Tony Buzan's Mind Mapping - The Ultimate Thinking Tool

Tony Buzan's Mind Mapping - The Ultimate Thinking Tool

The basic learning principles of Mind Mapping have been around for centuries, and have been used by some of the greatest creative genius’ and most influential individuals in history such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Richard Feynman, William Blake and Albert Einstein. However, the term ‘Mind Mapping’ was not founded until the 1960s by Tony Buzan, a psychologist and leading expert in areas of the brain such as learning and memory. Today millions of people around the world use Mind Mapping for a wide variety of actions ranging from simply becoming better planners or more confident public speakers, to aid problem solving on a much more substantial scale.

The Ultimate Organizational Thinking Tool

Tony Buzan states a Mind Map is the ultimate organizational thinking tool, it is the easiest way to put information into your brain and take information out of your brain. It’s a creative and effective means of note taking that literally ‘maps out’ your thoughts. Mind Maps have a natural structure that radiates from the centre and use curved lines, symbols, words and images according to a set of natural and brain-friendly rules. A long list of boring information can be transformed into colorful, memorable, highly organized diagrams with Mind Mapping that reflect your brain’s natural way of thinking and encourage synergetic thinking.

Mind Maps Help You Learn

Linear note taking and list making is the worst way to encourage creativity and thinking as it locks the brain behind ‘prison bars’ that methodically disconnects one thought from another. Whilst Mind Mapping branches stem outwards to form another level of sub-branches that flow with your thoughts and ideas. The mind, although may already contain the knowledge or information, is usually highly disorganized and can have trouble retrieving the stored information when required. Mind Maps help you learn, organize and store information in a way that gives you access to your brain when and where you need it.

The Two Main Principles

Imagination and association are the two main principles that make Mind Mapping so effective. Our brains work with sensory images with appropriate links and associations radiating them. Mind Mapping reflects the brain’s natural, image filled thinking processes and helps reinforce the ‘maps of thought’ in your brain. This is why the ability to Mind Map comes so naturally to many people and should be used as a natural study tool. Such an approach opens the way for phenomenal improvement in your thinking power.

Creativity and Memory

When developing creative skills you are not only improving your ability to come up with innovative ideas you are also, by default, enhancing your ability to remember things. This is because creativity and memory are vertically identical mental processes – they both work best when you are you imagination and association.

Mind Mapping Uses Aspects of Both Sides of the Brain

The brain is split into the left and right hemisphere. Each hemisphere processes different mental skills, for example, the left develops verbal, mathematical and analytical abilities, whilst the right is connected to drawing, music, spatial awareness, and imagination. The hemispheres are completely separate systems and are rarely used together. However, Mind Mapping uses aspects of both sides of the brain. If used together, each side of the brain simultaneously reinforces the other in a manner which provides limitless creative potential and strengthens the ability for greater associations leading to greater intellectual firepower.

Download iMindMap Files

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iMindMap File

Please Note: All the example Mind Maps were created using Buzan's iMindMap™ - The offical software from Tony Buzan, inventor of Mind Mapping. To open and edit these files you will need to have iMindMap™ installed. If you do not have iMindMap™ you can easily download and try the software for FREE.

About iMindMap™

Tony Buzan is the world’s leading expert on the brain and is the inventor of Mind Mapping®, the thinking technique used by over 250 million people worldwide. Whilst many products have claimed to allow you to Mind Map on a computer, none have managed to fully duplicate Tony’s world renowned process. Until now that is… iMindMap™ gives you the infinite visual variety, portability, freedom, brain friendliness and effectiveness of traditional, highly proven Mind Mapping® techniques. iMindMap™ is the ultimate thinking tool which allows you to work, learn and think smarter so you can excel in any area of your life.

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