University of Phoenix, Massive Class Action Lawsuit 2015 2016

University of Phoenix Class Action Lawsuit 2015 - 2016

The University of Phoenix is facing a class action lawsuit that will shut the school down for good by court order!

The lawsuit was filed out of Arkansas by three former students who withdrew from the university. The students claimed that the University of Phoenix saught tuition payments directly from the students after they withdrew instead of deducting the payments directly from the students' loans. The students withdrew because the quality of education they received from the University of Phoenix was extremely poor, the instructors would not help them, and some instructors went missing for a few days in the online classrooms.

What the University of Phoenix is doing is illegal! You cannot send student loan money in the form of a loan directly back to the lender and go after the borrower for collection. The University of Phoenix broke the lender/borrower contract without the student even knowing.

The University of Phoenix is being sued for:

1) Conversion

2) Breach of Contract

3) Interference With Contractual Relations

4) Breach of the Implied Convenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing

5) Unjust Enrichment

I like #5, Unjust Enrichment, which is, becoming filthy rich at the expense of others!

This lawsuit is the dagger to the heart and the University of Phoenix will no longer be in operation! Many more, if not, all online colleges and universities, will no longer be in operation as well once this behemoth goes down.

To read more about this class action lawsuit that was filed December 2008, please visit this link below:

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Chelsea Reed 12 days ago

how do I get in on this lawsuit?

Tyson Mugrage 3 weeks ago

How do I apply? I received a degree that is useless because of an underling condition I have.

Thea 3 weeks ago

my email is

How do i join the lawsuit.

my story: Hi am now 78 thousand dollars in debit without a degree. I attending the school for a BA in information technology. I completed the core classes and only had general ed credits to completed. I had to stop going to school due to family responsibilities. When i went back to complete my degree they said none of my credits would be counted towards finishing my degree and i would have to start all over again. I had to stop again because of a herniated disc. I now have 2 class of general ed to complete no one will return my calls at the school and i do not have a degree.

Sharon 3 weeks ago

I would like to know about any relief from uop loans

Mike W 4 weeks ago

Interested in settlement

Michelle 4 weeks ago

How do I join in on this lawsuit? Can I get more information? I did graduate with my MBA from UOP in 2006 and I have struggled ever since. I'm a single parent so I do the income base on my loans. When I graduated my total loan was $46,000 in loans and now its up to $53,000.

Kim Bevineau 5 weeks ago

How do you get in on the lawsuit? I attended the online version and they are still coming after me saying I OWE THEM after my loans paid for my school now I am stuck owning them and 40 grand in student loans. and the school will not return calls and provide proof.

Yolanda Miller 7 weeks ago

I graduated in February 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration/Long-Term Care from University of Phoenix. They did the same thing to me with the student loans, saying I owed them money. The instructors were not helpful and most of the time I could not get in contact with them. It was like I was teaching the classes to myself.

Right after graduation I sent resumes out to all of the nursing homes and assisted living facilities in my city and surrounding cities and always got turned down for the job. I ended up taking a CNA class and worked as a CNA making 9 or 10 dollars an hour.

I have been working at a hospice house for the last 4 and 1/2 years and make between 11 to 12 dollars an hour. I have used the maximum amount of deferments that are allowed by the Department of Education. I can still get a forbearance but those are temporary and I am getting harrassed with phone calls all the time from the student loan collectors.

I am seriously in on this lawsuit against UOP with all the rest of you.


Yolanda Miller

Katrina 4 months ago

How do I get in on the law suit against the University of Phoenix? I have been lied to, taken advantage of, and used to obtain money from the government. They not only took advantage of me by lying saying I would get my associate degree in business within a year and a half, but they took money from the loans and sent it back to the lender telling me I had out of pocket expenses that I needed to pay before I returned.

My email is

David 5 months ago

Please add me to the civil lawsuit! I was mislead and lied to. My enrollment counselor told me by enrolling in University Phoenix, me having a criminal record will not matter any more once I obtain my bachelors of Science. And that I will get hire admittedly because my bachelors will over power my criminal background! I graduated in 2009 and I can not get a job due to my criminal back ground! I asked my counselor is she was certain that my background will not matter anymore once I obtain my degree, she said, Yes!! They will not hire me anywhere!

Dusty 5 months ago

add me as well same story, in debt for nothing, rip off and I want the loans off of me.

Saheleh Olds 5 months ago

University of Phoenix is a for profit school that has profited on the backs on lower-middle class citizens looking to get a higher education to provide for their families. UOP also takes advantage of veterans seeking a higher education. Their school is NOT accredited and potential employers laugh at these degrees. I have 2 degrees and not only has this high debt affected my credit score but I have been to job interviews where employers state when they see UOP they automatically throw the resume out.

I was sold on the dream that a single mother could earn a degree, work and maintain my household. I wanted to be a positive role model for my children and promote education. Instead AI am still earning under $50,000 and am ashamed that I was a part of this scam. Please help me.

Students come out of that school with crushing debt and a useless degree. I am asking you, Congress and the White House to forgive all student debt accrued through the University of Phoenix and either shut this school down, or hold them to much more stringent academics before allowing 1 more cent of money to be granted to a potential UOP student for tuition.

This was a complete waste of time.


Mark Johnson 5 months ago

Hello, I went to UOP as well, I am in $65K in debt and ran out of student loan money before I could finish, I was quoted only $30K for this 4 year degree when I started, I would like to join this lawsuit, my email is

Dianna 5 months ago

I have over a hundred thousand in debt and I am not able to get a higher paying job. My wages are being garnished and I am trying to fight that due to not getting an education as promised along with the cost that should never have risen this high.

Leenie 5 months ago

I graduated from UOP in 2014. This school is a scam. I will NEVER be able to pay down these loans. The enrollment counselor told me that my monthly payment would only be $50.00 per month. My monthly payment is $350.00 and it increases every year. I want in on this lawsuit. My email address is

Rhonna Bolton 6 months ago

I received a few degrees from them and NEVER was able to obtain a job that i paid for. PLEASE ADD ME TO THE LIST......

Shanna Quinn 8 months ago

The amount of anger I feel when I continue to hear of this news about UoP is enormous. Thousands and thousands in debt my husband and I are due to the convenience factor as we prepared to become parents to our first son, I battled a hard pregnancy, and a full-time job. I was determined to be the first college graduate in my family for my son, myself, and my family.

I too have been laughed at when I stated where I attended school by other professionals and have continuously been given the advise to fight for my money back.

How can I get my name on this Class Action suit against these thieves?

maria 13 months ago

I just saw this lawsuit and I would like to find out more about it. Im in $65k and if UoP is nothing but a scam I would like to get involved. $11.00 an hour is not going to pay that back anytime soon

Andrea 14 months ago

Please add me as well.

Richt1999 profile image

Richt1999 16 months ago

I get laughed at at job interviews when I tell them I have a BSIT from university of phoenix. Now I'm learning the IT department is not accredited even though I was told it was. What a joke! I want in on this lawsuit! $30K in debt with a piece of paper.

Amanda Rudzinski profile image

Amanda Rudzinski 18 months ago

I have had very similar situations with the University of Phoenix. In 2002 they told me I had maxed out my undergrad money... then, in 2007 they called my back and wanted me to attend. I had finished almost the entire degree program in 2003, however, in 2006 they told me that degree didn't exist any longer, and therefore I need to retake an entire program. Again, I did complete all but 6 of the classes... I was prepared to finish the last 6 classes, however, on my starting date of the next class in April of 2010, I went to log in and was not enrolled, instead was told that I owed 8K, my student loan money was sent back to the DoE and I had to pay the 8K before I could finish the classes. I disputed this, I sent numerous emails, made numerous calls, however, no one responded to me. In the event of attempting to complete this degree... I got charged over 50K, I have 8K on my credit report, I cannot access my transcripts to send to another school, and I have no degree from this university. I cannot get through to them. I have been attempting to get a hold of them since 2010. I have spent numerous hours attempting to find resolution and restitution and cannot believe I did not research prior to this. I would really like to get on this class act lawsuit, or potentially I could sue them alone. Either way.... the school is a fraud. They use the government and the students.

Maria 19 months ago

How do I join in on this lawsuit? Can I get more information? I did graduate with my bachelors from UOP in 2012 and I have struggled ever since. I do not make alot of money I'm a single parent so I do the income base on my loans. When I graduated my total loan was $46,000 in loans and now its up to $53,000. I will be dead before I ever get these paid off.

Briana 19 months ago

I attended for one semester when I really didn't know anything about college. They assured me that the Psych degree I was pursuing was available through them so I went to one of their campuses. When I got to my first class (Some type of local politics class) the teacher seemed disengaged and as if he knew that most of us there on the first day wouldn't be there on the last. The assignments were easier than high school assignments and I passed with an A.

The next class they had me enrolled in for my Psych degree was a Marketing and Accounting class. I arrived on the first day very upset and after talking to 3 campus personnel I got on the phone and got confirmation of my fears--this program was for a Psych degree but for I/O Psych.. meaning I was on a 4-6 year degree plan so I could go work as head of personnel somewhere, not council or facilitate future psychological studies. I wanted to go for NeuroPsychology and I was told that they would add that specialization after I got my first 4 year down... But looking at the planned classed they had for me I would literally only be taking 1 online psych class. The rest of my "required" classes that I didn't get to choose focused heavily on what most students (coincidentally) were attending for... marketing and business. I didn't have a plan yet but I told them I wanted to drop that class as I had only attended 1 day in hopes that my financial aid would be returned, and began looking for another school.

UOP didn't want to waive the fee for my first class although I had felt very tricked into taking the class in the first place. I looked at other colleges to find that the degree I was pursuing didn't even require 90% of the classes UOP would have had me taking... and this is the worst part.. I found out for the price of one really crappily run class at UOP (1484$) I could go through a whole semester earning 15 credits towards the degree I want at that price. I enrolled in Normandale where they began the process of attempting to transfer my political science class... guess what, it doesn't transfer.. in fact none of the courses I would have been taking for the first 2 years don't transfer!!! I was INFURIATED as that was the one and only promise I had been made by UOP recruiters when I was unsure about enrolling there. "Of course, we are Nationally Accredited! Well, if you change your major or decide to go to any other college, all of your credits will transfer, so what's the real risk in starting here?"

Then I began to look around... Nationally Accredited was huge at the top of their online page and basically on every subsite within their website.. even the campus had "Nationally Accredited" factsheets in the elevators. I'm pretty sure they do all of this to make new students feel better about their choice when they begin to question it.. I remember staring at their factsheets on the way up to my first class thinking 'well at least this crappy class will transfer..'

After starting Normandale the UOP hawks started calling and calling and calling. At first it was over the price of just the one class I did take but then separate reps called with separate debts... at 1700 ish a class I quickly realized that UOP had charged me for the class I requested was dropped and that I had basically never attended. One rep even claimed I had earned a B in the class so she couldn't understand how I hadn't taken it. She tried to get me to agree to the charge (I believe) by asking "So you don't want the B then?" to which I responded "Not if I didn't attend and earn it, I can't even tell you what the class was about, how can that possibly be MY grade?"

Since I've attended 6 or 7 years ago I still get calls about those debts that they convinced me to take on. I will still get calls about the one class I still owe for that I feel like I was lied to and coerced into taking by an admissions rep who wanted to make 50$ off of my enrollment. The quality of the class I took there was absolutely horrendous and you could never find someone farther than 2 classes into their degree on campus, mostly because as you are forced to think critically about your future, you begin to realize that UOP isn't the place to be. They still try to collect on the class that I never attended from time to time. I have been told (when I first left by an on site councilor and subsequent times on the phone) that my costs would be forgiven due to the amount of documented grievances I have against UOP. Usually this is followed by a 6-12 month silence from them before they start right back up with the calls. None of these debts come off of my credit so I know they aren't forgiving them, they are probably putting them in a database of people to "call back when we have all new staff that is okay with destroying peoples personal and professional lives to make money" as it seems it is always a newer staff member that needs excessive help with the call when they actually do talk to me.

Long story short: No one takes degrees from UOP seriously because they seriously don't teach their students jack shit, No college will accept UOP credits as anything more than general credits that will not count towards a specialized degree, they will lie to you to get you there then harass you after you leave all while smiling and offering you 1 class at the price of every other institutions 3 or 4 classes. Don't go to school here!!!!

Amanda 19 months ago

Add me to the list of people in on this lawsuit. They say I owe them a lot of money just for switching to a local school.

Dan M. 21 months ago

I'm on the same boat as most. I started with UOP in 2008. At 18 years old, I received a call in 2008 after being lured into an advertisement promised a financially stable life. With the many promises given to me from the enrollment officer, I was vulnerably sucked in and took the bait. After I started, I noticed the terrible quality of education. I stuck to it for the next 4 1/2 years an finished with a Bach. in Business. I look back at all the classes and most of the facilitators and thing...what a joke. I have put out 40-50 resumes/cover letters out there and no business will slightly consider me. I'd be better off leaving off the resume. Now I'm busting my hump in a factory and trying raise three kids, while dealing with a 70K debt...and growing with interest. I'm on the income-based repayment, but that is only digging the hole deeper. I've considered going to a legitimate college, but how much loan debt is reasonable. I feel like a fool...cheated, scammed, just taken advantage of. All the time wasted doing homework that I could've been spending with my kids. All the money wasted that I could've spent on my kids, saved, or put into a legitimate college that would've provided me with a career.

PLEASE HELP. I need in on this lawsuit.

Madeline 23 months ago

I was assured that this was anationally accredited school. I gladly took classes for 4 years. Now when i apply for jobs, employers laugh at the fact that i have earn an online degree. Now 64,000 dollars later, and nothing to show for it. I feel that this was just a way for the school to prusue predatory loans. Im so scard . I have 3 kids, and no job. I have tried,but am getting turned down at every corner.

Heather 23 months ago

This has happened to my husband we paid them off 3 years ago and haven't gotten anything from them a call mail nothing and then just today they sent a paper from a collection agency saying we owe more money , called them up was told by the guy named Brian that he couldn't talk to me about it , couldn't find my husbands info in one computer put us in a different computer and we popped up and he goes oh ya we sent you to collections.

Amanda 23 months ago

I am wondering if there is another Class Action Lawsuit that I can look into? UOP totally ruined my life. I am a single mom of 3 and wanted to further my education and become more financially stable for myself and my kids. The end result is...I have a Bachelors Degree that is useless, very poor learning atmosphere, no help from the instructors, and I now have a student loan debt of over $60,000! I could really use some help if anyone has any information on a current Class Action Lawsuit or could point me in the right direction. My email is Thank you in advance for your help.

Katie 2 years ago

I would also like to be contacted. Tuition was raised at least 3 times while I attended, they said I owed them about 1,200 dollars, which had to be paid by the time my next class started. I did my Associates and Bachelors for them. The school was a joke, there was no help, your advisers were always changing. You could never get a straight answer from them when you had questions about money. I am close to 50K in debt from this scam of a school. I am also disappointed with the learning experience. Everything I paid close to 50K for, I could have learned on my own, I just would not have the paper to prove it. I need help, I am a single mom of two disabled children, unable to work because of my kids situation. I'm going crazy over trying to keep up with programs to help ease the cost. Please help me!

David 2 years ago

Please add me as well. I had the same thing.


profile image

Orley Grove 2 years ago

I started in 2008 and graduated 2011 with my associate degree and well over 50k in debt and I tried to get my bachelors and UOP just keep raising the tuition costs so I did a withdraw and had to pay them out of pocket on several occasions and to even be transferred. Because they would not stop increasing the cost of attending their degree programs I withdrew April 2012. I felt like I was a victim of the bait and switch scam from the start in 2008 when I join to get a high education. As of now I am at a none profit organization and trying to finish my bachelors after all they did I can't even try to pay on loan payments are so high I don't think I can finish and be able to pay for my past amounts. I have no idea what is going to happen I am glad they get what they deserve the school was a scam for our hard earn money and then they treated us like we didn't matter to them. The lawsuit was the best thing I have struggled with them for years trying to make a good impression for my children and family and to better my life and all I have done is caused a huge financial burden that I can't afford making $12. hr and having 7 children and I gotten the shaft from University of Phoenix. Thanks but no thanks to University of Phoenix Sincerely, Orley F. Grove

Tiffany 2 years ago

I am interested joining this law-suit also. I have been overcharged and when I called to question them. I would get the run-around. Most of the above comments had also happened me. I also transferred schools and attended Ashford University, and I have also just found out that they are also in Class Action Suit. I am so sick to my stomach! I have all these outstanding balances in student loan debt and most of it was fraud. I have charges in one year alone just in internet fees of 9000.00. That just one area and one type of fraud. Who is the attorney helping with this suit? I would like to join, I have been taken advantage from both University of Phoenix and Ashford University resulting in tons of school loan debt, and no job!!!

jenn 2 years ago

They would respond to my questions about the current assignment, a day or two after it was due thereby assuring failure on my part through no fault of my own. That was even if they responded at all. But hey they got the federal loan money and stiffed me for the education they were not serious in providing. I would like the loans they received by ill gain repaid so I can have my life back. Where do I sign up?

Mary Glaze 2 years ago

I would like to be apart of this lawsuit. I too had grants to help pay for school, and owe quite a bit on student loans and haven't even received my degree. My email address is thank you.

Phillip Crandall 2 years ago

Hi they have done the same thing to all of us Please add me to this lawsuit! they have had me on Collections for $2200 and are ruining my credit also they have the Dept of ED listing me in Default please add me @phillipwcrandall37wv@gmail. please help me!!!!!

Jeoma Baca 2 years ago

Please add me to this lawsuit. I found a lawyer for the class action: Michael D. Braun, Braun Law Group, P.C., 10680 Pico Blvd., Ste. 280, Los Angeles, Ca 90064. I've left a message and hopefully, I can be added to his list. I'm beyond frustrated with the University of Phoenix.

Krislee 2 years ago

please add me to the lawsuit

Chasity 2 years ago

I too was also scammed for $1600 being told I was approved for financial aid. I hope that I can be a part of this as well.

profile image

RitaMay84 2 years ago

Has anyone heard anything about this? Any update or what we need to do. We have powerful numbers just right here in the comments. Can you imagine how many more of us are out there?!? Please comment if you know of an update. Thanks!!

Ashkey 2 years ago

Where can i join in on the lawsuit ? im so over this school and them cheating me and everyone else out of something we worked hard for

my email is

Fiore DiPietrantonio 2 years ago

I had it happen to add me math teacher never showed up to help went into default over not completing class

tara 2 years ago

They did the same thing t me as well can I be added to this class action suit? They put me in debt and ruined my credit. I've lost thousands of dollars, and as a single mother of three I was destroyed bu uop.

tara 2 years ago

They did the same thing t me as well can I be added to this class action suit? They put me in debt and ruined my credit. I've lost thousands of dollars, and as a single mother of three I was destroyed bu uop.

April Farley 2 years ago

I would like to be added to this class action suit, University of Phoenix did this to me too and they did not grant me a degree either after I went to their school from 2003-2007 please help

they demanded 7000 from me in 2006 and I had to pay out of pocket for two years, when I was receiving my student loan, and I am supposed to get my tuition paid for by my student loan

because of them I do not have a job and I am a stay at home mom

please let me know how to get compensation for this discrimination and punitive damage that they have caused me

George 2 years ago

I too have been scammed by UOP, Was told anything to get me to sign up when I could not do school work on time and work 72 hours a week to survive then I did not sign up for any more courses. So know I have a few English credits for my computer science degree that mean nothing and now they are sending my student loans to collection. Do I pay them or feed my kids? I choose the later, Feed my kids

Michelle 2 years ago

I would love to know how to become a part of all this. I have my own issues with UoP and would like them resolved. I was told that I would be able to go out in the world and get any job because of the classes I took. I am now stuck at home with no job and tons of debt.

Bobbie Matthews 2 years ago

Just wondering, is this still an option?!?! I want to be added!!!

Shawnda 2 years ago Please email me information and/or add me to this lawsuit please!

profile image

RitaMay84 2 years ago

I at the time was a mother of two one on the way and wanted to further my degree!! I also feel now I was suckered in. Was told all my credits from my local college would transfer. Hardly any did! I had multiple issues with my tes. I had them changed so often is always email someone wrong. All had different answers then previously. I had one give me the wrong information and I had set up a test I didn't even need! Then I cancelled it and was out 200 dollars!! I couldn't ever seem to get the same info from my new tes. Which added to so much confusion and going back and forth with stuff I needed or didn't need. Something's seem to change it was given to me wrong in the first place. I also felt cheated on not being counseled on my loans. Actually when I first signed up I was told just click one it doesn't matter when I was going through the process. I've had so much go on over time! I passed every single class!! Yet when it was time for testing to become accredited I couldn't pass their testing!! When I asked for help they couldn't help me. However I could purchase testing material which I have and still not much luck. I'm a sahm and I can't afford to purchase extra materials I should already know from my schooling. Neither do I have the cash to fork out to repeat the test. It has causes me so much anxiety! I was even told my a local school district that they don't accept anyone from phoenix!! Then my teacher friend said not being ugly that we are seen as a joke and it's true! So here I am I had a rough ride through this whole school time. I'm in serious debt, I passed classes and can't pass test, don't have this extra money to keep testing or purchase materials. With an almost degree that will never do me any good!! So do I even bother? I remember also Khalil Bakley my "enrollment counsler" promised me I would have a degree I could use anywhere!! Do you know where I live you have to go through the process not only through arizona to be credited but in my state they have to approve it and sometimes the will not! Then you go through additional testing to be certified. However no one here hires phoenix students! Had I known any of this prior I wouldn't of chosen phoenix! My life is ruined because of debt I occurred trying to better myself and family. I got useless schooling and nothing to show. Now what am I supposed to do to help us? Please please make me a part of this!! My name is Rita May email is Thank you. I'm glad to know I'm not alone but saddened so many of us are suffering!!

Lesley 2 years ago


I am an Alumni of UOP. I attended for 5 years and received 2 degrees. 1 degree for my associates in health car administration and 1 degree for my bachelors in business management- I graduated April 1, 2013; how fitting for this news.

My current debt, $86,000.00

... as I am not married and they had me send them a screen shot of me and my spouse signing a paper saying we are married- the student loan company does not recognize common law. The pell grants I received- they used and sent me overage amounts while turning around sending more requests to the loan companies for money. My original balance upon graduation was 65k.

I am unable to do anything with my 3.2 GPA ... Never failed a class and seemingly no huge issues-- EXCEPT- I have a massive debt to a school that gets laughed at... I will never be able to pay these loans... They also NEVER COUNCELED me on how my costs per course would double and triple the longer I was with them as a student...

No "free" gear from them.... No nothing except smooth talking representatives they called "academic advisors" or another phrase... OMG soooo many "ticket numbers"

Luckily I never failed or restarted a course... But I am painful out- a lot of money... And in less than a year my loans have aquired $20,000.00 in interest?!

For a fraudulent program...

Add me to the list if you can please-

Miguel 2 years ago me in.. The recruiter lied to me as well.

Kaylee 2 years ago

Is there a way to get more information? They are trying to get $2500 from me for not "fulfilling my contract" when I withdrew with credit from two classes.

I cannot finish school and it has destroyed my credit. I would like some more information on how to join this lawsuit. My email is:

profile image

Rene Kokernak 2 years ago

i have been having the same problems/horrors as everyone else for about 2 years now. how do i get more information about this lawsuit and where do i sign up? Please add me to the list: i would really like to get some help here. they have ruined my education and cost me so much money and grief.

Anastasia 2 years ago

Sign me up:

Ramon De Guzman 2 years ago

Please add my name in the class action lawsuit against UOP. I was a former student from 2009. According to one adviser of UOP, the school shortened the online class from 8 weeks to 6 weeks. Now I cannot use what I had studied in my MS in Accounting class.

Javier 2 years ago

I am in the Same boat like everyone else please add my name too

Bree 2 years ago

How do I find information on joining this lawsuit? I have my own horror story regarding University of Phoenix and their shady, dubious practices. Please some one get back to me and help me out!!!!!

Latoya 2 years ago

Please tell me how to join... University of Phoenix had me sign an agreement of minimum requirements of equipment used to access the website. Over 2 years in

- Note: each year I check the updated requirements list, and I was within their agreement, they drop 2 classes on me that are not compatible with almost all computers.

They had me take the class 3 times. The first time, I couldn't access the class, the second time, same thing, but I didn't submit a tech support ticket every single time I had issues, which would have been 2 to 3 hour conversations with tech support each time! So they blamed me. This is the third time, they are telling me it is my fault. My computer is not compatible... but wait...

My computer was compatible when I signed the agreement to continue on for my next year... my computer was compatible, when I did the pre-class "system check"... and yet, I can't get my assignments in AMP done. I cannot access them on a regular bases. And my grades and wallet is paying for it.

