very confident and adamant on a particular branch to study or have very special interest in any branch then you might think of it

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Smita: At this point of time as your exam is already over I can just ask you the grades and hope that you would have got good marks.

@Shantanu: Yeah you stand to get dual degree course at BITS....cutoff cant be decided before all the students have given the exam. The flexible structure of dual you a huge lot of scope.If you have any doubt about dual degree you can aske me.

Nilesh: I need to know your ranks in all the exams before I can advise you how to choose among them.

@Rahul: at 250 sco0re your rank I guess would be around 6500 in this rank getting a good branch in JEE is difficult.

at 235 you stand to get a good rank.....again at 298 you can get some dual degree course. So after you get your AIEEE rank....tell me so that I can help you to choose among NIT and BITS.

JR 5 years ago

sir ,i got 91% in my 12(isc board). i didn't prepare for competitions and as a result i did not do well in jee,aieee and bits. do u think dropping a year and taking professional help for competitions a wise decision?


dipu 5 years ago

i m getting around 150 in aieee,also my bitsat paper has not gone well(240).is it wise to drop a year

shantanu 5 years ago

no, as such i don't have doubts regarding dual courses except getting a good cgpa tougher in dual degree course??most probably i wud get chemistry..

and also i am a lil worried about cut offs this year bcoz some of my friends who were selected in jee with an AIR close to 840,1500,2000 who have scored 382,370,360 in bitsat 2011 were planning to join if more people also think the same then the cut offs wud rise i wont even get chemistry..and since i have filled msc tech IS and finance above BE in goa, i might get msc tech finance.. is msc tech finance course gud enough??what kinds of placements are there in it??i might be doing mba in future..

smita 5 years ago

i scored 254..:(

i know its not a good score but sir, I wanted to know about the admission with advance standing in bits. Actuly I appeared for boards last year and took admision in a coleg where i am doing b tech in ECE. my 1st year is over and my cgpa is 8.8. are there any chances that I can get admision on that basis?

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@JR: I would strongly advise you to take a drop and prepare for engineering exams if that is your decision of life....

@Dipu: You might get a dual degree in BITS hyd I guess....if you get any dual degree then don't take a drop.

@Shantanu: MSC finance is an awesome course if you want placments in topnotch banks like Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse etc. which pay you in 6 figures.Regarding cutoffs being high...cant help u in that case dude!

@Smita: yeah but you will have to do courses all again and your already having done the courses wont be of any help. :(

smita 5 years ago

bt it was written that we get admision in the 2nd year on that basis..isn't that so? can u pls giv me details. n what do i do regarding the registration? shud i apply on both the basis i.e. bitsat 2011 n dat of advance standing basis?

dipu 5 years ago

can i get more info. on dual it different from the b tech degree that other colleges offer

Shreeni 5 years ago

Sir ur blogs r very nyc nd r very valuable i just wanted to ask that is ncert and pradip nd bitsat previous year papers sufficient for bitsat

Akhil 5 years ago

Arent there any previous year question papers available for bitsat exam sir?? i only find mock test and sample test papers on the net! plz reply soon..

Shubham 4 years ago

Sir your article was very good.Please tell me that can i clear bitsat if i have not done well in 11th class?Iwill appear for 12th class.

rohit sharma 4 years ago

sir your article was remarkable. I am expecting 330+

in jee 2012. does it makes my seat reserved at BITS pilani or i need to work much hard.I have 40 days left for BITS exam.

please reply

anurag 4 years ago

sir presently i was in 11 th standard and iwant 2 crack a seat in bitsat.could u pls tell me wht r d key basic concepts that i have to learn nd also d book names to prepare. how much time i have to spend for preparation

pls rply

at 214 profile image

at 214 4 years ago

Finally found something good and informative! :)

I have a few questions. Please answer them.

I'm expecting just 108 marks in aieee 2012. my iitjee also didn't go well

i have one month left for BITSAT exam. do i stand a chance in cracking it? what should be my strategy in this remaining month.

also please tell me about the difficulty level of the exam. i mean as compared to aieee.

profile image

sheetal94 4 years ago

sir ur blog is just amazing. i hav managed to get a score of 184 in aieee dis yr...wat is my expected all india rank? will i be able to get CS in any of the gud NITs?

sukhanya 4 years ago

Sir , ur blog is really very amazing and informative ..!!

Can u assist me on the topics that shud be given more importance ? Are the questions based on theory or practicals? I am worried seeing that u have not replied since 11 MONTHS.. IF U REPLY ME , I WUD LIKE TO ASK U SOME QUESTIONS .. SIR , I ONLY HAVE 2-3 WEEKS LEFT WITH ME ..

PLEASE REPLY SIR ........ Waiting for ur reply , sir...!!!!!!!!

karthika 4 years ago

sir can i get into nit pilani with a score of 300 in bitsat??

karthika 4 years ago

i meant bits pilani

chaitanya 4 years ago

is it true that june papers are usually hard in bitsat?

aditya 4 years ago

thank you sir,i was really feeling depressed after having my aieee ur stratgical tips on blog motivates to perform gud in bitsat

thank you sir...

spandana 4 years ago

hello sir...dis blog is really impressive......sir,my score in aieee is around 160-170...wat abt my AIR in aieee...???and cracking bitsat is my dream.....with dat score can i crack it....??? and BTW wat is the cut of mark for chemicals branch in bits hyd...??plss do reply immediately sir,as my bitsat is on 17th of may....plss do reply immediately sir...waiting 4 ur reply....thank u sir.

Mohan 4 years ago


I found your blog extremely useful and motivating.

I am expecting a score of just 103 in the AIEEE exam. My iit-jee also didn't go too well. My state CET is next week on 10th of May. My BITSAT date is 19th of may. So will i be able to score 320+ in the exam. What strategy should i follow in this space of time so as to get a good score??

Mohan 4 years ago

Also sir, i am not very good at integral please give me some tips for solving integral more thing...what is the difficulty level of those 12 extra questions which one will be able to solve after attempting all 150 questions...are they relatively easy or difficult than the previous 135 questions in PCM..???...waiting for your reply...

jatin 4 years ago

sir,i have arihant bits previous papers. i saw that many qns. in chemistry were out of the course. (nvr seen in any odr entrance.) i cudnt score above 15 in english , maths was lenghty score is going around 250 ...i want to score 300...bits is lukin tufer than iit and aieee. Scoring more than 300 is lukin too tough,,what shud i do now? paper is on 17 may( i m gtin 230 marks in aieee 2012 plz also tel me my rnk)

Shubham 4 years ago

sir i like your tips

please tell me that how many times one can attempt for bitsat

snigdha reddy 4 years ago

sir,i hav my xam n may 19.i cudnt perform well in any other xamz.but getin into bits hyderabad of cs is mah dream so plz.let me knw wat to do these 15 days to get abov 300.plz reply me soon.thank u sir..

pooja garg 4 years ago

sir can u provide me d 12 xtra questions which were askedn bitsat n previous years..........plz

akash 4 years ago

sir, ur is very informative...

sir, can u plz tell me wheather BITS mesra being a pvt. college take lateral (btech 2nd year ) admissions

rohit 4 years ago

is dere any prob of questions being repeated in dis exam

Cherry 4 years ago

sir where can i get online practise papers?

ravi anand 4 years ago

thanks sir to build our confidence

profile image

Vinayak Sunny 4 years ago

great page

plz tell me how to prepare for the eng questions

aravind 4 years ago

OH MAN !! that was amazing !!

thanks for your valuable advice !! :D

Meenu 4 years ago

Sir, I found this page very informative.

Sir can you help me with this. I scored 139 in IIT-JEE and around 200 in AIEEE. I got a rank in 3705 in VIT but I am not planning to go there. I know sir BITS PILANI is the best after IIT. I have my exam on 15th May and I was very ill in the previous days and couldn't do much for BITSAT but I did solve a few previous year papers and gtng arnd 315.. Do I stand a chnance to score 340+ to get EC or Mech or EI in BITS PILANI?.. Give me some tips sir. Please reply soon..

aayushi 4 years ago

i really think the tips and tricks are goin to help me a lott..!!! i wntd to knw my last xam was SEEE nd after that i am left only with 15 days:(..i am lil tencd cz i am nt sure abt my tym wud be really helpful if u tell me hw shud i stdy in ds days to hit my targt in d xam..i really wnt a gud rank in d xam..pls hlp me out sir..

Akshay 4 years ago

I would like to know more about those 12 questions

as i have been consistently above 300.......

but not above 330 ........

so those 12 questions might help.........

Are we suppose to attempt all 150 questions to get those 12 questions .....??????

subhangee 4 years ago


thank you for your advice.

that 'sorting' according to our ability seems really imp.

i solved the english section from 2007 and 2008 paper ,and could do most of the ques..xcept 2/3 in both the papers..

then,am solving the Eng. section from MTG book.. but,am not able to do almost 40-50%!!

what to do??

and,has the level gone really high since 2007/2008??

mythreye 4 years ago

its like a do or die situation 4 me bcoz my score is not up 2 d mark in my odre i request u 2 send me more motivational and tips & trics 2 crack bitsat 2012 .imust do it.otherwise my life would be wasted

plzzzz sir help me

HIMANSHU 4 years ago


Jyothsna 4 years ago

hello sir,

First of all I have to thank u for giving such wonderful tips.

I am a state board student.I haven't concentrated much on AIEEE in 1st year.My desire is to study at BITS(Pilani).Which topics do u think i should concentrate more.Please suggest some books for my prep.How many marks should i score to ensure chemical engineering at BITS.Also tell my how many hours should i dedicate for studying for BITSAT in a day.

plz reply me sir.............

jahnawi 4 years ago

hi all

hk 4 years ago

what rank can i get in aieee and iit if im gettin 220 & 170 marks resp......

virat 4 years ago

dear sir

i wanted to ask that i have seen bitsat old question papers from arihant book and realised that there are 5 to 6 questions asked in inorganic chemistry every year which i am not able to find in either in ncert or my coaching's tutorial sheets(based on memory). WHAT CAN I DO SO THAT I MAY BE ABLE TO ANSWER THESE QUES

Akhil Marina 4 years ago

can i score in bitsat 310 marks in bitsat in 10 days?

ishan 4 years ago

hello sir, how to score 300 above marks in bitsat, in matter of 7 days? provided full hard work.

priyanka singh 4 years ago

@snigdha reddy r u teju?/

priyanka singh 4 years ago

sir, looking at the previous papers i found that there are 15 questions in english proficiency, not 10 and 10 in logical reasoning not 15.

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sidashsahil 4 years ago

My bitsat exam is on every competetive paper i get nervous and leave those ques which i know....i want to get into bitsat...i ve taken online test series from an institute and have a problem in solving english questions regarding(synonyms,anonyms,etc..)..plz tell me how to utilise this time to the maximum extent.....

soujanya 4 years ago

thankyou for ur tips sir.....

anushka srivastava 4 years ago

sir what should be done before 2 days of examinations for bitsat? please reply soon

mohit 4 years ago

i want to ask if there is a negative marking in those 12 extra questions after attempting those 150 questions

sahil 4 years ago

thnxx frnd u gave a very very interesting tips and ideas i m very much thnk full to u

A.S.K. phani 4 years ago

sir ur speech ws very nice.sir i am studying inter 2nd year i got 345 in 1st board(means nearly 75 per).in 2nd year after getting my quarterly results then i reilized of studyes .now october is running and my aim is to gain marks in bitsat i am prepairing ncert normally according to the syllubes i got in bitsat website(is it enough).my bream is bits-at any 1st 3 campous. 80.percent is required to write bitsat.i have a confidence that i can score in ipe.but i am worried about bitsat.wt can i do to achive my goalpls tell me( and my phone no is 8096297456)is my id and phone.pls tell how u want

Shravan Swadi 4 years ago

Hey Rahar...

txx ur tips r really grt..

there is lot of confusion for me with the study material which i should use for BITSAT preparation..

pls mail me if u have any recommendations for me...

my mail address

txx u Rahar!!!

abhishek 4 years ago

i am not taking any coaching and am in 12th grade....6 months left for bitsat .....what steps should i take to get a 300+ using objective chemistry pradeep and objective physics pradeep and for maths aieee maths by prafull agarwal it enough to achieve my goal...??

