Top Things to do With A Wine Cork

Wine corks can be more than just a topper for your favorite bottle of wine, especially if you're creative at heart. With a little imagination and creativity, you can make many little items that will not only help you in your recycling goal but also will add to the décor of your home. Here are several ideas which are very easy to do. Many of these make excellent personalized wine gifts.

Wine corks make excellent bottoms for your homemade plant pots or pottery. All you need is a hot glue gun to melt the cork down a little bit. For the pottery, cut the cork into ¼" pieces and attach 3 or 4 of them to the bottom of the pottery or pot. This helps the item sit firmly as well as prevent it from scratching your table if it's kept on top of the table as a decoration. Putting these corks on the bottom of your planters will keep the pot off the floor so there's no water damage each time you water your plant.

Cork works as an example "scrubber" for the blades of your carbon kitchen knives. Clean them first with kitchen cleanser and the scrub any leftover residue with the cork.

Wine corks may some very cute Christmas ornaments and are a project young children can easily help with. Take some fishing line and, with a sewing needle, string them together with fake cranberries. They make excellent decorations for the tree or down your hallway or railing. Speaking of cork Christmas decorations, here's another very unique idea. At your local craft store, pick up angel wings or 2 small white feathers, two gold pipe cleaners and 1 small wooden ball. Flip the cork upside down and glue the wooden ball to it. Paint a face on the ball, using yarn or old cotton for the hair.

Make a round halo out of one of the pipe cleaners and glue it to the head. Glue the wings on each side and glue the second pipe cleaner on as a hanger for the ornament. For a decorative look (so your angel is dressed), glue some lace around it.  You can also make cute little Santa's with corks. Using cylindrical corks, paint them red, glue on white cotton for the beard and using a small item for the eyes, add a cone of construction paper (preferably red) for the hat and you're all finished.

Corks also make excellent bobbers for fishing. Drill a hole through the bobber and insert a narrow piece of reed or dowling, making sure it extends 1 ½" on the top and bottom. Scrape a notch in the dowling where you want your fishing line inserted. You'll know as soon as you have a fish biting because the bobber will tip over. This is another project your child will love helping you to make and use!

Corks can also be used a stopper in vinegar or olive oil bottles. Cut out a lengthwise section on the wine cork. Stick it inside the bottle and you'll never have to worry about too much liquid pouring out.

Don't know if you're aware of this or not, but corks can be used and used over again. If you boil them for 5 to 10 minutes they can be reshaped to their original shape.

One of the coolest uses for a cork is when you have that wobbly table at a restaurant. Just have your waiter to cut the cork on an angle to make a cork "shim" and slide it under the wobbly spot. It's a good idea to keep an extra cork or two in your wine carrier and add it to your collection of handy wine accessories.


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