What are the easiest and cheapest ways I can make my home more energy efficient?

 Some of the cheapest and easiest ways to save energy in your home can help woth conserving water, heat and electricity. Even if some of the following methods might be considered outdated, they still work:) From covering windows with plastic during the cold season, using the halogen bulbs, to rinsing soiled rags, cloth diapers, and underwear in the clean water inside the toilet bowl; all of these are either cheap or free and all are easy.

During the colder months try putting a sheet of plastic over the windows. You can either staple, tape, or tack the plastic up. This will help to trap the heat inside your house. Another little trick to lower your heating cost, is to keep your thermostat set to 67/68 degrees instead of 70. I have made it a routine to turn the thermostat off in the morning when I wake. I open the shades and allow the sun to heat my home daily for free. At night, when it starts to cool down, I just turn the heat back on. A good point to remember is that you can put on extra clothing when you are home and this will preserve your body heat.

With my electricity, I try to remember to keep all unused appliances unplugged. Not only does this help, but it will give you some peace knowing there will not be electrical fires. Keep lights off as a rule during the day. Open the shades and have daily light free. Instead of vacuuming, pick up a broom instead. Sweeping is a great workout and it seems to look better than what the vacuum does. Instead of fancy electric tools, try using the old school tools with some elbow grease. We switched each room's lightbulbs for halogen lights and we have saved a great deal. If there is a computer or anything plugged into a surge br, flip it off until the next use.

My grandmother taught my mother to rinse the soiled cloth diapers in the toilet. The water is clean and you do not need any excess water. Do not run sprinklers during the day. If you have kids', try to bathe them every other day. Keep washrags and wet wipes handy to keep your child cleaned up on the in between days. No child should need daily baths. When you are cleaning and have dirty mop water or such to dump, go dump in the back yard instead of the drains or toilet. If you have plants and flowers, every glass/bottle of water that is old should be fed to them. The water is still good, and this way you do not pour it down the drain. Try opening the fridge door the least amount of times as possible.

These are just a few tips that I have successfully used. Try reading more literature on home energy saving tips. Now a days, you just have to look your subject up on the internet for fast answers. 

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K.D. Clement 7 years ago from USA

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