Umea University of Design final Transportation degree presentation UID 2012

Umea University of Design
Umea University of Design | Source

UID 2012

This year I have been invited again by Demian Horst, chair transportation design, at the Umea University of Design final presentation. Happy about participating again I went and here few lines about my experience in Umea.

2 guest speakers to open and close the two days presentation , and they were: Simon Waterfall creative director and Anna Costamagna design project manager at Peugeot. Other guests from companies , like me from Renault Design, made a short presentation of themselves . I presented few slides about me and the Twizy electric car, David Wilkie talked about the Mia electric car project.

It has been a rich experience in a very international environment with lots of cultural exchanges between students and us from the industry world.

Simon Waterfall opened the show with a great presentation about importance of thinking out of the box, his visuals were communicating key questions each designer should ask and answer to help the system to change for the better. What can I do for my society? What If? What do we have behind a product or a project? How much thinking to improve people’s life tasks?

Later on all students had 5 min. each to present their projects with projected wall visuals and inviting people upstairs to see the exhibition.

Anna Costamagna, Peugeot design manager, closed this session with her key note about car design, passion, motivation, historical background, team work and design management practices. She also showed few slides about the new 208 project she managed for the Interior design activities with high quality color sketches and nice design model pics.

I found all students well prepared to be on stage presenting their project, we felt good in listening to them and curious about what they were talking about. Later on we moved to show room and into the new museum building to assist to a more detailed presentation with drawings, videos and models.

I think the best aspect of this University is its method and design process for students, there is a good combination between scientific type research ( how I approach the project to answer to the briefing ) and the practical method to problem solving (how I design my product or car to answer to the briefing). The interesting plus is given by students interaction with engineers from different companies according to the specific type of project they develop and design, this is about a realistic approach that shows a bit about marketing, complexity, architecture, costs.

I, coming from Art Center College in Pasadena and working in a very competitive car design facility, could say that the “emotional spirit” was a little weak in their method; however, I was in Sweden and not in USA so I guess we have to accept cultural differences about different design approach.

To me Umea University of Design proved again to have the will and the engagement to get better every year, the faculty like Tony Catignani TD Instructor, the rector and Demian Horst ( Transportation Design Dpt. Chair ) are doing a great job bringing year by year this University among the best in Europe.

I invite you to see some of pictures I took during those two days.

Simon Waterfall presentation
Simon Waterfall presentation | Source
Student final presentation - Transportation design
Student final presentation - Transportation design | Source
Eric Leong project
Eric Leong project | Source
Kosin Voravattayagon
Kosin Voravattayagon | Source
TJ Vaninetti
TJ Vaninetti | Source
Cindy Sjoblom
Cindy Sjoblom | Source
Oyvind Norheim
Oyvind Norheim | Source
Viktor Rosendahl
Viktor Rosendahl | Source
UMEA new building campus
UMEA new building campus | Source
UMEA University new building
UMEA University new building | Source

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ahmad murad 4 years ago

gret opportunities to communicate////

suraj dubey 4 years ago

its awesome,fabulous design.....its seems incarnation of all great designers

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