Rylan 4 years ago

Hey man.. love the blog. Listen its november now and is it possible for me to crack bitsat if i start now? Which books do you recommend will help me? Also my 11th is not very strong. Is SHM and Waves an important chapter? And in math what is imporatnt more or less? also are the problems in physics based on direct formulas or application in general

anirudh 4 years ago

this blog z very nice...!!!!!!!!!!!!

aishwarya 4 years ago

hello sir am so damn panicked about should i prepare for that?

aj naik 4 years ago

ty sir i lyked ur blog i m nw studyin in 12 hsc maharashtra boards i fall in ur (B) category of students

sir plz tel me wat sud b my strategy

i givin cet nd jee mains also

lisaflorence 4 years ago

These tips are very useful for my career growth.Thanks for sharing this article.

raj 4 years ago


I m state sboard

iam not very good but ican gain score upto 866-890 intermediate

iff i practise previous years bits paper can i score 320 in bitsat

i have my exam in 3 months

iam very much tensed nd want to score a seat in bits b-tech

so pls kindly tell me how shuld I practise in bits

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 4 years ago from India Author

For all the aspirants who want to To score 300+ in BITSAT, here are few tips, which you should follow

1. Prepare only from the BITSAT syllabus as given in the brochure You will find the Brochure on the Website - BITS Admissions

Since there are many topics asked in BITSAT, which are not asked in IIT-JEE and you would not want to miss those easy scoring sections.

2. Try to revise all the topics you are good at. You should remember all the formulae by heart. Because in BITSAT, speed and accuracy matters a lot. As I have already explained.

3. Try to spend at least one hour everyday from now on to read the topics which you haven't studied till now.

4. Make a list of all the chemical reactions in chemistry which you feel are important especially Organic Chemistry because this section can be really scoring.

5. Mathematics needs a lot practice. Compared to Physics and Chemistry it is more mechanical than logical i.e. you don't need to use your brain... only your time in solving the it is important to have good speed in solving the problems.

6. Practice as many online tests as possible. There are Mock tests by Arihant, MTG, etc. Because you need to practice sitting 3 hours non stop on a computer.

7. I think out of 180 minutes, time division between different sections would be -30 min - Chemistry, 20 Min - English and Logical Reasoning, 40 - Physics, 70 - Maths. 20 Minutes Spare for revision or attempting extra questions.

8. And the most important of all is to keep cool and give your best shot. Remember GOD helps those who help themselves.

bharghav 4 years ago

can i achieve more than 300 + if i practise previous years bitsat model papers.

mahesh 4 years ago


i have being discharged from hospital recently for 3 months

i don t know much but i achieved 434 out of 470 in intermediate first year

iam a state board and i can do better

bt i am worried abt my marks i want cse rajasthan in bitsat

so if i practise previous bitsat paper can i gain 350+

pls tell me

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 4 years ago from India Author

@bhargav and Mahesh : Doing previous years' model bitsat paper would give you a good practice and a fair enough idea of how your actual test would be....but you need to read from your study material to score more than 300 marks.

@Mahesh: its pleasant to hear that you performed well in your inter first year.If you work hard you will surely do much better. All the best!

Jatan 4 years ago

Where can I get previous year papers?

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 4 years ago from India Author

@Jatan: you can't the previous years' papers officially because just like the CAT online test, even BITSAT online test questions are never released.

However, you may practise the mock tests which are as good as the real question paper

HARIR JAKHAR 4 years ago

SIR, FIRST of all your tips are awesome.

I want to know that what`s the avg. cutoff for BITSAT .

and types of que. asked in ENG. section

Shubham 4 years ago

Sir . i am in 12th now the session hasn't started .. what should i focus more nw on to crack this exam ,,, I mean should it be the NCERT or should i buy some other books ???

Radhika 4 years ago

Very helpful post... thank you :)

What is the optimum date to be chosen for the BITSAT? 3 years ago


That was an truly amazing piece of information you've given us.

I am about to go int o the 12th standard [ CBSE] .

And i seriously want to crack the BITSAT.

is it really tough? ( for a person with a normal IQ )

which book would you prefer for practice?

how do i go about my preparation?

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

you can find the cutoffs for various courses here.

THere is no optimum date as such. Choose a date and slot which suits you and your reading habits. NCERT should be thoroughly finished and then other books like Arihant, or TMH or by any other publication can be referred to. If you are preparing for IITJEE then, that preparation should be sufficient, but you should meticulously revise the topics which are different from the IITJEE syllabus.

The exam is not tough, it's just that you need to practice large no. of questions in short time period and that too infront of a computer.

Varun 3 years ago

needless to say it is an awesome article. btw sir i am giving bitsat this year (again), and my prime concern is with inorganic chemistry. i am very poor at doing things by heart, so i am avoiding all the inorganic reactions (from chapters of s,p,d,f block) with the hope that there cant be any more then 3 questions on it. but in these chapters i have crammed how the nature changes(like stability, solubility etc) across and downwards as such questions have been asked in aieee previously. will that be ok? coz i am really hoping to get into bits.

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@Varun : Well, if this is your concern and you are fine with losing upto three questions, then you may as well go ahead with this strategy.

I would also advise you to keep the pattern of reactions in mind atleast, if you can't mug-up the reactions as whole.

For the time that you save doing this, you must ensure that you invest that for preparing for other sections.

All the best!

Varun 3 years ago

Hi its me again :)

first of all thank you very much for your suggestion. secondly, i was going through the syllabus in the brochure and had a few doubts.

In heat and thermodynamics, it says 'conduction, convection, radiation'; does that mean only what is from that topic in the NCERT?

Or will it include all the Wein's law, Stefan's Law, emmisivity etc found in HC Verma under same heading?

Basically, do we take the syllabus with a pinch of salt and study all sub topics in other books or take it to the dot and do only what's there in NCERT ka subtopics?

(this was just 1 eg. there are many such cases)

Varun 3 years ago

I just needed to expand my previous comment. In my previous comment I asked you if we need to go through the topics that are not covered in NCERT? But now I want to ask you that there are also some topics which are there in NCERT but are not there in BITSAT brochure like bernoulli's trials in probability. So yet again my question is that do we 'seriously' need to go through NCERT or stick to syllabus?

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@Varun: Yeah, NCERT is your bible when it come to preparing for BITSAT. wein's law etc. have just got formulae to mug up. So that shouldn't take much time either.

Topics which are not there in the BITSAT syllabus, DON'T prepare them.

And it's always good to prepare from other books too, provided if you have the time and energey left with you.

Sai Ram 3 years ago

Wake up everyone, truth about BITS Pilani:

BITSAT is a way for BITS pilani to milk money from us. For AP students, they don't specify if you should submit only 12th marks or both 11+12th (since AP students have board exams in 11th and 12th) in their website. They take money for writing the test, they take money for sending scores, and then after 3 months, they reject the students without giving a valid reason if their 12th marks don't fit the eligibility. They know this beforehand, but don't tell us before applying. They want money- make us pay for writing tests and sending scores INSPITE of knowing beforehand that the student will be rejected. It's a scam.

Sam 3 years ago

Hey thankx for your valuable Notes..ur blog was gr8

umm well i got a question or u can say a doubt... ryt nw i have souly dedicating my self to NCERT books and previous years question papers and some mock test that i wil for sure take in coming future so my question to you is,Is it fine if a simply stick to NCERT books n given syllabus by BITS and then solve question papers and couple of mock test's ??

Ekta 3 years ago

thank you for this article. i have a few doubts. everyone says that inorganic chemistry of ncert is just enough for iit-jee etc so i suppose that must be the same with bitsat (please tell me if i am wrong). but what about physics and organic chemistry? i have not attended any coaching for competitive exams and thus i do not know about mechanisms for organic chemistry (except for 5-6 given in the book itself). but i have crammed what is the product when X reacts with Y and have done the questions thoroughly given at the back and have solved examples within chapters for organic ncert. would it be ok if i treat physics in same manner?




Thank u very much sir. These tips are very useful for one like me,whose time management is very poor... sir m having 1 month for my BITSAT.

i further wanna ask u , if a question is not done by me in 60 seconds definitely i will leave it for future attempt (iff time is left after attempting all questions). But generally i ended up having no time left for reattempting those question(which i thought r easy and if some more time given ,those question definitely could be done by me).This is how i screwed up my jee mains.. sir please suggest something for time management while solving paper. m having quite good concepts of all but still no outputs in competetive exams.....

priyal 3 years ago

hello sir, thankyou for your tips.

im a dropper so very much under pressure . I screwed my mains due to panic , tention and lack of time management. i was scoring much better in my mock tests 50% and abave . my concepts are clear but i lack question attempting skill. I know i could perform much better. so bits is my last opportunity but due to my mains exam im loosing in confidence. in two months is it possible to crack bits if i work day and night. should i go for books like DC.PANDEY R.C. Mukherjee H.C.Verma or easier level. also please give me some sugestions to improve my self confidence and question attempting skill.

sai 3 years ago


this blog is really wonderful,in one of the paragraphs you have mentioned that we would receive an extra twelve questions if we attmpt all the 150 it that we have to attempt all the 12 questions compulsorily and do we get any extra time for those questions and will there be any exemption of negativemarking in that section? kindly send me a reply.

rekha 3 years ago


i have only one month left for my bitsat exam.can you suggest me any book which include problems of all cocepts that will be asked in bitsat exam so that i can make all my concepts clear.please do send me areply.

swathi 3 years ago


your blog is really wonderful,i just loved it.Now i have great determination towards bitsat because i have not performed my jee-mains well.i want crack bitsat by any means.sir please suggest me any book that would help me in reaching my target

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@Sam: Yes , you are very much right on the track.

@Ekta: Organic chemistry won't be tough in BITSAT. Just think how tough a question can they ask you if they expect you to read and solve a question in 72 seconds. But for physics your fundamentals should be clear because some conceptual questions which need more of understanding than solving or numerical practice can be asked.

@Nachiket: practice practice and practice. Only then would you be able to solve questions well within time.

mukul. 3 years ago

i could not perform well in mains ...does dat mean i have no chance for bitsat.?

abhishek 3 years ago


i answered few mock tests recently and my average was around 260..

can i crack it to 300 or more..what would the best remedy to do exam is on may 20th.

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@Priyal: You seem to have been gettting panic attack. Yes, you can certainly crack BITS in 2 months,I can assure you that. :) Your mock test scores show that your basics are clear, you know the fundamentals. Moreover you even know your lacunae and shortcomings.Just work on that.

BITSAT questions are not tougher than JEE Mains' questions , so no need to go in for anything tougher on that front. Just solve mock papers, and try to learn the portion which requires mugging like inorganic etc. I would personally suggest that yoga and breathing exercises will certainly boost your morale and confidence. All the very best!

@Sai: No. you don't get extra time to solve those 12 questions. And you don't have to attempt all the extra questions if you don't know the answers.

@Mukul: That means you have even better chances to get into BITS. As everyone else who has performed well in JEE mains would not be that consistent in his efforts, but if you give in your hard work now. that would certainly be fruitful.

@Abhishek: you still 40 more days with you. You didn't tell your exact approach. How many questions do you attempt? section wise? how many do you get wrong? how many are unattempted..then only can I help you out.

Sam 3 years ago

umm well thank you for the reply....well i have always loved studying physics and chemistry but mathe matics and i am quite weak at it...any suggestion on this please..and u please suggest me some good book apart from NCERT so that at the end i can solve it just as a practise and a revision type

NACHIKET 3 years ago

THANK U Sir...... sir in chemistry particularly in some chapters like bio molecules , polymers, environmental chemistry , questions are asked beyond ncert(not only in bitsat but in most of competetives) should i prefer any reference book???since time is less , these topics are must for bitsat and demands endless mugging..what to do for these topics??ncert is completed but questions about the compounds not given in ncrt r occuring.

pritom 3 years ago


in avarage how much should i give to different subjects during the exam to get optimum reasult..and still have time to solve those extra 12 questions...

alan 3 years ago


will i have to do all the 150 questions serial wise to get the extra questions or i can start with any questions irrespective of its serial no?

tia 3 years ago

sir, hw many hrs shud i giv 2 each subjct in a day??whch 1 is btr..studyin ol d three subjcts each day or like givin 1 whole day 2 each xam is on 23rd may..olso suggst me sm tips for organic n inorganic chm..i jz noe d reasonin part of both..

