God are you there? Yes! You ARE Diamonds in the rough, Stars of the Earth!

We are DIAMONDS in the rough

We are made of carbon, diamonds are made of carbon. Over time carbon becomes diamond

God is so amazing! He buries beautiful things deep inside, even inside us! I believe God knows something about us that we ourselves don't know. It sometimes takes a while to dig it out, but when we do . . . its something beautiful.

A clear diamond is pure carbon in transparent form.

Virtually all carbon atoms, the ones in a diamond, came from the stars. That means, Diamonds are stars of the earth, a symbol of purity and strength. Diamonds are the hardest substance known. Its interesting that only a diamond can scratch another diamond.


Carbon, is one of the basic chemicals in all life. In humans most of our bodies, 96% is made up of only four elements, they are carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Most of the oxygen and hydrogen in our body is water. The remaining 4 percent is mostly, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, with small amounts of Sulfur Sodium, Chlorine, Magnesium, Iron, Fluorine, Copper, Iodine, Selenium, Chromium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Cobalt , Zinc plus more including gold and silver. Wow we have gold and silver in US!



Dug from a big hole in the ground -

Sifted -

Crunched -

Cut -

Drowned in Acid -

Examined -

Ground -

Carved -

Polished -

Shimmer -

Shine -

Glamorous -

Georgeous -


Stars of the Earth -


Super Diamonds - The Blue Hope Diamond. part 2

NASA photos

Diamond Facts

Diamonds are 4 times harder than any other mineral on the planet.

Diamonds can conduct heat and some even electricity

The HOPE DIAMOND is 45 and 1/2 carrots it is over 100 times bigger than the average diamond ring. Its one of the largest and most valuable diamonds ever discovered it is worth about 250 million dollars! It was stolen from an Indian temple centuries ago. It glows a strange blood red color.

It is normally blue in color. the reason for the coloring is different chemicals that make up the HOPE diamond. The element Boron - B is the cause of the blue color. It is the Boron that allows it to conduct electricity. They are semi-conductors

Pure white diamonds are electrical insulators.

All diamonds transfer heat better than any other material.

Only a diamond can cut a diamond.

Diamonds are formed deep in the earth.




Susan Boyle - A DIAMOND in the rough!

Susan you are a diamond in the ruff. Your voice is truly beautiful, shiny, and shimmering. I see you as a glimmering star! A DIAMOND!

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