What you mean by OSI Model? Functions of each layer in the OSI model?

OSI Model and functions of each layer.



OSI model is a way of describing how different applications and protocols interact on network-aware devices.

Functions of each Layer:

Physical Layer(Layer 1):This layer defines the physical and electrical characteristics of the network. Helps to pass strings(data) of ones and zeros down the wire.

Device:Hub, NIC, Repeater.. etc

Data Link Layer:

It defines the acess strategy for sharing the physical medium. Helps convert the bits into frame.

Devices: Bridge, Switch

Network Layer:

Layer 3 is the Network Layer, providing a means for communicating open systems to establish, maintain and terminate network connections.


Transport Layer:

It provides two communicating presentation entities to exchange data with eachother.

Session Layer:

The main function of Session Layer is to ensure data reliability and integrity.

Presentation Layer:

Application data is either unpacked or packed only in this layer. Protocol conversions, encryption/decryption and graphics expansion all takes place here.

Application Layer:

This is where you find your end-user and end-application protocols, such as telnet, ftp, and mail(pop3 and smtp).




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fahad 7 years ago

very nice and simple

Suniel 7 years ago

very Easily to understand, tonnes of thanks..

tahir 7 years ago

very effective.... thanks

Snehasish Das 6 years ago

the function of transport layer is given wrong.

Network Layer: Mainly provides a logical connection between the source and destination.

plz update it

Snehasish Das 6 years ago

sorry its not the Network Layer but the Transport Layer

Suman dhiman 6 years ago

Thank you very much

Venkat_VNR 6 years ago

Very nice but need to be defined more about the technical terms used. There is one mistake in Transport layer.

Sumit Singh Gehlot 6 years ago

Written in nice way and easily understandable.

walter 6 years ago

check transport and session layers you have interchanged their content.thanks.short and brief.

walter 6 years ago

check transport and session layers you have interchanged their content.thanks.short and brief.

Fazil 5 years ago

Simply nice

birhanu abay 5 years ago

it is short and presice

Pankaj 5 years ago

Very Good.

pawan 5 years ago

saaalo session layer galat de rakha hai...

anika 5 years ago


letriskadhanniel 5 years ago

absolutely perfect :)

SAEED 5 years ago

nice n simple

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