Is This A Strange and Sinister Phenomenon?

The deep orange illuminated UFO that lurks in our skies. Have you seen it?

On three occasions I have witnessed a mysterious UFO in the dark winter evening skies above London, England. I do not suggest it is extraterrestrial, how could I ever know that, but what I do know is that it is not any form of aircraft that I know of or have ever seen. Below I recount my observations and the close encounter that my brother had with it.

On the majority of Sunday’s I make an effort to visit my mother with my children. With my father no longer alive, I feel impelled to ensure that her grandchildren see their grandmother as often as possible. Fortunately, she is not alone, as my brother, his wife and son are currently living in the house with her. My visits normally entail the kids playing, sitting around the table for dinner and more often than not, my brother and me ending up in the back garden talking boys stuff e.g. football, saving the world etc… However, on one particular day, Sunday 10th, December 2010, we observed something that had us both baffled.

My mother’s rear garden which has a North to North Easterly aspect presents an incredible vista of the night sky in London terms. Situated in the city's North Western suburbs, the raised patio area overlooks a small lawn down to a garden fence. Behind the garden is an alleyway that services several garages to the rears of the adjacent houses. The alleyway is then backed by a large allotment where the nearest cluster of houses is semi-hidden behind a group of towering poplar trees a good distance, at least 300 metres I would say, on the other side of the allotment. To the right of these houses, there is a further semi-rural backdrop created by the woodland growth that surrounds a large reservoir that services this part of London. The effect of all these factors is that the sky pans out like a huge canvas in front of you with remarkably minimal light pollution in city terms and with little need to raise your head more than a few degrees to observe its full glory.

The house is also situated on a rotational flight path into Heathrow airport which is several miles away and although the planes remain at a reasonable altitude before their descent towards the airport, the precise formations of them getting into line can be observed clearly. On this particular chilly evening, the skies were crystal clear (an unusualphenomenon itself in England) and the activity of the planes plus the volume of stars that were visible, provided a fascinating source for discussion. One particular star stood large and bright to the centre right of our aspect which we concluded to be Venus.

As we stood chatting with eyes fixed to the stars, my brother pointed out an object that he had noticed moving back and forth in the sky. He directed me to it is general location and after a few moments my eyes focussed on it. With the distraction of the numerous stars and the occasional plane flying at high altitude, it was certainly an object that only a trained eye would notice. It appeared to be at an altitude higher than the sporadic high high flying planes that were presumably en-route to other destinations and appeared simply to be a deep orange or red ball of light. It had not visible shape or flashing lights, did not flicker and its movement was smooth and precise. Left to right, right to left, away from view then back closer, it moved in a manner unlike any aircraft we knew. It had the capability to stop immediately in mid air and change direction instantly and with the convenient comparison of the occasional airliner in its vicinity, we could gauge that its speed was significantly quicker than a conventional passenger craft. This observation continued for approximately an hour with our kids and my sister-in-law popping out to see it. Alas, being a Sunday evening and with school in the morning beckoning, I reluctantly had to abandon my UFO watch and get my kids home for bed. After the customary goodbyes, I took the twenty minute drive home to be greeted by the stern looks of my wife at bringing the kids home so late. The excitement I relayed to her about my UFO experience held little resonance as she ushered the children upstairs and into their pre-bedtime baths. Putting my experience to one side, I soon found myself going to bed as I also had the mundane reality of work in the morning.

On my way into work the next day, my brother rang with the amazing conclusion to the previous evening's action with the statement “you missed the main event”. It transpired that about an hour after I had left my mother’s house, he had gone back out into the garden to see if he could locate the object again. At this point, some clouds (inevitably in England) had started to drift across the sky from an easterly direction and he could see the object further into the distance but at a lower altitude. He described how its glow seemed to be reflecting off the bottom of the clouds. Thinking that was the end of proceedings, he returned inside house. However, with his curiosity still high, he stepped into the garden for one final look only to observe that the bank of clouds had pretty much engulfed the Eastern and Northern skies with the West fast becoming covered up.

