What is reformative theory?

The object of punishment is the reform of the criminal. if a person commits a crime he does not cease to be a human beings. so the object of punishment should be the moral reform  of the offender.

According to this theory a crime is committed as a result of the conflict between the character of a man and the motive of the criminal. One may commit a crime either because the temptation of the motive is stronger or because the restrain imposed by character is weaker. the reformative theory wants to strengthen the character of the man so that he may not become an easy victim to his own temptation. this theory would o consider medicine. According to this theory crime is like a disease so  you cannot cure by killing. For this reason a punishment like imprisonment should be given to criminal and all prisons should be transformed into residences where physical moral and intellectual training should be given in order to improve the character of criminal.

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polycarp mtega 6 years ago

reformative theory is the very one which i appreciate to make the criminals get reformed. special training should be given to the criminals in prisons so that when they get out of prison should not continue with their bad acts but do something beneficial to the community. my email is mtegapolycarp@yahoo.com. student of law at udsm Tanzania.

steffy 4 years ago

ya i thnk its the bst way to reform the criminals..they get special training....

Polycarp Mtega 4 years ago

As Hobbes said that in the state of nature people were nasty, brutish and their life was short. Locke viewed that the people in the state of nature agreed a social contract in order to establish a formal law. In Rousseau’s view, the social contract was done for the security of property and liberty. Thus from the very beginning of the origin of state, the concept of crime and ways of preventing it or if not, punishing the wrong-doer existed. The punishment system is an integral part of criminal justice and for maintaining social security. The progress of civilization has resulted in the change in the theory, method and motive of punishment.

Punishment can be used as a method of reducing the incidence of criminal behavior either by deterring the potential offenders or by incapacitating and preventing them from repeating the offence of by reforming them into law-abiding citizens. Thus, theories of punishment comprises of policies regarding handling of crime and criminals. They are classified into 4 kinds. All these are not mutually exclusive and each of them plays an important role in dealing with potential offenders. mtegapolycarp99@gmail.com

tahira 4 years ago

this web site is vry useful

tahira 4 years ago

this web site is vry useful

sara 2 years ago

very good theory and it is a chance for criminal so in prison they will be treated batter so in after prison may be the criminal is good.

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