What is a Personality? What does a Personality mean?

This amazing piece of art, really caught my eyes.
This amazing piece of art, really caught my eyes.


I was always bothered by a question that why people are different in so many ways? (of course I haven't read about Personality till then)

People ARE different. For example, many people are loud and aggressive, while some of the people are just the opposite of them i.e. calm and chilled. Many people tend to be quiet and passive, while some people are active and want to lead from the front in every part of life. Some people are shy, timid, some are peaceful and some are full of anger and rage.

As I got matured, I found the answer in the study of PERSONALITIES. People are different from each other because they tend to possess different ‘PERSONALITIES’ and ‘VALUES’.





I would suggest you to, read this article in the order it has been written and mentioned, to have a better understanding and grasp over this subject of personality.


There is a very common misconception among us about WHAT DO WE MEAN BY PERSONALITY?

By personality, we do not mean that:

1. A person is tall, broad with blue eyes, or

2. A person who always talk with a pleasant and gentle smile on his face, or

3. If he is chivalrous or not, or

4. He is got a positive attitude towards life and to the problems he faces, or

5. If he or she is one of the most hot and desired celebrity of the Hollywood

What psychologists mean when they talk of personality? They talk about one’s whole psychological system and its growth and development or the sum total of all the ways in which a person reacts and interacts with others.

By coming to a more technical aspect, we may find the definition of personality that is given by Gordon Allport, quite interesting, comprehensive and useful at the same time. He defined personality as:

”The dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine his unique adjustments to his environment.”

This definition is quite comprehensive and one of the most frequently used definition. It also refers to the point I mentioned (in a more technical way though) that Personality is a sum total of all the different ways in which a person reacts and interacts with others.

Now the question arises in everyone’s mind that HOW THIS PERSONALITY IS FORMED WITHIN AN INDIVIDUAL?

Is a personality has been already formed at the time of birth? Means, does it has any link with the heredity factor? OR

Does a personality is formed because of the environmental effects, in which a person has been grown up?

If you want the answer to those questions, you may find the following link interesting. Have a look at this:


If you are more interested in how a person’s personality is measured i.e. the study about the Different Personality Measurement Models, you may want to have a look at the following link:


I have left a link of a personality test in the above mentioned article, that I would highly recommend you to take, because It will help you in MANY ways, to better understand yourself, and I a pretty sure that you will find it very much useful.

Comments and feedbacks are always welcome.

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Giselle Maine 5 years ago

Hi, I liked this article! I'm grateful that you also explained what personality ISN'T when you defined personality. I definitely learned something new from that. Thanks for your well-researched and intriguing article.

Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 5 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan. Author

Hey Giselle. I am really glad that you liked it, and my efforts did help you understanding the concepts behind it :)

Hans ramchurn 5 years ago

Thanks.... This article help me a lot in my assignment...

Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 5 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan. Author

@Hans ... I am glad it helped you, my pleasure :)

Brett.Tesol profile image

Brett.Tesol 5 years ago from Thailand

Nice hub, voted up and interesting. How we develop our personalities and how they can be affected is very interesting. Although I don't have a degree in the field, I studied social sciences and found it to be a fascinating subject area.

Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 5 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan. Author

@Brett.Tesol: Even I do not have any relevant degree about the field, but how all these things work, and how every people can relate to its vast topics, fascinate me. Though I studied these topics like, Personality, Values, Conflicts, Negotiations in Organizational Behaviour's studies.

Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 5 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan. Author

@mahua: Thanks for your kind words and appreciations :) I am glad that you liked it. And you are very welcome :)

Twilight Lawns profile image

Twilight Lawns 5 years ago from Norbury-sur-Mer, Surrey, England. U.K.

An interesting hub which I found so acceptable because it is written in an understandable language, and is long enough so that it does not become tedious.

I am interested enough to go on and read the other relative articles.

Thank you.

Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 5 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan. Author

@Twilight Lawns: You are always welcome and I would highly recommend you to read the whole series and take that test too (that I have put a link of in the last, 3rd hub of the series). It will help you to really identify and understand yourself :)

Twilight Lawns profile image

Twilight Lawns 5 years ago from Norbury-sur-Mer, Surrey, England. U.K.

I aim to do as you suggested, my friend.

Hyphenbird profile image

Hyphenbird 5 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

This is a great Hub, very interesting indeed. And that artwork is amazing.

Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 5 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan. Author

@Hyphenbird: Thank you for stopping by, I am glad that you liked it :)

Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 5 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan. Author

@Mahua sengupta: Thank you for stopping by. I am glad that I proved to be of your use :)

MickeySr profile image

MickeySr 5 years ago from Hershey, Pa.


I am not a common type, both my genetic predisposition and the experiences of life have fashioned me into one who has always been a bit off of what seems generally normal for most people . . . I mean, the familiar routine for me has always been that what is important to me, what interests me, what repulses me, etc, has consistently separated me from the common consensus.

I understand that everyone has some feelings of disconnect, even alienation from the group - but i have long experienced actual circumstances and particulars, not mere feelings, that put me off to the side of the norm. So much so that when I was around 7 or 8 I was quite sure I was left here by visitors from some other world, when I was around 10 or 11 I was convinced I was an angel sent here on some mission, by 14 I was sure I was the second coming, and by 15 I feared I might be some anti-Christ devil . . . when I got to 16,17 I no longer thought I was so outlandishly special - by then, I was merely persuaded that I was one of a very few ever whop was 'aware'.

I don't know what I thought I was so 'aware' of, but I needed some explanation as to why I was so observably not like everyone else. Eventually I came to recognize that I was merely a personality type that was ludicrously rare - nothing so remarkable, just uncommon. But I still felt authentically disconnected - it was like I was outside a massive dome that all of humanity was inside, and I was observing them all busy and fretful about something and I couldn't understand what it was and why they weren't interested in what it seemed to me they ought to be interested in.

A great deal came into focus for me when I read a mere 3 or 4 pages in a book on human temperament by Alexander Maclaren. He articulated things deep inside me that I knew but could never express as he was able to, it was as if he was talking about me personally, not a type. The fact that I was a type, a discernible and measurable type, meant I was indeed part of the larger group of humanity . . . there were others like me, just very, very few. It was a powerful and consequential experience for me.

sara 4 years ago

i'm very interested in this field and i really found some thing that i was looking for ,thanks.

Tendi Sherpa 3 years ago

Good articles about the personality.

Ghayyur Hussain. 2 years ago


hafsa 2 years ago

please tell me the kinds of personality

sofia 2 years ago

thank u very much for the lovely article

iqra 2 years ago

Thanks for giving article.. this article is very helpful in my knowledge and else... :-)

sidra 2 years ago

Thanks for giving article..... its giving assistance to all people in the whole world.... and I also got clearence about personality that what is this...... beacause I was confuse about this..... thanks again.... :-)

kajal 19 months ago

Good articals

ashiraf gaira 11 months ago


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