Tornado Alley

Rocky Mountains to the Appalachian Mountains

 Tornado Alley

While tornadoes have been known to appear in every country except Antarctica, there are some areas more prone to their development than others. This area in the United States ranges from the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachian Mountains. The plains areas seem to be more prone to tornadoes forming as they have so much open area to gain speed and power.

This is why Texas has so many Tornadoes that form annually. The state of Florida has more reported tornadoes annually than any other state. This is due to the combination of humidity in the air mixed with thunderstorms. However, the severity of the tornados in Florida are very mild and they don’t tend to do very much damage.

The worst tornado damage comes from those that form along Oklahoma. The areas of tornado alley that are the biggest dangers include Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota. These can be in the ranges of F3 to F4 tornadoes that are known to create a great deal of damage.

Some areas in tornado alley are prone to more tornadoes during specific seasons. There are spots that are famous for them in the summer months while others tend to form only during the winter. In order to help people prepare for tornadoes in these areas, detailed systems are in place. They notify people of approaching tornado watches and warnings.

There are also various types of building codes along tornado alley that you won’t find anywhere else. This is to ensure the various structures can withstand the tornadoes that come through. Most homeowner’s are required to carry tornado insurance on their homes and businesses as well.

Most individuals that live along tornado alley have learned to deal with it. They are prepared for when tornadoes will come across. They also have plenty of loud sirens in the area to warn people. They go about their daily routine without worrying too much about tornadoes.

However, many travelers through such areas aren’t aware of the tornado issues or they aren’t prepared for them. Many public locations along tornado alley have shelters for those that need a place to go. If you will be planning a trip along tornado alley you should make sure you are prepared for them to occur.


Nelle Hoxie 7 years ago

Wow, I hadn't thought about that. Something else to check out if we decide to go on a road trip.

Genevieve Cann 7 years ago

it looked like a tonado was on its way this morning

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