Tips for Meeting New People

Tips for Meeting New People

To widen your social circle:

  • Join in. Join in community organization, a special interest group or book club. Scan community calendars and other listing for ideas. Create your own group.
  • Travel. Contact a travel agents about special tours.
  • Be a good sport. Attend local spectator events. Take classes in a new sport or join a exercise class.
  • Get a pet. Pets are attention grabbers. Take advantage of their magnetic personalities by making conversation with people who stop to talk.
  • Study up. Take a class in finance, gardening, computers or cooking. Finish your degree or earn a new one.
  • Share Knowledge or talent. Teach what your know- financial planning, cooking, sewing, repair, music.
  • Volunteer. Read with elementary students. Visit a homebound neighbor. Work at a local shelter, food bank or meals program. Be a mentor to a youngsters or colleague.
  • Be neighborly. Invite a neighbor over for dinner. Start a friendship by asking a favor.
  • Attend worship services. Studies show that older people who attend religious services live longer than those who don’t attend services.

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