GAURAV BHUTANI 3 years ago

hello sir, my paper is on 16 may which means i hv one month left, sir please guide me how to study? also, i need some book for bitsat please prefer me some book. i hv seen many books of arihant and disha publications ....are they useful?

sonica 3 years ago

sir, i just take jee mains and i found that i got about 150 marks in it . i want to know what will be rank on 150 marks. i am interesting to take bitsat can i get +300 marks in bitsat if i prepare ARIHANT bitsat book and mock tests.

anilkumar 3 years ago

sir,I hadscored 142 in jee mains I want to crack bitsat for that I am preparing jeemains in 40 days for maths, physics, chemistry and for mocktests iam preparing your arihant crack bitsat book will Iget a strong preparation for bitsat

sumit kumar 3 years ago

sir, what kind of question are asked in ENG. section and would it be sufficient to do organic chemistry from NCERT only. and I have scored 240 in jee mains is it optimum level for BITSAT.

Radhika bhoot 3 years ago

Sir, how should study for this exam how make my time tale with my board

tia 3 years ago

sir , what are the most imp topics that should surely be done perfectly in all the subjects ??

ram 3 years ago

sir how can we score above 350 in bitsat is it possible with ncert and hc verma i have around 1 month 10days sir please do reply

Raman 3 years ago

sir, I want to ask that is there any subjectwise cutoff for bitsat.

Raman 3 years ago

sir, I want to ask that is there any subjectwise cutoff for bitsat.

Poojitha 3 years ago

the first year. Now i've realised realised and wanna get bits. Will i get it without 1st year per centage? Give me tips of preparing.

tyson 3 years ago

sir, i am writing bits ths year.

i need not tell abt your suggestions given above they r really gud.

i am really good at maths .

i have solved all the past papers given in arihant i am able to do 40 to 42 questions in maths.

i have screwed my mains exam . i lost my marks in physics.but this time i don't wanna really loose d chance in this bits, i am going thru all d ncert text books of 11th and 12th.

i am good in solving logical reasonin but i am scared to ans english questions (like mostly those synonyms and antonyms ).

pls suggest me wat can i do more to improve my marks more in english and physics.

chemistry i am able to manage some how cld get around 30 questions or so(i know i have to even improve even in chemistry,which i am doin by readin ncert txt books .

pls suggest me advices fr:

1.improve my physics marks.

2.improve my english marks , advice some books fr ths.

3.can u tell what cld b d marks to get seat, i don't mean cut-offs, there r only 2100 seats (i think so) so what cld b the best bench mark to get in to good marks around 300 will work, or need to surely cross 330 or so.

4.d demo test given on bits site was very easy , will dis b d same standard as that of the main bits exam.

5.what topics do i need to concentrate more in physics.

pls advice me. i am waiting fr ur valuable suggestions.....:)

vinne 3 years ago

sir, ur blog is really good.

i didn't get good marks in jee mains exam because im poor in physics.

im good at maths and chemisty.

i have my bitsat exam on 14th may, i want to know to how to improve my physics in these days left.

how are the questions being asked in physisics.........theory or problematic?

i am not good at english ,which topics in english should i concentrate to get good score in english?

sir,please give me advice........ im really confused.....

profile image

Sid-2013 3 years ago

Hello sir,

I am expecting 205 marks in jee mains.. as i got panicked in the exam and there i did mistake of omr marking in 8 questions in a sequence.

I know i can perform way better than this, as i hace prepared really tough for last 9 months.

Like generally people have strength and weakness, but i don't know why i am confused. i actually scored 100 in jee mains chem , but when i gave viteee i cud easily solve 37/40 ques of physics. .. i don't know i will score in which section but somehow in my tution tests i manage to score above 70% in Jee mains level paper.

Plzz tell that how shud i attempt the paper.. plzz do tell


profile image

madhu 22 3323 3 years ago

sir, i hav'nt prepared anything in the last 2 months bcoz of some personal problems...i remember most of the concepts though..i'm gud at chemistry nd maths bt nt very sure of how i can solve physics sums...i was not provided with a gud faculty in my college so i had a hard time understanding the concepts in i just know the concepts bt hav'nt practised problems yet...same is the case with maths nd chem(bt only a few chapters)...i have only 23 days

for my for english nd logical reasoning i think i'll be able to manage...ur blog is really nice sir...i've always wanted to study in pilani nd ur blog has strengthened my desire...will i be able to get a seat in csc if i concentrate from now on?pls suggest some nice books for english and logical reasoning....

jimmy 3 years ago

gr8 article my exam is on 22 may 1 month left but after giving so many entrances i m bored of studiyn pls tell me wat to do ?were 2 study from ?is studiyn ncert enough?...

vamsi 3 years ago

sir,will the bitsat exam become tougher as the days pass on

Ashok 3 years ago

sir ur article ws quite gud a removed lot of queries

i scored 156 in jee main hw much rank can i get

how can i start bits preparation , and with which subject i can start it........

plz reply......

anon 3 years ago

is it possible to crack BITSAT in a preparation of 3 weeks ?

abhi 3 years ago

can i totally relay on ncert books in chemistry for bit sat

profile image

jayaditya reddy 1 3 years ago

Sir nice blog up there.

I solved arihant bitsat 2012 previous year paper and i got about 340.

Is the real bitsat exam of the same difficuly level?

Please help me out

If possible can you compare the difficulty with other compititive exams..

sakshi 3 years ago

sir, my bitsat is on 22nd may and i m left with 1 month so kindly suggest me the topics on which i should focus the most? I m really very confused..please help me to come out of these?

Shubham 3 years ago

Sir i am very confused about what to study as i have recently given the jee mains and i'm thorough with the topics.

Also i don't have a good speed i just need more time on each question so is there any advice how to improve my speed??

The topics like conic sections,electrostatics,optics,and modern physics is taking most of the time..

Thank you in advanced...

Ashok 3 years ago

@ jayaditya

how did u get previous year paper

its not possible...!

fruitninja 3 years ago

how the heck are we supposed to do 150 questions in 180 mins.. makes no sense at all.. and nobody seems to care about it.

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@fruitninja : You know there comes an investment bank on BITS campus for placements, which conducts a test where in students have to solve 40 questions in 6 minutes!!

v charan 3 years ago

I want to crack bitsat could you help in doing this.

sid 3 years ago

Hello sir,

I am expecting 205 marks in jee mains.. as i got panicked in the exam and there i did mistake of omr marking in 8 questions in a sequence.

I know i can perform way better than this, as i hace prepared really tough for last 9 months.

Like generally people have strength and weakness, but i don't know why i am confused. i actually scored 100 in jee mains chem , but when i gave viteee i cud easily solve 37/40 ques of physics. .. i don't know i will score in which section but somehow in my tution tests i manage to score above 70% in Jee mains level paper.

Plzz tell that how shud i attempt the paper.. plzz do tell


RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author


If you have been scoring more than 70% marks in JEE Mains in your test series....I am pretty sure you would do excellently well in BITSAT too. Not necessarily you have to be weak at a particular may be equally good at all the fields , at the same time.

You said you panicked during the exam...why was that? Did you find the paper tough or you were short of time...or you were too happy to see yourself being able to solve the questions, that in the end you lost concentration.

If it is the lack of time, then you better start clocking your time for tests because questions are too many and time would be too short in BITSAT.

@anon: It is not possible to crack BITSAT in just 3 weeks of prep.

nikita 3 years ago

it was really nice of you sharing your experience.

I m having about a months time for BITSAT sir

I have bought a book for preperation of arihant publications,

i have had a very bad experience of online exam of jeemains which i gave on 23rd, my faulty computer and all.

I m scared about the mishappening and that panic which drove me into failure for jee mains.

I exactly don't know how to kick start and prepare for bitsat.

I m simply scared and distressed that my hardwork didn't even land me anywhere,

I start, I stop, I give up , then start again but I'm not able to procede in a right direction about how to prepare well for bitsat, which I actually want to crack.

I m good at english and chemistry.

And physics and maths are not that good.

it would be very kind of you if you can guide for the same.

please do reply


RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@Nikita : Glad to know that my blog was of some help to you.

Just one exam going bad shouldn't bring your morale down. Moreover you need to accept the fact that most of your exams in life from now on would be online..CAT or GRE or GMAT or even GATE.Added to that even during your study at BITS you have to give many online exams.

Having said that, Now you need to shoe away all your fears and anxiety and gear up hard for the coming full one month. If you feel that you have worked really hard for JEE Mains then , all you got to do is to just revive back the old confidence in next one month. And you needn't worry about faulty computers and all in BITSAT atleast. The staff at the examination is very cooperative and would make sure that you don't lose time for faults which are beyond your control.

Now coming on to the strategy, if you say that you are good at english and chemistry, then you can afford to not study English at all(cause you can't work on your english in just one month, but do practice logical reasoning questions)! and just revise the static portion of Chemistry(like s p d f blocks and chemistry in everyday life etc.). Finish this portion asap and then get to physics and maths. Devote maximum possible time to physics and maths in order of priority beginning with whichever is weaker.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

All the best!

nikita 3 years ago

thanks a lot sir

for prompt reply and valuable advice and suggestions.

will definitely work the way you suggested.

and will keep writing you in order to accelerate my preparation.



Agosh Baranwal profile image

Agosh Baranwal 3 years ago

sir,this is my marklist in a sample test of bitsat.

Questions Attempted : 112

Questions Unattempted: 38

Correct Answers : 79

Wrong Answers : 33






can you please assist me in performing better in bitsat and i am dead keen to secure no less than 350 in the exam. my jee main score-210

i would have performed better in the sample test but lost many easy questions in chem,phy as i couldn't recall formulae.i would also like u to suggest me few strategies of attempting paper and last minute preparation based on my scores.

tyson 3 years ago

sir pls do reply fr my questions.

i am waitn fr ur reply.i have post it long back.

pls iam waitin

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@Tyson: You can see the cutoff marks for each branch at all the three campuses

A score of around 330 will make you eligible to get admission to most of the branches at all the three campuses.

The test will not be as easy as it is given on the website. So don't consider the level of your prep. based on that test. Moreover you needn't worry about the antonyms/synonyms questions as they would not be more than 2-3 so that's like just around 10 marks out of the total 450 marks.And the list of english words is so huge that it is not worthy to cramming that whole list of words.

Arihant papers are just mock don't stop preparing from your text books even if you score good in arihant tests. You must cover topics like kinematics, questions related to FBD, inertial non inertial frames,conservation of momentum,rotational motion, gravitation,oscillation, electrostatics. The questions will not be very tough...just imagine how tough a questioen they can ask if they give you just 72 seconds to read it and also solve it.

The level of the paper would be similar to previous years' AIEEE papers.For English you can refer to Wren and Martin book.

ankit avishek 3 years ago

sir was really a superb artice written by you for aspirants like me :).

sir my basic concepts are clear ..i lost my precious time due to my health problem in std 11 stil i bounced back in 12 to cover the whole syl'bus inspite of dis sir my jee mains was so gud as expected actualy sir i make sily mistakes like addition or reading half question which awards me negative. most of the time i feel so confident and read jst the half question and answer. sir i have worked realy hard soved books like irodov hc verma ..fiitjee packages still on the day of exam i get nervous or dnt know wat happens n i comit mistake.sir dnt consider dt i m boosting abt myself but sir i cld cross 250+ in jee mains paper at home while in the examination hall i committed many siily mistakes n my score will me less than 150 for sure...sir bits is my last option to prove how hard i worked..sir please advise me how to prepare with just 20+ days left and moreover about the question level n time management for a "harbariya" like me .

thanking you !!

ankit avishek 3 years ago

sir was really a superb artice written by you for aspirants like me :).

sir my basic concepts are clear ..i lost my precious time due to my health problem in std 11 stil i bounced back in 12 to cover the whole syl'bus inspite of dis sir my jee mains was so NOT gud as expected actualy sir i made many sily mistakes like addition or reading half question which awards me negative. most of the time i feel so confident and read jst the half question and answer. sir i have worked realy hard solved books like irodov hc verma ..fiitjee packages still on the day of exam i get nervous or dnt know wat happens n i comit mistake.sir dnt consider dt i m boosting abt myself but sir i cld cross 250+ in jee mains paper at home while in the examination hall i committed many siily mistakes n my score will be less than 150 for sure...sir BITS is my last option to prove how hard i worked..sir please advise me how to prepare with just 20+ days left and moreover about the question level n time management for a "harbariya" like me .

thanking you !!

