What was your favorite class in college?

 There were many classes I enjoyed in college.  English, literature, music, linguistics, and writing were classes I wanted to take, and I enjoyed every one.. I dreaded the required Math and Sciences courses, but they became some of my favorites. But the class I was most afraid of was one every student had to take.  You couldn't get a degree unless you earned a C or better in Logic.

I heard horror stories about Logic.  It was so hard to understand that some students had failed twice and were taking it a third time. It was the class no one wanted to take. I had no idea what it was, but I figured it must be a cross between statistics, economics, and geometry, which I never quite understood (although I did end up with passing grades). I avoided Logic until a summer session of my junior year when I signed up for Shakespeare, Biology, and Logic. My friends thought I was nuts to take those classes in a short semester, but it was the best semester I had.

Logic was FUN! I loved learning to "take the bull by the horns", to form logical arguments that convinced people I was right, and the textbook was delightful.  Logic was a philosophy class that went beyond thinking into doing. I tutored a student who was taking the class for the second time, enjoyed each assignment, and laughed to myself during each exam, especially the final on which I successfully argued that I am who I am. The instructor came out of his office when I was reading the posting of grades and asked me to tutor some of his students the following semester.

I earned all A's that semester, but it wasn't the grades that made it memorable.  It was the joy of learning more than I expected in 3 classes I had dreaded, and enjoying every minute of it.

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goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

I was a major drug dealer during the college years, so I skipped out on logic but I'm sure it would have done me good

Wonder Referrals 7 years ago

My favorite class was advertisement & marketing.

Each one of us were given a real company to come up with a yearly marketing plan for productivity.

The marketing plan had to be done on a month to month basis.

I love it !

My final grade was an A !

I cried when I received my grade in the mail because I had worked so hard. I was working during the day and attending class in the evening .

Cat this was a hub !

catwhitehead profile image

catwhitehead 7 years ago Author

Good for you! At the time I was in college, I had no interest in marketing. Now I read everything I can about it. Congratulations on your achievements--and you should write a hub on it!

catwhitehead profile image

catwhitehead 7 years ago Author

Goldentoad, you missed out--probably on a lot more than logic.

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

naw, I wouldn't really recommend college to anyone, the only thing I really missed out on was tons of homework and a bunch of useless tests

catwhitehead profile image

catwhitehead 7 years ago Author

Too bad. I got a lot more out of college than that.

C.Ferreira profile image

C.Ferreira 7 years ago from Rutland, VT

Thanks for answering! That sounds like an awesome class, and I think it should be taught in High School to all students. Logic is missing from a lot of people's thought process. There is nothing more obnoxious than arguing with someone who is illogical!

catwhitehead profile image

catwhitehead 7 years ago Author

.C. Ferreira: I know. I have a daughter that is so into her own little world that she can't be reached. Her logic makes sense to her, but not to anyone else. My friend told me, "She has been that way since she was born. All you can do is laugh and love her." As a mother, I do laugh and love her, but I still try to teach and give advice, knowing it won't be accepted.

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