Seventh Central Pay Commission and UGC Pay Review Committee recommendations

Although report of the 7th CPC has become public and recommendations implemented for central government employees, new twist cam ein implementation of 7th CPC for employees of autonomous bodies as Govt. decided to review the performance of each autonomous body. UGC has already constituted Pay Revision Committee to review pay and other service conditions on June 9, 2016 and Professor Chauhan led PRC has been asked to submit its report to HRD ministry within six months from the date of its formation. Dust has settled on the issue of extension of benefits of revision of pay to employees of autonomous bodies with the issue of guidelines by the Finance Ministry on the matter. Details of the guidelines are given in the hub " ICAR Scientists Pay Package".

Composition of UGC Pay Review Committee

Demand is being made since decades to have a permanent and common pay commission for all the government employees and people's representatives. Everybody in this country seems in hurry to take benefit of its position and appears afraid if he or she looses the present position time again would provide this opportunity or not. There was a news item about formation of a committee by the "AAP" government for making recommendations of perks and allowances for its MLAs and Ministers. This is not an isolated case and none of the ruling party is untouched by the problem. Since 7th CPC has abolished pay band and grade pay and subsumed grade pay in pay scales using different fitment factors.Recommendations of 7th CPC appears genuine to a great extent but should be looked into seriously if anomaly exists there in the pay scales of teachers. What may now be expected from the UGC pay review is clear to a great extent and it would be discussed below point wise in the light of 7th CPC recommendations.

Structure of revised UGC pay package (5th CPC to 6th CPC)

1. Group A Entry Level posts including Assistant Professor, Assistant Librarian, College Librarian, Assistant Director of Physical Education and College Director of Physical Education were revised from Rs 8000-13500 (pre-revised V SCPC scale) to Rs 15600-39100 with Rs 6000 AGP.

2. Group A - One Level Up Posts including Assistant Professor, formerly Lecturer (Senior Scale), Assistant Librarian (SS), College Librarian (SS)/Assistant Director of Ph. Education (SS), College Director (PHE, SS) place in the V CPC in the pre-revised pay scale of Rs 10,000-15200 were placed in the revised pay scale of Rs 15600-39100 in the AGP of Rs 7000.

3. Group A - Two Level Up Posts comprising readers and lecturers (SG)/DY DPE/Assist. DPE (SPG) with less than 3 years of service placed in the pre-revised 5th CPC of Rs 12000-18300/- were placed in the 6th CPC revised scale of Rs 15600-39100 in the AGP of Rs 8000.

4. Group A -Three Level Up Posts comprising readers and lecturers (SG)/DY DPE/Assist. DPE (SPG) with less than 3 years of service placed in the pre-revised 5th CPC of Rs 12000-18300/- were placed in the 6th CPC revised scale of Rs 37400-67000 in the AGP of Rs 9000.

5. Professors/Principals of PG Colleges/Librarians (Universities)/Director of PHE & registrars: These incumbants were placed in 16400-22400 in the 5th CPC pre-revised scales and were placed in Pay Band IV (Rs 37400-67000) with AGP of Rs 10000.

How many of the teachers called Associate Professors (without a Ph.D.) were awarded with 2 increments after acquiring Ph.D. as in-service candidates?

Auditorium at South Campus of SMS Delhi
Auditorium at South Campus of SMS Delhi | Source

Strange decisions - never implemented

Has there been any productive use of giving different grade pays to teachers like Rs 6000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 (these grade pays are no where mentioned in 6th CPC) instead of making teachers a stranger (I mean a different group of employees)?

Has there been any use of designating non-Ph.D(s) Associate professor? Thousands of such Associate Professors failed to become eligible for post of Professor even after possessing a doctorate degree (w.e.f. award of Ph.D.)?

Fitment factor of 2.57 or 2.67 for Associate Professors?

Associate professors have to pass mental agony again like they have to experience in 6th CPC review and UGC Review Committee placing them in Pay Band III. A long fight had to be fought before getting placed in PB IV. This time 7th CPC has used fitment factor of 2.57 for the employees placed earlier in the AGP of Rs 8700. However, fitment factors of 2.67 and 2.72 are used for the AGP of 8900 and 10000. Erstwhile Associate Professors belongs to none of the grade pay. What fitment factor has to be used for grade pay of Rs 9000/-. Logically, it should be in between 2.67 and 2.72. Chances are more that a fitment factor of 2.57 is suggested for the Associate Professors. If it happens so, it will be great injustice again to this particular class suffering irrespective of the Pay Commission.

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Committee composed by UGC to look into pay disparity and other working conditions should also take an actual assessment of the situation. It has to see the standing of the college and university and its ranking among the national and international universities. Facilities in the name of infrastructure, laboratories and financial capabilities need to be graded before assessing its staff for career assessment.

