What Can We Do About The Economy Today?

     Today, I sit down at my computer and read the articles from the online newspapers. Such as, Hufffington Post, New York Times, The Nation, or The Washington Post. I read about the $4 billion in bonuses given to the banks and Wall Street. I hear that President Barack Obama called the bonuses "Shameful" , and New York Attorney General Cuomo is quoted as "Demanding return of the $4 billion bonuses" given to Wall street and the banks.

    If you read The Huffington Post than there is a article based on the bill being introduced in Congress from Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, and the bill would make those CEO's of large corporations who recieved a government bailout and were given huge bonus packages to pay back $400,000 in compensation each year. Congresswomen McCaskill was quoted as saying, "You can't use taxpayer money to pay out $18-billion in bonuses... What planet are these people on?" (from a article by Sam Stein a political reporter of the Huffington Post and the link for his article is: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/01/30/mccaskill-lays-down-law-o_n_162662.html). This is true and well spoken of Senator McCaskill. So, it will be interesting if this bill goes through and how many will support. That will include getting approval from President Obama and his cabinet. Is it too soon to pass a bill like this, and will it effect the stimulus packaged approved by Democrats in Congress, and denied by the Republicans. I like the rest is unsure, but it gives all of us something to think about, and that anyone, including the wealthy can't get away from stealing from the taxpayers. Will the stimulus bill be a pro or con? The amount of the stimulus bill is $910 billion dollars, and this will help in putting jobs back into the economy, but their is no money put aside for healthcare assitance to the unemployed. (Please read the article link to "Health Care Now", I blogged from Paul Krugman of the New York Times).

    If you can put money away for Family Planning and tesing for Sexual Diseases, than why can't you focus some of these funds to those in need. This economy is going to get worst, and how bad will it get, before there is no aide for the 6.8% of unemployed workers, who are either going to loose their insurance benefits or healthcare, or both.

    I have a job in healthcare, and I wouldn't know how I would survive if I lost my job. I know that I have family or friends to stay with, but for many that is not a option. The number of people who are homeless from middle and upper class are raising every day. Some can stay with family or friends, and others are going to shelters. The number of shelters closing are rapidly, because of the low numbers of community donations from corporations or smaller companies. There are stopping from giving out cash donations, because their take back in revenue is low. In a economy where people are watching what they buy in food, clothes, or neccesarities. It effects all businesses who count on those people to buy their products.

    When you are watching your budget and don't go to the hairdresser, buy tickets to the theatre, or buy that new gadget or gizmo. Than it effects those small or large businesses. Every week I see more for lease signs in empty store fronts and the businesses, that were once there, are now gone. You ask yourself what can I do to stop all of this? Well, that are few ways you can help your local community small business oweners.

    You can support your local business and keep buying their products. Also, be loyal to the small business owner who cuts your hair or does your nails, helps in taking care of the minor up keep of your home, or eat at the restuarant with your family or friends, and it helps to tip for that service. It isn't much, but it can work. Now, all of us can also write our state senators and voice our concern about local or statewide economy,and ask questions about what we can do in our own area. This is something we all can do together and give support to each other. As the old saying goes,"A little help goes along way, and than you get alot back in return."

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morrisonspeaks 7 years ago


I like your thoughts and approach. Thanks for sharing this.

Here's my take on this topic :)


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