By the way, the Adaptive Math Practice is horribly programmed. I checked this system on my work computer, my home computer and the library computers. And its faulty... Windows and Mac computers can't get it to work correctly. And the "Backup System" is crap too. I doubt they ever updated that in years.

But still they are making me pay out of pocket for this. AND!!! I am in week 5 and failing because I have no ACCESS to Adaptive Math Practice, sorry for the caps... just really angry. So, they are saying that I am going to have to take it again!!! And pay out of pocket for 3 classes!!

... I am also, interestingly enough paying out of pocket for my last class of my degree, which "is scheduled out on its own, so I have to pay for the class out of pocket"... a hidden fee, they forgot to tell you about when they sign you up.

They're just money hungry jerks!

But the icing on the cake is that I have to buy a book for one of my classes... a physical book... when all of the other classes required only e-books. What's different? Why do I have to pay another $150 for a book on top of the $1200, plus another $1200, if I drop this class and start again.

This is nuts!!!

I feel like I have been set up. Because this class and the next algebra class, is on this same system, where most computers can't work.

In fact... my class, is almost a ghost class. Most of the other students have been dropping out, and posting up how they can't get this "new classroom set up" or other programs to work.

Does UOP care? Nope.

Carie 2 years ago

Please add my name to this class action lawsuit. This university is a total fraud and scam. I "graduated" over 10 years ago and have been unable to find gainful employment, get promoted in the workplace and now I have a debt so massive, that I can't even get assistance to attend a real school and try to get a better education. UOP is nothing but liars and they pay their counselors to tell lies!! I want all my education benefits back., 402-290-2893

chelsea payne 2 years ago

I would like to be apart of this lawsuit. UOP has continuously hassled me I do not owe. After withdrawing they signed me up for two more classes. My student loan had withdrawn the money because I no longer attemded and they now expect me to pay the 1,600 for outstanding tuition. I have sent 3 dispute letters and almost two years later I am receiving calls stating I am federally in default. They have ruined my credit.

silent 2 years ago

I do not want to use my name because i am still attending UOP. I am trying to find a way to transfer. My problem with UOP is all the lies I was told in order for me to join their school 2 years in and now I realize it is the one of the biggest mistakes of my life running a close first from divorcing my ex-husband. I am dumbfounded with their unethical practices. I do not want them to Retaliate against me so i am trying to leave quietly. After reading all of the horror stories my stomach is in knots. They treated me like a dirty dog and i want revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cynthia Pointer profile image

Cynthia Pointer 2 years ago from Los Angeles, California

I was not made aware of the class I am currently taking was a 18 week class that they condensed in 5 weeks. I am currently planning to withdraw from the class. The class has been set up for the student to fail.

I will be stuck paying the bill so I would like to recover my money back down the road through a law suit if possible. Please sign me up. Thanks!

Dina 2 years ago

UOP made me pay $1624.00 or they would send it in to collections I would love to bring this fraud University down.

send me some info please

profile image

Kai21 2 years ago

PLEASE let me know how I can join or sign my name to a petition. I want to see this so called educational school brought down. The biggest rip off. The thought of what I owe compared to what I was promised keeps me awake!

Jay 2 years ago

Please tell me how to join or where to start filing a new class lawsuit against these scam artist.

Victoria 2 years ago

Hello, I would like to be added to this as well. Please email me the information. I have been fighting with UOP for a while now for them holding my transcripts from me because I will not pay 1600 dollars for a class they did not send to aid. when I had this.

stephanie 2 years ago

please add me

toponer profile image

toponer 2 years ago from Bronx, New York

Please add me to the lawsuit, I failed one class because I reported the professor for unjust treatment and the UOP has not allowed me to continue my masters program, unless I pay them $2,700, even-though I was approved for financial aid and have the money to proceed. I ended up losing my job because of this action. I was supposed to finish my master by certain date, and this made it impossible for me to do so, so I lost my job, my home, and ended up in financial ruin. UOP was my worse mistake ever... I will celebrate when they finally close this school down, because they prey on the poor with promises of a better future, but in reality they after the money and discard you once they milk every federal dollar they can take of poor students who want a better life.

Jeff 2 years ago

Send me the information and I will sign my name up on this as well. this University needs to be brought to the ground and laid low before other fall victim to their greed and villiany.

Tabby 2 years ago

I am a current student at UOP and I would like to know more about this class action law suit. I have recently been having a lot of trouble with UOP and they keep wanting more and more money from me. They even said that I have to pay out of pocket 2500.00 in order to graduate even though I've taken out more loans because they said to and because they keep all disbursements and have taken quite a bit of money but still want more or I can't graduate in 4 months. Aside the fact of the poor education that is being provided I'm being really taken for every dime I have. I k now I am being really hurt here. IF anyone has any information please email me at Thank you.

Jeff 2 years ago

If this is still a thing I would love to join as well. The predatory nature of the for profit system violates the most fundamental ethical guidelines that everyone (even those who dont know anythign about ethics follow) feel free to sign me up.

UOP VICTIM 2 years ago

I am in the same boat for the 2nd time! The first instance was a few years ago when they doubled the amount of my balance. I filed a dispute providing a list of all of the credits and debits on my account which did not reflect the outrageous amount they said I owed., contacted the president of UOP, etc. After a year, and UOP tarnishing my credit report, they settled for the accurate amount that I owed. No apologies, not nothing. Mind you, the whole time they held my transcript hostage. Also, my commencement was delayed until now which is ridiculous as my credits completed qualified for commencement prior to this big mess. Now I am due for commencement next month. My 2nd negative experience is currently occurring. I had 1 course remaining to complete my entire program. At the start of returning to complete my degree program by completing the 1 course, I emphasized that I did not have the finances to take the course and that I would prefer to take it at a community college, I just needed assistance with what course would qualify. After many weeks consulting my UOP counselor, she informed me that I may take the 1 course at UOP and financial aid will cover it so i will have no out of pocket. Who wouldn't take that option? I shouldn't have! Directly before the course started I followed up with my counselor to make sure nothing else was needed on my end, as I went through the whole Financial Aid process, etc. She informed me I was good to go. NEVER a word on that I will have an out of pocket. Not a word from the counselor or financial advisor. SURE ENOUGH, I just completed the course last week and just received an email stating that I have an out of pocket expense. WHAAAAT?! Are you kidding me?


whomever is taking action against UOP, please reach out to me as I would like to be a Plaintiff as well.

Mel L. 2 years ago

I am also interested in this or any other class action suit.

Jamie 2 years ago

Two years ago, I made the decision to go to college. It was a big step for me, and I was proud of my decision to continue my education. I chose the University of Phoenix to attend since I needed an on-line college because I was working full time and nights. I wish I would have done my research prior to attending.

I was approved to attend with financial aid alone and my pell grant. I had made it clear that I could not pay for anything out of pocket, and they assured me I wouldn't have too. I would just have to pay my loan back after college.

Red flags started coming up almost immediately after being enrolled. I could not get a hold of my financial aid adviser ever. She never returned my calls and she never answered the phone. The one time I was able to reach her she was very rude, and snotty when I was trying to understand the loan process...once again I was a new student and didn't know anything so I was just trying to get all my ducks in a row.

Second, I was never able to reach my Academic Representative. She was supposed to be someone I can turn to when I was struggling or needed help. There came a point where I needed a break because life was too much. I had some hardships, and work was taking more time than it should have and I was never able to reach my academic representative to let her know these things.

I ended up failing a class. And I withdrew from the university. The teacher I had for the class I failed wasn't giving me full points, or credit for the work I did turn in and do which led me to fail. I was set up for failure.

I found out recently when I tried to enroll in a different college that I owe the University of Phoenix money. Can you believe that? I e-mailed my new Financial Advisor...since my old one is no longer with the University. He told me that I was being charged for the class I failed and the class the university withdrew me from totaling almost $1500. My student loan paid for the class I failed and I have to pay for my loan, and now the university wants me to pay them too.

Jim D 2 years ago

who can advise me how to over turn this. I was enrolled and then I withdrew within the semester due to my mother passing and now I keep getting the same harassing collection letters in the mail and also this is reflecting my credit bureaus. If anyone can help here is my email.

profile image

cmiller524 2 years ago

Also having problems with this school ever since I finished several years ago, well since I had started but wasn't aware. They told me I'd go with grants and financial aid due to my situation, somehow 2 years after starting I'm over $20000 in debt and don't even know about it until it's too late. I told the lady right out I wouldn't go if I needed a loan, she said I wouldn't. She got her degree for free through the school due to enrolling students. How many people do they do this with, pay for they're schooling as long as they go out there n recruit people they know can't afford the cost thats really behind this school, save a couple thousand dollars to make hundreds of thousands while ruining people's lives with lies. It's been very depressing and hard to get on with life with what they've done, anyone with information on anything we can do please email me at thanks.

Jacquelyn 2 years ago

Hello, I am currently in the same boat. Back in 2012, I had been taking a few classes there both in California and here in Massachusetts. In January of 2013 I had withdrawn from the school because they claimed I wasn't doing the work and ended up flunking each course after when I did do all of my work. So I withdrew. Well, in February 2013 I had received this letter stating that I owed the University $1,800 after when they told me that I was fully covered for financial aid. I called the school and they told me that since I had signed the contract, that I would still have to pay them back. S I had set upa payment plan and agreed to pay at least $50 each month. So in July of I receive another letter in the mail from the University stating that my remaining balance of $1389 has been sent to collections. Even after making payments they still screwed me over! I then again called them and they claimed that there was nothing they could do and that I owed them the money. I found out about Lexington Law group and they have been helping me with my credit report and trying to get it off my report. Because of them I can't even take out a loan, or apply for any credit, and I can't even get an apartment because of this University. After speaking to someone else about my situation with the University, this person explained that the school deliberately sold my account, that for-profit schools are scams that con you into believing their institution will help you to achieve your goals only to leave you with no future and huge debts. They just want the money, that they use this as a threat because they claim you owe them the money and, then they try to re-enroll you as a student. They were right, I am still getting emails from them to come back and take classes again and also receiving harassing phone calls. I really hope they shut down this school. I am currently enrolled at Northeastern University and happy I made the switch. I would like to sue this school to try and get my money back. Its not fair and they don't have the right to do this. They have ruined my life. Is there anyway to file a lawsuit? My email is PLEASE HELP!!!!

Robert Self 2 years ago

How do you go about joining this lawsuit? Please email me

Luz Mateo-Ortiz 2 years ago

I also was a student and I now have 26,000.00 debt and Ididn't even get a degree I dropped out thinking that I would be able to start somewhere else but they said I had to pay all that money. How do I join this lawsuit I am so disappointed with this. I always loved scho0l and was not able to go to school when I was young . Can someone contact me @

Rhonda Hayes 2 years ago

I'am going though the same thing with UOP.

I would like to have information on the class action suit.

email is

april 2 years ago

i need info I have a similar situation with them causing me grief and debt contact me at

Bill 3 years ago

University of Phoenix slaps Americans in the face. I know a fellow who graduated from there and throws names around here and there from what he's read on the Internet. Anybody can do that. He's a bully and thinks his education from there means he's a genius when it's the opposite, yet at the same time won't mention the place. The university is a farce just like he is a fake. The thing is that organizations around the world don't know the difference in a real and fake education from the U.S. They're impressed by credentials from the U.S. but don't understand about the University of Phoenix. The university has ripped off Americans and is doing an inservice to Americans and the world community. The university has stolen taxpayer dollars by offering a faulty product, not education, through government grants and loans without follow through. The university gets the money, pockets it, and forgets about what they call clients, not students. And what is this about a University of Phoenix stadium? That's just a funnel for somebody to profit off the money taken from taxpayers too. Education in the U.S. is at a sad junction in history.

Monica Wright 3 years ago

I am going through the same thing guys, I am more than pissed right now. I have four classes left and I will be receiving my bachelors degree. Unfortunately, all of a sudden I am now supposed to come up with over 7,000 out of pocket. I am a mother of four kids and I am not employed, the sole reason for me attending college was to better my future. I was scheduled to start my new class today but when I went to sign in and do my bio it stated that I am currently not enrolled in class right now. I am a great student, I have been working hard and maintaining a 3.0 grade point average. Here I am a hardworking student and you mean to tell me that they cannot help me. I even asked about Perkins loans and she said that I did not qualify. I applied for numerous scholarships and even applied for personal loans which I was not able to get approved for. I am beyond irate right now and my wraith has just begun... I am ready to do what it takes to be heard, I can be reached by email at

Kevin 3 years ago

I want to join dealing with the same.situation...USMC

JeanCarlos 3 years ago

i graduated this school during the time when my mother was battle with cancer. i asked for help and no teacher would not help me in anything not even to get an extension because i was taking care of my mother. after i graduated from this school, i graduated unsatisfied and now i have debt to pay, they also promise for career jobs on their website i applied and have not had a single word from either not even for internships, heck they do not have internships in anything. and algebra class was worse i was great at it in high school and got rusty since and i asked for help no one helped me. my email is i want to join this fight

LG 3 years ago

Can I join and fight on behalf of the students? I am a former instructor, and I felt a lot of the practices were shady.

Deanna 3 years ago

I'm currently experiencing the same financial problems with this school and it is fustrating to know they are scamming hundreds of citizens who are trying to better their lives needless to say they are trying to keep my excess funds I borrowed and I don't owe them anything.

profile image

Keldar27 3 years ago










sarahmcmillan 3 years ago

I need help! They are still doing these terrible things to people. Please let me know if there is someone I can contact for assistance. 479-212-2579

Gloria H 3 years ago

I would love for someone to contact me about this suit. I am currently a student at the University and I just completed my first program and haven't been able to find a job. They told me the program would cost about 10,000 and for some reason I am over 24,000 in debt because of student loans which is odd because I was getting a 5,600 pell grant to help. When ever I call my advisor I can never get anyone to answer the phone or call me back.

My contact information is

Doreena 3 years ago

They need to be closed down and all fee return to students.

Joe 3 years ago

Hi all, I was assaulted by a professor in class. I tried to drop the class. Someone from the University called me and said that I would have to go back to the class, and deal with it until his or her investigation was done. I told them that I feared for my safety and life. I will not go back. When they said I had no other choice, I told them that if I am forced to go back I will protect myself with my gun, and if the teacher attacks me I will shoot him in self defense. So for that reason I refuse to go back. Soon after I received a call saying I was suspended for making a threat. My response was an explanation of how I felt, and how I would respond to someone who would threaten me, in other words I was explaining self defense, and to what extent I would go to preserve my own life. I never made a threat or intended it as a threat. The explanation I gave was taken out of context, and I was suspended, without a review or a board. In addition they dropped me from a class, which I had already taken, and finished. I don't understand how an organization can do this to a student... How they have no care as to one's safety. The guy on the phone was basically telling me I had to go into harms way. So I told him if I am going into harms way, I'm going to seek a means to defend myself. Now I'm suspended with only 3 classes to toward my MBA, and lost all that money. What am I to do now?????? Someone please help?

Dawn 3 years ago

I am interested in this. I am currently going through the same thing with UOP.

Alicia Stephens 3 years ago

Hello, I am a student at University of Phoenix and will receive my associates degree in November. I was reviewing my Payment History on my account and realized they charged me 391 extra dollars for a class! When I brought this mistakes to my advisors attention they began treating me terribly. I told them I want to transfer schools and they told me that I do not. I said we have been dealing with this for over a month and they are still doing nothing towards getting the money back to me and when I called my advisor he told me that the school is doing me a favor anyway?! I am ready to transfer to another school and do everything I cannot to make sure other innocent people are not affected by this schools scams. My email is

Anthony 3 years ago


I would like to join the class action lawsuit against UOP. I am a former student and employee/ manager of enrollment with a lot of insight as to how this illegal practice was viewed by employees. I can be reached at Thanks!

Chris 3 years ago

Hi guys... I'm very disappointed at UOP. I was 6 credits from completing my BS and had to leave school for a while because of some family issues. It has been over 1 year that I left and I was trying to complete the degree but they told me that I have to apply to see if I can finish the same version of the program (when I enrolled the version of the program was # 24, now it is 25) meaning I will have to take on 10 additional classes instead of 2 more!!! This is just ridiculous... I cannot find a job because I do not have the degree and I am $40,000 in debt with collectors breathing down my neck!! Please let me know how to join this suit, any information would be really helpful...


Faron 3 years ago

Add me. $60,000 in debt and I don't feel like it was worth the time and effort I put into it. I got my BS/BA but it sounds like its pretty much worthless. I don't think I should have to pay $60K for something not worth a penny.

Hello 1 3 years ago

I appreciate if someone informs me about this lawsuit or at least contact me regarding this Dilemma. Some of these topics match my current situation, please.

Daisy 3 years ago

I just withdrew from UoP today. Ever since I started with them, they have been on a steady decline. They switch you Financial and Student advisors all the time, without notice, so you can never develop a report and have to re-explain yourself. I have been accused of plagiarizing because I used content from the materials that countless other students have used so my paper came back with a high percentage match, which cause me to have a failing grade. Teachers would sometimes not respond to questions until 4-5 days later. And don't get me started on the tuition. I was told that I was going to be paying under $10,ooo all together for my Associate degree program, and now I'm well over $22,000. Not only that, but even if I was to continue with my degree, I would have had to have gone to another school ANYWAY because they just recently lost some of their accreditations which means I could not take my CAHIIM, and be certified in my field. Mind you, they have not informed their students of this. If anybody is responding to this forum/post, I too would like to join this class action suit if possible. I can be reached via email, Thank you, God bless, and good luck to everybody!

Melissa 3 years ago

Is this for real? I would really like to be a part of this if it is! I took one class at UOF and then dropped, and now they want me to pay $2,700!

profile image

Marthas-Revenge 3 years ago

To find out more about the lawsuit, tap the first link in the story. The lawyers involved are listed with their phone numbers on the last page of the PDF.

starphish042 profile image

starphish042 3 years ago from Cary, North Carolina

This happened to me back in 2008 and they took some of what they think I owe out of my tax refund :( so pissed. and I am STILL getting 2-4 phone calls a day for debt collectors from them saying I owe more!!!??? Someone please help me. I want my money back. I don't owe them anything.

Cassie Springer 3 years ago

I would like to join the lawsuit. I graduated a year ago and have still not found a job. I believe it was due to the fact that it was the University of Phoenix. I am $90,000 in debt and cannot afford to pay it because I was told that I would find a job very easily with this degree. Very disappointed.

Jason 3 years ago

Please, some1 email me on how to join a class action lawsuit against these people or tell me some info on how to get started.

Thanks for anyone's help

Jason 3 years ago

How do u join this lawsuit and is it still active? If not how can I sue. They withdrew me from my classes, sent the loan money back to lender and they are trying to charge me $2,055 while the lenders want about $4,500. For the classes I passed I have no transferable credits so basically I was forcibly withdrawn from my classes and have no transferable credits so I am being charged over $6,000 for having nothing to show for it and have the school and debt collectors calling me everyday 2 to 3 times even when I'm in church services on Easter sunday. It is unrealistic I should pay anything if I have gotten nothing in return.

Thelma 3 years ago

I too have been scamed. This is a shame. How did the government let this happen to so many of us. This school as lied and cheated me over a period of six years with two degrees. I am stressed and do not know what to do. Can someone help.

Cathy 3 years ago

If there is a class action lawsuit being filed, I WANT IN!!! UOP is nothing more than a SCAM. I enrolled to learn medical billing and coding with an Associates Degree attached. I diligently applied myself, got A's and B's for some totatally unrelated classes - only to talk directly to UOP's staff stating that they TOUCHED ON MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING!!! My heart sank. I knew right then-and-there that I had been taken. I only wanted to better myself. Fortunately I bailed out, but an paying my STUDENT LOAN. I am ready to join this suit so that this sham doesn't happen to anyone else. They (UOP) needs to be shut down!!!

profile image

jdeguzman82 3 years ago

I am interested in joining the class action lawsuit against University of Phoenix. I paid off my student loan to their lender and they have not removed my information. UoP said I still owe them money.


profile image

jdeguzman82 3 years ago

I would like to join this class action lawsuit too. UoP did same to me.

consumer2013 3 years ago

I would like to join as this recently happened to me and I have documents and phone calls to demonstrate that it was intentional. Please contact me at for more information on how to Join this class action lawsuit. I am in Nevada and this incident recently happened January 2013.

Dilan 3 years ago

They've been calling me to collect on courses I've never taken with them. I've never even heard of UoP until they started calling me with these false collections in 2010.

Reesie93 profile image

Reesie93 3 years ago from Georgia

I am currently enrolled with UOP about three months now. When I first started they told me for one semester would be $2,700, but now they are saying it is $5,100 and saying I am $22 short. Now they are trying to get me to sign up for a loan so they can get me into more debt. They said I have no excused funds for them to send me. I am trying to get out of this so called school and get my money back.

I want to join too

please email.

Linda 3 years ago

I too was scammed by U of P and would love to join a class action lawsuit. If not join an active lawsuit, will start a new lawsuit with anyone who would like to partner up on this. My name is Linda and u can drop me an email at:

Thank you

Debbie 3 years ago

My academic adviser, Tori, told me I should with draw, because I my dial up would no longer work, that has been two years ago. Just yesterday a debt collector called me and informed me that I owe the university 812.00. Plus I owe Sally Mae like 20,000.00. They have done the same thing to me. Please if I can be involved in this lawsuit please e-mail me

Mandi 3 years ago

I would also like to be a part of this lawsuit. This article is almost exactly what happened to me in 2011 when I withdrew from the bachelors program. They sent my loans back to the lender, and are trying to collect money from me instead. Also, I was assured that I could teach in my state with a Degree from UOP, and later found out (after I completed my associates, and the reason that i left at the bachelor level) that their education degree's are not recognized in Louisiana, (which says a lot).

profile image

TDH PSCIII 3 years ago

I would like to join this class lawsuit. Not sure if this one has closed already but I am 24 credits away from completing my Bachelors Degree and realized I have been given the same class twice and charged twice. I was wondering why every time I turn around they are changing financial aid counselors. They are dragging me along saying they will refund me the money they charged me and I have yet to get any results. They have already submitted for more money for upcoming classes with pending charges on a next class. I refuse to go on with these people. I can not let them win and I can not give them any more money that I will be responsible for paying back. Someone please help!!!!

profile image

scott15r 3 years ago

I would like to be a part of this lawsuit, I paid the lender in full my student loan is paid in full got proof, now university of phoenix is asking for the same I don't understand why, they should talk to the bank if they didn't get any money.


Dan 3 years ago

Also, the crazy thing is, school was paid off and then I got a bill a few months later saying they sent my loan money back and I had to pay them directly. So what you're talking about is what happened to me.

Info please:

Dan 3 years ago

I would like to join an ongoing lawsuit as well. What a waste of time UoP was...nothing good to report. How do I join? Any info can be sent to

Carlos 3 years ago

I decided to call UoP to ask if any of they graduates have been hired by any company the man on the phone said "no". I would like to what those "I am a Phoenix"commercials were about then those people must have been actors.

Phoenix is now claiming that they have partnered with top companies how much more lies is this Diploma mill going to spew out.

Felicia 3 years ago

I live in Arizona and I am now $60,000 in debt with student loans all from attending University of Phoenix. I completed my bachelors degree in Business Management in 2009 and I'm currently working a meager desk receptiontist job while trying to obtain a management position. I feel like my degree/education is worthless and serious employers look down on attending UofP; so far I have been passed up for employment with the U.S. Government & Raytheon. I am extremely frustrated now, because I am expected to pay back student loans for a substandard education. I would like to join any lawsuits.


profile image

NWicker 3 years ago

I was almost finished with my degree, only two more classes left and out of nowhere I get another class. I asked why this happened and he couldn't give me a definitive answer. Not only that, but employees don't take UoP seriously. I was in Criminal Justice Administration and learned stuff I already knew. When in one's fourth year of higher education, one doesn't expect to find simple grammatical and spelling errors in the work of peers, but see them I did.

I want in on this lawsuit. The degree I paid tens of thousands of dollars for is worth nothing but the paper it's printed on because no one recognizes it.

Jennifer J. 3 years ago

I am interested in filing a suit on the grounds of the new accredidation process. When I became a student at University of Phoenix in 2010, they guaranteed they were an accredited university now that I am halfway through my Bachellor's degree, the university has been placed on probation by the Higher Learning Committee for not being in compliance. What can I do? Please send me some info

niki 4 years ago

i would like t join the lawsuit also please email me with info on how to do so

ChristyW 4 years ago

My situation is a bit different. I completed forms ( still have my originals) to return the excess financial aid funds to the lender. The university on more than one occasion decided to not return the funds, but keep it on my account to pay for future classes. This is dishonest as it resulted in me spending more on the degree than I thought I had. Plus, I paid interest on the unsub loans while it sat on my account. I was extremely disappointed with the learning groups because we would have large projects due and I would have to pull the weight of the lazy class members who didn't do their fair share. Sad, that I helped that person get a Masters degree. Those students should never have continued to the next class, but they did.

