Steps in Renewing Expired PRC ID

Sample of ID
Sample of ID | Source

Big Changes for the Past Three Years of not visiting PRC

I renewed my PRC ID last September 25, 2014. It's been expired since August 22, 2014.

The new way of processing really surprised me and at the same time confusing. I've never been there for a long time. It was already 3 years had gone by so, many changes are already implemented at the main office of PRC in Manila. Since I am very familiar with their rules, that day I went directly upstairs where I thought the renewing of ID for teachers still the same, it was on the third floor but, I was confused when I saw different professionals inside the room. I asked one person and told me he is there for registration.

So guys, the following below are the new steps in renewing ID for all professions. I was kinda relieved when I've learned that it was very simple and quick. I received my newly renewed ID after an hour depends on the date you chose but that time I was lucky because few professionals were doing the same thing. I arrived there at 2 pm and went out of the PRC office at 3 pm 0r 3:30 pm.

1st step: Go to information desk near the gate. Tell him you will renew your ID so that he can give you a form. They call it window R.

2nd step: Fill out the form with your correct information and paste a passport size photo.

3rd step: If you don't have photo yet, They have rush ID beside the counter worth 85 pesos just make sure the background is white and with name tag. Show your face in the photo, meaning set your bangs aside if you have bangs because PRC won't accept if they can not see your eyes. You will end up paying again by taking another photo.

4th step: Submit your form to counter 15 inside the building at the end office and wait for your name to be called.

5th step: When you heard your name was called, just get the form from that personnel and go to the cashier window to pay the fee then wait again for your name call.

6th step: When they call you together with the other professionals, go to the table of releasing to get ready to get your ID by your hand then, sign in their logbook with your signature.

Very simple and no hassle. You can go out with a smile in your face. I paid 480 pesos. That means they increased already the fine.

What to bring: Expired ID, pen, paste, passport size photo, money.

Computation: 450 for annual fee plus 30 per month of delayed.

So, now you know how to renew it and how much will it cost for you to renew your ID.

Good luck!

Article 1: Renewing PRC ID for Teachers

Article 2: Payment for Renewal of PRC ID


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melai 2 years ago

Hi,i filed for renewal last june 2014,but till now d p rin nla marelease ung renewed id ko,they said it would take 5 to 9 mos daw,sobrang tagal nman nun.i badly needed it for 2015 ranking.Will they issue a certificate as a replacement of my unreleased id? If so,is the certificate honored by

DepEd? Thank u!

Andi 2 years ago

Hi! I passed the LET in 2007 but I wasn't able to claim my license (I still have the claim stub and everything) so now it's already expired. Do you know how I can get my license? Would it be like applying for a new one? What are the requirements? I called PRC but the lady I spoke with was in such a hurry, she didn't give me any details. She just said go to the office. Thanks!

bujoy83 profile image

bujoy83 23 months ago from Philippines Author

yes just ask for certification

april 22 months ago

Thanks! Big help sir

bujoy83 profile image

bujoy83 22 months ago from Philippines Author

You are welcome po

Jane de Guzman 21 months ago

Hi Sir,

Just like Ms. April, I wasn't able to get my license since I passed in 2002. More than 13 years.. and the thing is that i didn't attend my oath taking so I wasn't able to claim my stub or the paper i need to get when claiming... what should i do to get it? Thank you

bujoy83 profile image

bujoy83 21 months ago from Philippines Author

u need to process it for registration... visit the nearest prc

henny 20 months ago

gaano po katagal ang release ng new id pag nag-renew ka plus change of status?..

bujoy83 profile image

bujoy83 20 months ago from Philippines Author

In the main office manila only an hour

Melai manjares 19 months ago

Thank you.

Such a great help!

bujoy83 profile image

bujoy83 19 months ago from Philippines Author

your welcome

Wally 19 months ago

Good day! My prc licence was not renewed for 8 years since it was expired. My classmate in college and now a teacher told me that i will re take the licensure examination since i did not renew my licence. Is it true? Please comment.. Thank you

bujoy83 profile image

bujoy83 18 months ago from Philippines Author

It is not true, just renew it.

anne 18 months ago

hi my mom prc expired 2013 she wanted to renew it this 2015 how much will it cost her? thanks God bless

bujoy83 profile image

bujoy83 18 months ago from Philippines Author

Hi anne,

Thanks.. here is the computation.

Computation: 450 for annual fee plus 30 per month of delayed.

zandra 16 months ago

I was not able to renew my licence since sept 2009. So I will pay 2790 total?? Correct me if I'm wrong pls....

bujoy83 profile image

bujoy83 16 months ago from Philippines Author

Hi Zandra, depends when are you going to pay. for annual fee total of 2700 this 2015 plus 30 each month of delayed. This October only 30 additional...

Jesfer 15 months ago


I took the LET last 2012. I filed for my license but I still haven't redeemed it yet. Can I still get and renew it even if I don't have any experience in teaching? Thank you.

bujoy83 profile image

bujoy83 15 months ago from Philippines Author

To Jesfer, yes you can get your license as long as you passed the exam and filed it to the office for claiming your ID. Your teaching experience won't affect it.

lanie 14 months ago

hi, can you please tell me what are the requirements in change status,,, gaano katagal ko makuha yong id thanks

bujoy83 profile image

bujoy83 14 months ago from Philippines Author

Hi lanie, same requirement po in renewing ID plus additional payment at syempre marriage contract.

joy 9 months ago

February 2015 po yund expiration ng licence ko .. Hindi ko papo ito na rerenew till now.. Magkano po computation kung mag rerenew ako this coming month of June .

bujoy83 profile image

bujoy83 7 months ago from Philippines Author

Hi joy sorry for late reply, yours is 1 year and 4 months so 450 + 30(4)= 570.

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