What Questions and Answers YOU NEED to know to apply for British Citizenship

There are over 125 thousand recognised people that become british citizens every year. In recent years the British Citizen test has become harder and harder requiring you to answer a whole series of difficult questions and answers that most legitimate british citizens wouldn't even be able to answer themselves - even if they were born there! Therefore if you are looking into applying for british citizenship then you should make sure that you are fully prepared for the questions that you will be facing.

Britain consists of 4 countries, these are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Most emigration is made to England as there are far more job opportunities centrally the main cities inluding London. The population of Britain is around 70 million and is divided as follows:-

  • 85% England
  • 7% Scotland
  • 5% Wales
  • 3% Ireland

Important things you will need to know to pass your british citizen test

  • Who the British Monarchy are and what there role is.
  • Who is the Prime Minister and what is his role.
  • Where the Monarchy and Prime Minster Live.
  • The opposition and their role.
  • When do elections and voting take place?
  • How the dentistry system works.
  • A good understanding of the House of Commons and House of Lords.
  • How the British banking system works and what is required for you to open an account.
  • What the British tax systems involve and how you will pay your tax.
  • Insurance needs and musts.
  • How British Education systems work for Children of all ages, and what options are available when a child reaches 16.
  • An understanding of the English Language, and if you do not already do so where you can go to learn.
  • Understand British culture and history.
  • Driving laws and how to apply for a license.
  • The job industry and where you see yourself fitting in. Also what is required in order to apply for a job in Britain.
  • National Insurance Numbers and their relevance.
  • The differences between self employment and employed.
  • Equality between sexes.
  • What a contract is.
  • Why Britain uses contracts for employment and formal agreements.
  • The importance of community.
  • What an accountant is used for.
  • How to register pregnancy and birth.
  • What the NHS stands for and how you will contribute.

If you can demonstrate a good understanding of the above then you are half way to becoming a British Citizen. It also helps to have a wider education of European procedures and your responsibilites when you become a Citizen.

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