Brandi 4 years ago

I would like to be a part of this. My email address is

Cory 4 years ago

I am now $61,000 in debt from going to UOP. I graduated with a Bachelors in Business Marketing. Anywhere I apply will not hire me as I am "not qualified". I have a freaking Bachelors degree!!! Apparently UOP has no weight behind their degrees and people actually frown upon my degree. I want in the lawsuit.

Betty S. 4 years ago

I withdrew from the UoP wit three courses to complete. I was feed up with absentee instructors and the lack of academic support. I want t know more about the lawsuit. Please email info to

Carrie 4 years ago

I am interested in joining as well my email is

Chris 4 years ago

Please email i have alot of points i would like to address to also try and join this lawsuit. please contact me i need HELP!!

peramore20 profile image

peramore20 4 years ago from Turtle Creek, PA

Has anyone started a lawsuit yet? I really need to get in on one because it won't be long until my statute of limitations is up. My email is I also have a hub on here about what the school did to me.

FBill 4 years ago

Someone gave University of Phoenix my telephone number. UOP started calling me, so I decided to go speak with them. I told the Rep I was not going to attend, because I couldn't afford the tuition. She told me I didn't have to worry about anything, because my tuition would be paid for. I thought that meant I would not have to pay anything. I found out later I was sadly mistaken. I took some classes at the actual campus, and online. Some of the online instructors were terrible. I decided it would be best to withdraw. I emailed my academic counselor, and told him I would no longer attend UOP. I asked that he withdraw me from the ENTIRE program. This happen before it was time to start class. Well, UOP claim they had already received the funds. My transcript is being held hostage. Please send me info about the class action @ Thanks.

profile image

dan5150 4 years ago

hello my name is dan... i have been having some problems as well... some things that are unconscionable. Who can i get in touch with to facilitate a solution. thanks

Telia 4 years ago

I would like to join in on the lawsuit i no more than 30 mins ago go a letter threating to file collection on me and i just withdrew Monday. Please email me

Sanctuary 4 years ago

We need to organize. I'm going to build a website so that we can work together on a state by state basis.

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A949beck 4 years ago

I would like to join this lawsuit as to I went to the university and they continued to promise me that the loans I already took out was completely paid and I would not have to come up with other funds to continue my classes. At first I was going to quit and the person who I spoke with said would you rather have a 53k car or make 21k a year. After all the loans would be paid off it will be over 70k. They just kept adding up. Every class they would say to me you owe .... But after that it would be paid up, then the next class would come around and it would start all over again. The calls, the threats they would threaten over the voicemail. A main reason I didn't just quit the school is I was so close to finishing and I did but I am still in the same situation as I was before I started going to school there. I really didn't learn anything, the teachers plain out told us... We are not here to be your teacher we are here to monitor the posts, and that we as the students need to instruct and help each other. I have much more and would like to be a part of this lawsuit as I feel very and have felt very upset about this whole issue. One more thing is they held my diploma until I paid out of pocket for the last class. That is horrible after going there continuously for four years and my loans and bills adding up. My email is a949beck@ and I hope I hear something soon. Thanks for reading

Exzanthia Flowers 4 years ago

I would also like to be a part of this Class Action Lawsuit. Please send me more information, or inform me of a way to obtain such. Thank you -

Tara 4 years ago

I am very interested in joining this lawsuit. Please emil me with information @ $30K in debt with a useless M.A. in Education.

Harold Fried 4 years ago

This all makes sense since I graduated I can not find a Job at all and I was promissed that I would get one because my state is an IT state they said. Then my consouler got fired they gave me another I went through 5 of those. Finally I I graduate and nothing I work for ea games as a game tester for 7.50 hr but that is not what I got my degree in. So I went to a temp agency and when they looked at my resume they told me to take my college information off because no one would hire me because of University of phoenix being on it. I want to join this as well my number is 225-301-2892

Rosie 4 years ago

I want to join this law suit.I had nothing but problems from them here in florence ky. please email at I trying to get a lawyer to help me with this.I wrote one comment on here but forgot my e mail.Please help me i been to 4 lawyers and no one once to help me out. I wish i never went to phoenix school.

Rosie 4 years ago

i went to this school I wasn't told that the campus in florence ky was closing down . They even took money from me. I am trying to get a lawyer to help me out. They did nt put me in the right classes. In want to join this law suit.

Mitzi 4 years ago

I would like to join this class action lawsuit because I have had nothing but problems with this school! Please e-mail me @

Danny 4 years ago

I am interested in joining the lawsuit and agree with all of the allegations and I have informed the University of the level of their education. Employers are not to accept this University education now or in the future

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Christyluvv 4 years ago

Please inform me on how to join, I am in the same situation as most of you. I'm lost and confused please contact me at

Danielle George 4 years ago

I would like to be included in the lawsuit. I withdrew from the class and they want me to pay the remainder of the tuition and pay my student loan. My email address is

Jon 4 years ago

I too would like to join this class action lawsuit. It is a crime what this "school" charges for tuition, compared to the level of education they provide. It is sub par to say the least. Ever changing "financial counselors", annual tuition hikes that were drastically higher than a standard university, lack of interaction and actual teaching from the "professors", and the large amounts of unmotivated and unprepared students and I was subjected to in ineffective learning groups. I made it half way through my four year degree when I realized this was a scam but by then it was too late. My financial counselor threatened me with immediate repayment of the current classes tuition, and then the repayment of my overall school loans as well. I eventually was talked in to seeing it through to the end based on the fact that it would be too expensive to quit! That is partly my fault for being a "sucker" but does not make the system or school any less at fault for what they have done wrong. Please contact me

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squizzel 4 years ago

Sign me up!! I was taking 2 classes and had a family emergency with my dad being in the hospital and they told me I could make up coursework that a week would be fine and they ended up dropping me. Let alone, after I was dropped and they were disbursed my loans they sent me a bill for the remainder of the course?? I dont understand how they can get disbursed money from my sallie mae and then get money from me!! they told me that if i didn't pay them then I couldn't go to another school because they wouldn't release my transcripts.. so i had to pay them... the school is a bunch of BS and I highly advise anyone who is considering on going, DONT!!! my email is

Mike 4 years ago

I would like to join the lawsuit against UOP. I'm not sure if my case is anything like the case that is being presented here but I would like to think that it is at least remotely close to it. I was one month away from graduation when they told me that I had plagiarized off of two students that were in school mean while I was doing my class on-line... While it was under investigation I was not doing my school work. While I was not doing my school work I was not asked why I was not doing my school work and on top of that after a value waiting my plagiarism check they told me to go ahead and continue on doing my school work that I passed the test. Ok, if they tell me to go ahead and continue doing my school work then they knew that I have stopped doing it. Then why did I not get anyone to say something beforehand? The reason that I came up with is because they knew I was going to end up failing that class and they were going to have to take me off of the student loan and charge me cash strait up. So yes I ended up failing that class they called me up and told me in order for me to finish my last month in order for me to be able to graduate I had to pay $2,500 out of pocket. I told them I did not have that kind of money at that time and asked if I could save up and pay for it when I get it. They told me NO that they need the money now in order for me to continue or I was kicked out... So now I am getting bills in the mail from UOP for my total grant and student loan. Please tell me do I have a fighting chance here to join this lawsuit.

Kevin Mcknight 4 years ago

I would like to join this law suit. I withdrew from this school and instead of them sending the money back to the lender, they kept it and im stuck with this bill. 607-232-4102 please can someone contact me.

russell mercado 4 years ago

I would like to be a part of the class action lawsuit.

India 4 years ago

Please add me to the lawsuit if it is still active (2012). I dropped out of courses for personal reasons earlier this year and UoP did not return my Yellow Ribbon funds to VA. VA held me responsible for paying all of the money back by dedcuting my benefits once I started school again. I sewnt my Financial Aid counselor proof of bank statements via e-mail showing the funds were not released to me after dropping out and she never responded nor return the funds. E-mail is

Chanell 4 years ago

I would also Like to Join This class action Because I was one of the students they ripped off at this time please email me the information.

Rich 4 years ago

I too attended Univ. of Phoenix Axia Online and was mislead as to the cost of the Associates degree I was working towards. When I inquired as to the complete cost of this degree I was told $8800 by a representative in their finance department. Unbeknownst to me that cost was PER semester. Being this was my first time inquiring about college, I relied on the representative to give full disclosure on the costs involved. Once I started my classes I was made aware of the total cost and long story short I feel I was duped into it. I feel that Univ. of Phoenix operates on deceptive tactics. I would like to join the suit. My email is

Richard 4 years ago

I too attended Univ. of Phoenix Axia Online and was mislead as to the cost of the Associates degree I was working towards. When I inquired as to the complete cost of this degree I was told $8800 by a representative in their finance department. Unbeknownst to me that cost was PER semester. Being this was my first time inquiring about college, I relied on the representative to give full disclosure on the costs involved. Once I started my classes I was made aware of the total cost and long story short I feel I was duped into it. I feel that Univ. of Phoenix operates on deceptive tactics. I would like to join the suit. My email is

Carolyn 4 years ago

I would love to be involved in this class action. They have accused me of plagiarizing when there was no proof. The instructor never answered any of my questions and gave me zeros for every assignment in the class but wouldn't explain why. I was only two classes away from getting my Associates degree. Right away and i mean within like four days i had letters in the mail, well bills and bill collectors hounding me for the payments. I still years later get threatening letters and I have my paycheck garnished from student loans with UoP. Its ridiculous. No matter how much i pay the % and fees keep adding up and I'll never be free. I tried to enroll in a different school and they will not release my transcripts until I pay ALL my loans back. I've been looking into getting help with this matter for years. Please email me

Sheri 4 years ago

UOP is just a rip off. I would like to join the class acton lawsuit.


Sisi 4 years ago

Hello, I would very much like to join this lawsuit against University of Phoenix. The enrollment counselor at Phoenix told both me and my brother that our CalGrants would completely cover all of our courses for the entire year. We had over $12,000 and told our advisor multiple times that we did not have the money to pay for schooling OUT of POCKET. Our enrollment advisor and financial advisor BOTH encouraged us to sign up for a loan while waiting for our Grant funding to be released. They told us that once our Grant funds were released we would be able to cover the loans and any further payments. A few months into the program we get a call saying that our funds were released but that the loan would have to be paid for OUT of POCKET. We now owe over $6,000 in loans which are already accruing interest. We were completely mislead and were blatantly lied to when we enrolled.

My email is:

Thank you!

Casey 4 years ago

I would also Like in on this lawsuit. I was robbed by this place back in 2009. This school was a joke. My email is

antwan 4 years ago

I also attended university of phoenix online a few year a go and thought i was the only one getting badly ripped off, im more then interested in joining this class action of a lawsuit...please let me join in as im in debt over my head dealing with this university...i wasent even qualified to join by law since i did not finish high school and my last level of completion was the 9th grade and my enrollment counselor knew this and still kelp quiet about it and enrolled me with no problem at all. I feel as though for that act alone i should not be held responsible for repaying anything and i also feel as though i should be reimbursed in a sense because my credit took a nice blow over this......please let me join this lawsuit, my email address is ..................thanks

Chris 4 years ago

I would like information on how to join this class action lawsuit. UoP did so, so, SO many messed up things with my enrollment that I could not type it all in a timely fashion. Please someone email me with some kind of information as to how to join this class action lawsuit.

JB 4 years ago

How do I join this class action? Phoenix is unprofessional, irresponsible, incompetent, and most of all FULL OF LIES!! I am looking into pursuing a case against them as well!! How do I go about this?

Julie Campbelll 4 years ago

I am very interested in joining. my email is

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RachelleMRitchie 4 years ago

How to I join this lawsuit? I am $30K in the hole because of these people. I was highly misinformed about my degree and where it would take me. When I initially signed up for the classes they promised me, (a brandnew high school graduate at the time) that I could do my nursing degree online with them no problem. I just needed to take this two year course as a prerequisite. I had no idea that nursing for LPN was not offered online. I did not find this out until later. I was one year into my degree (Associates of Arts in Health Administration) when I was informed that I had to be an RN for two years before I could take their classes but not to worry because I could find a successful career no problem with my degree upon completion. This was a load if I ever heard one. I completed the degree in the summer of 2009 and I am STILL doing the same thing I was doing when I started school. I have NEVER been able to obtain employment with this $30K piece of paper with my name on it. NOW I have the loan people on my back for the $30K+ interest that I owe them and I will never be able to pay. I provide the sole income for a family of 3. My husband stays home with our daughter since a disability inhibits him from working long periods of time. There is no way I will ever be able to pay these loans. As it is now they were in default until I had them deferred with an Economic Hardship until June 2013.... what then? Please help me join this Lawsuit. I dont want any money for myself, I just want my student loans paid off. That is all I care about.

Dayna 4 years ago

How can I join and find out more. I had a terrible experience with them, withdrew from them as well for very similar reasons.

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jtsalinas 4 years ago

I am in..same thing happened

Zack Briggs profile image

Zack Briggs 4 years ago from Cary, North Carolina I am interested in participating too

Judy Bias 4 years ago

I am very interested in being a part of the class action against the University of phoenix lawsuit. I have had a lot of headache over this school and my student loans, that keep building up and will never go away, no matter what I pay them. I feel as though I was very taken in going to this school. I really did not learn much, but to write alot of papers and presentations, that is getting me no where. No one will hire you with the University of Phoenix on your resume'. Please do not attend this school!!!

Michelle 4 years ago

UPO is such a SHAM Please include me,

Alisha Prosser 4 years ago

I AM VERY INTERESTED IN JOINING THIS LAWSUIT!!! I am located in california and I transferred with a full 15,000 CalGrant and full pell grant I am on Social Security Disability due to Renal Failure and Chronic Pylonephritis and thought that online would be best. They took out 1,000 in a loan that i was told was cancelled I faxed the form and all. And I informed them the classes that i was given were introductory I transferred with 64 credits they only gave me credit for 14 and put me in classes that i already had taken, and now that i am leaving they say they are giving all MY grant money back leaving me with the balance for the courses. So now I will have a new almost 3,000 to pay plus the 1,000 in loan. I can't do this! Please i am very interested in joining! please send me the information.!!!! Thank you so much

Brandy 4 years ago

I would like to be part of this. How do i go about doing so.

shawn 4 years ago

Please give me information about this lawsuit.

Karen Daly 4 years ago

I enrolled with UOP nine weeks ago. I believe I failed the first semester. I say I believe, because, I can not get any one to tell me anything. They automatically enrolled me in too more courses, without an offer to make up the previous courses. Heaven for bid, if you try to get any answers from them. All they will talk to you about is money. Of course for their benefit not mine. I told them to disenroll me, they just did what they want any way. Now yoday UOP called and said I would have to renew my loan. What. I had a student loan. It appears to me their thirst for money controls all decisions. Tried to get copies of my financial records, deaf ears again. This isn't every thing, but it's a start, that you can see I'm not pleased with their policies.

Please contact me about this law suit.

ladyleo475 profile image

ladyleo475 4 years ago from West Allis, Wisconsin

Please sent me information on this lawsuit

drea 4 years ago

I want to join! they are a rip off and liars..

Chuck 4 years ago

I would love to be involved in this class action. ..They have accused me of cheating and dropped my class. Now they will not release my transcripts until I pay for the class they dropped me from. 4 years ago

I would like to be part of this lawsuit. I have similar situation as the plantiffs in this case. Please let me know how I am be part of this. My e-mail address is Thank you!

Linda J 4 years ago

We would like to be included in this class action lawsuit. I am a victim too. Thank you.

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bennyjoon 4 years ago

I will definitely join this lawsuit. I attended UOP for over two years and was pulled from classes for reasons that did not corrolate with their original rules. I was promised everything and given nothing but $24,000 worth of student loans. I have no car loans, no credit cards- I avoid loans at all costs as I do not want to be in debt. My husband was injured while working and I realized that I would need to make money once his workman's comp ran out. I figured a little bit of debt would be worth it to provide for my family. I was assured that my monthly payback would be between $50-$100. However, it is well over $200. I was lied to, cheated, and then not allowed to graduate because they put me on academic probation because my GPA wasn't high enough. My GPA wasn't high enough at the end because they gave me all the classes I told them I struggled with- at the end. This is apparently common practice for them, as I have seen other stories like it. I have paid out of pocket for classes I shouldn't have, I was not able to graduate (They told me I needed to retake one of my earlier classes to bring my GPA up- and I had to pay $1,100 out of pocket). I got sold a bag of ****. I wasted almost 3 years of my life, missing out on time with friends and family to work on papers and take tests, and now I am deeper in debt than I have ever been. I was able to show a hardship to the fedloan people, so that deferred my loan for 1 year, but next year I will have to begin repaying- I believe 6 loans, which I had no idea had been taken out on my behalf. I NEED to join this lawsuit, these people need to be shut down!!!

my email address is:

Tim Schuchman 4 years ago

Please contact me in regards to the suit

Kat christy 4 years ago

Please email me with information about the lawsuit. Thanks

Ciera 4 years ago

Please email any information I have hired lawyers and working with an attorney general. I know what they did is wrong and I will prove it.

Jennifer Afalava 4 years ago

I would like to be included for I am a victim too. please email me at

Thank you and would really appreciate your help.

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thaidews 4 years ago

Hi I am so frustrated and angry with this school for trying to play me as well as many others. Please include me in the lawsuit. my email it thank you

Ivette Medina profile image

Ivette Medina 4 years ago

is anything happening with any lawsuits against UOP? UOP is giving me more headaches and more issues! All unethical and illegal!

Angelique and Marcus 4 years ago

We would like to be included in this class action lawsuit. We have both experienced much of what you all are writing.

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scammedbyUoP 4 years ago

I signed up with this school in 2010. I specifically asked about anything out of pocket as funds were tight. They are using my entire federal financial aid as it is. Now they want nearly $400 extra a month out of pocket in ADDITION to the $12,000 they already use from the government loans!! They refuse to release my transcripts.

My experience:

- new "counselors" every 2-3 classes

- new tuition rates every 2-3 classes (once a year is a lie)

- enrollment counselors are lying to recruit students

- misleading, most employers these days don't even count UoP as valid degrees!!!

james 4 years ago

I am in the same boat, I found out they are holding my transcripts due to an account balance. They also returned one of my loans, stating I was not enrolled half-time, which was untrue. They are also adding costs onto classes I have already taken.

Ivette Medina profile image

Ivette Medina 4 years ago

I have evidence to support all my claims and have a list of of unethical actions UOP has taken. I am interested in all class action suit matters. I may be reached at or 661-333-5283. Thank you

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Schapple 4 years ago

I had the same exact thing happen to me too. I transferred schools and was told that because it I was already currently in classes to finish that term and I wouldn't owe anything else. I transferred to a real college and UOP was trying to claim to the FASA that I was still enrolled at their school and the school I was transferred to couldn't get my FASA money because of that. After almost missing the start date for school I got a bill from UOP for over 2000 dollars for the classes that had already been paid for by FASA the term before. I got a loan from my credit union to get rid of the headache and paid it of after they sent me to collections a month after agreeing to let me make payments. That was a year ago and it was paid in full. Now this week I get a random email saying that some lady named Jennifer Lang is taking over my account and thanking me for my payment in April and that I owe them money still and how I plan to pay for it to avoid them sending me to collections? When I rely they lady claims my old student financial adviser Debbie passed on my account to her and she was following up on an email from February. When I tell her that I haven't talked to that person since Dec of 2010 her story changes to she didn't need to contact me anymore because it was in collections. She sends me an invoice that is dated for 2010 with payment that are all out of sequence that was emailed to me as a pdf file and won't send me a bill in the mail. I would totally be ok with being part of the lawsuit. This is a total scam and I am sick for them harassing me. I am 12 credits away form getting a degree in criminology at a REAL college. I hope they get closed down so they stop messing with people!

contact me at PLEASE!

Smith 4 years ago

They just contacted me stating that they to send my funds back to lender and I owe 1042.00 and they kicked me out due to the fact that I can't pay for classes out of pocket. They are extremely high I know people who pay for 3 classes in the amount that I pay for one. Please add me to the lawsuit (

Ivette Medina profile image

Ivette Medina 4 years ago

My last instructor at UOP acted maliciously towards me and I have evidence. There are more violations then I can count on the 2011-2012 policy handbook, and don't know where to start since this could fall under consumer class action, civil litigation, or education law? The UOP experience has been a nightmare for both myself and another student. We are looking to sue the university and if I could would like to sue the instructor for changing my grades from A to C on the previous weeks assignments which has resulted in a drop from my GPA (from a 4.00) along with the poor overall grade he gave me as a form of retaliation. I have suffered losses with my enrollment there. I am forced to transfer out and as such my costs and time (emotional distress) are all reasons why I am pursuing representation. Another student who was with me is also interested in suing since she feels she has no choice but to transfer out due to the poor service and misrepresentation on behalf of the school.

I can be reached at or 661-333-5283. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Brad 4 years ago

Please contact me with any info in regards to Lawsuits against UofP. I also would be interested in a lawsuit against Sallie Mae for Predatory lending practices regarding their involvement with UofP.

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downwithuop 4 years ago

For everyone who wants to be a part of the suit I have going, please include your name, contact information, and let me know if you're in Arizona or not. I need to collect information quickly and believe it or not there are several lawyers calling to take this case! You can read my original post below to get more information.

Damon S Robinson 4 years ago

Hello Everyone I made a Facebook page I Am Not A Phoenix join us and lets get organized to Fight Back!

Jen H 4 years ago

They're the ones who screwed me over several times. I dropped a class because it was super hard and I end up paying for it. Sends you to a website to download and pay for a super cheap version of microsoft word that doesn't work.. Complete BS... I want part of this lawsuit

profile image

downwithuop 4 years ago

For students located in Arizona who wish to file against University of Phoenix, please read my post. I have spoken to a lawyer and he is ready to move forward. You must have proof and live in Arizona or have a way to attend meetings with the lawyer in Arizona and trial as well. My suit includes the university telling you that your degree would allow you to attend another school and it did not, being told you'd be prepared for a certain profession and you were not, being told you could get certain licenses and you could not. This needs to happen quickly and the more people with proof the better! Email me if you are interested and have proof and can attend meetings/trial my email is

Keyia 4 years ago

Please add me to this lawsuit as well. I'm actually enrolled now and i HATE it..

profile image

Shannah 4 years ago

Add me to the suit. They sent Federal money back and are saying I owe $2200. They refuse to give me my transcripts so I can attend Penn State.

profile image

kokohud 4 years ago

Please add me to this lawsuit or if there is another class action lawsuit that is going on please add me to the list because I am currently experiencing the same situation as others listed here. My email address is

Bethany Q 4 years ago

Please add me to this lawsuit. I was told my Associates Degree would transfer to other colleges when I was ready and am now finding it won't. My email is

Jenna 4 years ago

Add me to this!! My email is with info please contact me as well! Long story short I was conned in 2007 under the impression I was using a grant. I never signed loan documents, and was also out of there in three weeks after I discovered my advisor opted me for a loan anyway and my classes were junk with the teachers and material. Im sure since 2007 they've changed they're student advisor protocol aka aggressive used car salesman but I was still cheated and have proof they did this without my permission and my credit is ruined over classes I withdrew from and I also was harrassed by them and sallie mae.

Donnalda 4 years ago

I am also a victim of UOP Online. The financial counselor would only contact me by phone, after I asked several times to be contacted online, because they always called while I was at work, and I couldn't call them when I got home at night. Plus they wanted cash after the second class and I had told them at the beginning i needed a head's up to save the money, but they just locked me out of class and dropped me. Then my "student loans" came due and I was getting bill collectors from UOP Online for the cash and the student loans at the same time. Then I found out my classes wouldn't even be accredited for the college I wanted to transfer to. I was a victim of fraud, I have horrible credit now, and no education. Please add me to the lawsuit:

Sammy 4 years ago

I also went to the UOP back in 2007. I first started in the class room and when my schedule got too hectic I decided to transfer to the online courses, once I did that I completed my all assignments with passing grades and participated in the online thread as much as I possibly could. Well, I guess I did not participate enough because the professor failed me because he felt that I did not participate in the online thread as much as he felt I should have and currently I owe them for that one class. Now they refuse to release my transcript until I pay for the failed class. This has stopped me from being able to enroll in school because once other schools see that I was previously in school they immediately ask me for my transcripts. UOP is charging me $928 for the failed class and the release of my transcript. I would like to join in on the law suit. I feel that holding my transcript hostage is not justifiable when you are also reporting it to the credit bureaus and destroying my credit. Please advise...

Contact info:

yolanda 4 years ago

Please add me to the lawsuit... this is happening to me right now!

