Top 10 Most Expensive Streets in the world

The Golden Streets

Did you ever think about the most expensive streets in the world to live? What will it cost for a wonderland where you can make your dream come true? Just make some wild guess and then look into the top ten expensive streets in the world to live. Below is a list of ten most expensive streets in the world to own an apartment. This list is based on a survey by the Wealth Bulletin which was published in early August 2009. Hope when i get out of debt, i will go travel insurance and will go to all these places.


1. Avenue Princess Grace, Monaco

Price: $17,750 (INR 8,52,000) per square feet.

Monaco is well known for its luxury and also known as the home for party-friendly billionaires. Avenue Princess Grace, Monte Carlo always offers something for everyone. What all you want is here, there is the casino, the stunning sceneries, the Formula 1 Grand Prix and what more, plenty of sunshine all year round. Monaco has one of the best yacht harbours in the world.

1. Monaco
1. Monaco

2. Severn Road, Hong Kong

Price: $11,200 (INR 5,37,000) per square feet.

Hong Kong, a former British colony  is one of the world most advanced countries in the world is a very attractive destination for holidays as well. The Severn Road is one of the top streets in Hong Kong as well as in the world. The City offers a variety of exciting experiences to visitors from all around the world. You can enjoy the nearby islands, lovely beaches and yes, the Disney is not too far away.

2. Hong Kong
2. Hong Kong

3. Fifth Avenue, New York City

Price: $7,500 (INR 3,60,000) per square feet.

Fifth Avenue, New York itself is a unique iconic symbol. Fifth Avenue serves as a symbol of wealthy New York and is consistently ranked as one of the most expensive streets in the world. It is one of the premier shopping streets in the world. It will cost you $7500 per own a home in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. You can find anything in the world you want in this city. Great food, pleasure shopping and not to forget a lot of entertainment too on offer.

3. Fifth Avenue, New York City
3. Fifth Avenue, New York City

4. Kensington Palace Gardens, London

Price: $7,196 (INR 3,45,000) per square feet.

Kensington PalaceGardens is a street in west central London which contains some of the grandest and most expensive houses in the world. It was the location of the London Cage, the British government MI9 centre used during the Second World War and the Cold War. It has long been known as "Billionaires Row". Indian billionaire, Laxmi Mithal resides in this very street. We love London as just that we love London’s vibrancy and what the city can offer residents. There is never a dull moment other than the weather plays a spoilsport. It’s the city that never sleeps for sure.

4. Kensington Palace Gardens, London
4. Kensington Palace Gardens, London

5. Avenue Montaigne, Paris

Price: $5,076 (INR 2,43,000) per square feet.

Avenue Montaigne boasts numerous stores specialising in high fashion, such as Dior, Chanel, Valentino and Ralph Lauren, as well as jewellers like Bulgari and other high-class establishments such as the Plaza Athénée hotel. The city of romance has the EiffelTower, with great views from the top. You can also have a boat trip on the river Seine. Again, It is one of the premier shopping streets in the world.

5. Avenue Montaigne, Paris
5. Avenue Montaigne, Paris

6. Ostozhenka, Moscow

Price: $3,738 (INR 1,79,000) per square feet.

Seeing Moscow in this is actually a surprise for everyone. Especially since it outranked Beverly Hills and Sydney, which known to be very expensive. Ostozhenka, Moscow clocked in with $3,738 per sq.ft. Ostozhenka is well known for its tradition and class, and also it is a very pleasant place for shopping and dining. Many of Russia’s rapidly growing number of billionaires have apartments on the street, which runs along the Moscow River.

6. Ostozhenka, Moscow
6. Ostozhenka, Moscow

7. Via Suvretta, St. Moritz, Switzerland

Price: $3,551 (INR 1,70,000) per square feet.

