Vedic Mathematics - Fast and Quick Multiplication techniques - Part 1

Multiplication made easy
Multiplication made easy

Quick Multiplication Techniques

Vedic Mathematics is a magical method of fast calculation. This wonderful tool has been developed on the basis of Ancient Indian principles. Students still find difficulty in calculation and have fear of it. So in order to do Calculation easy and fast, Vedic Mathematics is helpful tool today. This Method helps students to do calculation with increased Speed rate without use of calculators. It is also helpful in competitive examination such as MBA/CAT and finally will take you to success.

Faster Multiplication:-

  • Multiplying 2-digit numbers by 2 digit numbers.
  • Multiplying 3-digit numbers by 3 digit numbers.

Let us consider example.







+ 3750 ------(Normal way of Calculation)




As above, is a normal way to calculate 2digit number by 2digit numbers. Let us do it using Vedic Mathematics.

2. Example







Explanation of Multiplication using Vedic Mathematics is as follows:-

  • We multiply 5 multiply by 5 and put 25 as right-hand side of the answer.
  • We added 1 to the top left digit 6 to make it 7.
  • We then multiplied it ( 7 ) by the bottom left digit 6 and got 42, which is the left-hand side of the answer.
  • We got the correct answer 4225.

Similarly we can multiply 15 by 15, 25 by 25, 35 by 35 etc.This formula is not limited to same number or ending with 5. We can apply this formula to multiply a good number of two-digit and three digit numbers.


  • Left-Hand digit should be the same and the total of right-hand digits should be 10.

Lets us take another example:







In this example the left-hand digits are the same –i.e. 7, and the total of the right-hand digits is 10. So we can apply this formula here. Similarly just have a look at following.-





5609 ---- (note to put 09 not only 9 as we are multiplying 2 digit numbers)


Multiplying three-digit numbers by three-digit numbers.

Having done this for two digit numbers, we can extend the same formula to the three-digit numbers.

  • In the case of three-digit numbers the first two digits on the left should be the same and the total of the digits on the right should be 10.

Let us take an example:







The steps will be:

  • Multiply 5 by 5 and keep 25 on the right-hand side.
  • Add 1 to 13 by 12 and put 156 on the left-hand side.
  • The answer is 15625.


The utility of this formula is wide. You can use this formula to multiply two-digit numbers then the first digits are same, but the total of the last digit does not come to ten then? Consider example as 77 x 75??

77 x 75 can be written as (75+2) x 75 and from the formula we know to calculate 75 x 75=5625

  • Further we required to add 2 x 75=150 to 5625.
  • The answer is 5625+150=5775.

Similarly we can work out with 77 x 74, 64 x 68 etc. Up to this we have worked with those numbers whose first digits were same and the total of the last digits exceeded 10. Now consider the example of 47 x 42

In this case 47 x 42, our first digits are same (4) but the total of last two digits is less than 10.

47 x 42 = 47 x (43-1) = 2021- 47 =1974.

Isn't this an easier method of multiplication? Watch out for my Part 2 on this series for more on multiplying numbers.

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k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California

Pretty fascinating! Can't wait to see part 2. I have never heard of this method before.

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 7 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

Wow! This is easy!

Jones 7 years ago

Many thanks, it is really a easiest way. Thanks again...

Amit@IIITH 7 years ago

Nice Link.......Thanx for it.

Robin 7 years ago

Good one!

swapna 7 years ago

really nce... w8in 4 part 2 plzz quickly gv it..

Prettyface 6 years ago

OMgg that's awesome im in middle schooland that helpd alott

sanu 6 years ago

these vedic tricks are good but not online

suniiya 6 years ago

really gud

shiva kumar 6 years ago

This video is very useful

Jake Anderson 6 years ago

Thanks For helping me in my homework =)

tre 6 years ago

this is cool

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Wow really nice

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teenu ktjm , idamattom 6 years ago

nice and very good

saif 6 years ago

awesome methods! very helpful for students facing board exams

shormi 6 years ago

this is really amazing but i wud like to see all d rules.....