Jennah 4 years ago

I'd like to be added too, University of Phoenix has thrown me out of school twice now claiming I never made attendance when I did. It has taken me 4 years to complete a 2 year degree and a ton of out of pocket money and stress.

profile image

Melody0481 4 years ago

Please add me to the lawsuit.

Stacy Akard 4 years ago

Sign me up University of Phoenix - Apollo - Western International University whatever they want to call themselves is a major rip off! They need to be stopped from doing this is the future. Its a huge scam!!

Carlos 4 years ago

I like all of you were lied too, I would like to go to different news agencies,so as to start an investigation against this so called school.Phoenix has a legal team not one lawyer.I need to know I have everyone's support You can contact me at (917)690-9059 or

profile image

sagittarius1d 4 years ago

Please add me to the lawsuit. UOP is totally crap!

profile image

MISSPEB 4 years ago

Please add me to the lawsuit contact me at

Janelle 4 years ago

profile image

DRLATONYA 4 years ago

ADD ME! They lied to me, to financial aid, now to credit bureaus! I attended 2 classes for only 2 weeks. They say I owe over $3000.00 !!! Damaged my credit.



gordon somerset 4 years ago

everyone should get a crack at these bastards

Matt 4 years ago

Please add me to the lawsuit.

Ryan 4 years ago

I would really like to be a part of this, I went to Phoenix for only a couple of months, every time I submitted my information for financial aid, they said they never received it, I have all of the information and papers/faxes saying that it was sent, I sent my information over 10 times! Then with no warning they sent my bill to the collection agency, now the collection agency calls me everyday asking for money. I now go to Devry which is an awesome school, but UOP won't give up my transcripts until I pay back the money that I know I don't owe. Please help me, seriously I'm really mad at this school and I don't want this to happen to anyone else!

Terri 4 years ago

I am trying my best not to get upset but I realized that I was being swindled when i continued with my Bachelors, I wanted to do Social Work my advisor stated that there Human Services Management program was awesome, but she failed to mentioned that UOP is not accreddited by SWO so its all in vain. Please contact me about joining the suit.

Crystal 4 years ago

I want in! I have been fighting with them for forever and now they are charging me $3200 for a class I haven't got to take!!! I have all the proof they are liars, their "academic counselors are a joke!"


profile image

jennifer208 4 years ago

Please, please add me to the me at

Lucy Cheung 4 years ago

Please add me to the class action lawsuit against UOP.

Trisha 4 years ago

Well, thank goodness I got out when i did! These stories are horrible! I was enrolled in 2007/2008 and my major was psychology. My classes were all online and that was fine and all, except if you had a question or problem. the professors never responded! There was this discussion board where you needed to participate in order to receive credit & be kept enrolled in the class. If you didn't sign in, THEY WOULD JUST DROP YOU! I notified my professor that I was going on vacation & would not have internet service for a week. I completed all the assisgnments a week in advance! I came back from the trip and found I had been dropped! It took alot of yelling and screaming but I got back in just before they sent my money back! I withdrew after that course was completed because I just did not feel I was getting a quality education. They haunted me with phone calls & letters trying to get me to re-enroll & complete my degree with them, but I never did. I found out that the degree from them wasn't worth the paper it's printed on! I was left with a debt of almost $5000, I only took 3 classes! They started contacting me again about a year ago trying to get me to come back and complete my degree. I do not respond to them. I do not have collectors calling or anything, but I do think I was ripped off and mislead. Please feel free to contac me regarding the class action

Tea Wheeler 4 years ago

I can feel the pain and fury, I am also a victim Of the university of phoenix!

Brandon 4 years ago

I am also interested in joining this lawsuit. They did the same thing to me. This has just recently happened to me about a week ago. The sub-par teaching, the missing instructors, all of this has happened to me. I would love to be apart of this lawsuit

my email is

Jonathan 4 years ago

Greeting to you all, i am on my second year on UoP. i was sketchy in the beginning when i first applied for courses to UoP. i notice that my roman advisor basically filled out my fasfa for me, and other paper work. i also recently had an issue with a course due to the lame teaching ability that the instructor had given us. i made a complaint about that, and notified my advisor's that i wasn't the only one in class that had the same problem with the instructor. one more major thing i feel that these paople are holding my money, such as my pell grants, i am continously contacting financial advisors about receiving my funds, and they say the daes tends to change. i believe that theres something real wrong with that pictre. plus, veryone is saying that UoP is ripping students off financially. now the charge students to make copies... WTF is up with that!? somebody, anybody, add me to the lawsuit. so i may assist this issue in anyway. please do contact me at;

Pamela 4 years ago

I am 58 years old and was into my second year at University of Phoenix and I was pressured, lied to and then I ended up with 36 credits, plus over 15,000 dollars in loan debts. Now I can do nothing about it and no good school wants me because I have a debt with UoP and cannot get my transcripts. UoP said they sent back $3471. of my loan money to Apollo Group which is a sister company of UoP. If any one has started a class action suit and would allow me to join I would appreciate it. At my age it is disheartening to lose my dream of reaching new heights. email:

Willow 4 years ago

Count me in! I have the same kind of dispersal issues. They adjusted my financial aid because I was 6 credits short as a graduate student but my in the federal loan system my aid was never adjusted. So needless to say I've never been able to finish my Master's degree....

KrazyKrickett 4 years ago

If at all possible I would like to be included in the class action lawsuit.

kari 4 years ago

Does anyone have contact information on the class action? My email is

Nathan 4 years ago

I am interested in joining this class-action as well. Please contact me.

1. Unjust Enrichment with poor/no teaching assistence 2. Failing to properly inform a student 3. withhold Learning Disability Assistance

I attended for a few years. I attended as a FlexNet student for 2-3 classes and requested ONLY on-campus classes thereafter because I have learning disabilities and need the human interaction. I reached the final 5 classes for completion and I was told that my chosen degree (business finance) final core (most difficult) classes would ONLY be held online and had been told this was my only option for continuing the course. I received virtually no assistance and had to find a different course book provided online by another university in order to make heads or tails of the material. After I attempted this course, I informed my Academic Counselor that dispute my attempt, I would require Learning Disability assistance in order to even consider continuation. I followed up with my advisor for several weeks where he was suppressed no one had contacted me. I stopped attendance. Now I am transferring to another university and UofP is holding my transcripts. I am now out of THOUSANDS of dollars because my credits won't even transfer over except as GENERALS anyhow.

My request for Learning Disability assistance is well documented in the school's history of only on-campus class attendance flawless...and they still want me to pay on the last class and withhold my transferring to a traditional University.

Linda Tjabbar 4 years ago

I have the same problems. Please add me to the lawsuit. I can be reached anytime via email at

Bruce 4 years ago

I am now being called after informing them I dropped out of the class before it even started. Apparently, they ignored my request had me logged into a class that was not even necessary for me to be taking. I requested it again and was not informed until after the entire session that they finally withdrew me from the class, but I would owe around $750 for withdrawing from a class I did not even attend. Now, I am being called by a debt agency representing UoP, and it has not even been a month.

Please get in contact with me about this lawsuit.

I can be reached at

D.P. 4 years ago

Please contact me for a class action lawsuit at Thank You.

small world 4 years ago

I was reading one of the hub pages (can't remember which one sorry)and this whistle blower by name of surprise he stated that he was not only a former student but employee,he said that he would go to one of the meetings,and saw the councellors that they would be rewarded silver gold and platnium for how many people they recruited he went on to say how this is connected to the Dept. of Edu and all those involved was in it for the money so this goes as deep as the U.S government. they trully ned to be stopped.

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cauzincaos 4 years ago

I am also a ticked off UOP former student. I want to help with the same plight that we all seem to have in common, that of being taken for a ride by the UOP. Please keep me informed as to what I can do to help spread the word and help protect future victims.

Kari 4 years ago

I finished my degree at the end of January. They are holding 2600 of my loans. I know how much it is because of nslds. They say it is a much smaller amount but will not disburse it. I would love to find a way to fight them!!!

dave 4 years ago

I was a student going for my masters degree. I had to drop out due to personal reasons, and tried to get back into the program but they told me only 1 credit would be accounted for out of 17 and that they would have to enroll me into a new program!!! They are a sham and only care about making money!!!!

ssaffery profile image

ssaffery 4 years ago from Los Angeles, California Author

Lisa I'm sorry about your experience. I discovered in 2009 that the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology ( was to accredit University of Phoenix's Information Technology programs. ABET's review took place July 2010. After emailing Beth Mundy, a representative of ABET, she said in January 2011 that ABET did not approve University of Phoenix's accreditation application due to confidential reasons. Beth stated that the University of Phoenix would have to release their findings to me as to why ABET did not accredit any of their Information Technology programs.

You can read more about ABET's decision here:

I also discovered more elite fraud that takes place at the University of Phoenix. In December 2009, the University of Phoenix paid two former employees $9.5 million dollars each for enrolling as many students as possible in the unaccredited programs of study. The Department of Education in Washington D.C. needs to be sued as well as the University of Phoenix! As victims of this joke of a university, we all need to start holding up signs outside a University of Phoenix ground campus. I'm ready to hold my sign that will say, "PLEASE TELL US WHY ABET DID NOT ACCREDIT ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMS DURING THEIR JULY 2010 REVIEW!"

You can read more about the $9.5 million dollar payout here:

Lisa 4 years ago

I received My masters in organizational management from UoP. I was not able to find a job in the field.I wound up working a job that pays less than 30,000 a year. At the time I thought it was me or just the economy. So I decided to go back for a degree in teaching with UoP. I left the program because of the conflicting information I was receiving in regards to certification in illinois. After reading many posts I am scared to even put that I have even gone to UoP on my resume. Although I am glad that I left UoP the money that I spent on my education has really gone to waste and I am left with the debt. If you have any information in regards to any action taking place or information in what I can do please email me at :

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kettycalm728 4 years ago

Let's all get together and work together. So our voice can be heard. I'm about to sue UOP as well. They might ignore one person but not one thousand.Pls email me if you want to join us.

Juan 4 years ago

I am going thru these problems as well. please send me information on how to join this group please???

William F Hernandez 4 years ago

I have the same problem. Please add me to the lawsuit.

Patrick 4 years ago

I have recently dropped out of the UoP program due to the lack of education I was getting from the very expensive courses. I used my hard earned GI Bill to help pay my bills while going to school and when I dropped out of school all I was left with was an almost $20,000 Federal loan and a call from UoP telling me I owe them $1,800 dollars for courses I did not even complete. Now I am receiving phone calls from a bill collector on behalf of UoP threatening to hold my credits earned if I do not pay this outrageous balance from the UoP.

Has there been any updates about the class action suite and can it help me in my situation at all?

Thank you,

Patrick Maloney

Kellie Haning 4 years ago

I am going through this right now. Having had major issues with the professionalism of my first instructor Monday of my third week, I called my academic counselor to complain. She said i could file a complain against my instructor with my name on it, but I was not wanting to for sure file a complaint. I was in the middle of my third week, and i decided to think on it through the weekend. I only logged into class one day that week, and I posted that I felt a need to drop because it was not working out for me. Having an A in the class obviously I was not worried about flunking, but the fact that I was doing the majority of the work was an issue. Also I had requested guidence from my instructor to be ignored completely!!! She never ever responded to me. Honestly the fact that my teacher was personal rewarding students with good points for saying things like, "Yeah I tell new employees to keep their heads down and mind their own business around tenured employees" and "I tell new employees they need to just keep their opinions to theirselves around bad groups of employees" was shocking to me as a professional. The real horror was the actual instructor stated things like " Yeah I tell employees if they are perceived as a bad employee they are and if they are perceived as a good employee they are. Keep in mind I also tell my employees to remember this when they hang out with bad employees" and "I hired nine new employees and told them I give hours to employees who show up on time?". My issue is that my goal was not to learn about how to manage a bunch of servers as an assistant manager in a restaurant. My goal was to learn professional management from a professional and obtain a BS. Being that I managed a six million dollar asset, it was clear fast this course was nothing short of a joke. I had absolutely been played for four long weeks and had long question answer sessions prior to enrollment.

It would not have been a big issue for me. It should not have been hard to drop and cancel grants and loans or so I thought. Understand I was told this is an introductory course only, and more than once I heard "this first class is nothing's just to see if you like the program. It helps your learn to navigate."

I decide to think on it through the weekend and over the weekend I decided I had enough. My enrollment counselor called Monday unaware of my issues and I also discussed it with him. You see you have and academic counselor an enrollment concelor and a financial aide councelor. He basically told me that if I quit then I never really wanted to succeed with my education in the first place. He told me there are always good and bad instructors. Even after I told him I did not do Friday and Mondays class work and that would drop my grade, he did not tell me well make a decision today. Monday was the last day you could withdraw from this class or as long as you did not log in to class you were fine. I email my enrollment councelor I wanted out two days later and he called to ask if I had logged on to class in the forth week and I said I had not... not in the third either. Of course I was not aware that emailing my academic councelor was considered logging on to class? I sent two emails from my student email box to team members to give them the news. I did not get on the forum once in two weeks even to read responses to my post. Well because I sent emails from my student email I was counted as being in class and therefore owed tuition I was personally responsible for now. They had no received my loans and grants yetand they stated they had to send them back.

Well check this out. The introductory class runs a pretty penny at a huge $1800??? To that I am shocked. However I got a call from the financial aid counselor and luckly my grants did pay for some but not all of this bs. I still have to pay $300 out of pocket or go to collections??? Isn't is nice to know how your tax dollars are so easily stolen? Someone please call me cause. It is documented dated and I am ready to get these terrible people. There is more. The fact that they encouraged me to apply for a LOA which really is not something I qualified for to be honest. They did it to get my grant and loans money and to force me to stay with they or pay $1800 out of pocket. Please

Shawn Struble 4 years ago

I too was extremely mislead by the University of Phoenix and ended up spending thousands of dollars on a program I was not qualified to be in. They also made me pay money directly to them after I withdrew. Please email me with any information on how I can possibly join a lawsuit or get my money back. Thank You and Cheers.

peramore20 profile image

peramore20 4 years ago from Turtle Creek, PA

Will someone please contact me about joining a class action lawsuit or starting one of our own? The school ripped me off, ruined my credit for money I shouldn't have owed, I have a huge mound of student loans and they lied to me repeatedly. Please contact me at

Shaunessia 4 years ago

Wow I am absolutely at a state of shock that this has happened to many others. I am beyond outraged. If there is any way possible I can get more info or be contacted with ways to go about a law suit please inform me at

Shaey 4 years ago

I'm in the same situation as many others.Withdrew from UOP they sent money back to lender now I got debt collectors calling me. I want to join the lawsuit plzz help

Ashli & Louis Ambeaux 4 years ago

This same thing happened to my husband, please add us to the lawsuit. they are demanding 300$ a month after taking all of our tax refund when we are supposed to be in deferment due to economic hardship. They told him they were going to add his loan with the other loan he had but they lied and did 2 separate ones in which he did not know til they took our money when we were supposed to be in deferment.

Marc Tigas 4 years ago

I am having the same problem, please add me to the lawsuit

Chanda 4 years ago

I withdrew from the university and they sent back my money to the lender and are now seeking money from me. I would like to be added to the lawsuit.

Evie 4 years ago

Shame on UoP, it's greedy administrator's at the top and individual's at local offices throughout the United States! You give degrees to political cronies in governor's office & state employees who are in authority position/s to cover & excuse your lies and deceitful actions. For every crime there is a punishment - Sooner or later UoP will have to pay.

Irina 4 years ago

I would like to be added to the lawsuit please

Juan C 4 years ago

I had to take time off, got back on my feet, and now they want me to take 10 classes over. WTF!

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jcinme08 4 years ago

Please I would like to join the lawsuit. I did not log into a new 9 week session because I did not have $800 to pay for one of the classes so I withdraw. A few days later i was emailed by that good for nothing financial aid person saying i owe the school $1900. several attempts to dispute it over the phone, and they have the nerve to tell me that I did read the fine print, when i signed up with the school that i do owe them. these ppl are heartless.

Rena 4 years ago

I too want to join the lawsuit. I was told by my financial advisor to take one more class so I wouldn't be charged if I stop going. When I did, I was billed almost $5000. I contacted the advisor that misinformed me. She stated that I had to pay and acted as if she didn't advised me to continue. I had emails to proved it. I made monhly payments of $100 dollar and they still sent a charge off to the credit

R. Yancy 4 years ago

I am interested in possibly joining in as well. Here is my story. I received an MBA from UOP in 2007. Despite obtaining a 4.0 in the program (which apparently means nothing to many employers) I cannot seem to land the high level positions in industry that my education should warrant. Thus, I have determined that the program was really a waste of my money and most importantly time.

I know many people will argue that the reason many people cannot find employment right now is because of the economy. Well I beg to differ. I am firm believer that many graduates from UOP as well as other for profit schools are being discriminated on. My email address is I would love to hear more about this law suit and how I can participate.


Pamela 4 years ago

If I had only been aware of lack of integrity and ethics of this school I would never have enrolled. Once I enrolled, the quality of courses was atrocious. I applied for financial aid, but told staff i would pay out of pocket, that financial aid was for emergencies. I informed staff I was withdrawing and two days later they withdrew about half my financial aid from my account. Have not had it returned yet. Looking for active class action lawsuit?

Dina 5 years ago

I'm currently enrolled at(UOP) and they will not release my loans, I told them that I would handle my own money, but the University keeps taking it and putting the money in their account. Every time I call or email my financial aid advisor she seems to be out of the office, so I fed up I know it's a scam and I would like to join this class action law suit.

mia 5 years ago

I am on the same page as all of you. This "university" is a joke and screwed me over big time. I would also like to join the lawsuit.

Gina P.Paul 5 years ago

I am looking for a lawyer to help me with my case. The University of Phoenix suspended me with a 2.9 GPA and now I am in debt. Looking for lawyers who have already filed and looking for other victims of the UOP to join in their class action.

Miche 5 years ago

I would like to start a lawsuit. I attended this school for 4 weeks and became so stressed out that everyday I go online to do the work, I would get noise bleeds. Come on, 11 postings in 4 separate days, not including your individual assisngment and learning team assignments. The the stupid instructor would post an assignment the day defore the assignment was due. All this and now a 1,888.17 bill for 4 weeks of class, which as been sent to collection. Oh and I just withdrew Monday, today is Wednesday. Really?

Harold Ogg 5 years ago


I came across your post while searching law suits filed against UOP. I too have the same issue as you. In 2009 when I dropped out of courses after finishing my Associates, they returned the money to my lender and then billed me. To this day I refuse to pay the 1002.00 and have had many conversations with representatives there about this matter. I am unable to obtain my official transcripts as well, however I have learned through different channels, many of the credits, if any, will transfer out to other colleges. Basically from what I gather because of the classes you take with them during your Associates program, unless you want to start over, you much complete the rest of your degrees there, as none of the credits will transfer. From what I can read on this matter, there are probably hundreds if not thousands of students facing the same problems with UOP.

At this point, I have re-started the entire process from the beginning with another school. Working on my core classes and Associates degree, again. I am appalled at this institution, if there is anything I can do, I would love to get in on it with you. I would be interested in taking part in a class-action lawsuit.

Ryan Steffens 5 years ago

University Of Phoenix has abused all of their students in one way or another, unfortunately they have stolen money from myself as well, with their illegal methods, and unethical practices of abusing students.

Unfortunately I am a victim of several abuses, including The claims being made in one of the many law suits and possibly more:

1) Conversion

2) Breach of Contract

3) Interference With Contractual Relations

4) Breach of the Implied Convenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing

5) Unjust Enrichment

But most importantly stated, they have stolen valuable time, opportunity, and freedom of education by refusing to negotiate, safeguarding my transcript, and misrepresentation of themselves and the reality of my stated "obligation to the University" via their explanation of circumstances.

It has bonded me, burdened me, and robbed me of moving on in life.

Tasha 5 years ago

WOW!!! I thought i was the only one who was being hurt by the university. I am sure glad that I am not alone in this. I am currently paying for a class that i should not be paying for. They told me that if i paid to retake this class they would drop the other class off, but that's how they screwed me over. I hope this college gets what is coming to them. I want to join this law suit also. My email is

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shay33 5 years ago

I am also interested in a class action lawsuit please send me information.

Tariq Jones 5 years ago

UOP is the shadiest call I ever made. I answered all of their questions and was seriously thinking about attending. Then I got a bill for a class that I never attended or signed up for. I am dealing with some collection agency now to pay a program that the enrollment counselor signed me up for (without my consent)to received a commission or meet their quota. I can't believe that they are considered an academic institution. There should be serious oversite with these for profit schools.

ladyhicks 5 years ago

received a degree with UOP associates degree now owe 22,000 for 2 years, this doesn't make sense, what happen here. I was told that stay at home mom's could go back to school for free, now I am told that I owe 22,ooo from somebody please help

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sagittarius1d 5 years ago

I was phoenix student for 2 yrs. I was dropped from class due to a failing grade in Algebra. I knew I had failed so I never posted in my new block of classes. I told mu academic counselor to withdraw me from classes the first week of the new block. I did not have 2200 hundred dollars to retake the class. I then see I have a credit on my account for about 2 grand, which they sent back to the lender. And now I get a phone call saying I owe the school 1600, but can't tell me how I owe it. If you have any information, please email me at on how to be included in this lawsuit. This school is a nightmare.

Nicole 5 years ago

I want to join this lawsuit too!! These people are crooks and don't care about education, all they want is money! They sent my financial aid back to the lender and then billed me for 1000?! Now they won't release my transcripts!

Megan Ortiz 5 years ago

I am experiencing the same issues. I have been a good student and unknowingly let them abuse Title IV funding. I am 70 percent complete with the offered degree and now all I have to show for it is over 14,000 dollars in loans. I am exhausted and extremely disappointed that because of this situation it may be impossible for me to attend a different college. Please involve me in this class action. You can contact me at

Priya Langley 5 years ago

I would also like to join. UOP has tricked me. Aside from the POOR education and lack of support, UOP took loans out against my name in amounts that I was unaware of. Also they when I had to drop a class they told me it would not be charged and I found after that it was. My contact inffo is 9168935152 or

David 5 years ago

I am going through this right now with them I want in on a class action

Carlos Small 5 years ago

I started at this school in 2007.I was told that I was getting a grant it turned out to be a lie,I like you anita learned nothing at this school.The only people that are there to help you is Tech support,and lets be honest logically they cannot help you with your classes.This school needs to be shut down before any more victims, and hopefully stop that stupid commercial"I am a Phoenix"

Amber 5 years ago

I am so sick of this school! They are crooks in the worst way. I am fighting with them now about double paying for classes that have already been taken. Also trying to get my student loan funds back because they had been returned to the lender! I HATE this school! If anyone is really doing a class action suit against them include me at the Atlanta Campus! 5 years ago

Lets make these crooks pay,and hope they have no choice but to shut down.

naila 5 years ago

i am really sick of this university. now there are selling their students information to other agencies too. is there another class action lawsuit i can join? please send me all the information.

Rachelle Martinez 5 years ago

UOP is increasingly becoming more and more of a joke. I want in on a class action law suit.

Small 5 years ago

UOP lied to me too.I was told that I would be getting a grant at the time I had no job so I thought it to be a wonderful oportunity I got nothing bit positive feedback from my teachers then two months later they threw me out and said I failed.The grant turned out to be a loan.WE really need stop these crooks force them to close their doors."I am a Phoenix" mean something totally different like the truth.

anita mccoy 5 years ago

I am interested, I am so sick of this school, I'm not learning anything. You can never speak to anyone, it's funny how they call you day in and night when something's wrong concerning your financial aid, after that you don't hear from them, or have a hard time getting in touch with anyone. They also set their classes up in such a way, it's hard for you to withdraw without oweing them monies, since they apply your grants for twelve credits, and only give you six at a time, hold monies for the other six, and by time you finish twelve, your class start the next day. I wanted to withdraw, I been in class since October, and my class start on Jan, 02,2012, ends on March 04, 2012, and the other start on March 05,2012. Please someone tell me is this legal. They don't even give you a break, andthey claim on Fafsa the school is to pay for classes and distribute refunds to you, like they do in community college, well they hold you money, and give you nothing unless you wanna take out the max on loans which is 10,500. This school is certainly about money, they don't care about your education, and found out, even the credits are not even the credits I already have from them are not even transferable.

gina 5 years ago

i was just taken out of classes! This school is ridiculus! they have been acting like they have not been receiving my paperwork, when i am indeed sending it to the proper number, etc. And they are billing me 3400. they put me into classes before my paperwork was compplete, now they are billing me!? I dont think so!