There are several funny criteria for assessing the teachers during the CAS (Career Advancement Scheme) like publication of research papers in good impact journals. If you assess a Delhi University teacher against the teacher from a small city where instruments, chemicals and lab facilities are non-existent, can you expect same performance from both the teachers? If there are post graduate students in a college and each teacher is guiding five to six M.Sc. or Ph.D. students, is it possible for a teacher or researcher from a small town or college to produce students and research papers at par with the former?

What has been overlooked in case of Associate Professors while assessing them in their CAS was the period for which they were assessed. CAS was implemented from 2009 and assessment process began in 2012. How you can lay the criterion retrospectively? There were thousands of Associate professors who were stagnated in the same pay band since 2006 or even from an earlier date but they were assessed for three years periods beginning 2009. It simply mean that their earlier work (prior to 2009) was in vein and publications done prior to 2009 were worthless even if these were made in top class journals.

Other point that needs to be brought to the notice of Pay Review Committee is related to changes made in grade pay (though GP is not relevant for 7th CPC). Changing grade pay for university teachers did not bring any benefit to teachers. Grade pay of Rs 8700/- in 6th CPC was changed to Rs 9000/- for teachers but benefits associated with it were restricted to GP of Rs 8700/-. In fact it made things more ambiguous than using the same GP of 6th CPC. Let's hope, all these blunders do not recur while implementing 7th CPC for university staff.

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Prof. P.K.Chidambaram,Retd: Principal 7 hours ago

It is more than 6 months since the UGC formed the committee for revision of the pay scales of University and college teachers sequel to the announcement of 7th CPC. Normally this period is more than sufficient to make a thorough study of the vareity of problems posed by such teachers, analyse by the committee members . The HRD will have to study the recommendations received before its implemendation either in toto or with modifications by GOI. Before it is too late, the members of the committee be pleased to do the needful brooking no more delay in the matter so that the retired teachers with advanced age can reap the benefits during their life time.

manoj kumar saurabh 21 hours ago

any news about 7th pay commission report for UGC? when will submit report

Anoop 46 hours ago

Thanks Dr. Mayya for updating the status of Pay Report. We are also eager to hear the next update from you and it's great that you all are following up the matter seriously.

Basala Babu Rao Guntur 2 days ago

Thank you Dr S Mayya for the update... Kudos to General Secretary Arun Kumar. You can share at-least the Feelers received at end of these meetings, with us, so that anxious minds could have some sops.

B Babu Rao Guntur 2 days ago

when thousands of University & College Teachers across the country are eagerly await -news about Revised UGC Scales(after 11 long years), I think, there is no meaning in maintaining Strict Silence on this, by Officials at the helm of Affairs. Let the Committee members reveal at least Non-controversial aspects of 2016 UGC Pay revision.

Dr. S Mayya 2 days ago

AIIFUCTO General Secretary Prof. Arun Kumar is in Delhi from 16th Feb to 18th Feb,2017.He visited UGC and HRD on 16th &17th.Met to the Chaiman,UGC and different officials. He also met two joint Secretaries HRD and Director HRD. Discussed different issues including 7th PRC recommendations and its implementations processes. AIFUCTO submitted a representation to UGC Chairman to make the report public at earliest. Also submitted a letter to Minister HRD for seeking urgent appointment for AIFUCTO delegation.Two representations of AIFUCTO were submitted. Early implementation is very important issue.

Thomas 4 days ago

Any news from UGC?will it take long time to get implemented

Tusharranjan Nayak 4 days ago

Revised UGC scale should be implemented as early as possible.

S Chatterjee 5 days ago

If HRD withdraws all financial power from UGC with immediate effect how UGC will publish the Pay scale !!!! Who will bear the additional financial burden !!!

Joseph P 6 days ago

Don't publish news without any authentic source. Poll results will not be affected after polling is over on 8th March.

Dr.Surya 6 days ago

I am not really sure if the contents of the report will be disclosed soon. The govt. is dilly dallying when it comes to giving any kind of benefits to employees. Even if the contents are made public. They will delay the implementation as they are doing in the case of higher allowances to employees who are already receiving the revised pay scales.

Ramaswami. K.N 6 days ago


Sivaji 7 days ago

Dear Ramaswami ji I am surprise to see your information. Are you sure.There is injustice in the Scale of pay (Associate prof.)If your statement is true.Kindly give detail information with evidence.

R P Sharma 7 days ago

wrong information. Professor initial Pay can not be 175000.00

Ram N. 7 days ago

Dear Ramaswami ji, What is source of your information? Please give more details.

Thomas 7 days ago

@Ramaswami ,Is it genuine information?

Ramaswami K N 8 days ago


Associate Professor=165000

Assistant Professor=75000

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