He walked down the patio steps onto the lawn in an attempt to focus more clearly on the distant skies but there seemed no sight of the object anywhere. Then suddenly, he became aware of something approaching from a Westerly aspect over his left shoulder. As he turned slowly in its general direction, a deep orange glowing object which he estimated in relation to the size of its light must have been equivalent to a small jet engined plane, drifted silently towards his general direction. Startled by this unexpected development he scurried to the perceived security of the kitchen door where with one foot inside the house, he became transfixed to the object as he tried to establish its actual form. Several seconds had passed before it dawned on him to call his wife who was busy doing some ironing in the living room. Not realising the significance of the situation, she moaned that it was too cold to come outside and she would need to get her coat. With one eye trying to keep sight of the object as it now began to drift over the roof top and the other on his wife’s lack of urgency, his annoyance was completed by its eventual disappearance from view before she got to the back door. He ran to the front of door to see where it was going, only to find that it was nowhere to be seen.

After getting over his initial frustration at his wife’s failure to witness this momentous event, he began to analyse its mysterious nature. He deciphered that it must have been the same object we had observed earlier and presumably came down from its original lofty height to get beneath the ensuing low cloud. He was unable to make out its shape or its form due to the obscuring intensity of its deep orange light that glared his view. It had drifted smoothly over the houses barely 40-50 ft above the roof tops yet was so deadly silent that his wife was completely oblivious to it. At such a late hour, most neighbours would have been in their houses or tucked up in bed but it was still incredible that no one else had witnessed this sizeable object. It was without doubt the most amazing experience he had ever encountered and one that I am acutely envious not to have witnessed with him.

Of course, it remained high on our topic for discussion over the following days and weeks but with the belief it had been a one-off chance encounter and something of a ‘you had to be there to see it’ story it began to fade into a famous UFO mystery. Christmas and New Year soon became a further distraction over which period it made for a a fascinating but slightly unbelievable tale I sense for some. As you can imagine, for my brother and me, the urge to look to the skies has become an almost irresistible temptation and I am always glimpsing up towards the night darkness for any unusual activity. Several weeks passed before I convinced myself that this object had been a unique experience that may never occur again.

Then one day a few weeks later, my brother called me to say he had seen it again. He had walked out to the local shops one evening and as he approached the main street, to his amazement, there was the object in the sky again at the height of recently taken off airplane. He gazed as it drifted across the street and into the distance before looking around him to see if anyone else had noticed it. There was not even the slightest flinch from anybody and he simply continued on his way. Then within moments he observed a helicopter hovering momentarily and somewhat aimlessly around the vicinity of where the object had just passed before flying off into the distance. Again, other than the odd curious glimpse upward, no one else paid much mind to a sound that is not too unfamiliar over the streets of London. This second sighting almost had the effect of normalising what we had previously seen and although it brought the subject to the fore of our minds, we simply had too busy day-to-day lives to dwell on it.

A couple of weeks after that observation, to my surprise, I recognised the same object drifting around in the evening skies above my house and I spent a few minutes watching it until it eventually became too faint to see and me too cold to bother. Then a week or so ago, the same object appeared momentarily again out from the clouds near to my house before drifting slightly to one side and then disappearing back into the white stuff. By now the thrill of seeing this object had waned and I was now more curious about its purpose rather than its origin. Finally, this week on the 1st, January 2011, yet again, I caught glimpse of this same object after it appeared in the skies above my rear garden before drifting silently at a relatively high altitude across the darkness and out of site over the roof tops. I decided to wait a few moments to see if it would circle back around and to my surprise it appeared again above my head from seemingly nowhere and followed a similar path into the distance. Slightly baffled by this occurrence, I decided to stay with eyes fixated to the full breadth of sky in front of me to convince myself that I had simply missed it looping around in a circular path. To my astonishment, it again repeated its sudden appearance and onto its repetitive trajectory. After several repetitions of this manifestation, I was impelled to call my brother to discuss this latest development. After some forty minutes or so and with it being decidedly cold, I abandoned my observation of an object that although remains highly fascinating has simply become a surprisingly familiar occurrence in the night skies.

