Watch Your Closest Family Members Part II

Who do you turn to now?

It is Monday afternoon and ninety-five degrees outside, but a hundred degrees in the home on Mulberry Street. There sat the elderly woman in a wheel chair inside the home, she has own for forty-seven years. This woman is dressed in her white underslip with no shoes on. She sits in front of a standing oscillating fan along with the front door wide open, because that's the only way she can keep cool.

Living next door to the elderly woman's home is her neighbor, a husband and wife who just left to go to the nearest grocery store to purchase some food and water. There's the other neighbor across the street, a wall street type lady who has been living in the neighborhood for a year, she is standing on the porch with a cell phone in her hand. Ms. Wall Street has just called the police to report on the condition of the elderly woman. The dispatcher is having a hard time understanding Ms. Wall Street, because she is so overwhelmed with disbelief. Ms. Wall Street is describing how she has been watching the elderly woman's niece and nephew in-law who had been living with the elderly woman, after they had the elderly woman's sister removed from the home. The dispatcher finally was able to explain, that an address was needed in order to get help out to the elderly woman. Ms. Wall Street was now able to blurt out some numbers and what sounded like Mulberry Street.

By the time the police arrived, the husband and wife had brought over a sandwich with a cold bottle of water. The wife had to cut the sandwich into small squares, and hand feed the elderly woman, because she seem to choke after the first swallow. The policeman was no ordinary officer, he came in a police car marked community services. As the policeman questioned the next door couple, the elderly woman's story began to unfold.

The husband and wife said the elderly woman's niece left the home one day, and has not been seen for over three months. The nephew in-law did not leave until the past weekend on Saturday with a moving truck. The couple said they gave him no thought, because he said he was moving his daughter's things out of the house. Besides the niece and her husband have gone away for the weekend before, but they would always return. But when they stop seeing the niece, the husband and wife became concern; and began keeping watch.

This Monday morning, the couple started their usual routine, the husband would sit on the porch and have his coffee. This particular morning was interrupted by the husband noticing that the front door of the elderly woman's home was wide open. When the husband walked over to say hello, he saw that the elderly woman was sitting almost lifeless in her wheel chair. The husband rushed in and checked the elderly woman's pulse. Luckily, she had been only sleeping. As the husband talked to the elderly woman, he saw where all the furniture, memorabilia, pictures and even the telephone was gone. The husband returned to his home, called his job to report his absence for the day.

The couple next door continued to fill the officer in on how the niece and nephew-law first came to visit with the elderly woman and her sister. They arrived last winter during the time, when that blizzard hit the city. The husband said by the summer, the sister was escorted out by the police, and the niece and nephew-in-law were left to care for the elderly woman.

From the outside looking in, the couple notice the nephew spent most of his time in the garage, while the niece stayed in the house. The nephew would be in the garage all hours of the night. The husband began to suspect the nephew one day; when he had to knock on the door of the garage to let the nephew know he had left the outside water faucet running. The faucet had been running so long, that the water had began a mini flood in the backyard. When the nephew opened the garage door, the husband said he was overcome with a strange odor. The nephew stepped out and said with severe blood shot eyes, "Good morning, Mr.__". The husband said Good morning? Anyway, you left your water faucet on, and there's a mini flood developing in your yard.

The niece was quiet and stayed to herself. In the beginning of summer, she use to fix breakfast and serve it to the elderly woman on the patio. After a couple weeks, the husband did not see the elderly woman sitting on the patio anymore. But one weekend, the niece had to call on the couple next door, because the electrical power went out. The nephew had gone out of town for the weekend, which is the last time the husband saw the elderly woman. The husband said that the elderly woman use to walk with a walker or two canes, but notice she was back to wheeling around in her wheelchair. When the sister was there the elderly woman walk with a walker or canes from the front of the house to the back patio for exercise.

The husband said he remember the trophies and awards and its display cases won by the elderly woman and deceased husband were gone. The elderly woman would only say she gave the nephew-in-law permission to place the items in storage. Even though she did not know where the nephew-in-law had stored them. There was also a coin collection, which the elderly woman said she had for so many years missing from the house.

The couple next door made a list of all the things, they remember the elderly woman and deceased husband had before the nephew-in-law and niece left. The elderly woman asked them to list her two bank account books, medical card and a safe deposit key. When the advocate for senior health searched the home, none of these items were found.

The advocate for senior health arrived and said she had notified the sister. But the sister was unwilling to come, due to being accused of mistreatment by the elderly woman and nephew-in-law. The sister claims she had her rights pertaining to power of attorney revoked and nearly given jail time, that sister said she loves her sister, but she is scared, hurt and doesn't want the risk. The advocate called a cousin, thinking it was the last number of the nephew-in-law, and found that both the nephew-in-law and niece have conducted themselves like this before. The cousin said the nephew-in-law and niece did the exact same thing to his grandfather, who lived in another state.

The officer with the help of the advocate for senior health spoke with all the neighbors in the area, and gathered numbers to other relatives and friends. The police placed a warrant out on both the nephew-in-law and niece in existing surrounding states.

Who does the elderly woman turn to now? No children. No husband. No sister. 

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Casey White 5 years ago from United States

Interesting reading. Voted you up!

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