Monster Bug Imperial Moth What's in Your Back yard?


OH MY GOSH!! Its a Monster Moth!!!
OH MY GOSH!! Its a Monster Moth!!!

Imperial Moth in the BUG HUT lays eggs

Imperial Moth in the BUG HUT lays 10 moth eggs. The little yellow balls are the Imperial Moth eggs.
Imperial Moth in the BUG HUT lays 10 moth eggs. The little yellow balls are the Imperial Moth eggs.

Life of the Imperial Moth

The moths come out of their underground cocoon before sunrise and will mate after midnight the next day.

The girls will lay eggs at dusk usually in groups of 2-5 on both the top and bottom of plant leaves.

In this case this Imperial Moth had been placed in a Bug Hut for a little while to observe and photograph.

Yellow balls are really yellow Imperial Moth eggs!


I had never seen this type of moth before. Half of one of her wings was gone. So I am not sure of her actual size. It appears she was almost something’s dinner. I realized that she could no longer fly and I knew that her wing would not grow back.

She was beautiful even if part of her wing was gone.

The sun had just gone down a few minutes earlier.

As I was watching her inside the Bug Hut she began to shake, shake a lot! It was more like shivering or quivering! Then I saw these small yellow balls inside the Bug Hut. At first I thought I had scared the poop out of her. It wasn't poop the yellow balls were eggs!

She lays her eggs at a very specific time. Dusk the day after she mates. I had her in the bug hut at just that moment!


What is amazing is the Imperial Moth will only lay eggs at dusk, the day after she mates.

What's the odds of me placing her in a Bug Hut at dusk the day after she mated??

Pretty amazing!

She is one of God's many beautiful and amazing creations!

Day 11

The eggs should hatch between 12 - 14 days. These hatched on day 11.

There are always exceptions!

Caterpillar hatching from Imperial Moth egg = 11 days

Imperial Moth Caterpillar

Imperial Moth caterpillar
Imperial Moth caterpillar
Inside the Bug Hut, tiny but beautiful! An Imperial Moth caterpillar.
Inside the Bug Hut, tiny but beautiful! An Imperial Moth caterpillar.

Why is she a MONSTER BUG?

I consider her a monster bug, because of her monstrous size and beauty!

For more photos of The Imperial Moth, her eggs, caterpillars go here,

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stestifie profile image

stestifie 5 years ago from Sin City

Wow, this was very interesting and brought me back to when I was in Kindergarten and our teacher had a cocooned butterfly. Thank you so much for the memories! This hub was very organized and informative! Made me want a bug hut. One up!

kidscrafts profile image

kidscrafts 4 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

O love your pictures! They are just great! Butterflies are such a wonder of nature when you think of the all cycle. One day, I had a student who brought 2 chrysalis and she said that one of the butterfly would come out during that day...and sure did. We stopped everything in the classroom and witness that event. Just wonderful! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures! Vote up and awsome!

binkelbunny 4 years ago

First of all, I would just like to say that I love,love,love your pictures. I recently came across a catapillar that was more than 4 in. long ,green, with long wispy white hairs and white dots down the side. All my research on the web made me think that I had found am Imperial Moth. now I have found a cacoon I believe belongs to this catapillars hatch group but it is not match the description for the Imperial Moth.

I would love to know where you are located. I'm in North Carolina. Also,if. i were to collect the cocoon to monitor hatching for positive I.D.,what advice do you have for keeping it in a happy, healthy enviroment. Any thoughts would be welcomed. Thank you.

breanna 2 years ago

i love an imperial moth

breanna haney 2 years ago

i love imperial moth so so so so much

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