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Vedic Math and Mental Math

Vedic Mathematics was recently discovered in ancient India after the Vedic Text were decoded. It is a new way of mental calculation and offers alternative to mental math strategies. Some of the Vedic Math mental formulas and methods are so brilliant that it has cause a storm in recent years as it is becoming more and more acceptable to the mainstream math communities.

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Click Above For FREE Vedic Math Ebook

Vedic Math Press Release

Press Release Title: New Discoveries In Super Fast Math Revealed - The Vedic Math Secrets

[Excerpt from the Vedic Math Press Release]

A new branch ofmental mathematics has recently been discovered - Vedic Mathematics. Many of you have not heard of it, but it has the potential to revolutionize mental arithmetic and how we view mental math!

Have you ever wonder those mental math genius who can spit out answers faster than a speeding calculator and how they did it? Ask yourself this, "Can you multiply 994X996 in 5 seconds in your head, without using the calculator?" Many ordinary people, short of being a math savant, would be stumped by this mental math impossibility.

See the whole Vedic Math press release article here: Vedic Math

Vedic Math And Mental Math In Modern Times

In our modern age of computers and calculators, a lot f people have shied away from developing skills of mental arithmetic. What school child hasn't asked, "Why do I need to learn that? I can do it on my calculator...blah blah"

That really puts a teacher on the spot. And that is just the beginning; learning tables, multiplying and dividing by hand, are in danger of becoming a chore instead of a challenge. Who wants to wasted their time mastering a complex skill that a machine can do in a fraction of the time?

Well....Vedic Math is attractive for a good many reasons. It is extremely easy to learn, it is effective and it has a GRATIFYING simplicity. Most of all, because you can achieve spectacular results in a relatively short time, it encourages the learner to learn. What better incentive to learn your tables than to find you can beat your calculator at its own game?

At first glance, these may seem like math tricks, more a part od old-fashioned rote-learning than a route to better fundamental understanding. The real magic of Vedic Math is that, by offering so many choices, it encourages budding mathematicians to analyse their sums to find the easiest wat to a solution.

There is no correct way to solve a problem, and finding the most suitable 'trick' leads the learner gently towards a mathematical way of thinking. Vedic Math is non-restrictive, and it is all about looking for patterns and ways to simplify a problem. This leads to a flowing, flexible approach and develops lateral thinking.

If you approach Vedic Math already passionate about the beauty of mathematics, you will find this alternative approach fascinating territory. The 16 Sutras and 13 Corollaries (see Vedic Mathematics for description) form a useful platform to speed up your mental calculations dramatically, and you will enjoy finding ways to link them back to traditional western Mental Math. Many of them have neat algebraic proofs!

Vedic Math Controversies

It is claimed that Vedic Math can only solve complex equations but also solve differential equations and integrations. The skeptics claimed that it can only do so for special cases and Vedic Mathematics cannot be applied in general case. The fact that asymptotes occur even in advance modern mathematics is ignored by all.

There are many scholars of ancient text who straightaway dismiss the formulas and arguments derived from the Vedas as inaccurate and a figment of imagination! The non believers contend that this (the Vedic Math Sutras) may have been done to elevate the importance of this style of mathematics by linking it to divine origin.

However, the fact remains that the methods postulated by the Vedic Math formulas CAN and do lead to solutions of even complex arithmetic using just plain memory, without the recourse to a pen or paper is amazing!

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vedicmath 8 years ago Author

Check out the Vedic Mathematics Press Release on 13 Feb, 2008 at

Vedic Math 8 years ago

Hi, feel free to comment here at Vedic Math

7 years ago

after learning this math technique,i actuallr won some math awards

VedicMath 7 years ago

i really recommend u this math technique

DURGADAS DATTA 6 years ago

Apply string theory in vedic technique with spherical coordinates.

Alex zhai 6 years ago

Download the no.1 vedic math ebook "VedicMathGenius"

Sanjay 6 years ago

Long live Alex Zhai! thank for the link bro.

shreelekha 5 years ago

vedic maths genius is v useful..this is really what i was searching for...

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It is amezing to really like it as I special thanks to

Mr. Alex Zhai

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woooooo woooooooooooo wooooooooooooooooo woooooooooooooooooooooo

sumit 4 years ago

please tell me how to solve differential calcus and integration using vedic mathematics


Please mail me

jignesh 4 years ago

please tell me how to solve differential calcus and integration using vedic mathematics


Please mail me

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