Kritika Agrawal 3 years ago


Very nice Blog.

I have started giving Bitsat mock tests, but the scores are consistent and not satisfying leading to more of disappointment. Could you please suggest something to increase my score?

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@Agosh: you can analyse some bits for yourself when you say that you couldn't recall the formulae. So before you give tests any further, compelete the syllabus first.

Your wrong answers are almost 40%. You need to cut down on that.

Your current score is 204 marks.(79 correct and 33 wrong). Suppose you were to reduce your wrong questions by half.Then not only would you be able to spend more time on solving each question(this would increase the chances of getting the answers right too) but you would also boost up your score.

If you were to say attempt just 92 questions(79 correct and 13 wrong), you would score 224 marks and also get more time to solve each question.

Your math scores are good. You need to keep them high consistently.

@Kritika: Giving more tests won't increase your scores. It is advisable to give tests when you have finished the syllabus first.The mock tests would give you the analysis and tell you the sections where you need to work really hard.

Take up the theory/text books for those sections and revise your syllabus. Once you are done doing that, then get back to giving mock tests again. This could be done even in the last one week of prep.

@Aniket: You have yourself told what is lacking in you. He who realises his own mistake, doesn't need anyone to advise him. :)

Sid 3 years ago

Hello sir,

Your blog is kind of very helpful for me..

Thanks for guiding...

What i want to ask is that i was giving a bitsat mock test and there were 10 ques from semiconductors.. but when i check bitsat syllabus . this chapter is not mentioned. plzz tell if we have to do semi-con.. also..

And i also wanted to ask if it is possible that i get many questions frome a single it has happened with many in AIEEE....

Thank u

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@Sid and All: Don't depend on mock tests. See the syllabus of BITSAT and then prepare accordingly. Mock tests are just to simulate the environment of exam...they don't have to be your reference material.

rajat 3 years ago

I ve left some toppics of 11th (particularly mechanics) and i m completing them now (only theoretically) but m not able to get perfection in them as i ve not attempted questions . my bits is on 20th . What to do for such topics (rotational and fluid particularly).Can I hope , questions frm these topics wud be easier than aieee.

chiranjeevi 3 years ago

ur blog was simply superb!i had exactly one month to crack the bitsat can u guide me the way to prepare and i got bitsat arihant series of 2008 is it enough if we practice it perfectly

Sid 3 years ago

Thank u sir,,

I got tensed because of that mock test and planned to give some time to the chapter..

Now i will try to stick to bitsat syllabus and just read basics of that chapter......

And sir plzz tell if its possible by chance that we get many ques from same chapter

Thank u

Agosh Baranwal profile image

Agosh Baranwal 3 years ago

Thank you sir that was helpful,would contact you if i need further help.

monika thothwal 3 years ago

i want to know that hw vil b the exam ... i mean its a online exam so if we have skiped some questions during exam .. can we answer the same questions again?

profile image

madhu 22 3323 3 years ago

sir u hav'nt replied to me yet...i asked for ur suggestion long back..pls do reply

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@Madhu: My apologies for the delay.

To secure a seat in Comp. Sci at pilani campus you need to score at least 350+ .Now that you haven't practised for last 2 months, you need to revise all the imp. formulae once again. They have to be on your finger tips.

You won't get time in the examination hall to think and recall or derive the formulae. Plus if you mug up the formulae then you will save time in doing those questions too.

In 2 months you would have been out of practice of solving sums too. So revise the formulae and concepts asap and get to solving problems with clock on your table.

All the best!

@Monika: Yes you can skip the questions and attempt them if you are left with time in the end.

@Sid: Questions are randomly selected by a computer out of a question bank which has more than 1 lakh questions. So there are chances that you might get many questions from the same chapter.

profile image

madhu 22 3323 3 years ago

thank u for ur suggestion,sir...u suggested that i should mug up all the formulae...does that mean that most of the questions in the exam paper are formula based?

raman 3 years ago

is NCERT optimum for organic and is there any subjectwise cutoff also.

tia 3 years ago

sir, hw many hrs shud i giv 2 each subjct in a day??whch 1 is btr..studyin ol d three subjcts each day or like givin 1 whole day 2 each xam is on 23rd may..olso suggst me sm tips for organic n inorganic chm..i jz noe d reasonin part of both..

what are the most imp topics that should surely be done perfectly in all the subjects ??

profile image

jayaditya reddy 1 3 years ago

Sir you didn't reply me.

Please relpy me as soon as possible.

And are the questions in bitsat direct formulae based questions.

Mohit Sharma 3 years ago

hi and thanx for the blog.. umm well i don't have any such doubts as above but i've heard that bitsat is quite simple, even then aieee, is that true? if it is than can pls compare bitsat to vit and srm entrance exam as they are also easier then aieee. in case u didn't gave these exam(srm & vit) can u pls post the answer on the basis of what u've heard among the difficulty level of these 3 exams(bitsat, vit & srm) from ur batchmates?

pratik. 3 years ago

Hi Sir,

i have finished my course(practiced previous years objective jee questions in 60% chapters) barring a few chapters like pblock,stats,complex numbers,and salt analysis.

i have 12 days for my bitsat.

my major problem is i cant recollect the formulaes of the chapters.(eg: poiseuilles eqn, numerically gr8test term in binomial etc.)

1.would it be possible to revise them in 1 week to get?(ill also be doing a paper a day from tnrw).

2. ive done inorganic chemistry only from that sufficient? rotational mechanics, are the questions lengthty?.( 2,3 equations of torque , linear acceleration etc).

thank you.

Abhinav (GEN) 3 years ago

Sir, i Really need your help here..i m kinda devastated..i have studied these 2 yrs honestly..even expecting 93% in boards bt sadly i got my first result that was of viteee nd my rank was 19880..this shattered i thought i gave my best..i have qualified for jee advanced but that doesn't do much good as my expected a.i.r. in mains (aieee) is 20000...sir BITS is my dream..i am solving arihant books and i m still giving atlst 3 hrs to each one of the subject and one hr to english...but as i told u my confidence level has gone plzz sir i just wanna know that with the above mentioned results and it possible for me to crack bitsat??my bitsat is on 21st...i need honest answer sir and i m ready to accept the truth...just wanna know if i wd hav to drop this year?? or there is still hope in bits...

Very sicerely


shanakar dixit 3 years ago

sir can you please tell me about the approximate amount of time i should spend on each chapter.

kanika 3 years ago

sir, i have heard that the standard of question in bitsat for different days will not be the same for this year. i heard that farther the date of examination , tougher will be the paper. is it true sir? this is what making me tensed. because even in jee mains the standard were not the same for all the dates of examination.

dheeraj 3 years ago

Sir nice blog up there.

I solved arihant bitsat 2012 solved paper and i found them easy

Is the real bitsat exam of the same difficuly level?

Please help me out

dheeraj 3 years ago

and i want to know wheather all the questions asked in bitsat are direct formulae based..

rahul(gen) 3 years ago

sir i just got my jee mains result today which was very bad.

i'm very depressed. i have my bits exam on 20 this month just 13 days are left and i'm not yet started studying English. i can u tell me from where shall i do English? .....

how much shall a person attempt to clear bits?.........

anur 3 years ago

sir yesterday i have got my jee mains result and i have got only 56 marks in it.....i have not studied at all in past 2 months that was the reason of my bad result......i have studied 2 years dedicatedly and i know the concepts but no revised them.....sir i have my bitsat on 29 and got arihant book for it.....i have to crack bitsat with good marks(300+) and i have confidence on my brain that i can do it........sir can u suggest that should i go with only that arihant bitsat book or should do something more also............i am good at chem and maths and little weak in 11th physics. Please tell me asap what should i do now

prabhjot kaur 3 years ago

i got 93 in jee mains this year...... i performed lots of silly mistakes in chem and now i am seriously working on it.........sir,i am preety good in maths but i am having a teror for physics ...i am good in reasoning....i am having my bitsat on 23rd....sir,will i be able to score around 300 in bitsat???? sir please reply soon

abbas 3 years ago

sir can you please tell me wheather questions in bitsat are direct formulae based.

anurag 3 years ago

I have the same doubt as abbas has.

Please reply soon.

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

Yes majority of the questions are formulae based.

arnsrajawat 3 years ago

Rahar Sir I have just 14 days left for my BITSAT 2013 exam....I have not Done good in my JEE MAINS ! SO i desperately need to score 350+in this exam ! Please give any Quick tips so that I can Boost my score and get CSE in BITS, Pilani ! Plzz Help me SIR ! Or Suggest thet shud i drop a year ?

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@arnsrajawat : There are no such short cuts or quick tricks which can give you instant success. It is honest hard work only which can get you, your target of scoring 350+.

If you have not worked hard for the past two years, then I fear there is not much that you can do in 14 days. But don't lose heart at this stage.Brush up the basics , revise the formulae in chem . And solve sums in maths. And if you are serious about getting comp. sci and if God forbid you don't get the desired marks. Then probably dropping a year and preparing seriously is one option.

anur 3 years ago

sir please reply my question,as i want a serious help from you..plzzzz

arnsrajawat 3 years ago

Thank You Rahar Sir for the suggestion ! :-) I would probably be dropping the year . But all I want to concentrate on getting BITS which coaching should I opt for BITSAT Prep., as I don't want to prepare for getting CSE in IIT is not my cup of tea ! Or should I prepare self at home ! Actually Sir my Poor result in JEE has made me a loser in front of my parents ....for them I am just a hopeless kid ! But I want to get CSE in BITS, Pilani sir ! So plz suggest the appropriate coaching ?

Sid 3 years ago

Hi sir,

Plzz tell if the question can have length calculations.. coz the mock test i am giveng have around 40-50 ques requiring some good deal of calculation.....

Is is possible . because if it is.. the planned stategy of attempting paper gets disturbed and i am being forced to think again on my strategies.

faisal 3 years ago

sir i am left only with 16 days i have been working hard and trying to complete my arihant book sir can u suggest some more tips so that i can score 350+ and sir your blog is awesome it has given me confidence .well ncert for maths is a good choice or not

prashant 3 years ago

sir fitjee mock test are enough for cracking bitsat

ramandeep kaur samra 3 years ago

sir. I am reading all the formulas in arihanth bitsat book.

Is this enough to crack bitsat with a score of 310+

Please help me out...sir

AV 3 years ago


I will be giving my BITSAT on 29th.I have just got a mere 72 in my JEE-Mains.I would like to know where to prepare from properly and how do i revise?I expect around 90% in my CBSE boards.

I want to give BITSAT the shot of my life as i really want to get in there.But i am scared now after my JEE results.I haven't taken any JEE coachings as i stay in Muscat,Oman.So please suggest.

Thank You! :)

sid 3 years ago

Hi sir,

Plzz tell if the question can have length calculations.. coz the mock test i am giveng have around 40-50 ques requiring some good deal of calculation.....

Is is possible . because if it is.. the planned stategy of attempting paper gets disturbed and i am being forced to think again on my strategies

bhargav 3 years ago

hello sir,

i am a state board i did not perform well in my jee mains and i have my last option bitsat . iam good at maths and average in chemistry but i don't know abt physics(iam not too perfect bt can score 10 questions to 15) and more over i did not practise lagical and english proficiency. can you send me link for practising bitsat mock test papers. i have my exam in 2 weeks.

so pls give ur valuable suggestion .

tia 3 years ago

sir, is it sufficient if i do organic from ncert book?? what kind of questions are asked more from organic?? n what are the topics of max weightage in all the subjects??

Mohan Prabhat Teja 3 years ago


I have not performed well in jee or eamcet. Actually, you have encouraged me with your article. I also have interest in BITS. My BITS exam is on 26th of May. If I start from this day is it possible to crack BITS?? I am confused how to start my preparation. Is BITSAT Arihant Series book is enough for the preparation??

Sir, please reply urgently, as soon as possible.


