What is the End of Fear Project (EOF)? Jessica Schab and Diego Fontanive explain

Diego Fontanive

Founder of the EOF
Founder of the EOF | Source

What the End of Fear Project is not

The End of Fear Project or EOF, as it is commonly known, can partially be explained by saying what it is not. The EOF is not a philosophy, It is not sociology, it is not a new religion, it is not a New Age cult, it is not a self-improvement or self-help organisation or movement.

It is not psychology, though it is well-known to many professional psychologists, and it is not a system of learning because it has no system or methodology. There is no hierarchical or any other form of governing structure. There is no dogma and no belief system.

The EOF is not what people think it is and not what they say it is.

Jessica Schab

Jessica Schab co-founder of the EOF
Jessica Schab co-founder of the EOF | Source

What is the EOF Project?

So what is the EOF Project? The EOF is the revolutionary brainchild of Diego Fontanive and was founded by him and his partner Jessica Schab.

The EOF is a non-profit organisation and consists of a growing community of individuals worldwide from all sorts of backgrounds. They are all involved in finding out about the human mind and how we interact with each other and the outer world.

Diego discovered something truly ground-breaking that has mostly been previously ignored. He found out why we keep repeating our mistakes and what can be done about this. He discovered why it is that despite the efforts of our most brilliant and educated minds, and despite the incredible developments in technology and communication, that the world is still full of insanity, conflict and suffering.

Diego thinks that psychological discomfort and mental confusion are at the root of all the problems we face, and are why we do not learn from our mistakes but instead go on to repeat the same behaviour that has led to disaster in the past.

He asks a very simple question - do we have healthy minds?

Think of it this way: that we are thinking energy sources that use our human bodies like living computers with our minds as the software. However, this software has been corrupted by viruses in the form of belief systems and conditionings that are passed on as 'normality'. Tragically we have become unaware that we are in this state.

Also very often our thoughts are not our own but are the result of what we have been told and instructed by other people. This happens from childhood onward. So often we do not find out for ourselves but accept what someone else has said.

We need to understand our minds to be able to see what is really taking place in the world and not what we would like to happen or fool ourselves into thinking will happen.

It is no good praying to deities that were invented by human minds to begin with, it is of no use waiting for messiahs, angelic and spiritual guidance, rescuing aliens, ascension to higher dimensions and frequencies or any of the other nonsenses peddled by self-styled gurus, channels, and New Age mystics.

The EOF looks at reality. There is no place for mystical belief, fantasies or delusion. If we can think clearly without our delusions and confusions we have greater intelligence to live our lives.

Hope VS Fear: Why Fear Always Defeats Hope & What You Can Do About It

The Past Repeats

It seems we never learn but only repeat the past. We look around the world today and there is war, domestic violence, crime, a growing police state, poverty, disruption, starvation, drug dependency and other addictions, insanity, suicides, massive amounts of pollution of land, sea and sky, ongoing record numbers of species going extinct, a fear that humans have so unbalanced the natural environments that it is only a matter of years before we too die out.

How all this mess has come about is because we have all been conditioned from soon after we were born and manipulated to believe in many things that have been invented by others and are not reality. We have been taught to be competitive and divisive, we are taught to compare and to think in terms of becoming better people. We are taught to be impressive and to impress others. We are taught to have identities.

We become lost by letting artificial identities overtake us. We think these identities are us. We think we are thinking but the thoughts are not ours. We become identified in our identities.

All our lives we have been absorbing and assimilating the opinions and beliefs and theories of other people but we come to think their thoughts are ours but they are not. The EOF asks if we are able to think outside the thoughts that created the thoughts.

The Radical Point - Where Are We Now?

Where to find out more about the EOF

The EOF has an official website where you can find out more about it all at http://eofproject.org/

About Jessica Schab

Jessica Schab is a writer, blogger, speaker, and workshop presenter and comes from Vancouver in Canada originally but has traveled and lived in many other places since. She teamed up with Diego in Bali.

Jessica came to world fame several years back when she was interviewed for Project Camelot and she went on to become widely known in New Age and Conspiracy circles. However, she has publicly turned her back on her past beliefs and what she used to present and promote because she does not want to spread any further confusion she feels this material causes.

About Diego Fontanive

Diego Fontanive, aka Diego Kricek Fontanive, is a visionary artist, speaker and writer with a background in Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. He shares his findings on a regular basis in ‘Orientations’ he publishes on his Facebook page.

He is the author of 11 books explaining his work and he directed and narrated the epic 7-hour documentary The Dormant Awaken.


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