Ways to Help Endangered Tigers in India

Practical Ways to Save Endangered Tigers

Even though tiger is the national animal of India, it is now perilously close to extinction and represents one of the most endangered species in the world today. Earlier there were a lot of tigers throughout eastern and southern Asia. But now these majestic creatures are found only in small areas of India, China, eastern Russia, and a few other countries. A century ago it was estimated that there were about 1000,000 tigers in the world. But now there is no more than 10000 of them existing in the wild globally. It is estimated that there are only 1411 Indian tigers left and hence they are in grave danger. The number of wild tigers continues to drop even though efforts have been taken by Conservationists to save them.

Tigers' survival is threatened by natural threats, habitat destruction and humans. In the current scenarios it must be made compulsory to create awareness on how to save and protect the tigers. Some ways on how to save tigers are mentioned below.

Simple Ways to Help Endangered Tigers in India

1) Create awareness

Since Indian tigers are in great danger only extreme awareness programs can save these species from this situation. Every one can help in this process if they are ready to do their little part. The significance of tigers on the planet earth can be illustrated by making posters or fliers.

2)Educate people

The hunters and those who live close to forests are the ones who do the most harm to forests and the creatures living in them. Poverty, ignorance and the need to protect their livelihood are the major reasons for this. Hence education is a factor that helps poorer sections in the society to get employment and to learn about the importance of conserving wildlife in their area. They should be taught about the significance of tigers in balancing the ecosystem. If there are no tigers, there won’t be anyone to stop the grass eating animals from consuming the entire green plants thereby disrupting the balance of the eco system. The attitude of people may change if they become more educated about the plight of the animal and how endangered they are.

3)Discourage poaching

The major threat to the survival of Indian tigers is poaching. Tigers are hunted by people to illegally sell its body parts for souvenirs, medicines, and even food. Tiger skin and other animal parts are paid high prices in the black market. Poachers make a lot of money through this illegal practice. Hence the key to save Indian tigers from extinction is to put an end to poaching of tigers. Enough police are to be trained for this purpose. Along with this the selling and trading of products made from endangered species on the black market should be either controlled or banned.

4) Send donations

There are many places where tigers are cared and protected in India. Donations can be send to these tiger conservation organizations that research on tiger habitat and behavior. The donations send would be used to ensure that tigers are looked after and can be kept in areas where there would otherwise be population encroachment.

5) Provide Support

There are accredited zoos and wildlife sanctuaries that actively participate in tiger research and conservation. They have captive breeding programs and spend time researching tiger behavior and health. You can also volunteer to work with organizations that help in educating and mediating with those who live in tiger habitats. Supporting such organizations would be a great contribution from your side for the survival of Indian tigers. You can also start a blog of your own, on how to save the Indian tiger that would be really useful to educate people about the importance of tigers.

There is no doubt that the main predator of tiger is humankind. They are hunted not only to eliminate threat to livestock but also for their skin, sport, trophies, and to prepare traditional medicines from their body parts. By their destruction and encroachment activities humans have also altered their natural habitats. So individuals around the world must take necessary steps in order to save this endangered species. If the above mentioned simple steps are followed, it would be possible to save the tigers from being destroyed to a great extend.

Give your ideas and suggestions to save tigers in India

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Very important issue, thanks!

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