Shashwat 3 years ago

I would like to know one thing..i have been solving questions from the mock test of G.K. Publications book..year 2013.

Do You have any idea that how much upto the mark are the questions in that book?

I mean the difficulity level of that book,is it the same as BITSAT or is it easier than the actual paper?

My BITSAT is on 16th may..

And i could not manage to score well in JEE M..although i crossed the cutoff of 113..but i am very much dissappointed with my i want to crack bitsat at any cost..please do giv the reply to my query asap..

shruthi 3 years ago

i am an average student but i have an hard working nature my marks in aieee was not so great its around 170 like that and my marks in physics are poor..but i realy want to get in bits is there any chance for me......

tyson 3 years ago

just a 3 simple questions :

* i have solved all d papers given arihant bitsat book. will d standard of d paper will b of same kind of those or even harder.

*r ther goin to b one question frm each chapter or so similar to d mock tests given in d book.

*if am managable to get around 300 , wher will i land up. can i expect in bits goa or bits hyderabad.

raj mahesh 3 years ago

Hey SHASHWAT , do inform about your score and difficulty level as soon you are over with it .

Thanking in advance !

raj Mahesh 3 years ago

well Sir I am getiing 100+ in maths from arihant papers and a 75 + in MTG mocks where should I estimate myself to ?

and along with in other subjects also I find Mtg problems a bit more problamatic but arihant seems easy going

I am having it on 18 of this month


what else should I do ?

suggestions required !

thanking in advance !

Moulika 3 years ago


Thanq so much for ur tips.I really loved alot.

And I wanna ask u one thing i.e., my exam is on 17th can u give me some

tips in which I can sore high

Akhilesh 3 years ago

Sir, thnx 4 dis. awesome tips....

Sir i want to knw. hw cn i inc my speed during examination bcoz of speed i ws alwys ib troble wid my rslt....sir it z. vry tough for me to improve my speed.....plz hlp me out...

bhaskar sharma 3 years ago


ive liked all your sugestions

i like to pursuie robotics in future is ece a correct platform form for that

shivani 3 years ago

sir I am very weak in English. Can you tell me whether or not the previous years questions in English can repeat or not?

profile image

biswajit singh 3 years ago


cool 3 years ago

sir is NCERT organic chemistry enough for BITSAT ?

profile image

gayathri189 3 years ago

hello sir...

my exam-tomorrow evening.

apart from the preparation and everything,a friend of mine suggested me to attempt all the questions if I'm not sure of scoring 270 or above. Because I wouldn't be getting a seat if my score's less than 270. Please do suggest.

gayathri189 3 years ago

sir,please do reply... please.

sameer 3 years ago

hey how r u sir

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@gayathri: No, Dont't attempt all the questions. You would score negative marks heavily.

Just focus on attempting around 125 questions. And supposing that you get 100 correct and 25 wrong, then your score is 275.

You never know about the cutoffs, they can vary in the range of +- 10/15 marks. So say the cutoff comes down to 255 or so, then you would lose the opportunity of grabbing that course if you go and attempt all the questions.

Apologies for replying late, even I was busy preparing for an exam.

gayathri189 3 years ago

Thank you so much sir... My exam starts at 04:30 in the evening today. Thank you so much for the reply.

gayathri189 3 years ago

And sir,good luck to you too :)

ankush 3 years ago

how was bitsat exam level?

rohan raj 3 years ago

i screwed up my jee mains bigtime.. got 185... nd wbjee-143.i lack confidence chem is good(102 in mains) but..i heard that ppl r gettin out of syllabius questions..where can i study those? please help ...

ananya 3 years ago

sir what is d approx cutoff for this year?

Varun 3 years ago

sir will i get mechanical at hyderabad or goa for 275 in bitsat

madhav 3 years ago

sir i m getting around 300 marks in previous year papers . Are these good marks and how can i improve my performance????

nakshatra 3 years ago

even general knowledge questions are asked in bitsat?

pls do reply

.... 3 years ago


no. only mpc , eng and logical reasoning

anil jaiswal 3 years ago

hello sir

in my practice papers i generally score between 280-330.tell me how i am able to score more than paper is on 27 may 2013

devanshi 3 years ago

thanx sr,

all this is really vry helpful....m in a grt confusion abt wat is going to happen but .....i m trying my level best to achieve high ..but i alwayz dnk thatz nt enuf ..... i dnt knw wat 2 time is running lyk anything...............omg

Anant 3 years ago

2 days remainig fr my bitsat exam....and even after solvng previous year papers im getting aroung 250..i m cnfdnt abt reasoning chemistry and english are threatning....i m nt able to remember the chemical or substance names fr d straightway asked questions....nd i dnt hav cmnd over reactions basics of many chapters like fluids, semiconductors etc are also nt clear...i wnt to get around 320...plz help me fast..

nakshatra 3 years ago

im unable to answer even 10 questions correctly frm physics, my eaxam is on 27th..... can u help me plssss

bitsat pioneer 3 years ago

guys any body pls post the tuffness in bitsat exam i hav my exam in 2 days

pls post ur valuble comments abt d exam

Tanay 3 years ago

Sir, I got 320 in bitsat 2013...can i get ME in bits pilani..

please reply soon sir... 3 years ago

i guess the cut off for me goes around 330-335 for pilani...

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@Tanay: Getting ME at that score is very tough.

bruce Wayne 3 years ago

I don't go to any coaching classes can i crack BITSAT if i study by myself.

samarpita 3 years ago

Sir...actually i am going to give bitsat in 2014...m very weak in physics especially to go about it...??is ncert enough to crack bits?? How to go about english n logic??

samarpita 3 years ago

Sir...actually i am going to give bitsat in 2014...m very weak in physics especially to go about it...??is ncert enough to crack bits?? How to go about english n logic??

mitali 3 years ago

If i am getting 360 in bits can i get admission there? In electrical and electronics branch ?

mitali 3 years ago

If i am getting 360 in bits can i get admission there? In electrical and electronics branch ?

tyson 3 years ago

i scored 284 ,can i get atleast in bits hydd.

B A H IKRAM 3 years ago

What is cut off score in structural engg....?

Prabhath Kidambi profile image

Prabhath Kidambi 3 years ago from Guntur

The hub is Awesome.I can do well at MPC.i am not so good at english.wld u plz suggest me book for english???

ron_97 3 years ago

I'm a student of class 11th. I am aiming for BITS pilani, and also preparing for IIT JEE. Can you please tell me how i can utilise my time if i am serious from the beginning.

chinmay 3 years ago

how much time should i devote for english and logical reasoning per week?

vajju 3 years ago

passing any scholarship tests like NTSE has any special privilages in

admissions?? plz help me with dis....

manjunath 3 years ago

Can i know what is the difficulty level of BITSAT examination is it equivalent to IIT-JEE or other exams

vijay krishna 3 years ago

sir thx for ur advice ,sir now iam in 12th and my 11th marks r very less sir,if i go through ncert books will i get seat in bits

neealanjana 3 years ago

luvd it,,,

kumar swamy 3 years ago

this was really nice sir. i gave bits once and i got 230 only which couldn't fetch me a seat. i am currently doing my first year in vit. i want to attempt bits again next year. what are your suggestions? will it be possible for me to cope with college exams and bits preparation? if yes can you please tell me ways and the books needed?

Deepika 3 years ago

I have about abt 6 months 4 bitsat but i have also gotta preapare for my board exams and jee mains ,can u please suggest me schedule so that i can cover up both 1st yr and 2nd yr and crack bits

priya 3 years ago

wanna ask from where shall i be studying those extra topics of chem for BITSAT

Shikhar patel. 3 years ago

Hello sir, going to appear for bitsat nxtt year ! Im very very poor in organic and inorganic ! So going to exam with soo poor in them gonna help to crack bitsat ??

Considering phy math as achieveable !

profile image

vanshkharbanda 3 years ago

Hello sir, going to appear for bitsat 2014 and i am really want to get admitted to BITS. this is the second time i am appearing for bitsat. The books i am using are NCERT for PCM. SL arora for physics , RD Sharma for Maths and coaching packages for all 3 subjects. Plus i am also solving Bitsat by arihant publications. I have 6 months left. I am quite good in maths , fair in physics , good in inorganic and physical chem but poor in organic chem. I am aiming for BITS pilani ( mech engg) . So should i go extra material like M L khanna and H C Verma or just do what i am doing ?

jane 3 years ago

is the cutoff for bitsat also for individual subjects or is it overall?

i mean that if do not perform well in one subject but manage to get the overall cutoff marks will i get admission ?


revathi 3 years ago

sir at present i am pursuing btech 1 year in one of the local engineering college am i eligible to apply for the bitsat 2014?

aman 3 years ago

if my 12th is good and 11th is weak then what what will be helpful....

focussing on 11th concept or making strong my 12th concepts more

Bitsat2014 3 years ago

Sir very helpful blog thank you so much for your tips....can you tell me when I should start giving the mock tests?

Yash 3 years ago

Sir i read all ur solutions and those were really inspiring

I am an below average student!

i have studied in pieces but haven't revised making me end in a zero position

i wish to crack Bits

and is it possible to do almost 80 percent of the ocurse in the remaining time

i ll be appearing 2014?

please help

Anubhuti Sinha 3 years ago

respected sir ,,

the points were totally important and useful... thank u very much fr them....

can u plzz specify d very imp topics from 11th ....

i joined coaching in 12th therefore 11th couse isn't dat much familiar ....

thank u !

ahmed 3 years ago

firstly im thankful of u sir for providing us with such good info

im a student of 12th with state board syllabus nd also im very poor in calculus nd inorganic i forgot the topics of 11th as i didn't take any coachings now i go for a coaching i request u suggest me some good tips for cracking bitsat as i hav very little tim bi now im writing bitsat 2014 please suggest me some tym management tips for cracking it thanq :-)

profile image

SNS97 3 years ago

If I do my NCERT textbooks thoroughly can I except a good score in BITSAT exam

preetham 3 years ago

we all know that BITS offers direct admission to the board toppers. I am from AP and we will be writing our inter first and second year exams as board exams. we do have a confusion weather they take our first year or second year toppers as board toppers for admission.i hope you give me correct information and help not only me but many students from Andhra Pradesh.thank you..!(plz rply me as soon as possible)

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@preetham : only total for state topper.

mounika varma 3 years ago

Thank u so much for ur tips sir.It has been very helpful to me. Iam seriously trying for bits-Pilani. sir can u please tell me the cut off mark required for getting a seat in pilani in ece ,ee n there is a question arising that there is ipe weightage for bits this year .Iam from Andhra pradesh ,as said by preetham we have exams in both the years in my first year i got less% (93) if this is true ,even if i try harder in second year i could not reach 98% as u know there is lot of competition for pilani from all over india,as Ap is conserned 93-95% is less im worried so much about this sir! getting in bits is my dream i don't know iam crazy for bits .... help me sir hoping for ur reply as soon as possible....thank U.

jayanth 3 years ago

Your blog is very good ,,

Sir,at the beginning i've mastered chemistry,,later on i left that and concentrated on physics,and now maths,when i started my revision i feel all those chemistry and physics topics to be new,,what should i do know ,,i do have only 15 days left with for my aieee exams,if i exclude the days that i've given for ipexams,,please help me sir...!!!!

mounika varma 3 years ago

sir!!..why haven't u reply me back im eagerly waiting..............!

niharika 3 years ago

reading this I could come out of my tension.

thankyou sir.

Pharme567 3 years ago

Hello! kkdfecd interesting kkdfecd site! I'm really like it! Very, very kkdfecd good!

Shubhi Verma 3 years ago

Hello sir, Firstly a big thanks for the wonderful write-up as it gave me a much better clarity on the examination. I need some urgent help regarding the same. BITSAT 2014 allows you to appear for the exam anytime between 15 May to 1st June. I am keen on giving it on 1st June because then it will give me almost 2 months after my JEE Mains. But the problem is that I don't know whether there is some sort of a change in the difficulty level as the date proceeds. Does the paper become tougher if I choose to appear on the very last date?

It would be great if you could help me out before I register my preference.

Thanks again :)

Pharma374 3 years ago

Hello! kbedcfe interesting kbedcfe site! I'm really like it! Very, very kbedcfe good!