St. Moritz is considered the oldest and one of the most famous winter resorts in the world. Due to its favorable location, residents enjoy over 300 days of sunshine a year. Every winter this alpine village hosts the "White Turf" horse race on the frozen LakeSt. Moritz attended by the international Upper class people. Many prominent billionaires have holiday homes here, including Lakshmi Mittal and the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. You can have pastimes which include skiing and hiking. Via Suvretta is one of the ancient but modern streets in St. Moritz.

7. St. Moritz, Switzerland
7. St. Moritz, Switzerland

8. Carolwood Drive, Beverly Hills

Price: $2,803 (INR 1,34,500) per square feet.

Beverly Hills is a city in the western part of Los Angeles County, California, United States. Beverly Hills and the neighboring city of West Hollywood are together entirely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles. Carolwood Drive, Beverly Hills is home to countless Hollywood celebrities and the wealthy.

8.Beverly Hills
8.Beverly Hills

9. Wolseley Road, Sydney

Price: $2,616 (INR 1,25,500) per square feet.

Wolseley Road is the most expensive residential street in Australia and it stands as Australia's ultimate address, with 16 of the top 100 most expensive houses in Sydney being located on this street. Sydney is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, reflected as a major destination for immigrants to Australia. Property on Wolseley Road got boosted by a very strong Australian dollar in recent months that has appreciated around 20% against the US dollar since the beginning of the year.

9. Wolseley Road, Sydney
9. Wolseley Road, Sydney

10. Altamount Road, Mumbai

Price: $2,336 (INR 1,12,000) per square feet.

Hey hey, Who said India is a 3rd world country? Mumbai clocks in at 10th place. The Indians have certainly busted their behinds in the race of world domination and consequently built and grown some impressive cities. Mumbai is a perfect example of that. Altamount Road is a residential street in South Mumbai, parallel to Peddar Road which it meets at the well-known intersection called Kemp's Corner. Altamount Road is a very affluent area, and also home to several Bollywood stars. If you want to buy real estate in Mumbai, you are looking at around $2,336per sq.ft.

10. Mumbai
10. Mumbai

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Comments 31 comments

tapoo 7 years ago

itz just awsome

Jinny Johny 7 years ago

Is that true?

GhoshalPK 7 years ago

I stay in Hong Kong and have a dream to take a house in Swiss some time in life.

Suresh Kumar 7 years ago

I dont know about the rest of teh pictures but the 10th photo which you have show is of Tokyo. Why do you misguide people??? Insert the correct picture.

MikeNV profile image

MikeNV 7 years ago from Henderson, NV

Is good hub, but what a waste when you can spend your money on a great place elsewhere.

MikeNV profile image

MikeNV 7 years ago from Henderson, NV

Is good hub, but what a waste when you can spend your money on a great place elsewhere.

Osvaldo 7 years ago

The last place on earth that i would step is Mumbai. Its a nightmare for all since the terrorist attack. Poor security and lack of concern on human lives. I just cant forgive the government of India for their irresponsible behaviour appealing, begging and pleading to US, Saudi and UN to punish Pakistan.The most sad part was how the jewish family was killed by the muslim terrorist. Its not something new to known muslim like killing but but hurting to see a hindu country enjoy's the killing and never take any serious action on the terrorist group. How long can India be a coward that's long people has no trust to even step into India.

hypnosis4u2 profile image

hypnosis4u2 7 years ago from Massachusetts

Educational and eye-opening hub - thanks for research.

Fredrick 7 years ago

It's nice o live in my place that's better than all places Kurana Srilanka

Thiagu 7 years ago

Living or owning a place like the above is just a dream people like us. The people who are living those places are God's favorite or they got the Grace of God. What else I say? Let them live Happily and I wish god Bless them. If I have a rebirth I want to born in any one of the place particularly in Switzerland (My drean land)to a Good parents

Thanks for give an oppurunity to say about my dream

vinesh777 profile image

vinesh777 7 years ago from Oman Author

Thanks all for your comments.

