What Do The Colors of The American Flag Symbolize

The Great Seal
The Great Seal


When the flag was first created, the colors didn't mean anything.  They were simply those that were chosen.  However, those same colors were later used for the Great Seal of the United States, and meaning was given to the colors on it.  Indirectly, that also gives meaning to the colors in the Stars and Stripes we love so much.

The American Flag
The American Flag

The Red:

The Red symbolizes hardiness and valor.  Red has generally been seen as a "strong" color in modern human history.

The White:

The Red, White, and Blue are clearly in the pattern they're in on the Seal to reflect the Flag.  The White itself represents what white normally does, purity and innocence.  Thus, a merger of hardiness and purity, intertwined together.

The Blue:

This signifies vigilance and justice.  Togther with hardiness and purity, these three values form the core of our nation.  America is a hardy nation, always striving for purity, and continually seeking a more perfect union through justice.

The Stars and Stripes

According to the House of Representatives, the Stars represent the heavens and the Stripes represent the Sun's rays.

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