Madan 6 years ago

Multiply made easy, its really amazing

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vishu 6 years ago

its good

allan 6 years ago

not all can used this techniques try to Multiply this 13 x 12 if you will used the above you will arrived wrong answer. 13x12 using above techniques is 206 but the real answer is 156

Rahul 6 years ago

I don't usually comment on posts but this one is really great. Thanx...and post more links on multiplication techniques please...

divya dwivedi 6 years ago

very good

MARC 6 years ago


Dave 6 years ago

@Allan. This technique works for 13x12. The issue you are having is 13x12 doesn't satisfy the condition that the ones places must add to ten. Convert 13x12 to (18-5)x12 as suggested in the last lines of the technique and you will get the correct answer of 156.

rahul 6 years ago


Shrey 6 years ago

really good. can multiply really fast now. useful for my exams

shah alam 6 years ago

good but how can i multiple any number above 100 and less than

abhi 6 years ago

wow its most useful...........

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anjiIIITR 5 years ago

it's nice

ara 5 years ago

i hope you will find a formula that will apply to all and does not limit as to same digits in the left or ending in in all

Barbie 5 years ago

It is really magical and very helpful.. This is awesome.. Thanks for help!! U rock!!

purnaa 5 years ago

Need more clarity as well as uniformaty.........

manoj 5 years ago

this is amazing keep trying like this more which will be useful for us

BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 5 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

Brilliant - thanks so much for laying this out here - so I can look at it and do it. I am a big fan of Vedic math. Yay!

Rated up and great to meet you. I will follow!

manz 5 years ago

its amazing and really helpful!!!

Ayush 5 years ago

This is really an interesting and intelligent way to do the mathematical calculations and is really important for 10+ students.

Rajeev 5 years ago

Thanks you sir this will help me in bank exams.

Shashank 5 years ago


Very easy to do Maths NOW

ankur ajmani 5 years ago

great tricks... thanks...

Mak 5 years ago

Kid Stuff




|| is a concatenation operator, just joining the left and right parts

47 x 42 =

add 47+2 = 49

now our base is 10, 47 is (4 times 10) + 7

so 4x49=196

and 7 x 2 (unit place digits of both numbers) =14

concatenate these two ,4x49||7x2


since its going to be a 4-digit number.

hence concatenating we get 19(6+1)4 = 1974

Piece of cake! You can do this mentally.

ashish chawda 5 years ago

its really awesome.............

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sourabh 5 years ago

nice one plz publish the 2nd part.

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Megha shyam 5 years ago

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in less time we get answer

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it's so easy i have already learnt this and i can tell this answer in less than 4 seconds....


very very very very niceeeee

i loved it

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u r great....

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Very nice technique

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It is an awesome methode also very interesting and useful

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Amazing multiplication . . .

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Its very nice technique to solve multiplication of numbers.

Thanks for sharing.

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It's a very easy trick. I am so proud that India has created this vedic maths method.

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this is really wonderful method to multiply. you may live long. and create new method of multiplication .


Girikanth 4 years ago

Amasing techiniques. I realy had a fun.

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it is very usefull for me

Praveen 4 years ago

Really cool .

janavi 4 years ago

This is amazing but don't know how you say -2-3= 06 because -2-3=5 and we put this is your method 05 but why you put 06 ? tell me

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ds z so esy 10nk....

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amazing for multiplication

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exellent and super-duper

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awesome better than other examples

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nice and the best technique

iswariya 3 years ago

i really love vedic maths tricks. the joy i had while practising it cannot be expressed in words first i felt calculating is hard but vedic maths tricks had made easier

sreevidya 3 years ago

this is good view learn some more tips

sreevidya 3 years ago

this is good view learn some more tips

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cbl12 2 years ago

Very good - I have seen this tried and true method over the years, but did not know what it was called. Indian Mathematics does not always get the credit it deserves !

supriya 2 years ago

I like this tecniques very thanksfor giving this methodological.

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Very nice

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it's so nice - This is a very simple and works exactly Vedic Mathematics terribly early .A simple method of identifying who gave me and I love him vedic maths..!!

Guest 22 months ago

Six years of comments and nobody seems to have noticed the error in the "normal calculation" of 75 x 75 in the very first example. Learn your tricks for the special cases if you want, but they are no substitute for doing the steps correctly whatever method you choose.

Happy singh☺ 16 months ago

It is the ''mast jhakass jabarjast'' process I have seen ever ☺☺☺☺☺☺!!¡¡!!¡¡.☺.☺.☺.☺.

Kevin shah 2 months ago

Very useful

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