Vehicle Driving Test Tips

The driving test is designed to evaluate your driving ability and observance of traffic laws.  During the test, you may be asked to drive “off-street” and in traffic.  You must show that you follow safe driving practices, use correct signals, vehicle control, general awareness, obey traffic laws (rules and signs), and use proper judgment.  Other states require driver education certificate and completed/signed skills log.  Wear your eyeglasses if you need it.  Depending on state, you may be accompanied by an adult driver (at least 21 years old) with valid operator’s license and at least three (3) years driving experience.  Otherwise if younger or less experienced, he/she may accompany you only up to the starting point of the test.  If you have an out of country driver’s license, other states require that you have 3-hour drug and alcohol certificate.

Before appearing for your licensing test, make sure that your vehicle is safe and free of defects. 

  • Windshield must have no cracks.
  • Check the two (2) front doors.  They must open and close properly from inside and outside.
  • Check the windows.  They must roll up and down on the driver’s and front passenger’s side.
  • Check if seat belts are working for both driver and front passenger.
  • Check the brake lights, headlight, and taillight lenses.  They must be intact.
  • Check the exhaust system.  It must be free from harmful leaks.
  • Check your tires.
  • Check your turn signals/hazard signals and lenses.
  • Check your two (2) rearview mirrors.  They must be intact and not broken.
  • Your vehicle must be properly registered with MVA (Motor Vehicle Administration) or DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).  Don’t forget to bring the vehicle’s registration card and your Auto insurance card.  The license plates or tags must be properly displayed in front and rear of the vehicle.


Any vehicle condition that affects the safety of the applicant, examiner, or any other persons nearby may disqualify the vehicle for the driving test.  Check with your state for more information and guidance.


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prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US

helpful as like your other hub, checking brake lights is very important, windows and doors too, very basic but we need to check it really, Thanks again, Maita

dyesebel10 profile image

dyesebel10 7 years ago from USA Author

thanks prettyd for stopping by.

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Rocky 5 years ago

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this reallly made me impressed

this is really a awesome post

thanks to post admin

Sbusiso 5 years ago

Tomorrow I am go to the test and I am not so sure where I am ready.

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