Piyush Goyal 3 years ago

thank u sir I loved this blog

I want to know from where do I get previous year papers and mock test I m week in english good in other subjects(PCM)

So what should I d.

Abdul Ahad 2 years ago

Your blog was amazing sir

Okay my boards will get over by 22nd and I have my bitsat on 1st June

Sir do you think I hav got ample time for my bitsat

I am quite perfect with both of 11th as well as 12th cbse syllabus but I constantly have the fear that bitsat is gonna be tuff

I am an NRI and topper among the Indian school in my country. I follow ARIHANT BOOK for bitsat preparation will tht be sufficient

Thanking you

Concerned student


mukund 2 years ago


pidakala navya 2 years ago

Hello sir,

I appreciate your tips sir. But sir got 85% in +2 and 88% in 10th.. I want to crack bitsat exam on 2015.. So I wanted to take long term couching to nail bitsat exam.. Is that useful? I'm totally confused sir.. I really need your help.. My qualifications in intermediate and 10 are good for exam..?? And I wanted to join in bits pilani campus.. So my marks are up to the mark? Am I eligible for bitsat exam? I really need your help sir.. Answer my questions as soon as possible... please sir

Anirudh 2 years ago

hello sir...

i hv written me 2nd puc boards now....i fell sick during my boards...i m sure of getting 80% in both physics and chemistry..but i m expecting only 50% in math..i hv 1.5 months time for my i hv confidence of getting good scores...but the eligibility criteria says a student must get min 60% in will i be eligible for bits pilani ....even if i do well in bitsat....plz ans asap...i m worried

NAGMA MUSTAQUE 2 years ago

sir i want to crack the bits xam bt i m little bit nervous becoz i have not given any entrance xam eg. jee .So plz give me some suggestions my bits xam is on 23th may

somesh joshi 2 years ago

sir, i have enough time for prepn for bitsat ....please give me some guidelines to revise the syllabus...pls do tell about jee too..

prajwal 2 years ago

would solving aieee or jee-mains previous years questions help BITSAT in any way ?

prajwal 2 years ago


I have arihanth problem book in P,C and M. there are about 25-30 problems on each concept but the questions are NOT of mcq type.

they are like regular statement- like questions.would this book help me in cracking BITSAT ? sir ,also please suggest me some books for BITSAT beside NCERT and also suggest me plan of action from now. my BITSAT exam is on 22nd may 2014. Sir I know its a long list of questions but please help me out with this sir , I am feeling very helpless

chhavi., 2 years ago

Sir if I complete my ncert course by d paper frm refrence books like pradeep n arihant of cbse for physics n xhem n for maths rd sharma....can I get a seat dere...m vei tensed sir..., pls help...:(

Rohit Varier 2 years ago

Sir my exam is on 26th of may 2014. The books i refer are as follows:-

maths - RD sharma (12th)

phy - HCV (11th &12th)

chem - Ncert(12th)

Should i purchase any other book for bitsat or are these enough. one more thing, i dont hav much material for 11th maths &chem i only have my classes notes.

Well when english & logics is considered i dont have any book for that

Should i purchase a specific book for bitsat like - arihant publications or mtg . If yes then which 1 should I purchase arihant or mtg ?

Ankit 2 years ago

Sir, Is that pool of 2 lakh questions available coz der is 1 more month n i think to have a watch on them !

Vatsal 2 years ago

sir please reply sir ! my exam is on 28th of may ! sir i scored 90 percent in 11th and expect about same in 12th - sir do i have ample time frm now ?? how much time should spend per day ?? plz reply sir !

Jishnu 2 years ago

hello sir thank you so much for such a wonderful advise sir i recently gave my jee mains bt my performance was not so good as i didnt get much time to prepare for it also i didnt had any institutes. sir i want to ask that in just 1 month in hand how can i prepare for bitsat so that i can score above 300. sir please help me out as i am already scared after loosing an exam please help me out. I'll be grateful to you

Jagannath 2 years ago

Dat ws indeed a hlpful note fr us..

Sir m hopeful of scrng atleast 91% in mah borads..CBSE..

So wat shud b da minimum score that i have to fetch to get into a good stream in BITSAT...

sejal talesara 2 years ago

what is the minimum percentage required to be eligible for bits

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 2 years ago from India Author

@vatsal : yes it is never too late. Give your full attention to this exam. I cant prescribe number of hours but you have to give as much input you can give.

@ankit: no that pool is not available to us.

@all : refer to BITS website to get the individual cut offs for last year for each course.

@sejal : 75% minimum in PCM combined..and atleast 60% individually in each.

Jishnu 2 years ago

sir please reply to me as i need a proper guidance so how can i crack bitsat with a span of 1 month in hand which books should i refer and and the areas in which i need to practice

Vedant 2 years ago

hello rahar ,

i scored very less in jee mains ..

now im having narely one & half month for studying for BITSAT.

can i do well in it .. ?

i also wanna know which books should i use for ENGLISH and APTITUDE(LOGICAL ) sections .. ?

BRAJESH KUMAR 2 years ago

Sir, Iwamt to admissionBITSAT 2014

Vivek Singh 2 years ago

First of all, brilliant article..all those tips seem very helpful.

I've got poor marks in JEE Mains 2014 (around 120) and really, really want to get into BITS. So the day after JEE, I took the BITSAT 2009 paper just to test where I stand, and I honestly got 52%. I know I need around 70% to get into BITs institutes, so can you recommend any good books and sincerely how many hours a day I should study?

And, I found the level of difficulty of BITs 2009 questions to be fair, so I think I may be able to crack it :D

And keep up this page, its awesome :D

Farha 2 years ago

Is it necessary to attempt questions from Mathematics? Or is it just the total score one gets that determines the rank? (I am a Biology student with Maths as my fifth subject so I don't hope to score well in it!) Also, because the test is a computer-based one I would like to know if we get the choice of starting whichever section we like or if the sequence is pre-determined.

Is there any minimum number of questions one has to attempt in the paper as a whole or in each section?

Is the overall difficulty level more in JEE Mains or in BITSAT?

(The article was good and really of help with all the calculations!)

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 2 years ago from India Author

@jishnu : within just 1 month you can only finish the following books : maths - RD sharma (12th)

phy - HCV (11th &12th)

chem - Ncert(12th)

@vedant : For english and Logical reasoning : for the time being you can buy

@Farha : It is the overall cutoff. There is no individual cutoff for any section. You can attempt any section first, the choice is yours.

All the best everyone!

Parth 2 years ago

Sir, I read the above blog and have gained much confidence that I can crack BITSAT-2014 without much trouble.

I have just given JEE- Mains which didn't go as I had planned. So I have focussed my preparation for BITSAT.

Sir, my class 11th topics aren't very well prepared and i have just 40 days for my paper. Please will you help me on which topics to focuss and what all books will help me do so? Also i am an ISC board student so I don't know much about NCERT. And sir , can you send me a link where i can practice mock test for BITSAT. I have tried many but I dont want to give up. It would be immense pleasure if you help me. Cracking BITSAT is now my main motive.

Vivek Singh 2 years ago

First of all, brilliant article..all those tips seem very helpful.

I've got poor marks in JEE Mains 2014 (around 120) and really, really want to get into BITS. So the day after JEE, I took the BITSAT 2009 paper just to test where I stand, and I honestly got 52%. I know I need around 70% to get into BITs institutes, so can you recommend any good books and sincerely how many hours a day I should study?

And, I found the level of difficulty of BITs 2009 questions to be fair, so I think I may be able to crack it :D

And keep up this page, its awesome :D

Jishnu 2 years ago

thank you so much sir. sir by doing this much can i score 300 or above in bits, and shall i take arihant's book for bits

Vatsal 2 years ago

thank u sir ! sir would u recommend arihants ??

NAGMA MUSTAQUE 2 years ago

sir can u plz tell that how much hour i should spend in order to crack bitsat plzzzzzzzz..................

deepam 2 years ago

sir, after a bad start in jee mains( as I am expecting a score of about 160/360) , I really wanna perform well in bitsat. I didn't have much time for revision after boards as my last exam was on 26 march barely 10 days before my jee mains. I am good in English and chemistry but I am weak in physics especially 11 class mechanics . what should be strategy for upcoming days (my bitsat is 45 days ahead). also should I also be focussing on jee advanced as I think I wouldn't be able to crack it due to my performance in jee mains. plzz help I rreally want to get into bits pilani - my dream.

prayag 2 years ago

hello sir,

thank you for posting this, it has helped me a lot especially after a bad JEE mains paper (140/360)...the problem with me is that i attempt too many questions which ultimately results in -ve marking...all i want to know is which book should i refer for bitsat?..i already have arihant jee mains it apt for it? i do have ncert but have not read it as i belong to state board, considering the time constraint (17th may) of just more than a month should i continue with arihant?

BAlU 2 years ago

Namaste sir! AWSOME post sir...!Sir i really didnot do well in jee main ..probably will get 100..So sir is Eamcet and bitsat are of same level ?Is it enough if practice same books for both of the exam ...or should i refer other books? My exam is on may26th..How should i plan to complete complete syllabus by just reading synopsis and doin bits in BITSAT 2014 ARIHANT BOOK?

yash 2 years ago

i want to do chemical engeneering..wat might be d cut-off fr dat in BITS

also while attempting my jee paper...i got so panicky dat i cudnt score well..wat shud i do on such occassions! cuz dis mite even happen fr bits considering it has lesser time and more questions. help me out plzz

gayathri 2 years ago

sir the tips are realllyyyy nice iam hoping dat i vil get 970+ score in inter standard so can i get direct admission in hyd campus of bitsat if not how much score should i get in bitsat and well im preparing NCERT BOOKS sir please reply soon

Rashi 2 years ago

Hello sir! I really liked your page and your effort to help students. I am an engineering aspirant.Sir, my jee paper didn't go well. I was really confident in chemistry section so kicked off with that one but my time management was poor. I devoted most of my time to the chemistry part as I thought that I should solve most of them correctly and make up for physics as that's my weak section.But when I started with Maths I got so panicky(on realising how much time I had wasted) and left many questions in between.Sir, now I wish to focus on BITSAT. And I have around 1 month to prepare for it.Should I focus on physics now or strengthen my other parts? Also, will NCERT be enough for chemistry and maths?I am also thinking to buy a book:" Online Bitsat by Arihant". Would it be correct one? Please help me out..

darpan 2 years ago

Wat books to prefer for bitsat

sagar 2 years ago

sir.i have in hand 38 days to prepare...

what acc. to u must be the plan to crack coz i m in a do or die situation ..

i hav already dropped a year. :(

khursheed 2 years ago

Thanks a lot for guidance ....sir

its gonna help me a lot...

well I am student of cbse and relying on arihant, chaitanya material and ncert for preparation.

will I be able to crack bitsat , considering I am able to do 65-70% of arihant bitsat questions.

Also how could one increase his speed??

Waitin for ur reply...sir

thanks in advance

Sruthi 2 years ago

Hello. This writing is really nice and motivating. Thank you. I just have one question, this year in my JEE mains, the questions in goemetry and organic were clubbed and given, I mean one question had 2-3 topics combined. I haven't practise much that way. So, my JEE mains did not go so well. My question is does BITSAT have the same level of difficulty with questions clubbled like that? or will the questions be the way they are given chapterwise in the arihant success package?

Rishabh 2 years ago

Wonderfull blog

pulkit 2 years ago

sir suggest us a site from where we can daily practice mock tests which are upto the level of questons asked in bitsat.

isha 2 years ago

sir, my concepts in pcm are clear. yet, jee mains went tooo bad. i m probably scoring just 92. i have acqired 95% in std. 10th. so, i think i have capability. i have just one month for preparations. please suggest some way to crack bitsat. also suggest BOOK FOR PREPERATION apart from NCERT. PLEASE REPLY.


akshita 2 years ago

hi sir,ua script was worth reading and will be helpful too. can u tell how many questions should be answered in PCM. attempting all whether some are done by mere guess work would do good ?

shubham 2 years ago

hi sir

i am getting 137 in jee mains and expecting 85-90% in 12th boards.

my bitsat-2014 paper is in may and i want to crack it.

i will do any sort of hard work for cracking this prestigious exam.

i have ARIHANT BOOK for bitsat and i am good at english and logical reasoning too.




these are my weak topics and i would be grateful if i get some tips about how to cover these topics in 1 month.

naveen 2 years ago

First thnx a lot for such guidance it can boooom everyone's confidence...