Stephanie 5 years ago

I actually just googled law suits for UOP. I can not believe how dirty this school has done me. I was chosen for verification 3 different times but I have only been in school for 8 months!! I sent them everything they needed numerous times and now I just got a denial letter from UOP saying I have no financial aid and I owe them all the money. I am in my final week of these 2 classes and I am giving up. This school is a scam for sure!!! 5 years ago

We all need to join together and file a class action lawsuit if we cannot join the one already filed. The school sent back my loan money and sent me to collections within a matter of days. If we do not act soon as a group then nothing will get accomplished!

andyera 5 years ago

i am currently dealing with this problem along with many other issues with UOP.They are stressing me out UOP has taken a toll on my family, money, and my future.UOP is till this day screwing me over and i have proof, i just don't know were to start. So please contact me i am interested in this class action lawsuit.

profile image

Cristina H 5 years ago

Hello my name is Cristina Hernandez and wow! sure feels good to know that i am not alone in this situation. I have been attending and investing my time and education at the University of Phoenix for the last two years. I have to say that since the start i have dealt with something out of the ordinary. I mean who are they haring to work for the schools? The academic counselors and financial counselors that i am dealing with are a joke. they have convinced me in their lack of communication, information, and education. The only time that they have made an effort to get involved with me was when money issues or concerns came along. I'm serious, I don't know how these people can sleep at night knowing how much damaged they are creating by ripping off broken people with big dreams. Most recent i found out by e-mail that i was placed on Academic Disqualification for not passing my last class. After a week passed both my academic and financial counselors call me on 3 way and want to know what happened???.....(it took them a whole week to call me). Now they are telling me that i cant attend school for the next six months, and that they have sent my financial aid pell grant back to them. They also told me that i am responsible for paying back $1,075.6. they said i have up to 90 days to pay. But still i would have to wait to re-enroll with them after the six months of being withdrawn from school. If i didn't pay them i would get sent to a collection agency and will not be allowed back to school until i have paid everything off. I don't know if these people know who they are dealing with? but i am not the kind of person that sits around doing nothing. I have been investigating, researching, reading policy's back and forth and have uncovered so much crap that i am convinced that this school is about to get scheduled for another major lawsuit. So far i have e-mailed my finance counselor and questioned her on undetected, suspiciously fraudulent charges that i have overlooked on my student account history's records for the school and in my financial aid loans and pell grants. overlooking at my information i have found that they have been shorting me of my money for my academic school year and successfully attempting to persuade me into agreeing to increase my student loan amounts. I also found that through the so called FAW application that comes along with the FASFA application, that takes 30 min to process. By applying to the FAW the students are given an (M.P.N) Master Promissory Note. Per FASFA, under student i found the meaning for use in the MPN. It states that it is a legal document in which the student promises to repay their loans and any accrued interest and fees to "supposed ally" the U.S. Department of Education. It also explains terms and conditions of student loans. Unless your school does not allow more than one loan to be made under the same MPN, students can borrow additional Direct Loans on a single MPN for up to 10 years. This is what they are not letting us know and what is allowing the counselors to impersonate the students by logging into our Financial Aid accounts and applying for student loans with out us even knowing anything about it. In the e-mail i sent my counselor i asked her to come up with any kind of justification in what i have uncovered. the MPN allowed her to apply for unsubsidized loans on my behalf, WITHOUT MY CONSENT!!!! it is amazing how much i am uncovering and i have so much documentation proving my case and at the same time of all this investigation process and more, I am just now filing grievance for my situation and am looking for any kind of help and legal advice.

please e-mail me

Thank you

Cristina Hernandez.

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Cristina H 5 years ago

Hello my name is Cristina Hernandez and wow! sure feels good to know that i am not alone in this situation. I have been attending and investing my time and education at the University of Phoenix for the last two years. I have to say that since the start i have dealt with something out of the ordinary. I mean who are they haring to work for the schools? The academic counselors and financial counselors that i am dealing with are a joke. they have convinced me in their lack of communication, information, and education. The only time that they have made an effort to get involved with me was when money issues or concerns came along. I'm serious, I don't know how these people can sleep at night knowing how much damaged they are creating by ripping off broken people with big dreams. Most recent i found out by e-mail that i was placed on Academic Disqualification for not passing my last class. After a week passed both my academic and financial counselors call me on 3 way and want to know what happened???.....(it took them a whole week to call me). Now they are telling me that i cant attend school for the next six months, and that they have sent my financial aid pell grant back to them. They also told me that i am responsible for paying back $1,075.6. they said i have up to 90 days to pay. But still i would have to wait to re-enroll with them after the six months of being withdrawn from school. If i didn't pay them i would get sent to a collection agency and will not be allowed back to school until i have paid everything off. I don't know if these people know who they are dealing with? but i am not the kind of person that sits around doing nothing. I have been investigating, researching, reading policy's back and forth and have uncovered so much crap that i am convinced that this school is about to get scheduled for another major lawsuit. So far i have e-mailed my finance counselor and questioned her on undetected, suspiciously fraudulent charges that i have overlooked on my student account history's records for the school and in my financial aid loans and pell grants. overlooking at my information i have found that they have been shorting me of my money for my academic school year and successfully attempting to persuade me into agreeing to increase my student loan amounts. I also found that through the so called FAW application that comes along with the FASFA application, that takes 30 min to process. By applying to the FAW the students are given an (M.P.N) Master Promissory Note. Per FASFA, under student i found the meaning for use in the MPN. It states that it is a legal document in which the student promises to repay their loans and any accrued interest and fees to "supposed ally" the U.S. Department of Education. It also explains terms and conditions of student loans. Unless your school does not allow more than one loan to be made under the same MPN, students can borrow additional Direct Loans on a single MPN for up to 10 years. This is what they are not letting us know and what is allowing the counselors to impersonate the students by logging into our Financial Aid accounts and applying for student loans with out us even knowing anything about it. In the e-mail i sent my counselor i asked her to come up with any kind of justification in what i have uncovered. the MPN allowed her to apply for unsubsidized loans on my behalf, WITHOUT MY CONSENT!!!! it is amazing how much i am uncovering and i have so much documentation proving my case and at the same time of all this investigation process and more, I am just now filing grievance for my situation and am looking for any kind of help and legal advice.

please e-mail me

Thank you

Cristina Hernandez.

DEMETRICA 5 years ago

I two fell victim of the University of Phoenix. it has only been a few month ago. And I do understand they are still using the same practices even today. I would like to get in on the lawsuit as well. Bleu25@ hotmail. com

Veronica Bond 5 years ago

I too have had the same problem. I started UOP in 2008 and I received by Associates degree from them. I started the bachelor's degree and realized that not only did I not really "know" anyting, but that I was almost finished and would not be able to get a job. I had to quit my job and go to a local university full-time. The difference is that the University i am attending did transfer a few of my courses. I know owe more in student loan debt that I do on anything else. I need information on how to get in on the class action suit. Please email me with info

Brianna 5 years ago

I made the mistake to go to this school

I want to be apart of the suit

Chris 5 years ago

Me as well I was accepted after being subjected to a random stabbing and after taking medical leave they continued to take out loans in my name...

Theresa 5 years ago

I would like to join a class action law suit against UOP as well. The business practices of UOP has made my degree worthless! Please let me know how I can join others in a class action law suite. My contact information is

Theresa Lane 5 years ago

This same thing happened to me. They made me pay out 4800 before I could attend school out of my own pocket, despite getting the financial aid. It was blackmail to continue my degree.

Summer 5 years ago

Where can I join?

Dayonne Taylor 5 years ago

If you are unemployed and cannot afford an attorney, every state has a Legal Aid office that provides FREE legal services to the low-income. Google: (your state)and then the words "Legal Aid" or call your state's Attorney General's office for a list of them in your state. Through the IBR (Income Based Repayment Plan) you may qualify for payments as low as $10 per month. Go to to find out the elibility requirements and the phone number (Default Resolution Group) to call.

tonya 5 years ago

I was promised a degree in a course they dont even have and when I transfered to a school that offers the degree program none of the credits were transferable because the UOP is not creditable so I spent a year working on nothing and 1000's of $

my email is

Ben 5 years ago

I am more than willing to get involved with a lawsuit.

They have maxed out my full amount of loans and say I am still short 6 credits for a Bachelors. I have never failed a class or withdrawn from one either.

Dayonne Taylor 5 years ago

I've just won against the University of Phoenix on my own. I couldn't get an attorney to take a class action lawsuit so I took them on by myself. If you have student loans in default, victim of identity theft, or a victim of student aid financial me and I will go to work helping you...or call me. I'm in college all day on Mondays and Wednesdays but available any other day! and my home # 870-436-4989 or my cell phone is 870-504-0945. Leave a message with your name and contact phone number so that I can call back if I miss your call!! I'm here to help!

Mark 5 years ago

This same thing happened to me . I now owe a little over 10k . Most businesses I talk to don't even recog. UOP as an accredited college so whatever time spent at the UOP is a waste of time. Other colleges don't even recog. their courses or transfer credits . I'm deffinitely interested in joining a class action suit as well.

Glenn 5 years ago

I strongly regret my decision to attend UOP. I received no real employable skill and more debt than I can handle. I recently started at a local community college to get a real education...NOTHING from UOP transferred...they would not accept any of it. So I'm sitting here starting over from the beginning with student loans that that came as a result of promises that were not true.

Shannon 5 years ago

Well after contacting the United States Dept of Education, the Inspector General, as well as the Dean of the UoP college did absolutely nothing for me...

Shannon 5 years ago

I want to join this lawsuit...I live in Texas... I can be reached at this is my complaint below that was sent to Dean and Executive Director of the University of Phoenix!

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to dispute the entire amount of the above account number, connected with the University of Phoenix, which was acquired in the year of 2007. The reasons for this will be explained below:

After receiving emails from the University of Phoenix, an enrollment counselor eventually contacted me; his name will be provided upon request. This counselor discussed my options of continuing my education and about how many hours I had from a local college that would transfer over. He told me he thought I would probably only need about four classes. (This later turned out to be seven!)

I told him that the only way I could take classes through U of P was with a grant. I explained to him that I already had a large amount on a credit card and I didn’t want another large bill.

His words were, “I understand.”

After listening to me explain further about my problems finding employment, as well as my divorce in 2005, he explained to me that I should have no trouble getting a grant, mainly because I haven’t been employed. He explained to me how I would better myself and have a better chance of finding employment with a degree.

During the process of filling out the paperwork, information about loans was requested. I questioned him about this and wanted to know why is the U of P asking information about a loan if I am applying for a grant?

His words were something like this; “You more than likely won’t get a grant if you don’t fill out the loan information.” As he kept talking, I was led to believe that I would not even be considered for a grant to take classes if I didn’t fill out these loan papers.

Again I reminded him that I already had a large amount on a credit card and I didn’t want another large bill. I didn’t want a loan. I wanted a grant.

As we continued to talk, and as he was going over my start date, he told me he wasn’t sure if I would even get the grant in time to start the classes that they had scheduled me to start.

I said well then, I guess I won’t start classes because unless I had a grant, I could not take classes. Again I reminded him that I didn’t want a big bill, and I always repeated the amount of my bill that I already had and that I didn’t want another big bill.

He kept saying he understood.

The day classes started he called and told me he had exciting news. He said my “grant’ came through.

No mention of any loan.

No mention of the amount classes would be and that some of it would have to be a loan.

He told me that since classes had already started, I could go ahead and sign in and begin and I would catch up.

Every time a new 9wk term started, someone from the U of P would contact me and tell me each time classes would start that everything was okay and to start classes.

As time went on - - and after I found out that I had to take more than four classes, I received a check in the mail. I had a friend at the time that had experience in receiving grants and she told me that sometimes they give you extra money to live on while taking classes. And we thought that what this was because surely the University gets their money first.

I thought to myself …okay…

I soon found out, as my degree plan was coming to an end, that I not only had a grant, but I also had a huge loan.

I was devastated!

No one in their right mind, especially a female, age 51, with the economy the way it is and jobs for even the youngest graduating very scarce, with a two year college six miles down the road, and a four-year college 30 miles up the road ?would considered paying $7,000 to $9, 000 for four to seven classes!

No one would!

I surely would have not!

I was lead to believe I had a GRANT!!!!

If I had known about this loan, you can bet “your” bottom dollar that I would have said, “Thanks, but NO THANKS!”

I am contacting the United States Dept. of Education, Inspector General, about this matter, as I am not at all happy with being deceived!

Linda J 5 years ago

I am interested in joining this law-suit as well. I'm from California. I can be reached at

Linda Wilson 5 years ago

SIGN ME UP!!! I was told that I withdrew from a class after the school had been paid. First of all, I NEVER withdrew from ANY of my classes at UOP. Second, if I had withdrawn, they would not have been paid unless THEY lied about the time frame.

I am now trying to obtain my transcript and they are holding it hostage until I pay them. In one day, I spoke with 9, yes, nine different people and still had to call back.

Please, include me in this action or direct me to another. My email is

Kyra Arrington 5 years ago

I am going to court this morning against the University of Phoenix for some of the same reasons mentioned above. They are notorious for misappropriation of Government funding such as Pell Grants and loans backed by the government, so they know they are getting money up front. They have caused a lot of students to go into debt and become discouraged from perusing an education and they need to be brought to justice immediately.I am so much happier at my current University.Please email me with any updated information concerning the class action suit, I would love to give my input on my experiences. My email is

Kristin 5 years ago

I am an instructor at the University of Phoenix. Everything that you all have said is TRUE! I am highly qualified in my field, with a master's degree. In addition, I have a private practice. Students need to FIGHT and SUE and SPEAK OUT. This "school" is a horrible joke. From the instructor side of things, regulations and rules are put into place on us so that we have to pass students who did not earn their grade, we have to grade papers even though the students didn't follow requirements, we have to keep students in classes when they admit that they have purchased their entire class online. The "school" doesn't want to make anyone angry when they could make money from them. They are NOT interested in giving anyone a REAL education that they have to work for and can feel proud of. It's all about money. Dishonest students are just fine, as long as they keep paying. Employers know this and know that a degree from UoP is worthless. I have been in trouble for having too high of standards in my class. If you have any questions, you can email me at kristecv 'at' gmail 'dot' com

Grace Cooper 5 years ago

Forgot to include my email address:

Grace Cooper 5 years ago

Please email me to as to where I can join, this "school" ripped me off from a huge amount of money. To be exact a little over $16,000. Now I have a federal student loan which is garnishing me for that amount. No education to show for it. And in wanting to get into another school, can't get financial aid because of a defaulted student loan. I don't make enough money a month to pay for school out of pocket, wish I never heard of UOP.. and this all happened 2004/05.

Kenneth Whitaker 5 years ago

I am very very interested in joining this class action lawsuit

Scott Palubeskie 5 years ago

I would like to join the lawsuit, please email me with any furhter information. Thank you.

stephanie estrada 5 years ago

I will be bringing a suite against phoenix as well. That's the same thing any one want to join this suite is welcomel

Shannon k 5 years ago

I too would like to speak to someone about this game they play on us who are honestly looking to make a better living for ourselves and we get screwed in the end? I think not! I wonder why the government hasn't stepped forward and said NO more federal aid or loans to these types of schools.

Mica Campbell 5 years ago

I want in this class action suit against them. I graduated from UOP/axia college online with my associates. I quit because I realized the were over charging me for my classes.I decided to go to college here in my town USAO and now I have reached my subsidized and unsubsidized loan limit with just my junior year!!! Thanks to UOP I cannot finish my degree!!

So money down the drain for nothing.. VERY ANGRY

Traci Campbell 5 years ago

I would also like to join this lawsuit. I am still going through a horrible time with this so called university. If there is a lawyer that can help me, I know I have a case. My e-mail is

GAGirl... 5 years ago

I need to also join this class action law suit....I went o UoP in 2008- 2009. They say I owe the college 2200. I am in need of getting my transcript from them in order to start school somewhere else. They presently have a hold on my transcript because I owe the college. They also sent my check back to the lender.

Kevin Hicks 5 years ago

I need in this too. I am getting ready to start a new class action lawsuit against them. Please contact me at I need to get people behind me. I just withdrew today.

Miranda Munson 5 years ago

I want to join a class action lawsuit against them! Lets take these fools down!!

Erika 5 years ago

I need to know how to get into this lawsuit.. I just paid out of pocket to reenter school and the are illegally holding my disbursement funds. And doing all sorts of other things with my account.Please I need to know how to become a part of this lawsuit

Victoria 5 years ago

Hi, I need to figure out how to create a class action lawsuit. I had my student loan sent back to the lender, and I still owe for the student loan and now owe the school 5,100, and 75K for the student loans. I have begun to realize I am dealing with a school who create problems and enjoy having people leave because then they can collect without having to work as hard.

Garland 5 years ago

I hope it will never to late to have a say in a courtroom against this educational institution for its unfair business practices. I know every story in this line up against University OF Phoenix warrants truth. I have lived the hell and finally withdrew myself from it.

Sincerely, Garland M.

Mike 5 years ago

Is it too late for me to sign up? What a pisspoor excuse for a school. I withdrew because of their lies, their lack of attention to student needs. They refused my requests for help oh but they will gladly bilk the Federal Gov't for the FAFSA money. Good thing I got out when I did, but I will still never be able to ever pay it back. They had an illegal entry on my credit report.

Lou 5 years ago

Just completed the workshop only to be told I didn't pass because I didn't answer a discussion question that I DID answer. Emailed my instructor and told her to go back and look again I responded to one of her posts and I never heard from her again. Started researching the school only to find out they are CROOKS! I called to check on my grant and student loan. NLSDS has no record of my loan i'm wondering if thats because they sent it back but they are still encouraging me to start classes next week. I'm thinking so they can charge me for the classes. I told them they better get this issue resolved and that I am notifing FASFA/NLSDS that I want to CANCEL my funding to this fraudulent school. I spoke with the Enrollment Advisor Supervisor today and he told me NLSDS would not have record of my loan because I am not certified yet (meaning the school has not received my funding). I said do you encourage all students to continue with classes before you have received funding for them? He said yes because we know you are certified! I said what the hell you just yold me i'm not certified now you are telling me I am. I told him I would never step into a credit bearing class with UOP without being notified in writting that I have received funding for my ENTIRE 1st year because I know their little secret about billing students for classes when they haven't received funding for the student yet. He didn't like that much. We need to notify the media. Newspapers and nes channels. They will continue this behavior if they are not exposed.


I would like to join if possible but my situation is somewhat different. I currently am getting my MBA. I had a 2.97 GPA and was placed on academic probation back in Feb of 2010. I made a 84 out of my last class last week and was advised that I still have below a 3.0 due to a class I took in 2007 not converting to their new system. Well, my academic advisor had already told me I only needed a 82 out of this last class to graduate. I spoke w/ 3 different counselors on Friday and were advised that I should have never been placed on academic probation. But this morning my advisor said it's because of that class I took in the past not be credited due to their new system. I am so pissed. I told my advisor his job is to tell me the CORRECT information! I am so upset regarding this. Then he tells me he spoke w/ my financial aid advisor and i will be getting a credit but w/ that credit I will still need to pay $600 out of pocket. Yeah right! They are MONEY hungry!!! Please contact me.

LaSheeta Daniels

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Kkabbech 5 years ago from Phoenix

I am a Nurse Practitioner, who was enrolled at U of P as a Doctoral student of Nursing. The whole program was very "POOR." I have many complaints but for now need to know if there are any current class action lawsuits? Thank you.

Mark Richard Fluet 5 years ago

Is there another class action law suit because I have a real legal issue also they have illegally charged me. I need help email me at

Jeremy 5 years ago

I had the same problem with teachers being absent, not helpful and all around ambiguous as to the curriculum. I am also being charged for the last quarter I failed out and then next quarter that I did not attend. Then I am being charged from fannie mae for moneys that I never used for quarters I did not attend, but UOP recieved and kept. I would very much like to join a class action suit.

Tammy Hunt 5 years ago

I have the same problem as well! I feel UOP shuold pay for my loans for a poor education and I feel they stole some of my money.

Mallory Kane 5 years ago

I am looking to find out how I can resolve my $3000+ they are chasing me for which was caused by their "advisors" fault for not correctly submitting my financial aide papers in time. I have it all in writing but yet they have been chasing me for the money for 2 years. Recently sent me to collections. I have been fighting with them almost daily and they just keep telling me I signed for it. Not one time did I sign anything. Anyway I need to find out more because this "university" is a total hoax. They are lying sacks of *&(&^^*%

Brittny Gonzalez 5 years ago

Well out of shear curiosity I decided to goggle if University of Phoenix has any law suits against them. I am not surprised to see that they do. I am also not surprised to see the reasons why they are being sued. After my experiences with this school in the past two months I would love to join this class action law suit, or even start my own I am currently dealing with financial issues with University Of Phoenix. My debt is not as large as others who have had issues with this school but my efforts to improve the opportunities in my life have been compromised and stopped because of the finical advisers of University of Phoenix.

Emily 5 years ago

I attended the U.O.P. and received a Bachlor Degree in 2008. In 2009, I began to receive statements that I owed ED Fund, American Student Assistance and Citibank.

I am in the Credit Bureau, IRS, and serveral debt collectors.

I received Pell Grants and was instrcted by the financal advisor that all money would be paid by thse grants. He called and instructed me to a website, and as I were doing as he instructed,I repeated told him that I could not pay back a loan. He said that to click on the promissary note and this would be a temporary thing, because all classes would be paid by these grants. Dumb me did as I were instructor to do and have been sendin copies of my pell grants to each and every correspondence that I received to no avail. I do not mind paying any debt that I have knowing made, but I were lied to by the U.O.P. advisor and now I am $50,000 in debt. This money is being deducted from my social security benefits. I just want to voice how I were lied to by an employee for the U.O.P.

Leeland White 5 years ago

Corrected Version

Few people know me, but back in 2003 I filed a law suit against the University of Phoenix, 02cv0237DB, based on the school violating the academic year, 20 USC 1088, which at the time stated that an academic year is 30 weeks of instruction and 24 semester credit hours. Simply put a semester is 15 weeks of instruction and a semester credit hour is 15 hours of instruction.

The University of Phoenix on 3 semester credit hours provides 20 hours of instruction and steals another 25 hours of instruction. The law states 45 hours of instruction on 3 semester credit hours.

I covered this at length under the False Claims Act, and people can see my case in the US Code annotated 20 USCA 1088, 30 USCA 3730 and 30 USCA 3731. My case was dismissed as no private right of action.

I refiled and was appointed a Relator by the United States Government, United States Attorney Western District of Texas. This time I was told by the Court that a Relator cannot collect for the Government, Lu vs Wo.

The fact is on the second case getting the same crooked judge as the first, David Briones, who failed to recuse on the first, tried to find me mentally ill, to warp the second case through cheating by calling the Police, the Marshals Service and the United States Attorney to repress me when the second case 04cv0452 commenced. A Judgment exists that I was no more vision than Therault who threatened Judge John Wood, who was subsequently murdered by Charles Harrelson. The system is crooked.

Come on, I theoretically won this law suit under the element of fraud and proved false claim which cannot be disproven. So far Phoenix has stolen from the Title IV Federal Student Loan Program over 16 billion dollars. Do you think if I won this suit, that the government would make me wealthier than Carlos Slim. I do not think so. These schools are CIA money laundering outfits and are for profit operations meaning they pay taxes (kickbacks). Because they are for profit kick backs in the billions every year goes back to the IRS. And people think there is no corruption in the United States people. Please! Since 2003. I bet the government has at least received 6 billion dollars from the University of Phoenix that could have helped other needy students in the Title IV student loan program in a non profit university, especially blacks who have taken the greatest hit

Leeland White 5 years ago

Few people know me, but back in 2003 I filed a law suit against the University of Phoenix, 02cv0237DB, based on the school violating the academic year, 20 USC 1088, which at the time stated that an academic year is 30 weeks of instruction and 24 semester credit hours. Simply put a semester is 15 weeks of instruction and a semester credit hour is 15 hours of instruction.

The University of Phoenix on 3 semester credit hours provides 20 hours of instruction and steals another 25 hours of instruction. The law states 45 hours of instruction on 3 semester credit hours.

I covered this at length under the False Claims Act, and people can see my case in the US Code annotated 20 USCA 1088, 30 USCA 3730 and 30 USCA 37331. My case was dismissed as no private right of action.

I refiled and was appointed a Relator by the United States Government, United States Attorney Western District of Texas. This time I was told by the Court that a Relator cannot collect for the Government, Lu vs Wo.

The fact is on the second case getting the same crooked judge as the first, David Briones, who failed to recuse on the, tried to find me mentally ill, to warp the second case and called the Police, the Marshals Service and the United States Attorney to repress me when the second case 04cv0452 commenced. The system is crooked.