Hi Osvaldo, I agree with you to some extent. But, can you please tell me which place will you choose from of the list to live?

suziecat7 profile image

suziecat7 7 years ago from Asheville, NC

Good Hub - I'm a fan

Aqua profile image

Aqua 7 years ago from California

This is pretty interesting. I was definitely surprised about Moscow. Even if I had enough money to live in any of these locations, I would still likely live someplace else. It is interesting though to see what people are willing to pay to live on the "right" street. Nice hub!

Vizey profile image

Vizey 7 years ago

You must have researched a lot for collecting this info on expensive streets. I think even in India there are places that are more expensive than New York.

Alfonso 7 years ago

Try Grafton street in Dublin Ireland or Shrewsbury Road in South Dublin, they both appeared in newspapers as being the 2 most expensive addresses to have on earth! Its far too expensive to be Irish any more!

Lisa HW profile image

Lisa HW 7 years ago from Massachusetts

Loved the photographs.

KUMAR 7 years ago



sureshprameela 7 years ago

Really I prefer mumbai.I very much like to live there.Some head less people like OSVALDO have can not understand the real things which are marvelous.

Nizamhm 7 years ago

Although Ostozhenka, Moscow is in the 6th place, I like that for its Architecture, and well as the environment. It seems a peaceful location and I hope and think that one can enjoy the luxurious facilities of the palace and the nature. My second preference goes to Altamount Road, Mumbai. Tx u.

Samuel 6 years ago

Where are the streets of São Paulo wonderful, in Brazil? And the Rio? I love Brazil ?

Dave Harris profile image

Dave Harris 6 years ago from Cardiff, UK

I went for Paris, but would love St.Moritz as the second home! LOL, dreaming now!

Jose Alves 6 years ago

I would probably choose Paris if I had enough money...I was very surprised with Mumbai and also very much surprised that Tokyo was absent from the list. Av.Defim Moreira in Rio is certainly one of the most expensive addresses in the world!

Abhinav 5 years ago

Hey i am living in mumbai only. And the indian billioniar mr. Mukesh ambani purchase a land and make world's most expensive house.that's the reason the almount road is great. .

Justin 4 years ago

the picture for Wolseley Rd, Point Piper in Sydney is actually a pub called Lord Wolseley in Ultimo, Sydney - you have the wrong street

phillippeengel profile image

phillippeengel 4 years ago

Expensive streets, expensive foods, expensive cost of living...I wouldn't be able to survive with these exuberant expenses if I don't earn a large income. Moreover, these are luxury commodities, so I don't have the intention to live so expensively. Life is subjected to limitations sometimes.

Lakshmi Mittal 4 years ago

Hey, i saw ur article and im Glad that u have entered my street in london as one the expensive in the world.

A Very Thanks.

profile image

Zack1930 4 years ago

I guess the poll is very india biased. And frankly Monaco coming second is rather due to the myth than reality, a tiny all-concrete place, where the coastline has been waisted. The concentration of show off rich men ran after by cheap fake blond wanabees and prostitutes is so high that it quickly becomes unbearable, shallow and uninteresting. Places like London Paris, New York,... are filled with riches, with a sparkle of class and elegance.

Enrique 4 years ago

Monaco or St.Moritz ... Mumbai is winning because this poll is very indian so of course is top of the list but really Mumbai is a piece of shit and smells like crap .... 4 years ago

what a nice site i became fan of your site :D all post are too good (y)

mumbaikar!! 3 years ago

mr.osvaldo...i agree wit u @sum its nt our cowardness....v r peace lovng nation....n that's d bigggst reasn y v didn take harsh steps,,n 4 ua kind info...@this site...mumbai has most prefernce....leadng by 19% of total votes' n @mr.suresh kumar....u shud b ashamd f callng urselves an Indian....d 10th of TajMahal Hotel n Gateway of India....morons' like mr.osvaldo knws it bt u dnt....sigh!!

mumbaikar!! 3 years ago

i will...defintly,,Go 4 Altamount Road....Mumbai!! :* :*

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