In 2014 brouchure in chemistry syllabus there is no mention about dyes and its stuff

should we study it.??...........

Mihika 2 years ago

Sir I am a dropper and also gave improvement exam in which I am expecting around 94%. I screwed up my Jee main because initially it was the invigilator who.wasted my time and then seeing the shortage of time, I started panicking. I would be getting around 110 in it. In mock tests , I was scoring around 180 and the whole year I had performed fairly well in my coaching. After this Jee main, I have become really low on confidence, my only resort is Bitsat. I really want CS in pilani. Everyone was expecting me to get 200+ in mains and a rank of about 6-9000 in advance biy neither of i is possible now as i might not clear cuoff. Sir I am really scared about Bitsat.What should be my strategy in next one month and how to gain my confidence back? Also can I get 350+by preparing for it in next one month?

Xx 2 years ago

Sir, ur blog is really superb!

I want to score 350+ as i want cse in pilani. My maths n chem is ok but i hav probs in 11th std physics and sometyms in inorganic chem. Can u suggest how to prepare for these specifically? My xam is on 28th may...

Awaiting ur rply!

vinz 2 years ago

i would like to know the number of seats available all together in bits hyderabad

Aman 2 years ago

Best advice for BITSAT available on the web... thnx a lot!!

I am preparing for IIT JEE and I just wanted to ask whether i need to prepare separately for BITSAT or not?

I only have 30 days left for BITSAT and 37 days for iit jee and i want to score my best in both...

also some tips to get my score in BITSAT around the 360 mark??

Aman 2 years ago

In addition to the previous comment i would also like to inform you that my score in JEE mains is 220/360 .

awaiting your rply

profile image

Rnv 2 years ago

Sir, I'm using HCV for physics and NCERT for maths and chem. I have around a month left. Are these books enough? Plz reply asap as its quite urgent....

tariqueali11 profile image

tariqueali11 2 years ago from Eluru

Following you !!

Just loved your article bro .

I see that BITS is the only hope for me ( jee mains didn't go so well )

and by the way I completely accept that a three hour exam is completely rediculous to judge a student , and I was gonna ask ,. I have about 22 days to prepare for BITSAT and a wanna do a whole revision of every single topic in the syllabus do you think its gonna be enough if I spend about 5 , 3 and 3 hours respectively for maths chemistry and physics ? and I am Okey! with English and logical

reasoning . And are those extra 12 questions free from negative marks or are they the same as the remaining questions of the paper ..and THANKS again for the article :D

shrey 2 years ago

dSir thnx for creating such a useful blog...My xam is on 28th may nd i sored 125 in jee main.... So can i do gud inn BITSAT too...

also i wanna ask how to study chem, my chem is really weak... Bt my i score gud in maths... Physics is so so.... So tell how to brush up my syllabus nd get a gud score in bits pilani... Also sir all

shivani 2 years ago


it really helped me i hav nt scred good in jeemain so i was abit nervous ur blog helped and aroused a new hope in me thank you very much.

aditi 2 years ago


kushagra tiwari 2 years ago

sir yr article was simply awesome ..................

sir m getting 234 marks in B.Arch2014 exam conducted by CBSE .so which collage will i get

Sam 2 years ago

Superb blog :)

Ths blog has raisen my confidence..!

Sir, my jeemains did nt go well..i was damn nervous on the D-day..due to which i ruined my ppr..i m scoring near 120 or sumthng.. preparation was also nt upto the mark..i lft waves, RBD,p block, thermodynamics,sequences and series.. I m too bad in organic..whatever is in ISC syllabus...i knw only that mch..

Startng frm april 2013, i startd preparing for thn i fell sick..n after a month's gap..i cud nt bounce back to my course..sumhw near nov..i startd revising my class 11th chaps..n jst 2 months bfre boards..i lft da preparation of competition n focused only on my boards.. I m hoping to get 96+ % in boards..

Bits s the last hope fr me..i have one mnth lft in my hand..n whteva happnd with me in jeemains..i m damn scared aftr tht..i want to score 350+ in bitsat so tht i can gt CS stream!

Do u thnk i shud do da chaps..dat i lft or start revising da portions that i olready knw..and my speed s i need mch practising english s so-so! Is it impossible to crack bitsat with one preparation?

N i m mre u thnk i shud drop a year..considering the fact tht i did nt prepare well in 2013?

Thank u so mch..waiting for reply!!

ramani 2 years ago

is there any native marks for 12 bonus questions

raghu 2 years ago

i am preparing for bits but the problem i find is i can't be able to utilizee the time pleaser give me a tip to utilize and i am weak in physics compared woth the other two please list the importnt topics related to physics awaiting your reply

Krishna 2 years ago

thanks for the information given above.....

Sir, can you suggest a methood or way to study if i have 25 days left....

like, how to revise concepts,

number of questions per chapter,


ESHANI VAISH 2 years ago


shubham 2 years ago

hi sir

i am getting 137 in jee mains and expecting 85-90% in 12th boards.

my bitsat-2014 paper is in may and i want to crack it.

i will do any sort of hard work for cracking this prestigious exam.

i have ARIHANT BOOK for bitsat and i am good at english and logical reasoning too.




these are my weak topics and i would be grateful if i get some tips about how to cover these topics in 1 month.

shambhavi 2 years ago

My jee mains 2014 was not really good but my CBSE board preparation is strong so can i crack BITSAT 2014

SUNIL 2 years ago

hello sir,

your blog was really good.

i want to ask some questions.

i am promoted to 12th just few weeks ago. i think i still have almost 11 to 12 months for bitsat 2015.

in 11th i did not concentrate on any competetive exams but did only some practice for kcet. i studied only theory from ncert books and only did board level problems. i got 94% in 11th without struggling much.

i started to prepare for iit 2015 from the month of march 2014.

these are the books i am refering:

Physics: hc verma & NCERT


organic: organic chemistry 9th edition by solomons and fryhle and Ncert.

physical: Ncert and 'a text book of physical chemistry for jee advanced' by dr.r.k. gupta.


Mathematics: tata mc graw hill publications comprehensive mathematics for jee advanced.

i feel chemistry easy, physics average and maths sometimes makes me to quit. but maths is my strongest subject in boards and i scored 100. but it is very tough in iit level for me when i started to study this maths book. i am getting only solutions for maths only for 75% of the problems i solved.

are the books i refer good for even bitsat. specially for maths, should i take any other bitsat level book. my aim is to get in bits pilani at any cost and i am giving my best to do it. my aim is to score 400 in bits. please advice me whether my startegy is good or not. also please tell me about the books i am refering. please give me some advice on maths because i am feeling iit level maths very tough. is maths in bitsat easier than iit?

i am also planing to take disha publications bitsat book.

i will be completing mu syllabus before december of 2014.

Please sir, your every information will be very useful for my life.


kamesh 2 years ago

though my mains exam completed ,I didn't get any clarity what to read.Ncert is time taking.I have arihant in my hand.please suggest any tips

Adithya 2 years ago

Hello sir,

Your blog was fantastic.

I understand that there are many books for maths, physics and chemistry and each of us have an individual opinion on them.

I am unable to understand from where should english be studied in view of cracking BITSAT.

Actually as there wasn't any specific limit for meanings and other models mentioned in the syllabus, could you please suggest me something regarding from where should I study english in this very short span of time

SUNIL 2 years ago

sir, i would also like to ask that will rd sharma 11th and 12th maths be sufficient for bitsat mathematics 2015.

Suparna 2 years ago

Fantastic blog,sir...

Sir,is it necessary to prepare frm arihant or ncert books(i dnt hav dem)...wud studyng thoroughly frm "r d sharma" n "pradeep objectives" solve d purpose???

Sir ...plz rply....plz

Suparna 2 years ago

Fantastic blog,sir...

Sir,is it necessary to prepare frm arihant or ncert books(i dnt hav dem)...wud studyng thoroughly frm "r d sharma" n "pradeep objectives" solve d purpose???

Sir ...plz rply....plz

profile image

King Karthik 2 years ago

Sir your blog is really great!!!!

It is evident from the fact that the comments are still live even after a couple of years after the making of this article.

Sir I have my BITSAT in about 25 days and I am preparing with NCERT textbooks and MTG BITSAT Explorer.

Should I continue with the BITSAT Explorer or change to Arihant books???? Is it worth changing to arihant at this time?????

Please reply.............

Vinit 2 years ago

Sir ,

I secured 110 in JEE Mains 14 , 100 in Manipal entrance exam

Got a very less marks in VITEEE . Since a resident of UP i could also give UPSEE and the results are awaiting .

now since i dont see any good scope any where and i have around 20 -21 days in hand for BITSAT 14 give me how wel shall i prepare as its the only ray of hope i can see .

Sir , reading your bolg was quite helful but i am really tensed now , seeing my above performace regard to my endangered future .

In need of earliest reply . Please



anjlai 2 years ago


i have a craze for bits and want to go in desperately .. 2014 exams are about to begin ( talking about bits ) .. i have chosen 27th of May .. and my time slot is 12:30 to 3:30 .. sir, frankly i am a little lethargic when it comes to sitting for 13 hrs at a stretch and i know that minimum that much is needed for getting through .. i need some tips regarding this .. also the syllabus is vast and merely a month is left in hand ... i aim for a score of at least 340 above to get into computer science department in bits ... so i need help for the same in the earliest ... thanx and regards .

sahi 2 years ago

hellow sir

i have a doubt

my exam is on 17 may 2014 and had lot to prepare

is this time better to go through ntse books or to do mock test

Bhumika 2 years ago


Like all other students I also want to get admisssion in bits.

I haven't score good marks in jee. So my level of confidence is a bit shaken and I want to clear bitsat exam because getting admissiom in bits have been my dream. Sir can you please advice me some tips regarding this exam and to perform well in physics portion. I will be really thankful

klnkousik 2 years ago


Is there any negative marks allocation for the extra 12 questions

deepali 2 years ago

sir your tips are great...i am really confused and disappointed because i have got only 97 marks in jee main and my board result has not came yet but i am expecting around 85-90 percent..sir i really work hard and study but i am not getting the result, please give me some tips on how i can prepare for bits, only 21 days are left as my exam is on 23 may..sir i deadly want to take admission in bits and ready to work hard as much as required, please guide me.

Jithu 2 years ago

Its good to see that our seniors are there to help us out.... :)

My chemistry is awesome and since i am from an icse (English medium school) naturally my english is strong. And logical reasoning and stuff is always ok but the only problem i face is with physics so may i know as to minimum how many questions from all the section should i attend to get through??

Thanks in advance :)

bitsatpreparation 2 years ago

are the arihant mock tests papers more difficult than the actual paper that is going to come (?) and the book also gives past years question papers , but how is it possible ? like coz the test is online , isnt it ? so are the papers authentic

Shivani 2 years ago

Sir, How should i quickly revise the Physics syllabus in 25 days?

which book should i prefer?

Rohit 2 years ago

sir ,

i want to improve my speed and accuracy and i am confused regarding my syllabus plz tell me whether i go with my weak part or with the part which i feel comfortable? do reply soon as my paper is on 22nd .

Jaison 2 years ago

Do the 12 questions have negative marking too?

pratik 2 years ago

hey its 2014 , I scored 112 in jee main 2014 and i m trying crack bitsat . I have pradeeps book to study , i m weak in maths what should i do?

kishorkumar 2 years ago

Sir,,, i need to know that there are any materials available for preparing bitsat entrance and please tell me the name of book and explain me for which questions negative mark is there? Please guide me sir!!!

spandana 2 years ago

sir , iam preparing for bits from last 1 month.Its my aim to crack it . is arihant series of bits is enough to prepare? or else pls suggest me another book. and the imp meanings , synonyms etc..

meenakshi 2 years ago

i came 2 know that for admission in bits we should get 80% in 12 n is it necessary that we have to clear jee mains.............plesae tell me sir

Sunad Y S 2 years ago

Thanks for the information. It was really helpful, but i wanted to know what material to read at this time. Is ncert enough? Or should i go for something more? And those last 12 questions.. Will they have negative marking too??