Come on, I theoretically one this law suit under the element of fraud and proved false claim which cannot be disproven. So far Phoenix has stolen from the Title IV Federal Student Loan Program over 10 dollars. Do you think if I won this suit, that the government would make me wealthier than Carlos Slim. I do not think so. These schools are CIA money laundering for profit operations. Because they are for profit kick backs in the billions every year goes back to the IRS. And people think there is no corruption in the United States people. Please. Since 2003. I bet the government has at least received 4 billion dollars from the University of Phoenix that could have held other needy student in the Title IV student loan program in a non profit university, especially blacks who have taken the greatest hit

Vasthie 5 years ago

I just got off the phone with their collector who threatened to have a lien put out on me. If they try to sue me I will fight back because it makes no sense to send the money back. If I already started the class or took the class then why is it that you would send the money back. I was attending in 2010 when I became pregnant with my baby. It was at this same time they discovered I had issues with fat in my liver and my iron was really bad. I slept all the time and couldn't keep up with my school work so I withdrew. Now they are trying to get money out of me. This is really stupid and not right. If I have to get a lawyer to settle this I am going to go after them hard!

Gina 5 years ago

I was supposed to be covered by student loans as well and I wasn't now they are calling me about $1900 that was suppsed to be on my salle mae loans and cause me to be taken out of in school deferment. The bill collector tried to scare me and laughted at me.

Email me to

Jim 5 years ago

I was told that financial aid was approved and paying my tuition then got a bill for 6600.00 dollars. I just got off the phone with a collections agent and she told me she was going to ruin my credit if I didn't pay. I told her that I did not care and not to call me again , the bill was not legit. I will gladly join in any lawsuit as I have saved the e-mails from the beginning....

Colleen 5 years ago

VERY FRUSTRATED with this school!

No help when needed, I learned more from a book at the library then I did from these stupid courses.

Getting ripped off from being told the class costs this, then they turn around and said it now costs this much.

I am so far in debt!

Now I finished a math class, took the final and the so called teacher said I never did it. So I retook it and still he didn't get it. Now I have to pay for the fucking class and no credit for it!

I also want to be part of ANY lawsuit against this FUCKING school!

And yes, I know I should use proper english, I did use proper english to describe this FUCKING school!

Any lawsuit information would be great!


Michael pacillo 5 years ago

I have been hoodwinked by uop and would like nothing better than to be involved in class action lawsuit against this band of thieves.

A ghost  5 years ago

University of phoenix is a complete mess and there still in business and i guess its gonna take a pile of law suits to bring them down as all private schools and colleges are hustling the students credit and future.

Karen Wallace 5 years ago

I was mislead from the begining. I was told that it would only cost 15,000. I was also to be finished with classes in July 2010, until they told me I had 2 more classes to finish. I thought I had gone thus far, I was not happy but took 2 more classes. When it came to September I was suppose to graduate they told me that i did not have enough credits. At this point I told them that I quit. They told me the same thing two months ago. The quality of the classes were not what I had hope for, and most of the teachers would pass a two year old. I recieved the bill for the classes I took and instead of it being the 15,000, it was 28,000. I have two sons going to 4yr private colleges, that have way less gov. student loans to pay back than I do. Someone has to be able to help those of us that were taken advantage of. I want to be a part of this suit.

crissy 5 years ago

Hi I also want to join a class action lawsuit on this school. Can someone send me information how to start this or join one please. Thank you

Jessi 5 years ago

So No one has yet to find out what we need to do to correct these issues with them stealing goverment money then reporting us to collections for not paying them when we never got a loan from them. I hope someone soon figures out a solution and lets us all know. Its frustration that all we wanted to do is better our selves and they scamed us.. If someone has figures this out.. add my email to the list.

Clifford Dobbs  5 years ago

I attended Phoenix University and brought to their attention my concern for their lack of detailed instruction. I informed them that I was disabled and required assistance and reminders do to my TBI I suffered riding my motorcycle upon which they agreed they would have somebody give me reminders through phone calls when I attended 2 classes and completed them I decided I would attend the local junior college instead so I could attain proper instruction. I completed 2 classes I paid for with my own monies. I completed them with a 4.0 GPA and then went to enroll for the next semester. The FASFA said that Phoenix University had a lien against me and that federal funding has been halted. I then called them and they said that I had been attending the university had sent the grant money back and are now attempting to forward the billing against me. I was told that the grant money paid for my classes which means they lied and embezzled money from the government. I have over 100 other students who were victims of this felonious company set forth by a major corporation. I have done the research and found that they have violated my civil rights as a disabled American. When I requested legal information or the deans’ contact they informed me that they were a corporation and not a school. They never forwarded my grades the teachers never completed what they claimed and they took money from government for services they didn’t render. They didn’t drop me after I took the two classes as requested and they are costing me my education. They have lost several of these cases and I want them taken down for their fraud and my mental anguish they have caused.

Angie 5 years ago

I am also fighting with them for a balance owed from 2003 to 2004. I dropped the classes before they started, in addition they sent money back on a student loan, then sent me bill. This after I spoke with an advisor telling me, I would not owe any other fees, tuition, or misc. charges. I have tried to contact them for years, leaving messages for several different people and departments. When they do return a phone call, which is rare, they cannot give me a balance or they rattle some amount off, which they cannot back up. I want to return to school but until this is cleared up, an accredit University will not accept me. I am scared to send them any more money on an amount that is not documented, in fear they still will not release a transcript, or say there is another balance due. Please contact me if the lawsuit is still open or if anyone can offer advice on how they have handled similar situations with the U O P. Good Luck to all…

Sharon Acree 5 years ago

In 1005 I attended UOP for less than half the class and had to leave...I was hospitalized and was unable to work or attend school. I am now on Disability for a blood discorder. They told me I was still responsible for the bill which I refused to pay. They had debt collectors call me as well as people from the school demanding payment for the tuition of a class I did not take. I continued to refuse to pay and they put the outstanding balance on my credit bureau. I would like to become a member of the class action suit.

Cierra Kendrick 5 years ago


I have been trying for over 2 years to dispute the balance the U of P says I owe them. they returened my loan money to the bank for when I asked to leave the program, and then charged me over 2 grand for the a block of classes I dropped before the classes even started. PLEASE email me ASAP the school is a huge scam.

Michelle Hampton 5 years ago

I have had a similar experience with UOP. I am a second year doctoral canditate. After receiving a C+ for a course (eight weeks later) I was called by an unknown counselor stating that I needed to pay again for this class. The counselor stated that she was reviewing my file, when I asked why she said it was her job.Up to that point I had a 3.4 grade point average so why was she reviewing my file?. I was notified by my financial aid counselor stating the reason for me paying again was that the money had been sent back to to the lender. When I contacted the lender I was told my funds had not been reset to them. To this day I have not received any notification from UOP that the monies were sent back. I asked the lender if I could use my financial aid funds and was told yes. I then contacted my financial couselor and requested the amount due to be taken from my financial aid money I was told NO that could not be done. Recently I have been notified that I am in a collection agency, and for me to continue with the program it will cost me an additional $10,000 in cash before I may resum any class. To come this far and not be able to complete the program is discouraging. There was a time when I thought highly of UOP. Now I too would like to be a part of a lawsuit.

My email is


profile image

TRACI61366 5 years ago

I need a lawyer to sue the Education dept at Uof P. They have screwed me over and ruined my career. I am looking for a lawyer to at least talk to me about what they have done and determine whether I have a case or not. I also need one to go on contingency because I think i have a good case and it is pretty solid. If anyone knows one in Memphis that works on contingency, (if I have to file in Memphis, although it was online, I would appreciate any help I can get. My e-mail is Thanks!

DrAdvice 5 years ago

I recommend that all students report activity of wrongdoing to Senator Thomas Harkin. In fact you can contact Katie James who works at the Washington, DC office. She can be reached at 202-224-5501. Also, I recommend that you contact various press to expose the disgusting behavior that is exhibited by this organization. I wish you all the best.

Midori Carpenter 5 years ago

I am having a similar problem with UoP as well. I received a call 2 weeks ago stating that a report had been run which showed that I was "over awarded" in student loans and the money was removed from my account. I was told in order for me to complete my last 6 classes with them that I would have to pay $1750 out of pocket which totaled $10,500. Not to mention almost a year earlier I was informed that I would be approaching my maximum allowment for undergrad student loans and would have to pay $4,800 out of pocket before graduation. I made payments and took out half from my retirement when I switched jobs and paid it off. Now 2 weeks later the finance counselor calls to inform me that the same day he told me about the $10,500 debt I would be responsible for, he found out later that day that the information was wrong and that I only have to pay about $1,400 out of pocket. I feel as if I being scammed and would like to participate in any legal action against UoP. Please email me at

profile image

arayofsunshine 5 years ago

I completed 57 credits with UOP. I was on the last week of the 2 classes that I needed to complete my program. I had to make attendance in both classes or I would be dropped due to their attendance policy. I made VERY sure that I made attendance and completed my capstone as well as my finals in both classes. Even made sure to post in both classes and triple checked to make sure I did this. Well a week or so later I log in to check my grades and find that I had been withdrawn from one of them. I was passing this class with a high A so even if i bombed on the final i would still pass. They informed me that I did not make attendance and i was auto dropped. I could not log into that class to pull up my records.....A few days later I received a letter stating that I did make attendance for both classes but I with drew from the class and that I needed to retake the class to finish my program. Now my question is this, " why in the world would I complete the entire 9 weeks of my last class to complete my program only to withdraw from the class? Run up $20,000 in student loans with nothing to show for it..... How can I get involved in this lawsuit???

haileydavid 5 years ago

RIPOFF- they sent my student loan money back because right after Hurricane Katrina I couldn't get online for a month. They say I owe them $7300 and wont release my transcripts. Jerks!!! - Tiffany

Shannon Davis 5 years ago

I feel the same way.....they used aggressive enrollment tactics, and the level of education was poor. I dropped the classes because I was not happy with the school. now i am still a waitress, can't pay the loans and can't enroll into a new school withput paying thre UoP 411 dollars. I want to join!!!!

Phil 5 years ago

I am interested in participating in a lawsuit with UOP.


DEE 5 years ago

I attended from 02-04, I completed the entire program and even walked, a month before I was to complete the program I was told I had 6 units of lower division classes I need to complete to obtain my actual degree. I was told I can complete them at any time. I completed most and only 1.7 credits remaing that is not even an entire course. I tried to reenroll so i can complete the last of my lower division classes so i can get my degree in hand. I was told that I waited to long and the classes have changed so I have to restart the program and take 14 more units to graduate, even though I already completed the whole program. I have paid $7,000 in student loans so far and have over $6000.00 to pay back. I have nothing to show for it. Someone please help.

Jessica  5 years ago

I have been attending this school since 2007 and you are right they have ripped me off I can not get a job with this degree. I am still currently enrolled because I was told that if I withdraw in the middle of the five weeks I would have to pay this money back before I could transfer and I am not sure I can transfer any of these credits to another school please contact me with more information my email is

angela 5 years ago

OMG....These people have made a living off of us. I dropped the classes recently and they are constantly calling and sending me bills for money totaling over 3000 dollars. They said that it is my bill. I asked them over seven times to remove me from the classes and they didnt. I just want each and every person that was taken advantage of by the university of phoenix to recieve compensation for the things that htey have done to us. We are all in debt now because they made it sound so good. Any information on a class action lawsuit or information on how to join the current one please email me at

Clifford D 5 years ago


In my predicament I am currently challenging charges against my person based on falsified charges against my account. I told them I had no desire to take a loan out if I was unsatisfied with the instruction of the school. I took 2 classes at the expense of a grant given by the government. When I completed the course I consulted with a student aid and informed them of the fact that I felt better guidance and instruction could be obtained through a local university or college so I informed them that my desire to drop their university was a must do at this point. The university had failed to inform me mandatory of information that I needed to know in the case of class withdraw. I spent my money on two classes where I completed them at a local Community College with 4.0. I decided I felt well enough to continue at the local community college so I began my enrollment for the next semester. The phoenix people told me I had been withdrawn and told the government that I owed them 2400 dollars. I then called the university and the gentleman I spoke with told me I only owed 1400 dollars. It occurred to me that they had not withdrawn me and taken an illegal action by accepting funds from government services they never rendered and cost me my funding for education. I informed them from the beginning that I was disabled and would need assistance and reminders because of my TBI. They confirmed this and said that I would receive all the assistance I needed. The first 4 weeks I received assistance and reminders. After this I wrote an instructor and didn’t receive a reply for 3 days upon which I reviewed the student rights and regulations where they violated my rights as a student. When I brought this to the student aids attention the standard reply was it may have been a technical issue. I then informed them I didn’t want to continue at this university due to lack of detailed assistance. They violated my disability civil rights and they neglected my desire to withdraw so I could continue my education towards criminal justice. I am willing to testify and appraise the courts of the encounters I have had with the University of Phoenix personnel. I am a disabled Native American who desires to achieve a goal and will inform the tribes of the country and government. I do not want money I want this criminal action brought to the attention of the people and rectified so the public doesn’t exist as a victim of the so called school. They don’t even have a dean as I was appraised of by the representatives of the school.

Jeannette 5 years ago

I want to part of lawsuit

I went to University of phoenix 2003 -2007 earned a Masters degree they told me this program will get credential in California well this progr5am is an Arizona approved to prepared to teach. This is not Axcepped in California I did not know. Now I cannot teach.I called them several times they give me serveral differnt numbers. When I call back they do not return my calls. They also added classes that I end paying for I now owe 79,000 because salliemae adds coumpound interset Please let me know who to contact email I like be part of lawsuit or whatever can be done

Lala 5 years ago

Please add me as well, I want in . They are saying because i didn't turn my paperwork in for financial aid and crossed the 30 day period, they dropped my from class and i now owe them over 2,000! I turned in all the paperwork they needed but they started saying it wouldn't work. They involuntarily dropped me from the class i was in and said i haven't attended classes within 30 days. There was no winning with them and I want my balanced cleared. I don't understand how they supposedly sent the money back to the lender but i now owe them 2000. On top of that my financial aid counselor will no longer return my calls to explain the matter. I fell taken advantage of and i'm not gonna give up until i'm done with this awful school and my balance is 0 like its supposed to be. What a SCAM!!! PLEASE EMAIL ME. NSPAMIAMI@YAHOO.COM

Athena 5 years ago

I also attended University of Phoenix and am interested in a class action lawsuit against them too. I was told my Associate's in Elementary Education was going to be around 10,000. Now I have my student loan summary come in after graduation and its over $23,000. There are disbursements listed I never recieved and of course no one at U of P wants to talk to me. Please email me also if anyone can find a way to do this or they know someone who wants to get one started. There is no way I'm giving them a drop of money or having my credit suffer because they lied and never helped with anything. They probably pocketed a lot of money.

Tom's done 5 years ago

I too have been dooped by this crap. I was told I could expect loan disbursements twice a year for upwards of $1000. I haven't recieved a dime in almost a year. Please email me @ if I can be a part of this seemingly open case.

Lance Boudreau 5 years ago

I have been attending UOPX since May of last year and they have been messing around with my financial aid ever since. This last time I was supposed to have a disbursement they screwed me over. My computer broke and I didn’t have another to continue so I told the school that I would need a break. I took a couple of months break, when I finally talked to the school again, I told them that I didn’t have a computer and that I would have to borrow one for a couple of weeks until my loans get sent out. My financial adviser told me that I would have a check to buy a new computer within the first couple of weeks of starting back up. (I had to be in attendance for at least one week before I would be granted my financial aid) so now I’m into the sixth week and btw I used rent money to buy a new computer because I was expecting this money. And still I have not received my disbursement. Also what shows up in my account is that the loans are their but they are not what they were when I got my first disbursement. And also I have new classes up that equal just around 2400 dollars what it looks like to me is that I might get a check for around 439 dollars instead of the 2800 I was promised three weeks ago. Or the 2982 that I received for my first disbursement back in July.'

My email adress is and i would like part of this lawsuit

so tired 5 years ago

who has started the lawsuit against this school for misrepresentaiton, faialure to act in an ethical manner let me know at we need to hit this school for the mess they have started.

Fed up and officially OVER UOPX 5 years ago

I started at one of the ground UOPX locations last year and am now angry with myself for not researching this so-called "school." At the time I wanted to go back to school and rushed into things before I changed my mind. The first couple of classes went okay but I began to get the feeling that if this was college it shouldn't it be more difficult? I felt as if I was taking unneccesary classes and wanted to just get moving with everything. I only met my "academic advisor" when I complained several times about changing my major and possibly changing schools. I have not received a bil as of yet and it would be wise for UOPX to not try and send me one. Thankfully when I signed paperwork, my husband was there and ensure that we get copies of EVERYTHING that I signed. I have already gotten my transcripts, completed a new FAFSA for my local community college. I've wasted too much time at this sham "college" and am just completely done. UOPX will not get the best of me, my education WILL continue at an actual educational institution! I pray that there is a class action lawsuit against that farce of a college because they need to be stopped. They have hurt enough people.

Carrie 5 years ago

I need help with this University as well. I am a military spouse and recieved a $6000 grant from the Air Force to start school. After this money was used for classes I started receiving the Federal Pell Grant. Last August I withdrew from classes due to a nervous breakdown after having a miscarraige. I checked my self into a behavioral health center for a month to get better. UOP sent my grant back because "I wasnt enrolled for more than 29 days." This is a school policy and I was not told of the issue for nine days after this period. I have been told they would request an appeal to get the money back. But there is another issue. They cancelled the money I was getting from the Air Force for two of my classes they said I didnt attend, however, my program shows I completed the classes with an A. They will not let me start classes nor will they give me my offical transcript because of my balance of $1300. I am so lost and do not know what to do. I cant continue classes with UOP or any other school because of a balance that is not my fault. I only have 6 classes left for my associates and I am so frazzled over this whole issue. Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction?

staci 5 years ago

If anyone starts a class action suit, please let me know. I am, like everyone else, being charged for the class I dropped...which FA should have covered. I also feel as if I should be reimbursed for every cent I borrowed from the Federal Government to attend this mickey mouse school. I learned nothing, discovered most businesses do not consider this a true education, and the more I read about the school.. the more I realize it is a business to gain money of unsuspecting people trying to better their lives, and in the end only ruins things.

Please if anyone starts a suit contact me:

tired of uop 5 years ago

Ok people, uop has tried to tell me I owe them 2361.00 after they withdrew me against my permission from classes on jan 31, 2011 because I threatened them with a lawsuit for fraud, they are now trying to extort 2361.00 from me when I have copies of my account showing 0 balance and they have now sent me a letter stating they "returned" 2361.00 to my lender funny thing is my lender is NOT the lender they listed on the letter, so now my lenders all 4 of them are investigating the UOP for the now MISSING 2361.00! They have threatened me via email, demanding i cease and desist contacting them or I will be expelled!!!! hello I am not a student and havn't been since jan 31 2011!!!!! I am suing them, filed bankruptcy on this 2361.00 per my attorney's advice and I am now gathering as many as I can to start a new Class A suit against them! They need shut down! my email is listed above if you want to join a huge lawsuit against them, my own personal suit is already served upon them but I can be part of a new Class A suit!

jamie vanderupwich 5 years ago

I enrolled in UoP in 2005 just for general ed. Had to drop due to finding out the classes I was in could not be used in California. My counsler laughed and told me to move to Arizona. NOT COOL. Now I just got my tax return taken away. I have tried to contact theese people for over a year and no calls back.

Someone please help me. At the very least I want my Return back.

tired of uop 5 years ago

If anyone can help me start a Class Action suit against the UOP please email me, I want to go after them for fraud, breach of contract and extortion


Leon 5 years ago

I finished school and received an associate degree from UOP about 3 months ago. I owe this huge amount of money for the student loan and I feel like I didn't learn anything. I had to beg and plead with the professors to help me with assignments I would email them and call them but most of the time it would take them 4 days to answer a question. And they never returned calls by than it was to late the assignment had to be turned in. I had to spend money on tutors and just regular books to help me make it through and get the degree. Now I have this huge debt and I feel so ripped off it honestly makes me sick. The quality of education UOP really SUCKS. I regret the day I ever enrolled with them.

jessica daab 6 years ago

Something definitly needs to be done about the UOP. I was a student for a little over 2 years and I recieved my associates thru them. I dropped out after they tried to force me to take the same class twice after I passed the first one. I flunked the class the second time around since I refused to take it and now they have collections after me for $1700. That will never be paid. To make matters worse I was informed on 3 seperate occasions prior to enrolling that I would owe no more thatn $150 a month for 10 years for an associates degree and $300 a month for 10 years for a bachelors degree. Well now my bill is $370 a month for 10 years for an associates degree that I am supposed to pay on in May. The UOP is a joke, fraudulant and a scam!!

Lance Dahl 6 years ago

I too am having a big problem with the trust issues concerning the University of Phoenix. I have all documents that explain the exact same scenarios of previous posts. I feel trapped by the university and have to continue until fall classes begin. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Cierra Kendrick 6 years ago

SIGN ME UP! I tried to drop the program in 2009 when I busted my knee and was so medicated and strugging physically for 9 months. My advisor reported my injury as a "personal problem" in my file. When they told me they could only give me 28 days to get my personal life together I told them I wanted to drop the program. I was told it was a several day process to do that and I would have to wait till I was given my next block of classes before I could do anything. When I finally got the program dropped I was sent a bill for $2,600.00. And was told I had 6 months to pay it before it was sent to collections. My minimun payment was over $200 twice a month no other options. I fought and argued over the phone Where I was told that my online account had been deleted along with all my emails to instructors and everyone. As well as I was not allowed access to my student information. I have recieved calls from some of the most rude people I have ever delt with, sent letters of duspute and now they wont contact me at all. They have reported me to the credit bureau and that did not help my credit at all. They amouts the say I owe them changed everytime I talked to someone new. Im at my wits end, and now other schools are turning me down because UOP says I owe them money.

please please contact me about this.

Rebecca 6 years ago

I was also told I had to pay $1500 every few months as the student loans wouldn't pay them. You would think that if a college costs $13000 a year and you go for 2, you would have loans of nearly $26,000 and that's not including the several thousand I paid out of pocket (because if I didn't, I wouldn't be able to take the next class in the program). However, I ended up paying $36,000 in school loans and I was also told my payments would be $50 a month. They didn't tell me they would take out about 9 loans and it would be $50 per loan per month. I can't even get a job because no one recognizes this school as a credited university, so I've defaulted in my loans.

It seems that we are all serious about filing a class action lawsuit, but it looks like we may have to do a few different ones for different reasons that I've read above. Does anyone know how to get one started? I don't have the first clue, but we need to do this. This school is robbing people.

If you need to contact me, you can reach me at

ripped off  6 years ago

Please email me if you have a lawsuit against university of phoenix, I have so much documentation and proof of fraud against them and what they did to me that i want to help anyone sue them and shut them down!

Justin 6 years ago

If anyone is getting a class action lawsuit together then I would like to join as well. They didnt just get me, they got my mother. And I cant go to my local college because they wont release my transcript. And no one ever wanted to answer my calls or help when this whole problem started.

My email is

Lynn 6 years ago

I want to put my name on it as well. They did this to me. I was supposed to be covered 100% by loans and grants. Then after a year of attending I got a bill for 20 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! I dropped out of sight and have not paid a dime. They lied to me and set me up! I am disabled and my total disability income is 1,200.00 per month half of which goes to rent...I told them up front I couldn't afford any out of pocket expenses. They have to find me and then haul me to court and even then they won't get a dime. I will go to jail first.

Candice 6 years ago

I want to join in on the class action lawsuit against U of P. They really screwed me over big time... Please if anyone legitimately has information about a class action lawsuit, I am totally interested; they are crooks! please contact me

profile image

Ciera8908 6 years ago

I have just recently graduated from this college, and was lied to about my student loan situation. I had a meeting with a vocational rehabilitation center a few weeks ago where I found out they would help people with disabilities to back pay their student loans. Now when I had asked the school of such a program, they always told me none of those apply to that school. I am now having to repay $17,000 back in student loans because of their mistake.

The vocational rehab center said they would of helped me even though I was going to school online, so once again I was lied to by them. How is this fair to me or anyone else experiencing something like this just because the financial department did not want to take the time to look into such things? They said, the University of Phoenix should of known about vocational rehab center because they are a financial department. When I had contacted the school a few weeks ago, I just got told it was too late to do anything about it now. I'm furious. If anyone knows of anything I can do to get this taken care of, comment back on this.

christina  6 years ago

I just withdrew Janurary31,2011. Today I had a talk with my financial advisor and she said she would send the loans directly back to the bank lender. Then in about 2-3 weeks I will find out if I owe any money. This does not sound right to me and they have lied to me about a lot. Thank god I got my transcripts first before I withdrew. They lied up the wall about Federal Finacial aid. I would like to know if there is a class-action lawsuit for students after 2008. I am currently in montana but I am moving to colorado soon. Please email me any information to

Rebecca 6 years ago

I actually graduated from UOP, however, it's been a year and a half and I can't get a job anywhere because most employers don't consider UOP a credited university. I can't even apply to grad school because the grad schools I've spoken to do not recognize UOP either.

