What is Electrolux Refrigerators

The most popular type of refrigerator which employs vapor absorption system is the electrolux refrigerator. It works on three fluid absorption system. A three fluid system employs a refrigerant, a solvent and an inert gas, and eliminate the aqua pump from the system thus making it completely free from moving parts.

            The whole plant is separated into two section, the "low side" in which evaporation is effected by a steadily maintained low pressure and a high side" where the reclamation of the refrigerant in a liquid state is achieved under the influence of high pressure and heat.

            Ammonia gas coming out of the boiler is passed through the rectifier or water separator which is provided between the boiler and the condenser so as to prevent the entry of any water vapour into the evaporator where it would freeze and stroke the machine. After this the gas is liquefied in the condenser from where it gravities to a U-tube gas seal containing liquid ammonia and then enters the evaporator. The whole plant is charged to a pressure of about 1 kg/cm square. The evaporator contains hydrogen at a pressure of 12 kg/cm square, Therefore as soon as ammonia enters the evaporator it pressure falls to 2 kgf/cm-square according to Dalton law of partial pressure keeping the same total pressure and corresponding temperature being about -18C. Due to low temperature; ammonia evaporates taking its heat from the refrigerated space and thus produce cooling effect.

            The heavy mixture of ammonia vapour and hydrogen then passes into the absorber where it met water coming from the boiler. In the absorber ammonia is absorbed in water shiest hydrogen rises up and returns to the evaporator. The strong solution of ammonia issuing from the absorber is preheated in the inter charger, and in urn dilute solution on its way to the absorber, is cooled therefore absorption is accelerated.

                        Since the total pressure on the high and low sides are equal so the only pressure head against which the liquid is to be forced so that it may enter the boiler is"h".The necessary pumping action to overcome this head is achieved by applying a small amount of heat to the coil a t"A". This way the ammonia vapour continuously circulates and thus produces cold in the evaporator.

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