What Makes You a Professional Teacher

An article based on a true work experience

Have you ever asked yourself “ What makes me a successful and a professional teacher?’’

Well, as we all know , teaching is not easy but it is very interesting job . It may seem easy to study at a university and prepare yourself to be a teacher , but when it is the time t practice it may not look as easy as it was expected . There are some important things you should keep as a good teacher . I am going to mention here the most important ones I have experienced through my work period .

Well, the most thing you should have to be a successful teacher is to know your students and their needs well . Classes , especially at universities , are heterogeneous ,i.e your classes have many students with different backgrounds , education knowledge, learning strategies , needs, and may be culture . It is very important to know your students before starting work . If you teach grammar and structure , for example, ask your students to write a short paragraph about themselves . You can collect their work and check it later . Their work will tell you their background and knowledge of grammar rules and sentence structure . So, getting an idea about the entire needs of your students is the most important factor in being a professional teacher .

Along with , professional teachers are always patient and organized . they never rush their students or explain randomly . So, to move one stair upwards success, plan everything before you go to class . Set all things according to a logical order and introduce your lesson step by step taking into consideration your students learning strategies . Besides, a successful teacher shows an interest in the subject as well as the students . So, be patient with and show a great interest in your students .

Further more, professional teachers enjoy their job and vary their roles in the class .You may want to be the person who provides the students information , but besides being information deliverer , you can be a close friend of them , a parent , a promoter , ….. . You can enjoy and vary your role in the class in a way that interests both , your students and you . You never can better when you enjoy your job . Creating a relaxed environment helps you successfully cover a great amount of the content . Besides,you will realize better participation of your students with time and therefore learning will happen .

One thing more, students have different learning strategies , so successful and professional teachers vary their teaching techniques . Using the same method every time does not help reaching the goal . Some of your students can not react to a specific method but they can do much better with another one . From the other hand , the used method can be suitable for a specific content of a lesson but not for another one . Using the GTM or Direct method , for example, can be good in a lesson but not in another . Some students may react to TPR while others may not show clear reaction or great interest in the method . Choosing good activities or practice tasks is another factor here . Think carefully how you can assess your students new language and set the best activity for that . You can use pair or group work one time , and oral discussion other time , and many more activities .

To sum up, being a good and successful teacher is not a talent , but a skill you learn and acquire through time . The list bellow shows the most important features of professional teachers :

Professional teachers:

- Know their students well .

- Vary their role in the class .

- Enjoy their job .

- Joke with their students and create relaxed class environment

- Are always patient with students .

- Plan every thing before they come to the class .

- Never waste time .

- Vary and use different teaching techniques .

- Look for the most suitable activities for students .

- Show interest in students and subject .

- Give their students enough time to learn and practice .

- Focus on the goal .

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Alice in Wonder profile image

Alice in Wonder 5 years ago from South Texas

I believe it takes a special person to be a teacher. When I meet a teacher or military personnel, I am inclined to shake their hand and express my thanks for their service. I thank you Nawal for choosing to teach. Great read.

Bushra Baowain 5 years ago

Very interesting Nawal... thanks.

islam imene 5 years ago

Very interesting document.

suziecat7 profile image

suziecat7 5 years ago from Asheville, NC

Great first hub. Welcome to HubPages.

Benjamin 5 years ago

The will and ability to take chances, care that fellow colleagues succeed, and make my learning as open and transparent as possible.

nawal alkathery profile image

nawal alkathery 5 years ago Author

Thank you all ..

carcro profile image

carcro 5 years ago from Winnipeg

Great list on what it takes to become a real good teacher! I think its like any profession, to be real good it takes dedication, real interest in what you're doing and a desire to always do better and learn more. Thanks for sharing!

Sally M. 5 years ago

Very interesting thanks for sharing .

by pretty Pearl 15 months ago

wa this is interesting and wonderful ,no knowledge is waste thanks alot

T.WManzini 12 months ago

Ihv learn how to be a professional teacher

vanessa n 9 months ago

thank you very much.

the article is much help for aspiring teachers like myself.

Promise 3 months ago

I am very much glad to read this special article to me as a student makes me happy because I will want to be a professional teacher.

Tshegofatso 4 weeks ago

This article inspired me a lot as i want to be the best teacher ever.Thanks for the inspiration

sweetness 7 days ago

This article is very informative and im glad you shared it, thank you

persival 30 hours ago

very motivating n interesting article.am so glad you shared this.thnx

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