I want to do something as I feel that I've wasted 2 years and $36,000. I'm stuck paying back school loans now and I don't even have a job to pay it.

marie 6 years ago

I am currently a student, and am starting the withdraw process. I am scared as of what to expect. I have not looked into how much I have been ripped off. (I know it is quite a bit). How do I get my classmates out too? Please forward information to Thank you.

Felicia 6 years ago

I attended in 2005 and my story is identical to the other stories posted here. I've tried to reach out to join the law suit to no avail. Please contact me so I can be apart! I just recieved a statement in the mail from a debt collector by the name of Windham Professional in the amount of 3339.75! I am so relieved to know justice will be served to this unethical school!!!!

Felicia 6 years ago

I attended in 2005 and have a story to tell about this unethical school. Please contact me @

JD 6 years ago

Sign me up. UoP charged me for classes I never registered for and have ruined my credit.

shoediva 6 years ago

They are scam artist and this is the worst mistakes I ever made I withdrew from a class for a month and returned and I have not seen a disbursement in a year even although they say they are have requested and recieved a refund from fasa.

Amy Behrend 6 years ago

They are currently trying to collect money from me even though the classes had been paid for. I dropped out of the University because of the poor education I was receiving and lack of instructor/student interaction. I wasn't receiving email responses from my instructors and for months I didn't have an academic counselor to communicate with, which left me with no one I could communticate with when issues would arise. How do I get involved in this class action lawsuit?

Patrice King 6 years ago

Had much of the same issues and now they are dogging me in collections. Where can I go to join a class action . They need to be stopped before they do this to more people. Hidden costs not revealed, allowing classes to start before funding approved. Reassuring the money was transferrable to other schools. Additionalcharges after withdrawing from claSSES. HELP

Patty Voiss 6 years ago

This has been going on since I was enrolled some 5 years ago. Everything was fine until I withdrew (per the rules of the contract)UOP sent be a final invoice that had a zero balance. When UOP found out that I was enrolled in a different school after 3 years I surprisingly received an invoice that said I owed $1305.00. I matched up the money the grants and the received column and they did not match. I still can not figure how they came up with the dollar amount I don't owe. Today I received a collection notice. Today I found out that class action suits are now pending. How do I find if I am in one of them. I faxed and emailed to the California Education board, what else do I do?

profile image

johnik 6 years ago

I want "IN" on a lawsuit. I'm in Online program and having major problems with financial aid staff, I was awarded a Cal Grant for over $11,000. Cost of Attendance was just under $5000 and they want to give me a little over $1,000? Disbursement dates were a month ago and I still have not received anything.

profile image

andreacarr 6 years ago

this has just happened to me. i keep getting calls and emails from the financial counselor from the college saying i owe them over 1500 bucks. i withdrawled and they had the money to keep for the days i was in class but instead sent everything back to the lender and so this is how i guess i owe them over 1500. i would like to know how i can join this class action lawsuit. so if anyone or the lawyer see's this please contact me at thank you!

nicole 6 years ago

I am also interested in joining the lawsuit. I am currently a student and I just do not want to be ripped off and decieved by UOP anymore. Please someone forward me info.

Samuel figueroa 6 years ago help with uop

James 6 years ago

About University of Phoenix program-For all of you people looking to get into the field of Criminal Justice, listen up. I’ve worked in the field of CJ for 22 years and I’ve been assigned all over. If you want to get a job in the field of CJ, then pull your head out of your ass and go to a traditional school with a reputation of offering CJ programs. In my Department, all sorts of traditional degreed individuals come in seeking employment in the field of CJ and the ones with the UoP degree’s get laughed at behind the doors. There’s no way an individual who graduated from UoP would ever be my partner or anyone else’s! A traditional school in CJ will offer the best instructors who’ve worked in the field of CJ as well as have the academia to back it up…I know this for a fact as I’ve taught at a major university as well as was a candidate for UoP to teach. If you don’t believe me, go to ANY law enforcement agency and find out for yourself. Oh, and those who rank UoP high are those who are either currently enrolled or have graduated from UoP.

Jeff Burton 6 years ago

I am faceing the same as every one else on here and am in Indiana, would like to get involved with class action lawsuit, and hear from others here in Indiana who are experiancing the same.

Kodee 6 years ago

I'm sad and glad that this is happening to other people. UoP is a fraud and I want in

email me!

DM 6 years ago

I have fought with this school over the handeling of my money. I have sent emails to 3 seperate financial advisors over the time that I have been attending. They have held my money from my loans, including excess funds from my pell grants for months, and have made a ton of interest off of me. Please let me know how I can be involved.

Caitlyn 6 years ago

UoP has done this to me as well. Ive already paid in over $800 and theyve sent me another bill for 1400. I only took two online classes. How can TWO classes add up to 2200?! 6 years ago

I have been cheated and lied to from the couselor and the financial couselor at UOP. They blantantly lied about the classes being transferable and come to find out they are not. I am now $22,000.00 in the hole for nothing absoloutely nothing!!! I want to join a class action law suit. where can I join please someone contact me.!!!

Tiffany 6 years ago

I want to join, I am arguing with these idiots now. I only got a return phone call when I threatned to seek legal advice after weeks of not having my questions answered

Victor 6 years ago

I am a victim of this too. email me at

Andrea 6 years ago

Same things happened to me, at first they said I owed $1300 and now they say it is over $6500, I was planning on attending the state university since they now offer online classes which is easier for me and UoP says I owe the money so I cannot get a copy of my transcript holding my education hostage. I definietly want in on any lawsuit against them. I live in Wisconsin my email address is

LeAnne 6 years ago

Has anyone found out how we can get involved in this lawsuit?!!!! I do not see any answers to the many posts! I am a victim of this criminal Appollo Group as well. Who will go public with me?

Let me know.....Thanks

terra 6 years ago

two weeks ago I owed the UoP 600$. Now I owe them 2800$! I haven't been in classes between the two notices... this makes no sense whatsoever! I withdrew my classes prior to week five (meaning I am not responsible for paying the tuition fees). I feel like I've been ripped off.

Amber 6 years ago

I recently withdrew from UOP and found an accredible school to transfer to, my problem is my financial advisor continues to email and leave me voicemail messages about hoe I may owe the school money. I let her know that is illegal and that they will hear from an attorney if this happens. I need to know if a law suit is pending, I would love to jump on the band wagon.

Tammie 6 years ago

I am too facing the same issues with the UOP. Can someone please email the information about the class action lawsuit I would love to be a part of it!

Bridgett Smith 6 years ago

I have the same exact problem. I would also like to join this lawsuit. if you could email me the information at I would appreciate it! :)

Kimberly Haskins 6 years ago

I am also a former student of the University of Phoenix online and was blatantly lied to about my student loans and was told they would cover all of my charges and they let me start the classes and then once they got their money i was told that i still owed them money , I would have never started the program knowing I could not afford to pay for the classes. I had to drop out in the middle of the semester because of lack of funds but UofP had already received my student loan. I was lied to and I know they waited until my loan money was received by them and knew they could keep it all since it was already halfway through the semester. I have already paid off one student loan for a degree i completed and believe me i would never take out a loan for a degree I didnt plan on completing I really enjoyed the classes online and was very hurt and disappointed when i was approached for the so-called money I owed. I was lied to and would like to join this lawsuit.

My email address is and my number is 618-967-6425

thank you , Kimberly Haskins

Tonya Sims 6 years ago

I would also like to join the class action lawsuit. If anybody could email me the information on who I can contact regarding this.

Thank you for any information you can give me.

Janell McCleskey 6 years ago

I would like to get in on the lawsuit as well...I was just informed today that I owe the school after they did not give me all my money and quit for lack of funds and lack of instructor help. I was to get a full pell grant and was instructed that I needed to take out a loan to get aid money back to me. I was told today that I owe 386.00 to the school and that if I do not pay it I will not be able to get my transcripts. I only work ten hours a week and do not have the money to pay them. Please let me know how to join in this lawsuit...oh one other thing I asked for an itemized detailed report of where my money went and have not received one and I have been out for almost a month now.

my email address is:

Suzie 6 years ago

I would like to join as well, I lost financial aid, they started me off in UOP then transferred me to Axia after taking 2 classes because I was having problems getting my transcripts all of a sudden I had financial aid pulled out of my ears, when I withdrew from UOP I caught all sorts of hell being reimbursed and eventually did not get my money back, and now as I'm trying to complete my program at another university, I am a single mother with 3 kids barely making ends meet and now I'm unable to complete my schooling due to lack of funds!!! I would like to join in on this me

Said T. 6 years ago

I went to University of Phoenix back in April of 2007. They promised me guarranteed financial aid. A year later, they forced me out of the school while I was short 5 classes to an MBA. I complained to the chapter of the U.S. Department of Education in Atlanta. I provided proof of all the wrongs which I was dealt and yet the reps from the Dept. could not do anything for me. They claimed that the university did its job in the way in which it always conducted it. In other words, because thousands of students were mistreated routinely that nothing could be done. It is a SHAME. Where is our government?? Do we have a government in our country? I am willing to join the lawsuit. Here is my email:

terrapharma 6 years ago

I am curious: has UoP ever charged your account (after it was paid), sent you a check for that amount, and called to demand that you repay it? The explanation from the counselor was that it was "misapplied", and that their system wouldn't let them add it back in the normal way. Seems weird to me--I am holding the check...

Charles 6 years ago

I am looking to join a class action law suit proving that U of P practices both misleading and misrepresentation of their curriculum and programs.

I was a U of P student back in 2003 in Phoenix, AZ, attended to earn my Masters Degree in teaching. Took a job offer in MN after researching to see if I could finish the final remaining 3 credits of my degree when I relocated. I was informed by the admissions counselor that yes I could and after combing the U of P web site for hours I found nothing stating that the U of P in MN did or would not accept or recognize the program I was attending in AZ.

After relocating and contacting the admissions department in MN for a second time a later found out that no school in the state of MN, not even another U of P school would recognize the program. I submitted an appeal to the investigation unit, they contacted me and told me my options are to move back to AZ and finish or to a state tht would recognize the program. Few years later moved to KY and spoke with the U of P campus here same thing. Sad to say when even their own institutions won't recognize their programs!

7 years later I am stuck with a student loan and no degree!

virgil 6 years ago

I too would like in on this. My E-mail is

Maria 6 years ago

I am wondering if the class action lawsuit has been filed? I attended

UOP back in 2001 and never completed my degree, however when i tried

to obtain my transcrip i was told i owe $1900.00 from 8 years ago. I

stopped going due to the lack of professionalist and honestly i don't

feel like i retained anything other than a huge amount of debt! Now

they have me on collections and i dont know what to do..

Jason 6 years ago

I would like to join the lawsuit as well. I can not get my transcripts. Although I am paying my student loans, they are telling me that I owe them (UoP) more money. I spent the better part of the day doing the telephone run around and am sick of it. corbin.jl @

robinson  6 years ago

i need to join this class law suit the same thing is happening to me and i am trying to enroll in another school and cant because of what i owe UOP. I ha d to withdrawal the school sent the money back to lender and now i owe the school. i cant believe this. so, dont know what to do at this point.

Lori 6 years ago

I hope I can get into the suit also. I have had many of the same problems. They told me the tuition was a lot less and that my bachelors degree would only take a year and a half since I already had my Associates. 1 year and thousands of dollars later, and taking the classes that I was told, It looks like I would probably still have to go for another 3 years!

Michael from Mass. 6 years ago

I too am very disappointed in this school. When I first went to UoP, I wanted to enroll in Computer Science. The Computer Science campus is in the Boston area of Mass., somehow I ended up as a Business Management major which was at the Westoboro Mass campus (coviently where I enrolled, how coinsidental!!) When I asked for my major to be changed, I was given the runaround by the enrollment counselor and told it would be changed once I completed the general courses. Of course it never was. I had switched from a ground student to an on-line student. It took forever and a day to get my VA benefits switched over and the paperwork done by the university. My academic counselor doesn't seem to have a clue. I've been on-line for a year now, and when I e-mailed her, she said since I was a ground student she couldn't help me, what a joke. Soon after I magically got a new academic and finance counselor. These classes do seem rather too easy.

Heather Marrs 6 years ago

Same thing happened to me. They sent my student loans back to the original credit grantor and now claim that I owe them $3, 169.00. I have sent them numerous request to provide me with documentation showing that I authorized this transaction or proving that it was legal and have gotten nothing in return. Like many others they refuse to release my transcript so I can transfer my credits to a more reputable educational institution. If there is lawsuit I want in.

justin evans 6 years ago

I have also had many of the same problems as described in the lawsuit and would also like to join the suit.

My email is

dee 6 years ago


I've been reading a lot of comments about the school. I currently enrolled at Phoenix and so far everythings ok. I started in september of this year, but for some reason I've been having the feeling I need to do more research on this school. I was so excited to start school that I really didnt even pay attention to what I was signing.I believe I will have the same issue as others. I've been to serveral website concerning Phoenix and all have the same complaints, which worries me. What rises my concern is I asked my enrollment counselor how much is the cost of the program and she said " 9500 time two years." But I viewing all the course I will be taking a at 365 pers credit and 35 course it going to be way more than that. I've heard similar stories about 4,000 accumalating to 40,0000. This is crazy, if I had known, I would never joined this school. I going to call my enrollment counselor and ask again the cost of an associate degree program. I will probably withdrawl from the school before I get deeper in debt. I have a feeling that I will soon be joining this law suit.

Paulla Ireland 6 years ago

I am in a situation with them now where they say i owe them money when I don't ...they have ripped me off now my education is idle.


PLEASE SIGN ME UP!!! They are trying to say that I owe them over $3,400. Don't see how when my financial aid covered all of my classes. Everything was going good when I started at UOP and then about 6 months into my classes everything changed. I tried countless times to reach my financial and academic advisor's and no one would return my calls or my emails. Soon after I started leaving messages that I wanted to withdrawl from UOP they sent me an email saying that I was getting a new academic and financial advisor and that I would be contacted by them soon, and guess what never heard from them. Big surprise right. So I never got to officially withdrawl from the university because no one would contact me and now they want me to pay for going over 29 days of no classes but I don't feel that I should have to pay for it since, they failed to contact me back. Please add me to the lawsuit. Tell everyone do not attend this university.

WendiL 6 years ago

Sign me up!! they screwed me royally as well. I've got all the evidence to prove it. They ruined my credit too. Ignored my rights under the FCRA and continue reporting the false charges to the CRAs - even after I went through all the proper procedures of debt disputing and requests for validation (which they never did provide).

christyb 6 years ago

I called the department of education and they directed me here:

Commission for post secondary education (for the state of Arizona)


These people handle licensing and affairs with the schools of that state. I have been run through the mill as well. I’m a single mom trying to better myself and this school has done nothing but run me through the coals. They have refused to process my student aid and are already saying I owe them more money. And was approved from the department of education for 4000 over what the cost of school actually was. No one at the school will help me at all! Let’s all get together and see if we can change this schools practice!!!



profile image

davdio 6 years ago

I have had many of the same problems with the school, including funds sent back to the lender while I was attending classes, they sent me letters satting that the funds was sent back due to I have not been enrolled in classes, when I called the school on this they told me it was a mistake, but the funds was returned to the sender and no one will tell me why beside that the Appolo group messed up the financial aid. because of this I was not able to get all the funds I was qualified for.

Ms. Mad As Hell 6 years ago

I have had all of this happen to me and then some. I will feel much better if this school is put out of business.

Desiree Decyk 6 years ago

I am interested in joing a class action lawsuit against UoP. I am pregnate and have had some complications that caused me to be hospitalized for a while and could not get on to do any of my class work. I contacted my advisors and asked for a leave of absence they said thats fine and that they would e-mail me the forms. I did not hear anything from them for quite a while until I got a bill for 2500 dollars for the classes I had taken. I contacted them again to find out why this was going on and they told me that I had not contacted them to get the LOA paperwork so they did a return to lender process. I am a soon to be mother of two who is unemployed if I had 2500 dollars to pay them I would not have risked putting myself in debt to them by getting loans.I alsoe belive that the way they have their classes set up is idiotic. you only have one assingment a week and disscusion questions. The disscusion questions are graded heavier then the home work, I do not see how that is teaching you anything. Most of the other students answers to the questions are opions or something irrelevant that happened in their life and the person also had no clue how to properly write an essay paper. If some one could get me the information on how to join the law suit that would be greatly appreciated.

My e-mail address is

Mary Savage 6 years ago

I also would like to join this lawsuit, I also fell for this scam and ending up dropping out because of the you owe us money for credit hours I didn't attend please send the any pertinent information to me at

profile image

SunshineNShadow 6 years ago

I am interested in joining this lawsuits as I too have been scammed by UoP

Dawn Gravning Galster 6 years ago

Count me in! Please send any pertinent information to

I would love to make them accountable and stop ripping-off those students who work very hard and pay a LOT of money.

Thank you!

Amanda Strote 6 years ago

Also my email is

If someone could please contact me about this I would greatly appreciate it.

Lee Mezz  6 years ago

I worked for the U of Phx for 2 horrible years. I am part of the class action lawsuit regarding past employees. A pathetic environment with pathetic leadership. My manager Dennis Dvorovy would make hurtful comments about my jewish past and treat me very poorly, I quit the anti-semite organization.

profile image

krk606 6 years ago

How I wish I would have Googled “problems with UoP” before I enrolled with this farce example of an education institution. The reason I transferred to this horrid place is because I moved far enough away from the school I had been attending on and off for over a decade that the commute would have been too great, and the city I moved to has a UoP campus. Everything seemed rosey at first, but it all changed really quick. They do train their sales force, or “advisors”, well so they can close the deal before you learn what you’re getting into. Every step in the process did not go well for me, if a problem could occur – it happened to me. I just finished a course in business information systems, and failed it. Today my “course advisor” and “financial aid advisor” called me to inform me that financial aid does not cover for failed courses. The next course was supposed to be my last course with UoP, but since now I failed this class they tell me I have to take it again in order for my classes to be paid for by my financial aid. The best part is, my financial aid does not completely cover all the costs, so after I take the next course and then repeat the course I failed, I will still owe them over $500. The only thing I want to do is get out of this nightmarish place, and every time I think I am close to getting free they find a new reason as to why I can’t go. I want out!!! I hate this place!! They lied to me and deceived me to get me to sign up, and now they won’t let me go without sucking more money out of me. I want to join in the next class action lawsuit against them if it is too late for me to join in this parade. Please, someone contact me and let me know what I need to do to join:

Ryan 6 years ago

I had this problem and cant find anywhere to go for answers if anyone knows please e-mail me.

Alicia 6 years ago

I totally want in they lied to get me to enroll and now I cant transfer my credits any where. please tell me how to join the suit

Falak Ehuzayel 6 years ago

Again, my email is

I hope someone will get back with me.

Thank you

Falak Elhuzayel

CC 6 years ago

I have had problems with UOP as well. They want me to start my classes but they won't give me the disbursement dates of my loans or grants and it's always "We will let you know in a couple of months what you owe." Really? WHat kind of practice is it to have someone sign paperwork for something with an open amount to be paid back...I never heard such trash before and the people are incredibly rude.

Lindie 6 years ago

Well I graduated and now I am facing a student loan for $77,000 that I don't know how I am going to pay back. The tuition is outrageous and I didnt know all this was going on. I think I have been robbed. Is there a lawsuit I can join to sue these people. is my email add. Thanks!

Nicole 6 years ago

I also am having this same issue. I was attending the UOP and during the semester I came down with a severe respritory infection. I actually ended up getting so sick that I ended up having what the doctors told me was the begining of a minor heart attch. It was finals week and I ended up going to the ER and was put on some extream medications. They made me loopy and made it very difficult to focus. I asked my teachers for an extension on my finals, telling them that I would be glad to provide copies of my ER papers and medications for them. They agreede but the UOP shut me out of my classes. I contacted them about this and they refused to let me finish my classes.. I then inturn failded the classes due to most of your grade being based on your final. I then dropped out of school and was contacted saying that I owed them $3120. I told them that it was taken out of my financial aid already and they then told me the whole sending the money back to the lender thing. I made some payments but then became unemployed and could not pay. I didn't hear anything from them for over a year and when I was checking my credit report it was stated as written off. I was told by the agency that they had found it to be uncollectable. THen a year later... Today infact I was contacted saying that they had reopened my case and now want the money...

I don't understand this... Didn't they get the money from the lender to pay for the classes. We have to pay back the lender for the classes and the UOP? It doesn't make sence. They get paid twice... Hmmmm... sounds shadey to me...

Please let me know how we get involved with this... I have no money to pay this as I am unemployed, a mother of 5 and a full time student. I don't know what to do.. The people that are calling me are really nastey and demanding the money now....


LaToya Banks 6 years ago

I want to join as well.. I had taken only 3 classes at UOP and needed help with my classes and couldn't receive the adequate help.. They game me the run around about a lot of things. I'm currently enrolled at another college and they won't send them my transcript due a 1,000 dollars balance of my financial aid that I never received.. Help I want my education and UOP is trying to prevent.. Email me if I can get in on this..

Gary Poole 6 years ago

I would like to join this lawsuit. Former student at this horrible school.

Angela 6 years ago

I attended UOP and they told me many lies. I had to go through the run around to withdraw and get my refund from FA. I would like to join in as well. Yes, I withdrew from the school 2006. Email

Candice  6 years ago

Please help me!! University of Phoenix is stealing from me, they have lost my money they have sent back money and tried to charge me, they let a facilitator harrass me and did nothing when i complained but yet they are letting him fail me for sticking up for myself and tryin to get me to pay out of pocket for this class that was already paid for by my pell and loans!!!! I have all documents, emails, taped phone calls and complaints to prove this!!!!! anyone that can help please email

Rosie 6 years ago

I was also caught up in this mess. I am in debt of at least $8,000.00, for only three classes that I took. I was going to drop after the first class and my representative told me that I had to take two more classes or else I would be in more debt. Lost and helpless. How can I take action.

beepboop 6 years ago

If you are a current or former student of UOPX/Axia College whom began courses on or after February 2010... please check out - you may be a victim.

Carole 6 years ago

I am looking to join in a class action suit against the UOP for fraudulent student practices. The "counselors" receive a commission for signing up as many students as possible. I was furious and called the "owner/CEO" of the UOP, who confirmed their "counselors" (not credentialed academic counselors--they are sales people) receive a commission.

Has anyone been successful in mandating that the UOP turn in all financial records for all of its campuses. My nightmare started at a UOP campus ("sales office") in Los Angeles

profile image

tatiana4224 6 years ago

Hi all. I am about to start a class action lawsuit against them. They got my transcripts, never adjusted the program, I ended up paying $2,000 for the class i never had to take because i already took it in community college, and they refused to refund me for their mistake. This is just briefly my story, and there is much more to it. I already have a great attorney from Florida who specializes in class action lawsuits. Obviously before he sues them on class action basis, the more info we all have the better. If you want to join, email me at, and together we will try to put the end to this scam

CB 6 years ago

I recently withdrawn from UOP and was told I owe 1800.00, because I failed a class. I asked how do I owe anything when I had fiancial aid and student loan---a student loan ( I will have to pay that back whether I pass or fail). Financial Aid Pell Grant is a grant that is given to you once approved---I knew I were being told bogus information. On UOP website under account it seem as if they owe me money back. Now my account is on hold but I did request for my transcripts to be sent to the new school I chose to go to. I would love to join the class action lawsuit.


sorry I mean 2010.

Falak Elhuzayel 6 years ago

Oregion wins 10 million lawsuit against university of phoenix on october 1910.

Lois Raines 6 years ago

In my case, there were no classes offered at that time that were in my program. It took over 3 months before I was backon track again--the catch? I had to pay over 1500.00 out of pocket or everything I had completed up until that point was all in vain.

profile image

msilva18 6 years ago

How can I get more information on this lawsuit? I am now having to deal with the university of phoenix regarding a past due tuition amount. After going to the school for a year I failed a class due to a medical condition and not being able to turn in my homework. They then proceeded to tell me my funds were returned to the lender and now I had to pay $1600 for the failed class. Now they are threatening me with reporting me to the collection agencies and so forth. Meanwhile I have no prove that they in fact returned this money to the lender. This seems like a scam to me.

profile image

Ttime1 6 years ago

I am currently attending UOP. I signed up to take the Associate of Arts Concentration in Elementary Education so I could teach. I was told I would be able to teach in Tennessee with this degree. After hearing about a young lady in Illinois I started questioning things. I called the state board of Education in Tennessee and was told I needed a Bachelors degree to teach in Tennessee. I called the school and I was informed that I am enrolled in the wrong course after a year and a half. I have a contract copy I signed of the course for Education yet, UOP says I did not sign this contract I signed up for pyschologyr. I also feel as though I was misled in signing up for school by lies that were told when signing up. Such as no out-of –pocket on my end!!! Yeah right. I am pissed about this and plan on involving news stations and going all the way in a lawsuit. If anyone out there has this problem please contact me.

