True love?

are they in love?
are they in love?
are they in love for real?
are they in love for real?

What is true love? How will I know when I'm in love? What is love? When do I say 'I love you'?

There are so many questions when it comes to love. Well I know all the answers, so don't worry I can help!

I have come up with a theory about love. You know in math class when you learned that a square is always a rectangle, but a rectangle is not always a square? Well I do and hopefully you do too, if not pay attention in math more! Anyway so that's the fact. When you're in a relationship with someone and you have said those three words, which I do not feel like typing again, the way to know if it is true or your just saying it is ask yourself this: have I farted in front of this person? If the answer is YES and you have said the three words then yes you are truly in love, if you answered NO then you are NOT in love no matter how you feel about this shows you are not comfortable enough with this person to even fart in front of them, and that is sad. If they really love you back then they won't give a damn if you fart in front of them. Well here's the relationship between that math class fact and the fart theory. It is possible to fart in front of your person and not be in love with them yet, but it is impossible to be in love with them and not have farted in front of them yet. Now you get it? If not get with the program, you obviously not only need to start paying attention in math class, but also start paying attention in life. So there that is how you can see if you are really in love.

Any unanswered questions from the top? ah yes, so recap...What is true love? Farting. How will I know when I'm in love? When we are comfortable enough to fart in front of eachother. What is love? Farts. When do I say 'I love you'? After letting one rip!

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