Animal with Mutations or Deformities

Unusual Animals

I am developing a number of pages on unusual variants on normal animals species. These are the rare, the unusual, the beautiful, the sometimes disturbing deformities that spontaneously occur, combining the peculiarity of genetics and the strange beauty of extremes.

Add to that deliberate genetic modifications, extremes of breeding and occasional mishap, and the diversity of animal appearance is truly amazing. Links are provided when the page has been begun. Un-linked phrases are pages I intend to develop. Suggestions, critiques and comments are more than welcome.


Most of the examples listed below result from genetic mutations. These are random changes in the genome that cause variations in the animals phenotype, or appearance. Almost all of them, as is to be expected when making changes at random, have a negative--or at best neutral--effect on the animals overall abilities and well-being. In fact many are seen only in fetal or very young animals as they would prevent the animal from growing to maturity.

Unusual Coats

Unusual Colors

Unusual Skin

  • Winged Cats: Really, winged cats? Well... sort of.
  • Glowing Animals: Putting fluorescent jellyfish genes into other species so they glow under black light.
  • Wrinkled: Animals with extra skin.

Unusual Size

Missing Parts

Extra Parts

Over-Sized Parts


Mulefoot: A hoof malformation

Unusual Behaviors

Rare and Rediscovered

  • The un-extinct--Rare species offer us one last chance at conservation (usually in vain).

Myths Made Real

I have another series of hubs on the subject of mythological and fantasy animals. The following are hubs about real animals and simulacrums that are either hoaxes or deliberate homages to these animals. But there is no suggestion, at least from the owner/creators of the animals covered in this section, that they really are their mythological counterpart.

  • Fake Zebras: Zebras that... aren't.
  • The Jackalope: a.k.a. the jackalopes on you!
  • Mermaid Mummies: As in mummified, not mummies and daddies :)
  • "Real" Unicorns: Whether wishful thinking, or deliberate hoaxes... actually unicorns (if you go by appearance).
  • The White Hart: White stags have an important place in mythology, but they also exist in real life!

Fakes, Hoaxes and Mistaken Identity

Animals and People

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Comments 8 comments

dcasas profile image

dcasas 6 years ago

is that cyclops really real?

psycheskinner profile image

psycheskinner 6 years ago Author

It is a case I intend to look into more when I have time. I believe it is a kitten with a cyclops defomrity. Deformities that severe are almost aways lethal.

dcasas profile image

dcasas 6 years ago

thats terrible, I cant believe that actually happens to some animals

fucsia profile image

fucsia 6 years ago

Before prenatal diagnosis , also our children could be born with major anomalies, I saw, for example, a picture in a medical book of a cyclops child . So I think that this can happen in the animal world

Dolores Monet profile image

Dolores Monet 6 years ago from East Coast, United States

What a beautiful squirrel! But the cyclops kitty was something I did not need to see. Ugh. Interesting subject!

psycheskinner profile image

psycheskinner 6 years ago Author

I decided to move the kitty off the first page, just in case people want a little more warning before seeing the more physically abnormal animals.

vellos profile image

vellos 5 years ago

Very disturbing. But that's Mother Nature!

Kofantom profile image

Kofantom 3 years ago

yes the cyclops kitten is real. At first it was believed to be a hoax but a vet examined its remains and said the story was true.


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