Reasons to save Water and fuel

I wrote another hub regarding saving water and I will not reiterate those points here.

So onto fuel preservation. Crude oil and its derivatives (petrol, diesal, oils for cars, grease) are used to run cars, trucks, ships and in some cases power stations and generators.

Coal is used to create electricity for domestic and industrial purposes. Coal can also be used to create liquid fuel in a very energy inefficent manner.

Oil is used to produce plastics which is why we should make sure we conserve plastic. Here are some conservation ideas:

  • Think before you make a journey.. is it really necessary?
  • Use a bike or walk when you can
  • Use public transport
  • Car pool
  • Do your shopping once a week
  • Grow your own veges
  • Turn off electrical items when not in use ( many countries use fossil fuels to make electricity)
  • Dont drive around with more in your car then you need to
  • Take holidays closer to home (3%of all greehouse gases come from aeroplanes)
  • Dont take the plastic bags from the shop or reuse them-they are made from oil!
  • Reuse items so that you dont have to buy more.. manafacturing takes energy and uses fuel
  • Recycle- for the energy it takes to make one new aluminium can 3 can be recycled
  • Only buy what you need, we waste a lot of energy on food we throw away
  • Dont buy out of season fruit and veges, it takes energy to bring them from oveseas
  • Buy local produce
  • Make your own compost- nitogen fertilizers need fuel to be made or be mined
  • Dont buy fertilizers as they are sometimes made from crude oil and its derivatives

The benefits to you of doing these things are many:

  • you are preserving valuable resources for our future
  • you will save money
  • you are setting a good example
  • you are having a positive impact on the earth

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Great Gift Ideas 7 years ago

Many of my family members drive atleast 30 minutes to work. Now as professionals in their field they cannot just find new work. But if you find yourself within walking distance not only does it save on fuel but it does a body good to quote a milk comercial. I am fortunate that I live in an area that doenst get cold so I have warm weather year round to ride my bike to work. I started to drive to work for a week to see how many miles it took me. I found out i was wasting at least 100 miles in fuel by driving instead of riding my bike.

Anna Evanswood profile image

Anna Evanswood 7 years ago from Malaysia Author

I agree that it is not always possible to ride a bike or get public transport to work, have you thought of car pooling? I live in the tropics so one other way I save electricity is by turning the temperature up on my aircon ie 24 degrees not 18 degrees and only having it on at night. Remember every little bit helps.

earnestshub profile image

earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

I wrote a hub on saving fuel that is related to those who need to drive to get where they are going. In this hub I attempt to teach driving skills that save a lot of fuel. The bigger the vehicle the better the savings. I wrote another hub on fuel saving devices fitted to cars that is a must read for those considering fitting any device to save fuel.

I have covered all the fuel saving devices, and the expert driver hub should provide answers for those who must drive. A third hub is about compressed air driven vehicles. I will write another hub if these do not fit your situation, and I constantly upgrade these hubs when I have time.I own a business which sells machinery to workshops, including engine analysers and 4/5 gas emission measurement devices which we repair and service so I have factual knowledge of the subject matter.

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