Christy 6 years ago

I enrolled in the MIT program in 2006. I signed an agreement with UOP allowing them to keep tuition from the disbursements and send me only the excess. As UOP was unable to tell me exactly how much money I would need for each disbursement, I made a verbal agreement with my financial aid counselor allowing me to return the excess aid funds to UOP. UOP would then complete a return to lender of the excess financial aid funds. If I return the funds, then I am subject to interest & fees. If the university does it because I do not want that much excess, then I am not subject to interest & fees. After returning financial aid funds to UOP (via credit card payment per my financial aid rep.), UOP did not return those funds to my lender. Rather, UOP kept the funds and applied it to future tuition. This is excess financial aid that they were to send to the lender not financial aid for tuition. I felt extremely misled. I thought I was doing the financially responsible thing to return excess to my lender. Because of this, I ended up with more loan debt than I thought I was accruing. I sent a certified letter to the UOP Grievance Department over a month ago and have heard nothing. I have 2 courses left. I have heard nothing from my financial aid representative. Do I have any legal recourse? If so, someone help me.

ItsMe 6 years ago

a few years ago, my husband spoke with University of Phoenix and was told by a financial aid representative that he would have full aid, and to start taking classes. He only took two classes, and stopped going. Come to find out at the end of his classes, that he was lied to. He did not receive full aid, and now has a balance we can't afford to pay. He's trying to get into a community college here, but they won't allow him to attend without his transcript from University of Phoenix, and they won't give him his transcript without paying the balance. We would like to have information on joining this law suit as well if we can. email address is Please email me with info on how to join this or other law suits against UOP.

Cassandra Childs-Talley 6 years ago

I had that problem with them also. They will not let me get my transcript and they told me that I owe 1,300.00. I would like to join the lawsuit also so please email me @ Thanks, Cassandra Childs-talley

Desmond Farrelly 6 years ago

My name is Desmond Farrelly, I was a Doctoral Student in October, 2007, pursuing my Ed.D, I had successfully completed almost a year of my beginning studies, when the time came for me to complete my first year doctoral residency, I had to attend a week long residence at the San Francisco, California campus of UOP. On my drive to the location, and after having attended the preliminary orientation online, just prior to actually attending the Residency, I received an emergency call notifying me that my mother had gone into Cardiac Heart Failure, I immediately turned my car around without having stepped one foot onto the UOP campus. I immediately informed my UOP Academic Advisor, that I had a family tragedy had just occured, and that I would not be able to attend my First Year Doctoral residency. My Academic Advisor told me at the time, no problem, I understand t will be taken care of, you can attend another location residency at some point in the future.

After approximately 1 month, after having missed the first year Residency program at UOP SF, I received a letter from UOP notifying me, that I would be unable to pursue further coursework, until After I had settled a charge to my student account for the sum of $1470 Dollars, the fee they said for enrolling but never attending the Doctoral Residency???

I was outraged, I was promised by my AA that this would all be taken care of, yeah taken care of by screwing me out of my money !

Needless to say, I refused to pay such an outrageous charge, so, UOP would not allow me to continue to be a Student at their fine educational establishment, They froze my ability to get even a copy of my Transcripts, and immediately sent my account to a collections agency, such outrageous behavior !!

Today, almost three years from the date of that bad experience, I still am getting calls by that collection agency, I am still unable to get a single copy of my college transcripts, and they still claim that I owe them $1470 Dollars.

UOP is ruthless, despicable, and heartless.

Desmond Farrelly

former Doctoral Student.

Wendi Lucas 6 years ago

Ditto here. I want in on the class action as well.

They screwed me royally in August 2007, too depressing to type it all out here. Reported to the CRAs without ever notifying me, charged me 100% of class that I only posted once on, wouldn't give me breakdowns of the charges (1400) and told me after I submitted all the withdrawal forms, (one week into classes) that I was declined for all aid and loans. Scammers! Possible FCRA violations as well as DPTA violations is what an attorney advised me (regarding my specific sitation). SIGN ME UP TOO! email is I've got great documentation of everything, great evidence. Can't wait to use it.

profile image

Lisak3333 6 years ago

I was lied to from the start I was seeking an adult accelerated degree program only to find out that a 2 year degree in 2009 would end in 2013 thats a four year program.I began volunteer work for a youth mentor program to keep me active while unemployed and the classes seemed to keep me abreast of some of the issues that plagued the Human service industry. This was ideal but financially I needed to get back to work on 8/18/2010 I called my academic counselor and requested an LOA to which she replied that fine lisa we understand and make allowances for good students with a 3.72 average like you. I asked how will this effect me financially and academically to which she replied oh this will not hurt you at all you have to do is call us when you are ready to return to class you have 60 days in the mean time we will be calling you to remind you it is our job to ensure your success.I recieved no calls from UOP I did get emails about the gainful employment act and the WTC paper work. Last friday I got an email that all of my funds have been returned and I owe over 3000 dollars how do I owe 3000 dollars with an EFC of 0. Yes I want to join the class action and I feel that the UOP should be shut down for good so no one has to be subjected to the practices of these scam artist and liars please contact me at

Christian 6 years ago

I too would like information on how to join this class action lawsuit ot initiate another based on the scam this so called accredited university has ran on me!!! Any one with information please contact me at

Falak ELHUZAYEL 6 years ago

I would be very interested in joining this suit. I attended the University of Phoenix for over ayear and ahalf and i withdraw from the class because of the poor education and now they are trying to charge me when I didnt learn anything, i was qualified for grand that i never have to pay back. now i can not go back to school or transfer to another school because they claim that i defaulted on my loan, which i never had any loan to pay back and i can not transfer to another university because they are holding my transcript. can someone please get back to me with more info thanx my email is

Alicia  6 years ago

I am very interested in joining this suit. I attended the University of Phoenix for not even 2 weeks and now they are trying to charge me when I didnt even learn anything from going there, I learned not to ever attend a school like that but thats about it. can someone plz get back to me with more info thanx my email is

Former UOP student 6 years ago

I too have had a terrible experience with UOP. Told them I was a financial aid student only. They enrolled me in classes then call me to tell me while Im attending a class I do not have enough financial aid to take class. They wanted me to pay or drop the class. So naturally I dropped the class. Only to find out now I had a collections agency call me. They were very rude and could care less if I did not have the money. UOP held onto my transcripts, made me pay over 500 a month to pay them off. I would love to be included in any law suits that go against UOP. Please let me know.

UOP student 6 years ago

I am currently a UOP student and although I was very excited about the University I am statrting to have my doubts. My first set of classes I recevied A's in but to me they were extremely easy, I didn't even read one chapter of the assigned reading.

I thought maybe they give you easier classes to get you transitioned into school, that isn't the case.

I am in week 4 of block 2 and have A's again without even reading anything.

I honestly don't even think the instructors read your papers. This is a school who just hands over degrees for the money they do not give an education. 6 years ago

Ladies and gentleman,

I too fell victim to the unethical behavior of the University of Phoenix.

First, call Michael D. Hansen, GM, Operations Manager, Graduation

University of Phoenix at phone: 480.557.3332 and demand your diploma. Give him 3 days to respond.

Second, write a formal document about your experience with the University of Phoenix. Please leave out disparaging remarks, emotion, and lengthy rationales and stick to the facts. Dates, time, names of contacts etc…

Third, have the letter notarized, and be sure to sign and date the document then send your notarized letter to (make sure you make a copy for your self, you will need it later.

Mr. Gregory D. Kutz

Special investigations Unit 441 G Street,

NW Washington Dc, District of Columbia 20548

Michael D. Hansen, MBA/GM, Operations Manager, Graduation

University of Phoenix | Office of the Registrar

4025 S. Riverpoint Parkway | CF-L201 | Phoenix, AZ 85040

phone: 480.557.3332 | fax: 602.383.0067 | email:

profile image

ajp50 6 years ago

I am also interested in joining this lawsuit. My son has been trying to get an associate degree and was told he didn't qualify for a pell grant, though he wasn't even working, at the time. He was told he needed a co-signer, but could qualify for another program if he didn't have someone suitable to co-sign. They called me. I told them I had no income, wasn't working, etc., but they still listed me and he didn't get a grant, but was instead signed up for a loan through a 3rd party. He has experienced the poor service, not being able to reach counselors, not having any contact or help when he calls and subsequently flunking several classes, which he was told he had to pay for before he could the tune of over $3000.00 paid directly to UoP. He has tried, unsuccessfully to reach his finance counselor AFTER paying the last $1000.00, his student loans became due, and they are dunning ME relentlessly about them. He owes $11,000 for an Associates Degree that he has yet to complete...and the beat goes on. I am so angry about this ripoff. He only signed up to better his job opportunities. Instead he is saddled with a debt he can't pay and NO DEGREE!! I want to be a part of this lawsuit. What next? How do we go forward?

Tammy Stanford 6 years ago

I would love to join this lawsuit as well. I was promised when withdrawing form a class that the university would weive the fee for that class. They failed to do so and now not only do I owe them for a class, which I will go into default on my grants and loans if I do not take I also owe back financial aid I recieved because I was short credits for the disbursment term. I dropped this class only after speaking with my academic and financial aid advisor about the issue and how it would affect my financial aid. I was mislead and feel it was done so inorder to recieve double payment for the class.

Tamara Jameson 6 years ago

Recently had to withdraw from UOP because after six classes the finacial counselor stated I have to pay $1,100 dollars a class before I can start my next class Oct.4,2010. I notice the classes already cost me $8,000 dollars already on my loans. I been misled and I can not clearly get a straight answer but I can use my loans to pay for my school. I do not know what happen to my finacial aid but I can not afford to pay them cash for my classes. I was in a two year program for Health Adminstrator and the classes I took are not transferable because a Community College will not even take them. I do not know what to do because it looks like I'm out of money and I have to start over. I want to talk to attorney to file a class action suit because I believe they are illegally taking money and not telling people that's online of the payments and how it's being distributed. I've read the comments and it's sad that this has happen since 2007 and nothing been done about this. I want to file for the people and for my self because enough is a enough. If I do not get a response on this issue I will write to finacial aid and send a letter to the government for some action. I was just looking at my last week grade and I withdrew from class the 7th week and instructor has me in class for the last 2 weeks. That makes me mad because that lets me know that instructors are not in class and grading people wrongly. I want to be the class action suit. Please help!!!!!!!!!

RLBCK38 6 years ago

Add me to the list for class action lawsuits as well.

Apryl E 6 years ago

I would like to join in on this suit. After months of shoddy treatment by the financial aid advisor, I quit UOP. When I tried to go to another school, in spite of the fact that they sent the money back to the feds, they are charging me over $1200 and keeping me from finishing my degree at another school. They have left the remaining balance as "pending" and will not cancel the status without the $1200. I will have to wait until March 2011 before I can finish my degree or sue them. I will be suing them!

Amy Chuckro 6 years ago

I am going through a similar situation right now with UOP. They want me to pay 487.00 after they sent money back to the lender after I transferred to another school. and within a week I get a bill, VULTURES!!!!! I will not pay them a DIME!!! goodluck everyone

Paola 6 years ago

I am the first one of my family to attend college. I feel that they took advantage of my ignorance about University loans. The made my apply for some type of Student Direct loan PLUS*, and now that i want to withdrawal i am afraid he will be affected by this. I only took two classes in UOP, and they already took a loan out for a 3rd class which i have not attended yet. I truly will like to get some help, no one at the University is responding or helping me out..

profile image

bambiesmiles 6 years ago

I also was lied to told that books were included in the online learning. 3 blocks of clases later I was told to pay 63.00 for books for block 3 an 4. I let the finacial aid advisor know Im supporting my 2 boys on 350.00 a mo. yes 350 a mo. that was my income. I was divorced and on my own. He promised to let me in my block 4 class this would have allowed them to recieve my finacial aid. well instead they wouldnt let me in class said if i sent one more assignment in I would be paying for the whole class. So i didnt. I also was told there were enough scholarships and grants out there that I would be student loan free for most on the first 2 yrs. Oh my what a joke that turned into. I have my master promisary note here at home unsigned because it said student loan and in no way did I want this if I needed a loan I knew i couldnt handle. supposedly they took one out in my name anyways. They send me my MPN saying esignature on file. well anyone can type that in my place of a signature these days.

I want in on the lawsuit so badley. I would start one if I knew how or where to turn any insight on the matter would be wonderful please email me at

aut 6 years ago

I am also having these same issues with UOP , they made me really believe I have been unreasonable , and since may have had nothing but ongoing problems with them , I can't get ahold of anyone , and whn I do its in a one sentence email , where non of my questions are addressed. I am thinking the best thing I can do after reading all these is to be done with UOP I think in the morning I should withdrawl . I am really upset I now owe 18000, and still have no degree , and from the way it sounds even if I finish the likley hood that I will land a decent job look slim to none. I am more than willing to help out in this suit anyway I can . Its pretty sad that people like this can screw over parents , and hard working adults that are just trying to further their education and do right by their families and society !

Stacy interested in Class Action Suit 6 years ago

Im in California and would like to join a class action suit against the University of Phoenix! I am in debt a little over $20,000 for education that is not considered education! No employer will hire you with a degress from them! If our resumes list a degree from this school, the resume is disgarded! I have been scamed by them and have only 3 classes left before I have obtained their so called Associates Degree. I have been threatened when I wanted to disenroll. They at one time returend all my student aid because I wanted to quit! I assumed a debt with them and they told me the only way to get rid of the debt with them was to re enroll and continue school!!!!!! I am stuck!!!!

Monica  6 years ago

I would like to join the class action as well. Does any one know how to or how to contact the attorneys working on the case? They not only screwed me but my husband as well.

Hollie Luna 6 years ago

I have had this expirance myself just this week. I have the email to prove that they said I would not have federal aid because I did not pass the classes taken because of the poor servies by the university. I would owe the payments to them when the loan was paid by the student loan.

Sabrina 6 years ago

When I started attending UOP I was told that I could recieve my associates degree in a little over 12 months. I then get a phone call from the staff saying that I have to complete 14 more months in order to get my degree. I feel that this school was a waste of time because I could have recieved my Bachelors degree in 26-28 months elsewhere. I was mislead from the beginning. Most of my instructors were not there to help out when needed! I feel as if I got screwed! Hardly ever being able to comtact my advisors for any reason was aweful! I have also heard that the credits I have acrued will not transfer to a different college!!! So Unfair!

Terry A 6 years ago

My experience at UOP was very similar to many of yours and I would also join a law suit. I am a single Mom and unemployed and when I was going to UOP each time I met with a counselor they told me I would be recieving grants and not to worry then after the withdrawal deadlines the grants deadlines wouldn't be met or they were out of funds (always an excuse...sometiimes they would even tell me I wasn't qualified) but what I found was that they weren't even trying and instead just went the loan route. I finally stopped the program because I could no longer trust anything they promised. I didn't even know for the first several months I had any loans as I was told I was recieving grants. Imagaine my surprise when I went from debt free to over $8ooo in debt in less than two years. I am now several thousands of dollars in debt and no degree. I still remember my first several meetings where the finacial counselor assured me this wouldn't happen and that I would be recieving grants. I tried to use the credits at another school and they wouldn't accept some of them so I am paying for air. This has left me very skeptical about trying to commit to any other programs but I am in my late 40's and need to get going so I hope someone takes them on so I can get some of my money back and start over.

DollyC 6 years ago

I'd like to join a class action lawsuit against University of Phoenix. I was in my early 50's when I took a chance, I thought it wouldn't hurt to get a master's degree, despite my age. They convinced me that I was qualified and they took me in, just like that. No test, whatsoever, to determine if I can still muster the academics of further studies without considering that it had been 30 years since I graduated from college. They just wanted the money. Of course, I didn't meet my requred GPA because of Finance & Accounting even though my team, the members of which were in the same bracket, tried our darnest best to do the research, review and effort. I failed and am now stuck with a loan which I cannot pay for. Most universities require some sort of an aptitude or entrance test, UoP didn't have such tests.

Ligia 6 years ago

Thanks Wilson,

Yes I think we should all take action. I am glad you let us know about the financial aid to investigate this issue. I will look it up and get it done.

Thanks for your help.

wilson 6 years ago

There is enough people on this site to file a class action.We should all get together and go for it!!Now!!.We have rights,and we are all responsible adults and should be treated with dignity. UOP just lost a law suit for these same complaints, and they have not learned their lesson, this is extortion if we were to do someone like this, the law would throw us in jail big time.Something must be done ASAP.Enough is enough.Contact your finacial aid investigation office information located on your finacial aid application,they will investigate and stop them from sending loan to collectionsl. There is enough educated people on this site to do

6 years ago

UoP is not only unethical but a scam!!! They are screwing my daugher around also. We would like to be included in any Class Action lawsuits and receive info. I can be reached at

Antoinette 6 years ago

Has anyone experienced UoPX not honoring Authorization "Not" to Hold Future Funds which I will be managing my funds as well as changing Direct Student Loan Disbursement Date from 9 Sept 2010 (official)without notifying Direct Student Loan servicing center and student in writing - UoPX disbursement date 11 Oct 2010?

As of 20 Sep 2010, my Financial Aid Advisor basically informed me just because I requested to manage my own financial aid instead of the school the school will not request disbursement until I complete 12 semester hours online and campus-night. UoPX Financial Advisors are a rip off and misleding, they make up policies as they go along.

I am afraid UoPX will caused me to lose my second disbursement in that I will have to pay out of pocket money to UoPX which will cause me financial hardship. The Direct Student Loan informed me, my disbursement date has passed and the school has not requested the funds as well as informed them of any changes. also, DSL stated credit hours is not a reason for the school not to disburse the funds.

With that said, if there is a law suite for this issue, i would like to be apart of it. I can be reached at



Macgledys 6 years ago

I am in the same position as most of you. Now in My Masters program and with 4 calsses under my belt not to mention the debt and nights and days of endless meaningless papers. My degree is in psychology but without a clinical content, I will not be able to practice. The chice was to take the clinical courses at my local University which is University of Memphis. this choice is no longer available as the university will not acknowledge those credits and the state will not give me a license to practice. I will like to join the law suit in hope that the ferderal goverment will close down this University for good. Too many people have been lied too and have been misled by individuals with no ethics. My email is

profile image

Joni73180 6 years ago

I've been mislead by this school as well. and the disbursements that you're talking about the financial advisor said I would recieve she said I always had to give over half back than what I'd recieve. Now that this is being stated I am wondering if I havent been screwed any either. The main reason why I withdrew from the school is because I was mislead into thinking I would do nursing when I NEVER was going to be eligibe because I only had a prior G.E.D. I found out that their degrees are for R.N. registered nurses who want to expand with B.S.N degrees and M.S.N and also PH.D's as well. The enrollment counselor "Cindy Silva" told me that I would have a B.S.N. degree in three years and be an L.P.N. I didnt know any thing what A B.S.N. was unitl I searched it up about a month ago. Cindy told me that I would have to pursue an associates degree in a healthcare related field so I chose associates in healthcare and administration. I got 24 credits in and now nobodys is even telling me how much I owe!? I'm wondering so I can get my infor and take everybit of information to court. I have complained and complained and called the school about this issue, University of Phoenix don't give a hoot, their just out to make more money, they didnt give a heck about my education and what I wanted. They threw me under the bus, they should have told me that I would not be eligible for their nursing degrees and to go ELSE WHERE to a COMMUNITY COLLEGE. Better Buisness Bureau about this is a joke too. Don't even waster your time with them, they work with the school is all I can trust from them and I searched Info on University of phoenx that this school has been called on by the BBB so many of times they aren't scared of the Better buisness bureau and they just let them slip through the cracks!! if you want to contact me.Id like to round up for this class action lawsuit, dont known if it will really shut down that would be great, after all I hear this is a 2 billion dollar industry, everyone makes PROFIT from each of us. Nobody calls me back when I leave msgs I'm sure a lot of you already know that part.

Sarah 6 years ago

I am from Ohio and would also like to be involved in a lawsuit please contact me at:

Nichole 6 years ago

I would like to be part of a lawsuit. I am so fed up with UOP. I have almost completed my Masters degree in Administration then they tell me that if I move to GA I can't be enrolled in the program. So I am out a degree and $15,000 that I have to pay back in student loans. I don't think so. Please contact me at

Danielle 6 years ago

I am an investigative reporter from the CBS affiliate in Cleveland. I am looking for someone who is part of this class, or had a similar experience in the Cleveland area. Please email at or call me at 216-367-7369. Thank you!

Wronged 6 years ago

I also am a victim of the University of Phoenix. I already have my associates degree from them and now I am in the Bachelors program. I am in my 4th class and am having issues with my fin aid. I can't get in touch with my counselor he sucks! I am scared I will be in debt for these last four classes and I want to drop out but, I am waiting to see if my classes get paid. I dont want to owe these a-holes a thing!!!!

BEWARE OF UOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garland Morrow 6 years ago

I too am becoming another statistic, I have attended and still attending UOP for the 2nd time of admission. I believe in giving anyone a 2nd chance. I have found though the 2nd experience to be no better than the first. I am advised of everything about the criteria that is to be met yet when I ask for examples of what the correct way would be this is never presented, I am for excellent education, this in my book is certainly the opposite!

Cray 6 years ago

They did the same to me. But instead they waited to process my financial aid. I was 2 weeks in and cancelled because of their BS masters degree in psychology. They knew it would be useless in the real world. Can not even lead to licensure. Now I owe The Unoversity $785. That I don't intend on paying. Can I join too?

Ligia 6 years ago

I need someone to please send me information about this issue due to they did the same thing to my daughter and She also wants in on this. Where, who and what we need to do to solve this matter. Here is my e-mail.


Robin O'Connor 6 years ago

I want in! I was just told by my finance counselor 3 weeks ago I qualified for the max Pell Grant an today I got a letter stating that my loans were cancelled. They have lied to me since day 1. I never get a straight answer from these people-EVER. They knew when I enrolled I had no income and they told me I would get grants and stuff. After a year, no assistance. Now my loans are cancelled after I was just told I would get help???? My email is

Otilia Brown 6 years ago

I would also like to join the lawsuit. This whole time I have been going to University Of Phoenix I have not learned much. The instructors are not really there to help you. At least at the online campus. They are always telling you to refer to the book and I wonder why they are even there then. I feel this school has always been for profit and never for my educational success. They over charge students for the worst education you can recieve. I honestly feel that if I graduate my degree will be worthless. I'm scared to stop now because I'm currently in debt almost $40,000 with them. If I stop going to their school I can't transfer to another because most won't take the credits from Phoenix for some reason. I don't know what to do. I will be done late next year with my BA. Please help or advice. I currently don't have a job and can't afford to pay this school loan once I'm done if I don't find a good paying job. In this economy I doubt it either.

Angie 6 years ago

I am in my last two classes with U of P for my associates in IT. I decided to break away after from this University and not further my education with them. I was contacted by Allison(Graduation team)and told her that I was continuing for my Bachelors Degree. Carlos(graduation team) contacts me trying to persuade me to continue, and I stated the same thing. Carlos repeatedly emails, calls me phone, and work phone, at least once a day. I told him to stop contacting me due to I am not continuing with them. Well, guess what?

I received only a portion of my disbursement, and still have not received the rest. Then, I get a message from my instructor saying a plagiarized one of my papers, which I did not. They are going to slander my hard work and character to bully me to further my education with them. I have never had any problems with U of P, until I told them I wasn't continuing my education with them. I just think it is a bit fishy, and something isn't right. I also asked for a leave of absent at the end of a set of classes so I could adjust to the birth of my son. Was told they would contact to start the process, no call at all. I had to due a paper while I was in labor, and do finals the week my son was born. I did get through it all, and I am proud of myself, but it was mentally and physically stressful. I would never recommend U of P to anyone.

Florangel 6 years ago

"University" victim in Florida. Can not get into a real University because "U" of P states I have an open loan as I am still a student. I withdrew in July after 6 weeks of classes. Also, they have sent me to collection agency because I, according to them, owe over $900. BEWARE THIS "UNIVERSITY" IS A SCAM!!

Any one in Florida wanting to file a lawsuit contact me:

Yvonne 6 years ago

I would like to be included in the lawsuit. I realized that something is not right and I feel that it was wrong that I was being scam. I am a single mother of 3 kids and 2 in elementary. I never can get a straight answer from them and I get the full amount of both of my grants and they are taking my student loan and I am still owe. Please add me I really don't know what to do right now. All I wanted to do is to go back to school and get my degree. pls contact

Robert 6 years ago

Watch out this "School" is a ripoff.

Kristina 6 years ago

Please email me at for future lawsuits.

U of Phoenix sent me a check for almost 5 grand. After a few months, they sent me a bill for the same amount and I can't pay it. Collections hounded me and I can't get my transcript from them. 5 grand is a lot of money for me as I can only find a part-time job. U of Phoenix also kicked me out of the degree program since I can't pay the bill.

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