Jay Bhavsar 2 years ago

if i choose to answer extra 12 ques. will i be given some extra time??

Akshita Sharma profile image

Akshita Sharma 2 years ago from Meerut

hi Rahar,

i scored 105 in jee main this year.the important thing is that i have scored this by almost minimal study.i have just given boards too.let me tel u 1 thing,from std.9,i have been very lazy,but i have managed to score well till now.but,now ,i have realised that there is no shortcut to success,;without hard work,you can't get to anywhere.i have this dream to get into BITS pilani,could you suggest me how to use time left(16 days) to do my level best?i am prepared to do over hard work too,but i want to get into my dream college

also please suggest which books should i refer for physics and maths?

hoping for a reply

thank you

Akshita Sharma profile image

Akshita Sharma 2 years ago from Meerut

hi Rahar,

i scored 105 in jee main this year.the important thing is that i have scored this by almost minimal study.i have just given boards too.let me tel u 1 thing,from std.9,i have been very lazy,but i have managed to score well till now.but,now ,i have realised that there is no shortcut to success,;without hard work,you can't get to anywhere.i have this dream to get into BITS pilani,could you suggest me how to use time left(16 days) to do my level best?i am prepared to do over hard work too,but i want to get into my dream college

also please suggest which books should i refer for physics and maths?

hoping for a reply

thank you

priya 2 years ago

Hy Sir,

Very nice block .....

which book can I prefer for logical reasoning and english .

are the NCERT - ENGLISH book is useful ?

bitsatpreparation 2 years ago

sir please reply fast na

jagriti 2 years ago

hi rahar,

well I badly want bitsat rank but are is it necessary that a minimum of 75% marks are required to crack bits?

Sri Manogna 2 years ago


I have been preparing for bits for past one month. I am from A.P. I have 10 days to go and my school is conducting exams on overall syllabus.Could u please suggest me the books to prepare at this moment??i really don't understand to which book i should go now.How do i give my in these 10 days??

Waiting for the reply,


saikumar 2 years ago


sweety 2 years ago

hi sir....i have left with only 10 days for bits.i m not so gud at all chapters of pcm..i m in should i proceed further

katesh 2 years ago

i really liked it . sir my query is i have written many tests but i am always landing at about 200-220. how do i increase it to 280-300 in about weeks time or i should just forget about bits. i am ready to study any course in bits.

swarna 2 years ago

this is quite helpful!

nirmit shah 2 years ago

sir i solved 15/16 papers. in each i scored 250+. are there chances of me clearing the exam. my exam is on 21st may,2014

Sravanth 2 years ago

Sir are eamcet and bits are of same level..???

Bhumika 2 years ago

sir can you please reply as soon as possible and i am scoring 150-200 marks in my mock test and i have been practising from arihant can i crack bitsat and i have 10 days left?

Rohit 2 years ago

Hello sir,

This was helpful.

I want to know that since only 9 days are left for my BITSAT and I've not studied anything, what should I do now?

I do want to get in BITS.

I can just say I studied hard for Boards but not after that.

shubhang 2 years ago

this was really helpful

I have just 9 days left for my bitsat

what can I do now for preparation

my basic concepts in the subjects are clear.

the problem is that I am not able to decide what to solve

Rohit 2 years ago

Reply please, I need your guidance.

Prabhat Batra 2 years ago

Sir , i m getting 100 marks in jee main and above 90% in cbse +2 board exams....i am of general category...pls tell me in which engineering college i will get admission..?...please reply sir

sam 2 years ago

Plz reply asap..!! :\ need ur help!! Plz!!

garima 2 years ago

sir ur blog is very informative and helped me alot !! im very nervous for my exam cz bits is my dream college i just want to know whether the 12 extra questions r easy or tough as compared to the 150 questions

garima 2 years ago

also, do the bonus question have negative marking?

plz reply asap cz i have my bitsat on the 24th!!

Ayushi 2 years ago

Sir , THANK U v much for these valuable tips. Many people have previously asked u , R THERE NEGATIVE MARKS ALLOTED FOR THE INCORRECTLY ANSWERED BONUS QUESTIONS???????????


Ayushi 2 years ago

Sir , THANK U v much for these valuable tips. Many people have previously asked u , R THERE NEGATIVE MARKS ALLOTED FOR THE INCORRECTLY ANSWERED BONUS QUESTIONS???????????


diksha bansal 2 years ago

thanks rahar.......the strategy u gave really made me confident for my bitsat there any negative marking for the extra 12 questions?????????????

anonymous 2 years ago

Nope there aren't -ve marks for those 12 xtra ques :)

Mikita 2 years ago

Hey, I need help with chemistry. I am able to solve most questions in physics and maths barring probably 3 or 4. But chemistry is a problem. I can manage only 20. It brings down my total. How should I prepare chemistry? I am thorough with ncert but seems like I need to read some other text.

Please help :)

jyoti singh 2 years ago

sir i got 190 marks in BITSAT exam ....

would u plz tel me

what was my expected air rank will be ....

should i get selected or not ????

jyoti singh 2 years ago

sir i got 190 marks in BITSAT exam ....

would u plz tel me

what was my expected air rank will be ....

should i get selected or not ????

2 years ago

haey jyoti as per las years cut off you wont (266 min)

shamaira 2 years ago

sir..ur blog is rely very helpful.

bt m very confused about the most important decision of my life right now.even m preparing for bitsat 2014 but m nt so sure dat i will get the score for the branch i desire.

also there are chances dat i may get a good college in my own state and no one around me is in favour of an year drop bt m very passionate abt getting into an institute as gud as bits pilani..and d reason i cudnt perform well in other exams is lack of preparation and beleiv that with some more practise i will b able able to acheive what i m unable to decide whether i should follow everyone's advice or take an year drop and give a chance to my dreams..

sir plzz reply..i need help !!

profile image

rahulagrwl 2 years ago

this page is really awesome...sir i got 255 in bitsat i make it to any bits college????plz reply asap...thnx

Niti 2 years ago


Sir u blog is awsome..

I m vry vry nervous..

I got 98 in jeemais(obc) and 121 in boards i got 97% (5 subjcts)

I have my ppr on 26th..i hhave done up wid my course i m jst revising now.. I have also solvd entire portion f chemistry and some f maths n phy from arihant.

Sir i hve practiced 2 mock pprs n i scored badly..130 in bitsat ppr 2007 and 148 in mock tst..

I m vry much scared..wht shud i do in thse 3 days!!

R mock tests tougher than actual papers?

Can u plz suggest some sites for referring to reliable pprs..

Plz tell me da level of bitsat..

Plz sir reply asap!!

Plz! :(

niti 2 years ago

Please sir..plz? Hlp me out..

Plz.. :(

Plz :(

Pllllzzzzzzz :(

nisha 2 years ago

plz sir my condition is same as niti and this is my last chance and last xam i m vry nervous plz help me out sir

saranya 2 years ago

u r blog is awesome ! too helpful ! thank you :)

Sakshi 2 years ago

Hi I got 104 in jee mains and 195 in BITS 2014 ...i belong to OBC quota..

Can i get admission in NIT or BITS

sunil 2 years ago

hello sir, thanks for the help last time on fb. i also have a question now. as of now my 2nd pu classes started and the teachers told to take regular tests for the topics covered. please can you recommend some books which i can use to test my knowledge after completing a topic.

sunil 2 years ago

hello sir, thanks for the help last time on fb. i also have a question now. as of now my 2nd pu classes started and the teachers told to take regular tests for the topics covered. please can you recommend some books which i can use to test my knowledge after completing a topic.

sanjay 2 years ago

sir, i want to know that is coaching necessary to crack coaching. i am in 12th and haven't joined any coaching. but i think i may join crash course for jee at aakash during march 2015. please advice me regarding coaching.

sravani 2 years ago

hello sir, i have scored 260 in bitsat 2014. It is just below the cutoff marks for most the programmes. It has been announced that iits have increased their seats so i have hope that i may just get in. Is there any smart way of choosing the programmes that may increase my chances of getting in??

Saharsh 2 years ago

All of the tips that you have written here are seriously very helpful for me however I am still a bit confused about it's question framing like what's the level of the BITSAT paper. I mean how will you compare it with other engineering exams like IIT Mains or Advance.

As you might be knowing that IIT Mains rather gives questions in bulk but however it's questions are not that much tough to solve. While on the other side in IIT Advance, it rather tests for the problem solving approach and it's quality of questions are also very high. So how will you rate the quality of questions in BITSAT.

sanjay 2 years ago

sir pls reply

sharma 2 years ago

sir my son is in 12th now.please guide me on good bitsat online test series as i am confused with so many ads .which is authentic and good .please guide .and one more thing he is preparing for jee mains and advance,will that cover bitsat portion also.thank you.

om chowdary 2 years ago

sir, i am tooo happy to find a blog like this which is useful to crack bitsat exam .i have read the total blog above very very thank ful to your siggestions . i heart fully admire your suggestions .

. actually i am not a bitsat aspirant i was just an ordinary student. i am not able to qualify even jee mains . but with out any previous preparation i have scored 241 marks in bitsat . which made me analyse that i am some what perfect at basic concepts . and i have also analysed that bitsat exam is not so tough as jee mains and advanced as such exam only thing requrired is speed and acuracy as you had already mentioned. but i was little confused at sylubuss and pattern of exam . now i had decided to take coaching for 1 more year try to crack bitsat this time . can you give me a brieff explanation of sylubuss that is helpful for me and lot more bitsat aspirants like 1.from which chapters of PCM does the formulae based questions are asked 2.and from which chapters does the conceptual based qusetions are asked 3.and a useful list of books that the above concepts asked in bitsat are included and like that

Aryan 2 years ago

Sir do I need to join coachings like fiitjee ,Vmc etc. to crack bitsat

Or will be able to do it if I just do ncert and arihant and some practice papers

Rohan 2 years ago

Sir ive been scoring in the range of 65-70 in my board exams although I believe I can score much better. ...Do u think I must even think of bitsat with 7 month s left

rohit kothawale 2 years ago

Sir I'm now in 11 th I liked your advice very much. Thank you very much...

sree sainath 2 years ago

i am studying inter 1 st year i would like to write bitsat

what are the qualyfiying marks for bits i am basically oc caste person

Johnb206 2 years ago

Hey, you used to write amazing, but the last couple of posts have been kinda boring I miss your tremendous writings. Past couple of posts are just a little out of track! come on! bgdfbgfegfeg

Johng661 2 years ago

obviously like your website but you have to check the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very bothersome to tell the truth nevertheless Ill definitely come back again. fgffdedgeefc

Johnc191 2 years ago

Very interesting subject , appreciate it for posting . All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why. by James Thurber. beebgfaddedd

Johne430 2 years ago

This is one awesome blog post. Keep writing. bkbkkfefggkf

Priya 2 years ago

Nice to see this blog here and thanks for posting this tips & tricks about online exams and i need more updates, help me to know about the latest exams.

Sarang Bhirad profile image

Sarang Bhirad 2 years ago

Thnx was too much helpful !!!

Btw...from now there are 5 months left for BITSAT-2015...plzz suggest me the systematic way to prepare and books helpful for each subject????

Also ...plzz tell the time left from now on enough to crack bitsat???

Waiting for the reply!!! :)

Pinky 2 years ago

I'm In 11th standard at present and I really want to get in to BITS

because I totally believe that BITS is a place where I can really show my potential because Ive really liked the flexibility of this college and all,its very great for how patiently you are repling to all these posts and messages,I am really working hard for BITS I am good at concepts and my speed is good too but the only problrm i was facing in solving those mock tests were the english antonyms and synonyms,can you please help me?

PLEASE do replyy :)

Payal 2 years ago

Hello sir. I am in class 12th and my 11th class was a mess. I want to prepare for the bitsat .i have boght the complete success package for bitsat -arihant's. Please tell me will it be enough to study the topics of 11th from this book or if i should go through the whole ncert books?

kanwar singh 2 years ago

sir !i want to ask that how many marks i have to score if i want to clear bitsat written exam

saurabh 2 years ago

Sir , i have bought arihant book for BITSAT 2015 how i send you snapshot

srinidhi 2 years ago

Hi sir,

i have my bitsat in four months and i still have my boards to crack in a months time. Do i prepare for both?

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