While I may be a firm believer in life beyond this relative speck of dust we call Earth in comparison to the wider cosmos and there is the exotic temptation to assume an extraterrestrial origin, I am also a rational person who recognises I have no true foundation to presume anything more than a man-made technology. It is definitely not a plane or helicopter by any breadth of the imagination and as for any suggestion of Chinese lantern phenomenon, well I am not even going to waste my breath on any defence to that notion. What I and my brother have observed on more than one occasion is a UFO i.e. Unidentified Flying Object. The common question asked by those I have told is "did you take a picture of it" and I can tell you that I have certainly tried to do so with the inept camera in my phone but to no avail. Even in broad day light, my phone's picture and film quality is rubbish at best. Furthermore, I do not have the money or inclination at present to invest in a better model. In reality, even if I did film or photograph the object, it would not allay the suspicion of those who wish to render these things false. The fact is only the eye of the beholder can confirm that this object is no illusion.

What really bothers me now that my initial thrill of this discovery has subsided is that whichever angle you come from i.e. terrestrial or extraterrestrial, there is something rather sinister about an intelligently controlled unidentifiable object lurking in our skies. If it is man-made then why does it fly around with such apparent freedom outside the realms of public knowledge. If it is from beyond this planet then surely we should be made aware that this phenomenon exists. I guess the greatest concern would be the knowledge that it is simply a UFO and no one has a clue to its origin.

I appreciate that most people going about their daily lives look only straight ahead rather than to the skies. However, I would suggest making an effort where time permits to look up into the night and you might be enlightened by observing what I have seen. I would be fascinated to know what this object is rather than what it might theoretically be and to discover its true purpose.

Does anyone know?

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Jefsaid profile image

Jefsaid 4 years ago from London, UK Author

Red Sonja - My pleasure! Thanks for commenting. I am a open minded person but I am also very objective and would certainly not write a piece that could easily be ridiculed unless I was certain of what I had observed. With a more trained eye and greater tendency to scrutinise the night sky, it is now not uncommon for me to spot the odd distant object drifting across the sky that could easily be missed to those less suspecting, as they often look like a tiny star. Quite frankly, I have become so familiar with these objects to which no one is able to offer a tangible explanation that I have become somewhat blasé about their existence.

red sonja profile image

red sonja 4 years ago from fife, Scotland

ok, you are quite adamant on that, that rules that theory out, thanks for replying.

Jefsaid profile image

Jefsaid 4 years ago from London, UK Author

red sonja - Thank you for your comment. I can assure you that the single object I have seen on a number occasions now is not laser enduced. The close encounter my brother had with what could have been one of these very objects was certainly intelligently operated..?

red sonja profile image

red sonja 4 years ago from fife, Scotland

where has my comment gone?

red sonja profile image

red sonja 4 years ago from fife, Scotland

people over here saw similar lights going back and forth at night and reported it, turns out to be a laser from the city of dundee, explaining the speed, randomness, zig zagging, frequency of ''sightings'' and silence.

Have you ruled that one out.

Jefsaid profile image

Jefsaid 4 years ago from London, UK Author

Sparkster - Thanks for your comment. I suspect many people are wary of expressing their views on this issue even if they have seen something similar themselves.

Since my sighting, I have realised via the internet that this is type of object is familiar to many people across the planet. I find it remarkable that such things exist in our skies and so little attention is given to them by our press/media. I know what I have seen and you clearly do as well...

sparkster profile image

sparkster 4 years ago from United Kingdom

Great hub,

I have seen these things too. At first, I was going to suggest that it may have been a chinese lantern but then you described how it kept coming back to the same area. Chinese lanterns don't do that!

My two daughters and I actually saw two of these at the same time. One was just hovering in the air and the other was catching up with it from the west. As soon as it caught up they both flew off together in the same direction and faded into the distance.

Whatever these things are they are definitely not chinese lanterns!

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